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  • A minor one-- In one "recorded incident", a scout is sent into a house. Shots, moans and screams are heard. He does not emerge. Another is sent in after him. He leans out of the upper window to tell the others he found a half eaten corpse and nothing else, and is grabbed from behind. Why didn't the attacking zombie moan? Because the first survivor, in his panic, had missed the zombies head and shot it in the throat, muting it.-- Warlord396
  • Another minor one: I wondered for a while why, when a human can't escape (like in the story about the island where the dying are left for the zombies), the zombie stops eating while there is still enough of the victim left to start walking, rather than consuming the victim completely. Then I realized-zombies don't eat Solanum-infected flesh. The zombie stops once the virus has tainted its meal. Duh! -- Lady Of Procrastination
  • Shifted from the main page:
    • Max Brooks mentions that assault rifles have the temptation of going full auto. This has been decried as inaccurate by some tropers, because only semi-automatic versions have been available to the civilian market in America since 1986--meaning that only the military and criminals should have fully automatic rifles. Who says that upstanding citizens amid the breakdown of society in a Zombie Apocalypse wouldn't happen across one?
      • Well, that one's a little sticky-- military personnel will be some of the last to go, and they aren't just leaving their rifles behind. Gangsters... well, lets just say that those very very rare full-auto conversion jobs aren't done by liscenced gunsmiths on quality firearms. For your own safety it's best to leave those alone
    • In the book it also says that only a few zombies can climb ladders. What is harder to climb than ladders, and is stable and tall? Trees! That's right, a treehouse could save you from a zombie invasion. As long as you don't create tons of flaming zombies.