• Since the Orain wiki is still down, and I have no idea when it'll be back up, I figured I'd share with you my suggestions for the subpage menu structure you're working on (the buttons that say YMMV, Trivia, Playing With, etc.). It's identical to what you've implemented so far, and has the same modular setup (buttons only appear if relevant subpages exist). The only changes I suggest are just button sizes, and rearranging which things go in what menus.

    The following is only for the "work" menu structure; I'll share my suggestions for the "trope" and "creator" menus later.

    Here's a very sloppy mockup of what I have in mind (open in new tab for full size):

    Work Menu Sloppy Mockup

    The pink squares are reserved for icons.

    The buttons / menus, in detail, are:

    • Main Article: No drop-down menu for this one. It just takes you back to the main article when clicked.
    • Trope Subpages: The drop-down menu for this button displays the non-YMMV, non-Trivia trope subpages. This button only appears if trope subpages actually exist for the work (i.e. it was big enough that it needed to be split). As such, it's the one that's most likely to be absent on most pages.
    • World Building: The drop-down menu for this button includes the subpages Characters, Setting, Recap, Analysis, and Useful Notes, as well as the Wikipedia link.
    • Audience Reactions: The menu for this button includes YMMV Tropes, Fridge, Headscratchers, Wild Mass Guessing, Ho Yay, and Reviews.
    • Crowning Moments: Awesome, Heartwarming, Funny, Tear Jerker, and Nightmare Fuel.
    • Trivial Things: Trivia, Quotes, Shout-Outs, Memes, and Radar.
    • Other Stuff: Laconic, Image Links, Drinking Game, Fanfic Recs, Haiku, and every other subpage that failed to get sorted under one of the previous categories (in case unexpected bugs happen).
    • The eighth button, the one without text at the very right, is the "Create New Subpage" icon, and is represented with only a "new page" icon. Clicking it does what your Create New Subpage button does now; it presents a drop-down menu of all subpages that have yet to be created.

    So, does the concept appeal to you?

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    • Actually, it does. The new subpage menu uses the Lua scripting language with some HTML/CSS classes, and since Wikia is in the process of adding Lua functionality, we might be able to beta test a decent mockup here soon.

      Let me get back you on this once I've looked into that.

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    • I'm glad you like it. :)

      However, unless you can make it without Vorticity's help (not a veiled insult, honest, I just don't have a good sense of what your exact abilities are), I really want to know if he's on board.

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    • Oh, I can do most of the design work if I had to, but he did the scripting code in Lua, and my Lua is substandard. :(

      Also, he's on board (Linked him to this proposal and he thinks its pretty cool. ^_^)

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    • Which looks better? (Garish color palette choices notwithstanding.)

      Work Menu Sloppy Mockup
      Work Menu Sloppy Mockup 2

      And do you have other design suggestions?

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    • The first one, and no, don;t really have any other good ideas ATM.

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    • Since this thread is happening here...

      Yes, definitely like it, and as a programmer I'm used to awful color choices at the design stage.  I'm gonna suggest a modified option 1 -- just use transparent images.  As for the size of those images -- if that's how many items we have in each menu -- one line -- it looks like we'll be doing 32px (64px Retina display) for the main icons, but probably smaller in the menu.  Maybe just 16px images there.

      A few modifications to the categories, of course:

      • Trope Subpages maybe should just be listed under main?
      • "World Building" should maybe be called "Story Elements"?
      • The split between Audience Reactions/Trivial Things/Other Stuff doesn't seem exactly right, but I don't really know what "right" is here. I'll meditate a bit and get back to you.

      Anyway, I modified the CSS so menus pop up off to the right of other menus, so we can list all the subpages. That's important to me -- no orphaned subpages.

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    • Works for me.

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    • A FANDOM user
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