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File:Cit Clannad - Nagisa - you been THUNDERSTRUCK.jpg

A great shock is emphasized in the background with metaphorical lightning. As a gag, the character might be literally shocked as a result.

Not to be confused with Lightning Glare or Beam of Enlightenment. Or Dramatic Thunder, which is... dramatic. And thunder. For a more direct metaphor of the effects of being struck by actual lightning (or other electric surges), see X-Ray Sparks.

Also not to be confused with Pikachu's signature attack.

Examples of Thunder Shock include:

Anime and Manga

Light Novels

Visual Novels

  • Shows up in a Freak-Out in Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. Damon Gant's, to be specific.
  • Experienced by both Nagisa and her theatrical mother, Sanae, Clannad. In Nagisa's case, her antennae-hair is temporarily withered as a result.

Web Comics

  • Exploited in Tsunami Channel, with one comic having the characters intentionally saying shocking (untrue) things (i.e. "I'm pregnant!") in order to repeatedly electrocute another character.

Western Animation

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