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No, not those guys.

The Zeldathon Team is a group of gamers who play the Legend of Zelda games for charity (and sometimes other games as well.) They are located in Pennsylvania and host marathons twice (or more!) a year, one in winter and one in summer.

So far they have had seven marathons.

  • "Zeldathon 1" for Child's Play - Raised $300.00
  • Zeldathon for the American Cancer Society - $3,322.18
  • Skypeathon by the Zeldathon Team for Child's Play - $5.01
  • Zeldathon for the American Diabetes Association - $4,001.00
  • Zeldathon Quest - $2,672.07
  • Zeldathon for the American Red Cross - $13,280.00
  • Zeldathon for Child's Play - $15,473.00

Upcoming Marathons:

  • (July 7th) "Ultimate Zeldathon" for either Fun For Freedom, or Child's Play depending on if they get the company up and running by the time it starts.

This event provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Amusing Injuries - The viewers could donate to have Alex get punched in various areas depending on the amount donated. This resulted in a lot or arm punches, chest punches and one Groin Attack.
    • This was one of the themes of the Punishment system introduced in Zeldathon for Child's Play. People could make the team do various things depending on the amount donated, like having a Shout-Out, or having the Zeldathoners dance. One time, Mike got so much slaps in the face that it was completely numb. Mike later got his revenge though.
    • When they were aiming to meet a $15,000 goal for Child's Play, Silver was slapped repeatedly too. One chat member figured that it would be around 65 or so slaps in order to make it.

 Andy: And down goes the Swede.

    • Also during the Zeldathon for Child's Play, Mike, Andy, MC, and Silver had to be slapped, so they coordinated the 4-Way Slap: Mike slapped Andy who then slapped Silver who then slapped MC who then slapped Mike, and then back around.
  • Announcer Chatter - They are sometimes even more interesting than the games themselves.
  • A Wizard Did It - At some times when the audience asked how something worked they would get the reply: Magic.
  • Back From the Dead - Silver "died" because of the Hot Sauce, but was revived when the donation counter reached $600
  • Berserk Button - Don't mention Hot Sauce so that Silver hears it.


    • Also, Ezlo from Minish Cap is a hate object of Silver's
  • Brief Accent Imitation - While playing Twilight Princess during Zeldathon for Child's Play, Mike proceeded to voice act for many of the characters. The accents ranged from British to Australian to just a really high squeaky voice for the villain.
    • Charissa also voiced Midna for a little while, and Mike was very freaked out by it when she started.
  • Color Coded for Your Convenience - Each Zeldathon has a color associated with it.
    • Zeldathon 1 - Tan
    • Zeldathon ACS - Dark Tan; Logo was Red and Blue
    • Zeldathon ADA - Lighter shade of Tan
    • Zeldathon Quest - Deep shade of Green
    • Zeldathon ARC - Deep Red
    • Zeldathon Child's Play - Lighter shade of Green
  • Crowning Moment of Funny - Randy would dance to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance in a skirt if $1000 was raised before midnight of the second day. They did.
    • During Zeldathon for Child's Play, about 3 hours before midnight of the 5th day, Andy brought up a challenge that he had planned a few days before. Specifically, that he would dress up as the Great Fairy from Ocarina of Time if the donations reached $10,000 before midnight. Cue 1,000 dollars being raised in those three hours, of which a quarter of that was raised in the last 15 MINUTES.
  • Dance Party Ending - After Mike conquered the Cave of Ordeals in Twilight Princess, during the Zeldathon for Child's Play.
  • Eat That - How about half a bottle of Hot Sauce?

 Silver: Let's never speak of this again.

 Silver: This English thing is difficult.

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