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A phrase said when something happens that a character feels has happened by a divine hand, hence this is possible proof of the existence of god(s).

The actual occurrence can be a major thing, like ending a war, but just as often it's a smaller thing, especially when this is Played for Laughs.

The three basic forms are:

  1. Used literally. Yes, there really is a God, or at I have gained/restored faith in God.
  2. Used semi-seriously. Well, there might be a God after all. Or at least the world doesn't totally suck.
  3. Used humorously.
Examples of There Is a God include:


  • Used semi-seriously in Gundam X episode 1. Garrod finds an abandoned Gundam, but when he tries to use it to fight off some pursuers, he finds it doesn't have a control stick. He pulls out a disconnected control stick he found earlier and mutters "If this works, I'll believe in God!" It does, and he immediately turns to his companion and says "Tifa, I belive in God!".


  • Said by Spider Jerusalem in Transmetropolitan when a party goer tosses a grenade necklace over his head while he was feeling down.


  • In High Spirits, the lord of a castle fails to make it tourist attraction. He's so depressed he's thinking of hanging himself, but a storm means the guests have to stay, so he says this.
  • In Deconstructing Harry, Woody Allen's character, an atheist, uses this in reference to Bobby Thomson's game-winning home run in the 1951 National League playoffs. "When he hit that home run it was the only hint I had that there may be a God."
  • As the diabetic black guy is dying on the plane in Con Air, he tells Nicholas Cage's character that sometimes he wonders if there's a God. Cage's characters tells him he'll show him there is one, and then starts kicking Con butt.
  • Used by John Ritter in the movie Skin Deep. After a number of horrible catastrophes befall him. he staggers into the beach entrance of his friend's bungalow, and announces, "There is a God, and he's a gag writer!" just as a huge ocean wave comes pouring in the open door, flooding the room.
  • Alex says it in Snow Cake when Maggie offers him tea.
  • At the end of Animal House, when one of the co-eds dressed in bunny ears and a leotard fly into the room of a young teen boy (reading through some Playboys), the boy simply shouts out, "Thank you, God!"
  • In The Three Musketeers 1993, Aramis says "See? There is a God," after The Reveal that his cross stopped the Cardinal's bullet and saved his life.
  • In Wayne's World 2 Wayne says this when he mistakenly believes that Heather Locklear is waving to him.


  • Used literally, as a last-minute (and somewhat irritating) Aesop, in the third Uplift novel.
  • Melissa Mailey (aka "Schoolmarm from Hell") in the 1632 series (specifically 1634: The Baltic War) uses the phrase several times in regards to Daryl McCarthy, when he acts as a mature adult with a good education, neither of which were previously considered to be accurate descriptions of him.

Live Action TV

  • In the Mr. Belvedere series (it was a film series a few decades before), Belvedere got stuck because of something Kevin did. When Kevin got in a similar situation, Belvedere says this.
  • The TV show ER, episode "Whose Appy Now?". Carter's upset because he's being denied the chance to perform an exciting surgery and reassigned to an appendectomy instead.

 Dr. Angela Hicks: You haven't seen the patient yet.

[Carter looks out the window and sees Dr. Benton being wheeled down the hall on a gurney]

Dr. John Carter: Ohhhhhhhh there is a God!

  • Uttered by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear, when Richard Hammond draws the Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle for the Series 13 race to Edinburgh (Clarkson hates motorbikes). Pure Kayfabe, however, as all three presenters knew which vehicle they would get beforehand.


  • In his album Arizona Bay, Bill Hicks responds to California sliding into the Pacific Ocean this way.

 There is a God, he loves us all so much...

Web Original

  • After having... pretty much everyone's religious beliefs insulted with Chuck Austen's bastardized and over-simplified representation of Catholicism and religion as a whole, Linkara of Atop the Fourth Wall asks that "Holy War" be expunged and be given something good. He is granted a Blue Beetle comic with a crack of thunder and responds "There is a God." Benzaie parodies this scene later asking the dimensional portal for help too.

Western Animation

  • Long story short: when Eric Cartman gets a million dollars he buys an amusement park, which causes Kyle to lose his belief in God, which in turn causes him to be at death's door due to a hemorrhoid. At the end of the episode Cartman gets his comeuppance.

 Stan: Look, Kyle, Cartman is totally miserable. [a shot of Cartman on his knees, sobbing] Even more miserable than he was before because he's had his dream and lost it.

Cartman: It's not fair! It's not fair; I wanna die! I wanna daaahahie! [Kyle looks at Cartman, then up at the sky, then sits up and removes the oxygen mask]

Kyle: You are up there! [smiles]

  • In Clone High, Joan Of Arc had been trying to stop her film (which contained a decleration of her love for Abe) from being played at the school film festivel. When the projection booth catches fire and Edison announces all the films got destroyed, she proclaims there is a God. She then takes it back when Edison announces that Joan's film had not only survived, but had been expanded somehow and was now in widescreen. Fortunately, her work was so abstract that no one suspected it was Joan's love letter to Abe.
  • When Jay Sherman became a trucker and took his son on a trip, Marty pointed out a shooting star, insisting his father make a wish. Jay thinks a moment, and said shooting star annihilates a billboard advertising Ace Ventura. Quote the critic, "Thank you, God!"
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