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Tibia is a German free High Fantasy MMORPG, that has been online since 1997. It is free to play but includes a premium option with extra areas and outfits (and other bonuses, such as access to fast travel between cities). While most MMORPGs have changed to 3D, Tibia is still played in 2D.

Popular in Poland and Brazil, for some reason. The servers are located in either Germany or the US.

Players get to choose from four classes:

  • Knight, melee class with little magic skills.
  • Paladin, ranger class, using distance fighting and holy magic
  • Sorcerer, aggressive magic user
  • Druid, healer class, but nearly as aggressive as sorcerers.

Includes Examples of:

  • Alcohol Hic: In addition to this, getting drunk also makes you unable to completely control your walking.
  • Anachronism Stew: Alongside the standard Medieval Fantasy mainland, we get Viking-like barbarians, an Expy Ancient Egypt and 18th century styled Pirates (without firearms, however)
    • Pirate Buccaneers are actually seen holding a lit bomb, of course it doesn't actually factor into any of their fighting...
  • An Ice Person: Druids
  • Apocalyptic Log: And one of the finest examples of one.
  • Art Evolution: The game has undergone several huge improvements in graphics.
  • Awesome but Impractical: The ultimate explosion was a huge mana drain, and while it did a lot of damage on a large area, it was not really practical on most hunts. It was later remade into four different spells.
    • However, these four different spells aren't near as powerful as Ultimate Explosion was. The main problem with UE was that it wasted 800 mana points - A Master Sorcerer needed 50 minutes without using a single spell to accumulate such power, and flasks of mana fluid were very expensive, costing a small fortune to fill your mana meter. But when it fired, oh boy, it was THE big gun, doing an average of three times the damage of the strongest single-target spell (which was already 3x stronger than a top-level knight/paladin hit) over an area of 64 tiles, filling the screen. And only one creature was immune to it back then, the pitifully weak Ghost. Recently, the magic and damage system was revamped, so levels and magic levels would play a bigger level on damage calculation and they would finally interfer on how much damage physical weapons did (back then, a Lv8 and a Lv200 Knight did exactly the same damage, given the same weapon and the same skill level, while mages could boost their magic damage with either level or magic level grinding). Also, the mana regeneration was significantly sped up - four times as faster - and vials of mana fluid costed half and did the double (whoever had a flask, it is still called flask and has the same old effect). The tradeoff? Good for druids, giving up their joke attack "Poison Storm" for Wild Growth and Eternal Winter, while Sorcerers gave up their weapon of mass destruction in exchange for... Inferno and Thunderstorm. Not only even with the exponential evolution of powers of the new damage system, both spells doesn't come even near the old Ultimate Explosion. Also, most top-level monsters are, you know, kinda drawn to fire and lightning, so they are either immune or highly resistive to it. So, in a way, if the Ultimate Explosion was kept, it would be awesome but practical.
  • Bag of Holding: There is a "backpack of holding", though it is just a lightweigh backpack with 20% extra slot spaces.
  • Big Bad: Several major villains exist, the worst being the evil god Zathroth.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: The four rewards one may choose from the Annihilator quest: Sword of Valor, Stonecutter Axe, Demon Armor or Gift Box. The box contains a teddy bear.
  • Continuing Is Painful: Death will cost you a lot of money on higher levels.
  • Cult: There are numerous cultists who attempts to summon demons, both in Liberty Bay and in Svargrond.
  • Die, Chair, Die!: When you push innocent furniture through a crowded town, Hilarity Ensues.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: From a book in the Isle of the Kings library:

 "[...]I was there when Rorak slew Tingil at the stairs of the seven temples. I was there as Riik led his peaceloving people to the far north to find refuge from the war. I was there to witness the betrayal of Asric for the whims of a female that was long dead by then. I fought with the last Frdai a futile battle on the plains of Weskurt against the unseen legion. I witnessed Ss'rar making his move on ascension to become the serpent god. I watched the first elves struggling to form a nation with the help of the lightbearers. It was me who assisted the great calculator to assemble the bonelords language. And you come here to this mountain and ask me how to win the heart of some shepherdess? This world has become a ridiculous mockery."

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