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I've forgotten how long it was since we last saw each other. To me, a distance that takes eight light years to travel, that's no different than saying forever. You and I drift further and further apart. I had I had to do some things, do some things differently. I made my heart harder, colder, stronger. I stand before a door that will never open. Still, I could knock on it for eternity, and you will remain you. Beautiful, young, and I will grow older. I will grow older and alone.

Now it's two months out and it's two months back when you're pushin' the speed of light

Twenty years on your homeworld's track, pushin' the speed of light

And your friends are gone and your lovers too, and there's ne'er more left that you can do

And you try to lie, but you know it's true, pushin' the speed of light
"Pushin' the Speed of Light" by Julia Ecklar and Anne Prather
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