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Perspective doesn't work this way.

A method of portraying three dimensional space in a two-dimensional plane. Basically, it's a tilted bird's eye view perspective in which both the top and front of an object is seen at the same time, and the vertical axis indicates both height and depth[1]. Most games that have this perspective will still have character sprites as if they've being viewed straight on, though some will have a more Super-Deformed style. Very popular during the 16-bit era for JRPGs.

Despite console games having largely abandoned this in favor of full 3-D graphic, this remains popular in handheld systems due to the lower demands on the system.

This view sometimes leads to secrets being hidden on the backs of buildings.

See also Isometric Projection, Top Down View and Side View.

Examples of Three Quarters View include:
  1. technically speaking, it's a very distant bird's eye view, zoomed to very high levels, with perspective not working "properly" because of high viewing distance
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