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  • The dream and nightmare sequences in "Tintin" are notoriously surreal and downright creepy:
    • In "Cigars of the Pharaoh" Tintin is locked inside an Egyptian tomb and put to sleep with sleeping gas. He then dreams several strange images combining recent people he met and Egyptian artwork.
    • In "The Crab with the Golden Claws" Tintin dreams he is turned into a bottle, which Haddock is planning to uncork.
    • In "The Shooting Star" Tintin dreams he is visited by Philippulus the prophet who then shows him a picture of a gigantic spider, claiming it is life size!
    • In "The Seven Crystal Balls" Tintin and his companions all have the same nightmare: that they are visited by the Inca mummy Rascar Capac who enters their bedroom by night and then throws a poisonous crystal ball on the floor.
      • This is even more terrifying in the animated series.
    • In "Tintin in Tibet" Haddock dreams he meets Professor Calculus, who claims he has lost his umbrella. Haddock then tells him he's got a lot of umbrella's with him, but has no idea where they came from. Calculus is angried by his answer and tells him: "You lie! It's red pepper." Then Haddock suddenly wears Calculus' clothes, while Calculus wears those of Haddock. Now grown to enormous size Calculus hits Haddock on the head with an umbrella, claiming it's "Checkmate!"
      • Here too, the effect is amplified by the animated version.
    • In "The Castafiore Emerald" Captain Haddock dreams he is listening to an opera singing parrot while he is seated completely nude in an audience consisting of nothing but parrots.
  • The Rajaija poison used by the opium cartel in "The Pharaohs Cigars/The Blue Lotus". A single blowdart with it will drive any person insane, and no one is safe.
  • There's the very disturbing end of Flight 714 in which one character is revealed to be a human in contact with aliens, possibly a spy, and he uses Mind Control to save the heroes and forces the criminals into his ship. We don't find out what happened to them... but that just makes it worse.
  • We do find out what happens to Those Two Bad Guys in The Broken Ear, and it's nightmarish. After wrestling each other to drown at the bottom of the sea, they get carried off to hell by pitchfork-wielding devils.
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