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Timon and Pumbaa is a cartoon starring Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog from the Disney franchise The Lion King. The show first aired on CBS from 1995 to 1998. it has been rerunning on various Disney channels ever since.

It largely ignores the canon of The Lion King, focusing on characters alone. And instead of the realistic style of the movies, it goes for Surreal Humor. It didn't even stay in Africa. But, for what it is, it isn't bad.

The song "Hakuna Matata" was the musical theme of the series, and the philosophy of Hakuna Matata ("no worries") was the narrative theme.

Tropes used in Timon and Pumbaa include:

  • A Day in the Limelight: Zazu and the Hyenas had their own episodes.
  • Actor Allusion: In an episode about Manhattan, Pumbaa says that he wants to see a musical about "Guys and Dolls". This was because the voice actors of Timon and Pumbaa were in that musical.
  • Alternate Continuity
  • Anthropomorphic Shift: Compared to the movies, the characters of the series are a lot more cartoony and human-like. This is especially noticeable in Simba.
  • Balloon Belly: Happens in many episodes.
    • First, in Brazil Nuts, we see a fat Timon. This form of Timon uses strange words like "yay big", "baby" and "flant it", things Timon wouldn't say in his normal form. He even stuffs a dollar bill in Ralph the snake's eye.
    • In Washington Applesauce, Timon and Pumbaa decide to eat the giant worm that was ruining the apple festival, so they become fat and gigantic.
    • In one episode, they imagine eating so many bugs, their bellies would explode.
    • In "Island of Manhood", Timon drinks a bug soda and gains a balloon belly. This was in order to earn a "Burp" badge as part of the test in the episode.
  • Bears are Bad News: Smolder , who would threaten to hurt the duo if they anger him. However, he can be nice at times.
  • Berserk Button: Back from the Lion King is Pumbaa's famous "THEY CALL ME MR PIG" berserk button when two cheetahs in "Gabon with the Wind" refer to him as a pig. Needless to say, it sucks to be those cheetahs.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Happens at the end of the direct to video only movie, "Around the World with Timon and Pumbaa" when Timon looses his memory after being struck by lighting, much like what happened to Pumbaa at the start of the video. Pumbaa tells the "kids" to rewind the tape to start from the beginning, because it was the only way to help Timon remember.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Besides "Hakuna Matata", there are other Bilingual Bonuses in the series.
    • In Brazil Nuts, Ralph the snake says "Moi" (Me) and "Nous va?" (We are going?)
  • The Cameo: Scar of all characters shows up twice in the series. Once in "Around the World with Timon and Pumbaa" when Pumbaa lost his memories and once when Zazu is cleaning his nest. Yes, he's supposed to be dead. Just roll with it.
    • Zazu, the hyenas, Rafiki... pretty much every character except for Nala and Mufasa appear in the show at some point.
  • Canon Dis Continuity: The midquel focusing on Timon and Pumbaa's lives ignores this series, though it could be argued that the series was never intended to be in canon with the film to begin with.
    • That said, the midquel does have some similarities to their origin story that appeared in this series.
    • Also, the origin stories in this series were told by Rafiki to Zazu. He was probably being an Unreliable Narrator.
  • The Chew Toy: Timon most of the time. Oddly, Pumbaa takes this role in the "Stand By Me" video.
  • Clear My Name
  • Continuity Nod: Several to The Lion King, of course.
  • Denser and Wackier: Compared to the original movie.
  • Depending on the Writer: Timon's greediness for money and power varied from episode to episode. Sometimes he didn't care about money, just as long as he could get a meal.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: In "Hot Air Buffoons" Timon and Pumbaa won a hot air balloon race, but then lost when "a new winner" landed, even though he came second.
  • Feud Episode: The episode "Kenya Be My Friend?" has Timon and Pumbaa parting ways and eventually befriending each other's opposites: Monti and Baampu.
  • Flanderization: For instance, Rafiki always bops people on the head with his stick when trying to get advice through their heads.
    • And the biggest one: Timon said "mook" just ONCE in The Lion King, whereas here it's practically his Catch Phrase insult.
    • If you hear closely in the fight scene after Pumbaa says "THEY CALL ME MISTER PIG!" in the first film, Timon can be heard saying "OH BABY!", but he says the word "baby" 2 times in his fat form in Brazil Nuts.
    • Another instance where Timon said the word "baby" was in a video about Blu-Ray 3D years after the series ended, Timon tells he has to plug "this baby" in. "This baby" refers to the 3D Blu-Ray player!
  • Hammerspace In "Luck to be A Meerkat", Pumbaa has a lot of things in his belly when Timon wants to find a place to store the "lucky marble".
    • In "Island of Manhood", one of the things Timon must do to pass the manhood test is carry a backpack with a ton of things on top of it.
  • Hilarity Ensues
  • Illogical Safe: A short in which Pumbaa suffers a run of bad luck has this happening to Pumbaa -- and then, as soon as he's out of the safe, it happens again with a space capsule.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: Happens in Brazil Nuts when "Fat" Timon makes a pun about how long it is taking to get ants, and claims they "must be after the uncles, too!" He finds that nobody heard the pun, but Pumbaa runs in to warn about Ralph and Eddie eating them.
  • Inexplicably Identical Individuals: Quint
  • Jerkass or Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Timon, Depending on the Writer.
  • Kangaroo Court: There is no other name for the trial of Timon, accused of touching the Forbidden Stick, when the judge makes up new laws whenever he wants.
  • "It is hereby illegal to tell me to 'chill out!'"
    • Latex Perfection: In "Congo on Like This" the tiny tarsier turns out to be a wolf in disguise.
    • Lighter and Softer: See Denser and Wackier above, but while this series is not without its serious or emotional moments, it's still very much sillier than the films.
    • Lovable Rogue: Timon and the hyenas, whose limelight episodes tone them down into this.
    • Made of Iron: The entire cast, when they actually do feel pain.
    • New Job as the Plot Demands: Quint, whose job and title changed on every episode that featured him.
    • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Speedy The Snail is Bing Crosby.
    • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything:
      • In "Pirates of Pumbzance", Pumbaa wants to be this type of pirate, under the impression that that's what real pirates are like. Whenever the captain tries to do any actual piracy, Pumbaa stops him.
    • Pulled From Your Day Off: In "Zazu's Off Day Off", Zazu tries to enjoy his day off, but Gopher continually interrupts it to tell him that the river has dried up and the animals are dying of thirst. Jumbo Jumbo, a stubborn elephant, is sitting in the middle of the river and refuses to move. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Jumbo Jumbo was only sitting in the river because he thought it was his day off, and promptly moves when he realizes his mistake. Then Gopher tells Zazu that tomorrow is Jumbo Jumbo's ''real'' day off.
    • Ribcage Stomach: In "Beetle Romania", Pumbaa's stomach is drawn this way.
    • Running Gag:
      • In "Shopping Mauled", Timon keeps reminding Pumbaa how much bad luck Irwin has caused them in the past, resulting in a clip from "Frantic Atlantic" where Pumbaa is hit by a boating anchor.
    • Screams Like a Little Girl: Happens in many episodes.

In "Jamaica Mistake?" Pumbaa screams when Mr. PireBat tries to eat him for dessert by sucking in his blood when it is nightime.
In "Puttin on the Brits" The Foxhunter appears when inside a gift when Timon grabs the rope and send in the palace by screaming.

In "Shopping Mauled" heard in Twice: A girl who is taking Timon and Pumbaa as dogs when by taking in the veternarian to inject by shots. When the mall is Destroyed by gas explosion when the two screams.

In "Library Brouhaha" When the two chases the the bookworm.And the two land by Of Mice and Men. While in the hospital by chasing the bookworm and Rita sees the two.

  • Shout-Out: "Washington Applesauce" is one to Jaws.
  • Significant Anagram: Monti and Baampu from the episode, "Kenya Be My Friend?" have names that are anagrams of "Timon" and "Pumbaa", respectively.
  • Smug Snake: The two cheetahs, usually pitted against Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed. While both cheetahs are legitimately intelligent, the hyenas are so dimwitted and persistent that they tend to win in the end.
  • Spot the Imposter: Pumbaa needs to figure out who the real Timon is at the end of "I Don't Bolivia" when he and Toucan Dan both claim to be the real Timon, despite Toucan Dan's Paper-Thin Disguise. He has the Vulture Police lock them both up in stockades and have them bite down on a snail shell. Timon's teeth break but Toucan Dan crushes his shell. Pumbaa figures out which is Toucan Dan since Toucan Dan has a bill that is specialized for crushing.
  • Stating the Simple Solution: In "The Pain in Spain", Pumbaa has been mistaken for a bull and is about to be forced into a bullfight he cannot win. They have to wait in the stadium for the fight to begin, and Timon draws up an elaborate escape plan involving many maps and diagrams. When he's finished going through it, Pumbaa points out they could just use the back door.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: The Quint Family, a bunch of Boisterous Bruisers, each with a Meaningful Name.
  • Talking Animals: Animals and humans can talk to each other with no problem.
  • There Are No Therapists: Rafiki averts this. He usually counsels and gives therapy to the animals of the Pride Lands.
  • Too Dumb to Fool:
    • Many attempts to appeal to Pumbaa's ego go this way, as he can't understand how he'd ever want to outshine Timon.
    • The hyenas in a short with two Smug Snake cheetahs, continually foiling the cheetahs' plan to eat a wildebeest. Finally the cheetahs resort to telling each hyena individually to go on a Wild Goose Chase, only for all three to follow the directions to the letter and all end up at the same point, thus realizing they've been had and going for revenge.
  • Two Shorts: Though a small number of episodes had Three Shorts instead.
  • Uncancelled: Was brought back in 1999 after a few years of not having new episodes produced, but according to The Other Wiki, with a new set of writers and a new director.
  • The Unintelligible: Ed, who communicates with gibbering howls, growls, and stock sound effects.
  • Unstoppable Rage: When Pumbaa gets angry and charges, everyone runs for their lives (including a Tyrannosaurus rex).
  • Visual Pun: In Brazil Nuts, Eddie the snake claimed he got horseradish for Ralph, but all he got was a horse and a radish. Ralph gets mad, later causing him to strap the horse and the radish to a rocket.
  • Walk Into Camera Obstruction:
    • "Klondike Con" with Pumbaa as he and Quint charge inside a cave to rescue Timon from a polar bear; happens with Pumbaa's nose—-through the left nostril!
    • "Circus Jerks" Happens with Timon's nose at the very end when he and Pumbaa are blasted out of a cannon out of the circus.
    • "Rocky Mountain Lie" with Pumbaa when he's taking a bug in an icicle inside a cabin; again.
  • Walking Away Shot: in episode "Timon Alone" with Pumbaa chasing away a bunch of animals that were after Timon.
  • Walking the Earth: This seems to be what the duo is doing here, with every few episodes showing them in a different place in the world (as pointed out by the punny titles of said episodes).
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: One episode involves Pumbaa and Timon almost ending their friendship and finding new friends. Pumbaa befriends a blonde, brown meerkat, while Timon befriends a blonde and dark blue warthog. Later, when the two pairs of friends suddenly end up in the same spot, Pumbaa's friend and Timon's suddenly get excited upon knowing each other and walk off. After that, they're never seen or even mentioned again for the rest of the episode.
  • Your Size May Vary: Timon sometimes suffers from this, but generally (probably for reasons of convenience), he is much larger in the series than he is in the movies. Still small enough to ride on Pumbaa's head with no problem, but large enough that he can physically interact with the larger Pumbaa and other large animals more effectively.
  • Zany Scheme: Timon, well into the dozens. Even when Pumbaa offers a much simpler plan.
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