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The Timesplitters series has a very large cast. Here are a few of the characters and tropes associated with them.

This page is under construction. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Characters introduced in Timesplitters

The Timesplitters

Captain Ash

Harry Tipper

Lt. Christine Malone

Chastity Detroit

Peekaboo Jones


Characters introduced in Timesplitters 2

Sergeant Cortez

  • A Space Marine Is You
  • Badass
  • Bald of Awesome
  • Catch Phrase: "It's time to split!" And to a lesser extent, "Dammit!"
  • Cyborg: Seems to be one by the time Future Perfect rolls around, as his strap-on goggles he wore in Time Splitters 2 changed into strapless goggle lenses in place of his eyes that act as cameras for Anya to see through.
  • Help Your Self in the Future
  • One-Man Army: At times where a person he meets in a random time period decides to run off and/or go do something else.
  • Skyward Scream: After accidentally telling Crow what he did before he did it, giving him the idea to do it in the first place. It's so loud it travels back in time.

Corporal Hart



Jo-Beth Casey

Jungle Queen


Mr. Underwood

Jake Fenton


  • Bilingual Bonus: In his Future Perfect gesture, he says "Abunai watashi wa Ninja!", which roughly translates to "Watch out! I'm a ninja!"
  • Clear My Name: Part of his mission to defeat the criminal hacking group led by Sadako is to clear his name by sending proof that Sadako's gang are the bad guys and not him.
  • Mukokuseki: Depends on who you ask. He speaks Japanese and appears slightly Japanese, but most of his features (specifically, his pale blond hair and facial structure) indicate that he's part European, too.
  • Ninja: See above. Or is he?

Elijah Jones

Kitten Celeste

Ilsa Nadir

Gregor Lenko


Characters introduced in Timesplitters: Future Perfect


Jacob Crow

Amy Chen


  • Cloudcuckoolander: After being infected with a virus.
  • Heel Face Turn: A (somewhat) forced variation: At first, R-110 was just a normal evil robot who killed two resistance members, only for Cortez to jump on it by surprise and reprogram it. Around a few minutes into Something to Crow About, it gets infected with a virus and the turn becomes cemented.
  • Leet Speak: After Cortez picks up an Electro-Tool.
  • Robotic Psychopath: Post-virus.

Mordecai Jones



  1. He's called "Mister Big" by Fenton, but the Character Selection names him as "Big Tony."
  2. Not to be confused with "Lady Jayne," Captain Ash's assistant in Time Splitters.
  3. He's called "Renzo" in the Character Selection. His first name appears in the briefing for the challenge "Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby".
  4. "Papadov" is Russian for "hitter," referring to a marksman
  5. "I've a bad itch."
  6. "Pool of urine."
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