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Adventure Time With Finn and Jake

Finn is a very young and untrained Time Lord. His hat is his TARDIS.

Jake is an upgraded version of K-9, and Princess Bubblegum is Romana III.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Coconuts is a Time Lord who regenerated into Diddy Kong.

After falling into the water, he was never heard of again. And given to the possible time frame of Donkey Kong Country and this show, Coconuts could've fallen into the water on PURPOSE so he could get the armor off and moved to the jungle to earn his happy ending. This could explain the monkey in the second jungle stage helping Donkey Kong and having a white shirt on...


Wakko Warner is a Time Lord.

And his Gag Bag is his TARDIS. How else would he be able to carry so much stuff in a SINGLE bag?

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Meatwad is a failed/in-process regeneration of a Time Lord

Meatwad has expressed an extraordinary amount of intelligence and abilities (such as the ability to levitate and the ability to pass through walls) and apparently the only thing keeping him from growing in power is his own belief in being stupid (or more specifically, the belief that he doesn't have a brain). Also consider that he's literally just a mass of meat, and the failed or in-process regeneration theory begins to make sense.

  • Nah, Meatwad is just what happens when K-9's attempt to Become a Real Boy goes horribly wrong.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Avatar is a Time Lord.

He came to this planet thousands of years ago, and discovered something about it that allowed him nearly unlimited regenerations, at the cost of coming back every time as a baby. That whole scene where Aang is born was fabricated by Roku, who felt that Aang wasn't ready for the whole truth yet.

Ben 10 Alien Force

Paradox is a Time Lord

Crazy, I know.

  • No, no... Makes perfect sense. The pocket watch he seems to "channel is powers through" is obviously his TARDIS. He also fabricated the whole "time portal accident" scene to fool Ben, Gwen, and Kevin so they wouldn't learn his true nature
    • Alternatively, given that pocket watches are associated with a time lord-human connection, we see too much of Los Soledad and the accident's effects for it to be a ruse (for example, the person turned into a monster by the accident), the shout outs to the doctor himself, the Cartmel Masterplan and revelations therein, and the Doctor's having been shown to be at least half human, the most logical explanation is that Paradox is The Other, probably before having met Rassilon and Omega. The three of them eventually repeated the Los Soledad experiments and succeeded, which is what led to the creation of the Time Vortex and TARDIS technology.


Bonkers is a Time Lord.

Because we all know someone would've added a "some character is a Time Lord" WMG eventually.

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

Chip and Dale are Time Lords.

We've seen them in at least four incarnations (Donald Duck cartoons, Two Chips and a Miss, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Kingdom Hearts. Plus, whatever they live in is way too spacey to fit into a tree's trunk, especially the Rescue Rangers Headquarters--a TARDIS can do that with ease.

Code Lyoko

Franz Hopper is a Time Lord.

'nuff said.

  • And Antea is his TARDIS. The Men In Black are Torchwood Four, who are considered "missing" 'cause they either got XANAfied or detained by the French equivalent.

Danny Phantom

Clockwork is a Time Lord.

Self Explanatory.

  • Considering he's a ghost, it is more probable that he is the ghost of a Time Lord, after he had run through all his regenerations.
    • Perhaps then the Valeyard is Clockwork in disguise, and Clockwork is the Doctor's ghost.

Vlad Masters is the Master.

  • Come on, Vlad Masters? Someone had to say it.

Dexters Laboratory

Mandark is Susan from Doctor Who

He looks like Susan, his name is Susan, he's around Susan's age, and he has the intelligence of a Time Lord (hell, he's telepathic!). The First Doctor dropped her on Earth with a human family for god knows what reason.

  • Still doesn't explain how she became... a boy.
    • Hello-o! Time Lord? Regeneration? (Though Susan Mandark was likely before Susan "Foreman," based on the whole adoptive family thing.) It's been shown in the (non-canon) Curse Of Fatal Death that time lords can switch gender during regeneration.
      • Actually, if we take the introduction episode, and the one their parents call him Susan, his full name is possibly Susan Astromonoff, not Susan Mandark. Mandark is just a codename. But I quite like that theory.
  • No, this troper has a much better theory:

Dexter is The Doctor, Mandark is The Master

Just look at all the time-traveling they do in the movie! And multiple incarnations of The Doctor have worked together before!(Example: "The Three Doctors" and "The Five Doctors")

Dora the Explorer

Dora is a Time Lady

And Backpack is her TARDIS. Boots is, of course, her companion.


Candle Jack is a Time Lord? You betcha I am!

Come on, at least try to explain it. The outfit is his TARDIS, since he deactivated the Chameleon circuit for convenience of it staying that shape. That's how he floats around, and can tow around lots of people on the rope at once (sonic rope?). He never has to leave his TARDIS, so he can teleport and probably travel through time without having to relinquish the convenient ability to use hands and opposable thumbs.

  • Then why does he need more rope? One would assume he would have all the rope he needed before setting out to kidnap all who said his name.
    • Alternatively, TV Tropes is his TARDIS, why else would he be trying to get everyone off of it?


Bender is a TARDIS

Considering how much stuff he manages to store inside his body (once even Fry, and another time a whole kingdom worth of treasure), without interfering with his internal mechanics (which have been shown from time to time), it's safe to say he's larger on the inside. He then gains the power of time travel in Bender's Big Score; although the scammers wipe it, he learns it again at the end when he puts the tattoo of Past!Fry's ass. The time code only allowed him to go to the past, so it's incomplete; but, as seen in Season 30 of Doctor Who, significant events in time leave ripples into the past, which means all these things are leading up to Bender becoming a complete TARDIS.

  • By extension, that would make Fry his Time Lord; his lucky clover was Fry's fob-watch, and as long as it remains buried in orbit, he can never resume his mantle.
    • As Doctor-Donna said, Timelords lack human intuition and gut instinct, relying only on their knowledge for decision making. Because Fry doesn't have his Timelord knowledge and dropped out of school, he's socially inept. He only has the flimsiest pieces of information to decide upon, and no understanding of them.
    • Hmm... Copy!Fry retrieved his lucky clover and, upon being shot by bender, regenerated into Lars, regaining his knowledge in the process. This is why Lars is so much smarter than Fry.
      • Would that make Executive Powder his sonic screwdriver? Lars did use it for everything...
  • Plus, y'know, Leela.


The skiff Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx ride is a TARDIS.

It carries them across time and space, and takes them not where they want to go, but where they need to be.


Father Time and World's Oldest Woman are Time Lords.

Father Time was a teacher at Time Lord University who taught about the planet Earth and the Human Race. Eventually he and his eccentric friend decided to leave Gallifrey and travel to Earth to witness the events and the people firsthand. The members of the Kid Chorus are their companions.

  • Miss Information is a younger version of Wow.
  • Big Fat Babies? Aliens who have evolved to be perpetually adorable and disgusting at the same time. Normal human babies aren't egg-shaped.

The Magic School Bus

Ms Frizzle is a Time Lady.

She has a time-and-space traveling contraption that can change its size and shape and affect those around it, echoing the known facts about TARDIS, the Timelords' own time-and-space traveling contraptions. The "Magic" School Bus has shrunk in order to go through Arnold's digestive system, traveled throughout the solar system in speeds beyond the Speed of Light, and even (a sure sign of a TARDIS) gone back in time to various ages where dinosaurs still existed.

She has an eccentric personality, which is a sign of later-generation Doctors: Tom Baker and his scarf, David Tennant and his obsession with certain phrases like "Allons-y!" and "Fantastic!", etc. Perhaps all her different clothes and behavior are a sign that she is on her last regeneration. One of her previous generations may be Mary Poppins, whose handbag is a Bag of Holding.

  • Ms Frizzle is obviously Iris Wildthyme's final regeneration.
  • This would also explain why the bus isn't any recognizable make and appears at least 30 years too old to have been in front-line service in The Nineties.
  • This WMG makes sense.
  • This WMG makes too much sense.
  • As an extension to this theory, when the Bus temporarily fell out of Ms. Frizzle's hands through some no doubt hilarious mix-up, it spent some time as KITT and Chuggaboom.
  • This troper recently saw a performance of Anne of Green Gables and is convinced that not only is Ms. Frizzle a Time Lady, but she is a future regeneration of Anne. Redheaded, energetic, fun-loving teachers? There must have been a chameleon arch involved at some point, of course, but it could still work.
  • WAIT A MINUTE! If Ms. Frizzle's a Time Lady, why does she only have one heart in the episode about muscles?
  • Maybe she's half-human? *ducks*
    • I suggest that she is instead the first regeneration, and therefore (if you buy into an Expanded Universe story that suggests Time Lords don't get their second heart until they regenerate into their second incarnation) would only have one heart.
      • Also in the Expanded Universe, the Eighth Doctor survived losing one of his hearts. It drastically affected his health, but it seems to be possible for a Time Lord to live with only one.
    • It could be that she's half human on her mother's side, and that "Captain Redbeard" isn't her distant ancestor but actually her father (the Magic Spanish Galleon is just one form the bus has assumed). This would explain why she has such a large family on earth; they're from her mother's side. Or at least all those we see in canon (her cousin Murph, her niece, etc.) are from her mother's side. The cousins she quotes so often could very well be from her father's side of the family.
  • To further prove this point, Dr. Who was originally a children's television show where the Doctor would take children on adventures through time and space to teach them about science and history.


Charles Ofdensen and Mr. Selatcia are both renegade Time Lords using Earth as part of a bet

Both of them came to Earth to settle a bet they made with each other. Selatcia thought that the way to control Earth is through an Illuminati-style group running things behind the scenes. Ofdensen thought the best way was to make a cultural force that defies all national boundaries and regulations. This has started an ongoing war between the two factions.

Selatcia chose his group based on securing as much power and control as possible. Knowing that knowledge is power, he kidnapped all the various specialized experts from other time periods (what time period is going to have a birthday expert, a celebrity relationship expert, and a Nathan Explosion thinktank all existing side by side on its own?) and forced them to work on finding a way to undermine and destroy their only obstacle of true global domination. With control over the world's military, religions, and some aspects of the mass media, they seek to destroy Dethklok in a way that will not cause the world to riot and destroy itself.

Ofdensen chose the members of Dethklok for their dark magic potential. Indeed, they're so powerful, they can unintentionally summon trolls, make a million people kill themselves through their lyrics, and manipulate the events around them so that everybody else dies or gets mutilated instead of them (a necessary precaution, since Selatcia keeps trying to set up a chain of random events to lead to their deaths). Even their intelligence (or lack thereof) was specifically sought after to make them easier to control and less likely to abuse their power. With Ofdensen carefully manipulating their actions and constantly checking the future to see if a particular action leads to more popularity without the band ever realizing their powers, he has set Dethklok up as the true surface leaders of the world. Ofdensen is content to just wait for when Dethklok becomes so popular that the Tribunal will implode as everybody declares their loyalty for their new metal masters.

Both of them make extensive use of the various artifacts and technology they have gathered over the years. They both have vehicles with TARDIS technology; Ofdensen makes significantly more use of it. All of the band members wear Biodampers and Perception Filters so, in spite of their ubiquitous popularity, they can go out shopping without a horde of fans stalking them. The perception filters also reduce their awareness of their powers. Both Ofdensen and Selatcia keep a careful watch on future events with their Time-Space Visualizers, each trying to create a stream of events that leads to their rule of a mostly intact planet. Both of them are vicious and will not stop until their bet is settled (or until this time stream is fixed by the Doctor - one way or the other).

    • ...That sounds better than the real show.

Muppet Babies

Nanny is a Time Lord, and the closet is her TARDIS.

My Gym Partners a Monkey

Principle Pixiefrog is a, bear with me here, Time Lord

And no, the school isn't the Tardis, the mobile classroom is (remember how all the students fit inside?). The school is a refuge for humanoid animals from time and space to hide. Pixiefrog has the typical mannerisms of a Time Lord, wild mood swings, being fascinated by idiotic crap and a female sarcastic companion that helps run things even though it doesn't look like it (Mrs Warthog). Also explains why Adam Lyon is not transferred back to real school, he's using his TARDIS-tech to stop this. Adam needs the chaos of the animal school to toughen him up as his future role as President of the United States (this time, without stealing the old President's clothing).

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

Dr. Whooves is a Time Lord.

Duh. His companions are the other popular background ponies (Particularly Derpy Hooves, but also characters like Minuette/Colgate/Romana, Octavia, Carrot Top/Golden Harvest, Bon Bon, Lyra/Heartstrings, DJ-PoN3, and Berry Punch). His TARDIS is the TARDIS modified for pony hooves. His pegasus appearance in Sonic Rainboom is a different regeneration--for some reason, the primary changes thus far in his regenerations are types of ponies. Dinky Hooves is his daughter with Derpy, making her half-Time Lady herself, possibly from a past regeneration as a unicorn.

Fancy Pants is a Time Lord.

He's British, has an attractive companion, and may be considered eccentric among Canterlot nobility. He fob watched himself so he can just relax in Equestria after somehow escaping Gallifrey. Or as he calls it now, Gallopfrey to anyone who asks where he's from. His monocle is his TARDIS. That's why he keeps fidgeting with it. Subconsciously, he wants to make sure it's still there.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Each Holiday Tree is a TARDIS and Jack Skellington is a Time Lord

Mandatory Time Lord theory. Prove it wrong.

The Penguins of Madagascar

Kowalski is a John Smithed timelord and Rico is his tardis

Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb are Timelords.

They're endlessly inventive. And Phineas has commented on Ferb's ability to "Maximize interior space"...

Also, Candace's cell phone works on Mars. Universal roaming?

Also note the episode titles Are You My Mummy? and Don't Even Blink.


Pingu the penguin and his family are time lords.

Their igloo is a lot bigger on the inside. The only reason it hasn't moved yet is so they can defend Antarctica from alien menaces. And walruses.

Pinky and The Brain

The Brain is The Master, and Pinky is the Doctor in disguise

Like the "Pinky deliberately keeps the Brain in check" theory, but more so. The gene-splicing incident is actually a cover for a regeneration gone horribly wrong, which also dropped the Doctor into his least sane identity yet. His innate drive to do good is still there, but can only be expressed through wackiness.

  • Alternatively, both the Master and the Doctor could have used the Chameleon Arch, but tuned it to mice instead of humans by accident.

The Brain is the Doctor, and Pinky is the Master.

Just like above ... but the other way. The Brain? Intense urge to care for Earth, immense knowledge, huge ego, tends to be dismissive of his companions at the worst times. And the Doctor's had a few bits of mental trauma. Pinky, meanwhile, is a little loopy, more interested in the lulz, and wants to take over the world.


Popeye is a Time Lord.

  • His clothing is his TARDIS, or alternatively something concealed underneath them. Whatever it is, it is loaded with cans of spinach - how else do they appear just at the opportune moment?
  • He regenerated in the 1940s, after the Fleischer Studios were taken over by Paramount. However, being comfortable with his original form, he was somehow able to control it, causing the only physical changes to be minor. At some point in the following years, he has regenerated again, reverting to his original style.

The Proud Family

Al Roker is a timelord

Because you need another drink.

Rainbow Brite

The Princess is a Time Lord

She has a Time Lordish (during the movie when Rainbow Brite asks Krys which princess he's been talking about his response is "The Princess") name, and was able to survive her spaceship exploding, but had a different appearance afterward clearly an indication that she survived by regenerating.

    • All she had was yellow streaks in her hair. Maybe the explosion dyed it?


Tommy is a Time Lord.

Really? Nobody's suggested this before? He even has his own screwdriver!


Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo is a Time Lord and his doghouse is his TARDIS. Shaggy is his companion.

Remember the episode from A Pup Named Scooby Doo where a thief invades Scooby's doghouse. The gang enter Scooby's house and discover its bigger on the inside. Also both Scooby and Shaggy used Time Lord technology to make their stomachs bigger on the inside.

The Simpsons

Homer is a Time Lord and the couch is his TARDIS.

Because you knew it HAD to happen.

Bart is a time lord.

Hugo and Simon are regenerations, and his skatebord is his TARDIS.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Spongebob is a Time Lord

And the pineapple house is his TARDIS. The same goes for Patrick and his rock and Squidward and his Moai head. This is why, no matter how far into the past or future you look, the three of them appear.

  • Alternatively; that whole neighbourhood is a SuperTARDIS for all three.
  • Or his TARDIS was the locker from Squidward in Clarinetland.
    • Or Bikini Bottom is some fragment of Gallifrey that was somehow hurled out of time and space from the Time War and into the ocean. This same event also warped it and the Time Lords on it. In short, everyone in Bikini Bottom are Time Lords, with sevral things being their TARDISes.
  • It's possible that everyone in Bikini Bottom is a Time Lord who's gone through (in some cases debilitating) amnesia. This is why Squidward was confused when he came upon the TARDIS after being locked in the freezer for over a thousand years. It was always there in the hallway, it's just that they eventually regained their Time Lord memories and could locate it once more. When Patrick became incredibly intelligent and worked hours under his rock, he had actually recovered his memories as a Time Lord and was making up for lost time. There are TARDI Ses all over the place, but either they go unnoticed due to their basic chameleon function or they're used all the time with lack of knowledge as to their true capabilities. Also, Sandy's Tree Dome is a TARDIS. She was one of the most intelligent Time Ladies on Gallifrey and was banished to Bikini Bottom with her memories removed as well.

King Neptune is a Time Lord.

And he regenerated between his one-off episode and the Movie. It makes sense- He's got "magic" technology, he's regenerated, and has been around long enough to be considered an immortal god.

South Park

Kenny is a Time Lord

How else is he able to come back to life after dying the previous episode? His orange hoodie is apparently his TARDIS, as he never takes it off. And because it obscures his face, you could say his appearance constantly changes due to regeneration. That, plus possible use of a Chameleon Arch to become a poor human boy that lives in a trailer park and a Perception Filter to keep the residents of South Park ignorant of his past deaths, which is why Stan and Kyle are always surprised by Kenny's deaths.

Big Gay Al is a Time Lord.

At the end of the episode in which he is introduced, he is seen getting into a seemingly regular-sized suitcase that flies off--in other words, his TARDIS.

  • And after breaking up with Mr. Garrison, Mr. Slave returns with Big Gay Al as his spouse, i.e., companion.


The Warden's not just any Time Lord; he's the Master.

Both are incredibly brilliant, yet completely insane, childish, arrogant and exceptionally vain. The Warden and the Master both have a keen sense of wit, humor and incredible technical know-how (The Warden did invent Jailbot, you know). Both have a tendency to manipulate people for their own ends.They also have an exceptionally heigtened sense of their own brilliance and are somewhat melodramatic. And the Warden was wearing a black suit when he was Evil Overlord of the world.

  • Not to mention the fact that whe he was pulled up before the Time Police, he was kept in a containment field the same as the one the Master was in in the American Doctor Who Movie.
  • Also, the Warden's distaff counterpart from Ultra-Jail is called the Mistress, which is sometimes used as a feminine form of "Master." Coincidence? I think not.

Swat Kats

Razor's a Time Lord.

He's clearly got a sonic screwdriver, and the Turbokat is obviously much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside - it's his TARDIS.


The Teletubbies are drugged out Time Lords hiding in the Shire.

Think about it, it's a BBC show to start with so there's a much more direct connection. And here you have a group of humanoid aliens living on a strange planet, who are able to receive telecommunications from all sorts of places. Their home is far, far larger on the inside than on the outside and is accessed by a simple door recessed into a low domed hilltop eminently described by the phrase "once upon a time there was a hole in the ground"; its half-circle windows offer a fine demonstration of the same building plan used for Bilbo's old place. And the center of the interior of their house is dominated by a large computer column which gives them great control over where and when they are. A small robot dog, with a mostly boxy body, helps keep the house and even speaks to the Teletubbies, and when their windmill spins and they all fall down? They receive a broadcast from somewhere, taking them (at least, the viewer) to a strange and unique place. To prove they have control over time, they promptly do it again right afterwards. Demonstrating their control over dimensional space, they frequently pop in and out of pocket universes, sometimes temporally looping themselves back so that there are multiple iterations of the same character interacting with each other, ostensibly from different points in the future or past. ...what.

The SunBaby is a Time Lord and the Teletubbies are servant robots

He has been recessed to the apparent age of a baby and trapped inside a subspace prison. He has lost powers of speech and can only communicate with his worker bots by limited telepathy and forwarding of videos. Unfortunately, the worker bots have only limited intelligence and are fractured from the main system. The SunBaby's Tardis (a.k.a. the hill) tries to keep the Teletubbies from wandering too far off to be useful.

Thomas the Tank Engine

The Fat Controller is a Time Lord and his car is his TARDIS.

This also explains why he has been around for so long - Time Lords have very long life spans. This would also explain why he is able to get to places quickly, his car, er, TARDIS gets him there in the nick of time.

  • It also explains why he drives a 1936 Ford 5-window coupe, a model never offered in the UK. The fact that he runs a fleet of antique trains and could have imported an antique car as well is neither here nor there...

Total Drama Island

Cody is a time lord.

And Joshua is his regeneration. Speaking of which, he died during his elemination and regenerated back during "After the dock of shame" [1]

Gwen is a time lord.

And the confessional is her TARDIS. This is why she never, never leaves it.

Ezekiel is a time lord.

TARDIS? He doesn't need a TARDIS, foo! He is his own TARDIS. His hat is his TARDIS.

The Venture Brothers

The Orb is a TARDIS.

And Dr. Venture is a Time Lord. Bear with me for a second.

  • The ORB is actually a TARDIS seed which has yet to become fully grown. Colonel Venture was a Time Lord but was unaware of the ORB's potential when it would fully develop. He successfully reincarnated as his successors, eventually becoming Jonas Venture. While indeed Rusty Venture was his son, eventually Jonas replaced his son when he reincarnated into a 'full grown' Rusty. What happened to the child Rusty? He became The Monarch.
    • We never see College Rusty and Monarch together. At the time, Rusty (Monarch) was experimenting with a double life by arching himself as an easy target, at least until his dad reincarnated into an adult Rusty to replace him. Having his father replace him would certainly inspire his hatred and loathing for the Time Lord Rusty Venture.
    • Jonas Venture Jr. is like the Other Ten version of The Doctor. Rusty Venture's pains were because of his impending regeneration. Instead he maintained his appearance and accidentally created a Mini-Me clone of his previous incarnation (Jonas Venture).
    • The current incarnation of Venture is unaware his is a Time Lord, possibly due to having his memories locked away. This may be due to some terrible crime he committed as Jonas Venture...


Sideways is a Time Lord.

  • We've already got Vector Prime in the big list, but think of it: While all the characters look somewhat different between UT seasons, Sideways looks drastically different from Armada to Cybertron, retaining only the horns and the swappable 'bot/'con insignia. He goes from always serious to more flippant. However, how he works is just the same. What if he kept fixing himself in Armada through partial regenerations (maybe letting his Mini-con hats hold the excess juice) and the Atlantis is a TARDIS, and Thrust and Starscream are his companions?
    • Also, Alpha Trion is a Time Lord, and every Alpha Trion is the same guy! The evil Shattered Glass one is his version of the Valeyard. Oh, and Alpha Trion is Vector Prime.

Wacky Races

Professor Pat Pending is a Time Lord, and the Convert-a-car is his TARDIS.

  • Its chameleon circuit is in full working order, which is where the car gets its ability to select its design from a library of shapes.


  1. Formerly known as "Haut-Camp-Ture"
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