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Summary: When the story ends, almost everyone in Goldcrown Town forgets that their lives had once been turned upside down by a story, that there had ever been a girl named Duck at all. But when Duck herself begins to forget, Fakir finds himself forced to write a story that costs him dearly.

A fantastic could be canon fic by LunaSphere that's a sequel to the series, and an absolutely brilliant one at that, with all the characters trying to navigate what a happy ending means.

Can be read here on, and here with illustrations.

Needs More Love and Needs a Better Description.

Warning! Unmarked spoilers below for the end of Princess Tutu and for the fic!

Relevant Tropes

  • Dark Is Not Evil: Having the raven's blood flowing through their veins doesn't make Rue or Mytho evil, nor do Rue's "darker" emotions, such as pettiness and jealousy make her evil, and in the end, when she dances as the Raven Princess once more, she does not call for the evilness of the Ravens and Crows from Drosselmeyer's story, instead she dances for the wildness of the raven, and accepts that it will always be apart of her.
  • Love Makes You Crazy/Love Makes You Evil: Fakir. When he realizes that Duck is forgetting her life as a girl (and him), he decides to give her a shard of his own heart to let her be human again. The part he gives her? His humanity. It Gets Worse.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Fakir, after he accidentally stabs Duck.
  • Ravens and Crows: Well, given the source material... But their more "trickster" aspects are pointed out, and it's also given that they were not the bad guys in some of the older stories, that was Drosselmeyer's doing in "The Prince and the Raven".
  • Ret-Gone: Twice over. There's the Ret-Gone at the end of Princess Tutu that makes everyone forget about Duck, and then there's another one when Fakir gives his humanity to Duck, and no one remembers he ever existed. Not even Duck. At first...
  • The Wise Prince: Mytho, still.
  • Utopia: Mytho's homeland- or so it seems. In reality, it's a stagnant place where everything is perfect, but no one creates or moves forward thanks to there being no ravens there. In the end, the ravens return, and the land begins to move forward again, with art and sorrow and moving forward.
  • What the Hell Fakir? I mean, we know you love Duck and all, but did you have to go all "evil scary knight" about it?
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