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  • In "Omens, Part 1"
    • Lion-O's fight when sticking up for the brutalized lizard slaves.
      • Not just that but Tygra utilizing his classic cloaking technique while fighting the lynchers along with Cheetara is pretty friggin awesome.
  • In "Omens, Part 2"
    • Lynx-O getting a brief cameo so soon is awesome in of itself. He manages to even look really badass as he stands stoic, cross armed, and with his headband flapping in the wind. Thankfully, as Word of God teases, this probably won't be the last we've heard of him.
    • A meta example where Claudus leads his army to battle--Larry Kenney gets to say, "THUNDERCATS, HO!" one last time. Doubles as a (equally meta) Hearwarming Moment.
      • Claudus taking on a traitor and kicking his technology-wielding ass with the Sword of Omens.
    • Everything about the Clerics. The first time we see them in action, the members all use their speed powers simultaneously and save the royal family. They then proceed to Hold the Line. Cheetara is a member, Jaga is the leader and his Battle Cry is "Clerics, to the death!"
    • Even the villains get one. Mumm-Ra's entrance, in particular. For the curious.
    • You guys remember the Darker and Edgier we were promised in the trailer? You'll probably get get more than you wished for when you see how easily the Lizards overtake Thundera.
      • Slithe's line "How quickly things change for the cats: from top predator, to endangered species! In a single day!" and the ensuing explosion is pretty awesome. Especially since it shows the Lizards will NOT be comic relief villains this time around.
    • Lion-O wielding the Sword of Omens for the first time and handing Mumm-Ra his ass.
      • Friedle's delivery of "Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats, hooo!" is so awesome even Mumm-Ra can't stand it. And it's a shot-for-shot remake of the original sequence.
  • In "Ramlak Rising":
    • Captain Tunar. Even given his character flaw he was the best fighter on his crew. (It could be argued the ONLY fighter, since the crew were mostly ineffective)
    • The moment when Lion-O stops obsessing over revenge and saves the crew of Fish People. Followed by him singlehandedly slaying the Ramlak by slicing it open after it already ate him.
  • In "Song of the Petalars":
    • Emrick, a small plant-like humanoid takes on a giant (for his size) bird with his leaf-sword twice. Later the rest of the Petalars save the Thundercats from Lizards.
    • "We're all leaves in the wind, here and then gone. But while we're here, we live to the fullest!" that, coupled with the first time that we see the thundersignal really appear, gives you the emotional backbone that you are gonna need to finish the episode.
    • Panthro makes his entrance in the Thundertank! Then Panthro nunchuking a lizard as soon as he pops out. You know it's TV Tropes Made of Win Archive when people still can't shut up about it even before it happened.
    • To clarify how awesome this is. It looks like everyone is about to die, when suddenly, things start exploding. Then, out of freaking nowhere a fusion of the Batmobile and a tank starts blowing stuff up, riding through explosions, and turns the entire fight against the lizards into a Curb Stomp Battle. After doing some drifting and blowing up more giant lizard mechs, most of the lizards run away screaming, except for one. This one [1] tries to jump Panthro as he gets out of the tank, but Panthro just catches the lizard in one hand, and then nunchucks him in the face. Badass Bad. Ass.
  • In "Old Friends" Lion-O going up against Driller, who is three times his size with only the Sword of Omens. He rips the top of its frickin' head off!
  • In "Journey to the Tower of Omens":
    • Props to Mumm-Ra for his coffin now being a pimped out tank. That is so batshit insane that it becomes awesome. Its enough to make you want to be buried in a tank.
    • We finally get to see Mumm-Ra do the classic transformation after being teased during the pilot, and it was EXCELLENT.
    • The Thunderkittens deserve some credit too. They're willing to step up and defend the KO'd Panthro from Mumm-Ra THE EVER! LIVING!. This is two eight-year-old kids demonstrating that they will stand up to the setting's version of Satan.
    • Jaga gets one that doubles as a Dying Moment of Awesome. To wit: he's got no body, his soul is stuck in an easily breakable Soul Jar, he's been tormented by Mumm-Ra endlessly, and he was forced to lead Mumm-Ra to the Book of Omens. He casts a super powerful light spell while just a soul and sends a One-Winged Angel Mumm-Ra packing. Yes, even without a body Jaga kicks ass.
    • That entire episode is just TV Tropes Made of Win Archive, from the Thundercats having to use their own particular weapons and skills as a team to get to the tower to their first real battle with Mumm-Ra.
  • In "Legacy"
    • Mumm-Ra has pretty much been upgraded into a System Lord.
    • "This gauntlet can hold more than my sword". Cue epic armor up sequence, and awesomeness beyond comprehension.
    • As awesome as that is it still takes a backseat to the utterly epic scene where the Sword of Omens is first forged and named. That, my friends, is how you pull back the curtain on the origin of one of animation's most epic weapons.
    • Panthera is easily the most badass female in the show despite being in only ONE episode. She coolly delivers a "slavery or rebellion" to the Jackal and Lizard liasions, is in charge of negotiations as Leo stands in the corner, leads the animals during the breakout, is 'responsible for Mum-ra's imprisonment,' and as it they crash land decides she'd rather have a last kiss with boyfriend than wait to die.
  • In "The Duelist and the Drifter"
    • Right in the beginning when Lion-O enters the village only to be confronted with Loads and Loads of Races after seven episodes of basically nothing but Cats and Lizards? The effect is similar to the first time Luke enter the Mos Eisley Cantina. You finally get the impression of just how vast the world is and so far you've only seen a very small part of it.
    • During his second duel against the Duelist, Lion-O finally understands the Drifter's advice. Despite his sword breaking on him just seconds beforehand, Lion-O instantly goes up another badass level and proceeds to effortlessly weave around every single one of the duelist's attacks before disarming him and claiming victory.

  Lion-O: If you can bend with the wind, then you'll never break!

    • How about the Drifter beating the Duelist with only a tiny piece of plant! It looks more awesome than it sounds.
    • "Mileage may very", hell! It is awesome! Instead of the expected Heroic Sacrifice, the Drifter owned him like a piece of property! which delivered Character Development for both Lion-O and The Drifter. Lion-O learned to not depend on the Sword of Omens while The Drifter found a sense of purpose.
  • In "Berbils"
    • Lion-O doesn't get much action in this one, but damn does he get good Pre-Asskicking One-Liners! This troper's favorite is when he infiltrates the slave auction hidden beneath a cloak and proposes a huge sum.

 The Monster of the Week: That's a lot of money, pal. How do you plan on paying for all that?

(Lion-O pulls a dramatic cloak toss and unsheathes the Sword of Omens.)

Lion-O: With steel!

  • In "Sight Beyond Sight" Wilykit saves the day with the power of music!
  • In "The Forest of Magi-Oar", Lion-O's defeat of Zig is suitably epic.
    • Just about all the flight scenes with Viragor where awesome! Even if he crashed both times. Very cool.
    • The Paper Forgers looked awesome whenever the weren't getting their butts handed to them. Even when it was revealed that they're the episodes badguys.
  • In "Into the Astral Plane"
  • In "Between Brothers"
    • The story behind Grune losing his right saber tooth. He tore it out of his mouth to kill a gigantic spider with it.
    • Followed by Panthro taking his philosophy to heart and sacrificing his arms to get rid of Grune.
      • What he says next, after, you know, losing his arms, adds to the coolness.

  Panthro: *Not even flinching* ...WorthIt

  • The elephants choosing to fight.

   "We rarely do. But when we do, we fight to win."

  • Tygra saving Lion-O after he knocked him in the pit. Also counts as a heartwarming moment.
  • Lion-O claiming and using the Spirit Stone is not only powerful enough to completely blast Mumm-Ra out of the Astral Plane, it actually destroys the Astral Plane.
    • Actually it's more that the Spirit Stone was pretty much powering the Astral Plane, and it began to fall apart when it was removed. Still pretty epic though.
  • Wilykat taking out a lizard mecha with a freakin' rocket launcher TWICE HIS SIZE! Doubles as funny, especially since he also inadvertently knocks out a group of lizards that were trying to sneak up on him while he was aiming the rocket launcher.
    • He is also willing to defend the entrance to the Astral Plane "to the end" even when facing down more lizard mechas preparing to fire. Cheetara telling him to run doesn't change his mind.
  • On the introduction of Panthro's Stretchy-Arms, but you've got to admit that his showing up for the rescue at the end of "New Alliances" was pretty cool.
  • Lion-O trapping Slithe, Kaynar, and Addicus in a prison cell with relative ease, especially after all the trouble they had given the cats in the last two episodes.
    • And then he goes on to beat the crap out of Mumm-Ra and send him running! No wonder he's the king!
  • Tygra's father Javan proves he's just as awesome, and just as much a Papa Wolf as Claudus was when it came to protecting his children. Let's hear it for the Papa Wolves!
    • Speaking of "Native Son," for being a Tygra-centered episode Lion-O is particularly awesome here, showing maturity, reason, and making full used of his tools and skills to solve the mystery of the Tiger Clan. He's finally becoming a king worthy of his title.
  • Wilykat and Kit were amazing when they worked together to take down that giant... porcupine-badger-thing from "Survivial of the Fittest".
  • Lion-O suffering Pumyra's onslaught of attacks and finding the strength to stand to prove to her that he's still loyal to his people.
    • Even better; his reason for refusing to stay down and let her finish him quickly: "I said I would stand with you, and I intend to." Oh, Lion-O...
  • During Mumm-ra's first attack in "Recipe for Disaster", you have them doing a instrumental version of the Thundercats theme, all while Lion-o himself is doing a near move-for-move re-enactment of Lion-O battle scene from the original Thundercats Title Sequence.
    • In the second battle from the same episode, Dragon Mumm-Ra has Pumyra cornered and is about to eat her. Cue Lion-O leaping in front of her and bitch-slapping Mumm-Ra down with a salvo of blue lightning leaving her wide-eyed and slack-jawed. When she finally regains her senses she pounces on him for an enthusiastic kiss.
  • Nevermind that Soul Sever is already a badass, intelligent Well-Intentioned Extremist who looks like a robotic grim reaper with twin scythes on his back, but he's voiced by Jeffrey freakin' Combs!
    • Flicker overcomes the limitations of its own programming to sacrifice itself to save Tygra. This convinces Lion-O that technology isn't inherently evil. It also convinces the Soul Sever that maybe Flicker did have a soul after all.
  1. henceforth referred to as "the unluckiest lizard of all time,"