• You could always replace it with that image of Weil gloating to Zero from Mega Man Zero 3. At least Weil definitely qualifies as a Complete Monster.

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    • Sure. But I'm feeling ticked at you, right now so I can't be bothered. And I think the whole Vile Mode thing is a mistranslation actually.

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    • Sorry if I made you irritated, but I'm just going by what was shown (and to be fair, the scene from Vile Mode was actually alluded to in that Day of Sigma OVA, so most likely that scene from the mode is canon to the game at least, even if not the mode itself). I'll try to see if there's a Japanese version of the scene with Japanese subtitles if it makes you feel better. With my translator app, I'll see if it matches up (though I fail to see how that would be a mistranslation considering Sigma just stated his motive for recruiting Vile in the first place).

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    • Alright.

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    • Just looked at the Japanese video (sorry for taking a while, lost track.). This is what Sigma said in Japanese:


      This was right after Vile (well, technically VAVA, but still...) declared Sigma insane, yet before leaving the cell.

      You can find it here:

      And it comes with subtitles (I had to add in the periods due to the subtitles not having any punctuation).

      This is what Bing Translator claimed was the translation (it might be a bit wonky, though):

      "No compulsion is not a thing that anyone can do. Must be able to go mad."

      At the very least, the gist of it is pretty much the same as in the English version. Of course, if you know Japanese well enough to spot-translate it, feel free to verify it on your own time.

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