Gus does throat-slitting gesture at his illusion clone

A Throat-Slitting Gesture is done by drawing the index finger across one's neck, as an indication of violence.

That could be done as a threat while looking at someone, or to signify the idea to an ally.

It's sometimes accompanied by the person making squelching sound-effects mimicking a knife, or a threatening tone of music.

Pro Wrestling

  • Chris Benoit usually pulls this taunt before his signature diving headbutt.
  • This is one of The Undertaker's signature taunts, seeing as his gimmick is a deadman/superpowered zombie.

Western Animation

  • The Owl House episode 8 has Gus do it as his illusion clone
  • Dreamworks Dragons Race To The Edge's last episode has Drago Bludvist doing this to his employee Krogan after he has failed to obtain a Bewilderbeast egg for the very madman himself. Krogan begs for another chance but Drago isn't feeling merciful and does the gesture while grinning and chuckling, and he wasn't doing it to scare Krogan he was flat out sentencing him. Krogan is then dragged away and killed offscreen. Though strangely if you listen closely while this is happening you can hear what sounds more like a snap so it sounds like Krogan was killed by having his neck or back snapped rather then getting his throat slashed or being beheaded.....
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