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File:200px-Theodore-rex-DVD 9241.jpg

And it just gets weirder from there.

"Did anything weird happen tonight?"

How would you like to see a direct-to video sci-fi movie that is a loose rip off Blade Runner -- except it stars Whoopi Goldberg and Barney? You wouldn't? Oh.

Whoopi Goldberg only completed the movie because New Line Cinema threatened to sue her if she walked off the film (after seeing Kim Basinger get sued into bankruptcy after the fiasco that was Boxing Helena, she decided she could live with the shame if it meant keeping the lights on). Theodore Rex was initially intended as a theatrical release but went straight to home video instead, making it the most expensive direct-to-video movie ever made. That's certainly something to keep in mind if you dare to watch it.

You know that Super Mario Brothers movie? Theodore Rex is very similar -- and worse.

According to an Opening Scroll, the story is set in a Dark and Edgy Cyberpunk city "A long time ago in the future" (really), where humans coexist with anthropomorphic animal-people. It's a buddy cop movie with dinosaurs.Theodore is an anthro Tyrannosaurus Rex who wants to be a cop. He gets his chance when he is partnered with Whoopie Goldberg to solve another anthro T. rex's murder.

Then things get weird(er).

An extensive review, with links to other reviews, can be found here. While the film isn't the best quality, the confusion and sheer randomness of the onscreen action is actually kind of impressive. Just when you think the movie can't get any more inane... it does. It really does. That helps it stand alongside Santa Claus, Manos: The Hands of Fate, and The Room on the very thin border between So Bad It's Good and So Bad It's Horrible.

Compare Howard the Duck. Not to be confused with a notable biography of Theodore Roosevelt. Not to be confused with Anonymous Rex, which is a Better Than It Sounds book series that, coincidentally, is about a dinosaur detective solving crimes amongst humans.

Tropes used:


 "The genetic code [is] the map of our destiny, and we are all slaves to our DNA".

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