The purest nuts-and-bolts television channel that will ever be created, The Weather Channel is a 24-hour American cable weather network based just outside Atlanta, Georgia dedicated to telling you what to expect outside every morning, afternoon, evening and night, and little else. (This has changed recently as it has started showing speculative documentaries.) The network is well known for its CNN-like weather coverage, and will usually be the first to send reporters, usually meteorologists themselves, to report live on site at major weather events; something that can quickly become awesome, if not crowningly so, if it involves the words "hurricane" or "tornado" occurring within visual range. The Weather Channel is owned not by Time Warner, but by Comcast/NBC Universal and two private equity firms, The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital (before that, Landmark Communications).

Its Canadian counterpart is The Weather Network.

Tropes invoked by The Weather Channel include:


 "...And this is where it becomes fun for the meteorologist."


Programs featured by the Network include:

  • It Could Happen Tomorrow: A Speculative Documentary series where the results of a serious weather incident like a hurricane or tornado, or natural disaster like an earthquake or levee break, would affect a major American city.
  • Full Force Nature: A documentary examining actual serious weather incidents, using user video of the event, newscasts, and interviews of people who were there in the incident at the time it happened.


  1. To quote one youtube comment "I'll take "Things you don't want to see on your local radar" for $200."
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