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For the comic:

  • Kirkman lives up to his statement early on that aliens would enter the story in issue 75, with a joke story about how aliens were behind the zombies, and several characters both dead and alive have acquired superhero outfits and are fighting them...and the Governor has become The Quisling and now uses a kickass mech suit.

For the TV show:

  • Rick, having just crawled into a tank to escape from a zombie horde, sits next to a deceased soldier to catch his breath. The soldier suddenly reanimates and turns to eat Rick, before Rick quickly blows the soldier's brains out, forgetting he is in a metal enclosed space.
    • Probably justified since he had no other way to kill it.
    • Its the way it happened, both Rick and the reanimated soldier turn to each other and just pause for a moment as if to take a second to realize whats going on. It hilarious.
    • "Ey, you! Dumbass! You, in the tank! Cozy in there?" Best cliff-hanger EVER.
  • Another one happens in the second episode, when Rick and Glenn are pretending to be zombies to reach a parking lot.

 Glenn: (When rain suddenly comes in and the zombies start to get wary) Do they smell us?!

Rick: No they don't! (passes by a zombie who eyes him suspiciously) Well, maybe...

    • Before that, everyone's reactions when Rick goes "We need more guts," and takes another swing at the zombie with the axe, which are by this point past Squick and into, "Oh come on!"
  • Dr. Jenner when he's drunk is apparently quite the joker.

  "Hey, how far you think I can chuck this? Pretty far, I bet! *flings wine glass across the room* WOOOOO! IT'S OUT OF THE STADIUM!"

  • When Glenn is kidnapped by the maybe-gangbangers who threaten his life, the others eventually find him--in an old-folks' home, in no danger whatsoever. T-Bone, grumpily: "We thought you were being eaten by dogs, man." Cue Reaction Shot from a chihuahua. Heh.
  • In the second season premiere the sign for the church lacks a specific bible passage and just reads "Revelations".
  • The look on Rick's face as Daryl dissects a walker in the second season premiere.
    • Daryl then pulls a large, gory mass out of its stomach and simply mutters "Looks like this guy ate himself a ground chuck a few days ago or something."
  • In the season 1 finale, Daryl tries to break the sealed door down with an axe, but Dr. Jenner calmly points out:

 Jenner: That door is designed to withstand a rocket launcher.

Daryl: (angrily stomping toward Jenner) Well, your HEAD ain't!

  • In "The Bloodletting", Daryl offhandedly telling a walker to shut up before shooting it.
  • When Dr. Hershel Greene reveals that he's a vet, Lori thinks that he used to be a combat medic until he clarifies that he's a veterinarian.
  • Daryl whips out a large bag of narcotics to help T-Dog with his infection.

 Daryl: Merle got the clap on occasion.

  • The scenes with Daryl and Andrea in the woods in "Save The Last One."
    • Upon finding a walker hanging from a tree by the neck.

  Daryl: "What the hell?"

    • Said walker's suicide note:

  "Got bit/Fever hit/World gone to shit/Why not quit?"

 T-Dog: Good thing we didn't do something stupid like shoot it.

  • Glenn tells Dale his theory on why all the women are acting weird (see No Periods, Period on the main page); Dale wisely tells him to keep it to himself.
  • "There are walkers in the barn and Lori's pregnant."
  • Andrea is beside herself, having a My God, What Have I Done? moment after she nearly kills Daryl, having thought he was a walker. Dale comes to console her by telling her not to beat herself up over it, since they've all wanted to shoot Daryl at some point or another.
    • Not to mention earlier, (badly paraphrased) Daryl is being aimed at, and he says "Go ahead, shoot me." Then after he is shot he yells "I didn't mean it."
  • Season 1 episode 2 "Guts" features a rather hilarious moment. After Rick performs his Due to the Dead for the walker they're about to open up Glenn stops them to point out something Rick missed.

 Glenn: One more thing. He was an organ donor.

  • Glenn wearing Dale's hat in season 2.
  • In "18 Miles Out," there's something darkly humorous about one point where Rick is hiding from Walkers on the ground. One spots him and starts lumbering over, so Rick shoots it, and it falls forward, on top of him. A second walker hears the shot, and follows, also getting shot in the head, and also falling forward on top of Rick, only for a third Walker to show up right on their heels and pin Rick under all three of them. At this point Rick's face is less, "Oh god I'm gonna get eaten!" and more, "Oh come on!"
  • In the season 2 finale, this line by Hershel:

  Hershel: "The Lord promised a resurrection of the dead. I was thinking he had something different in mind."

  • The otherwise unmemorable Jimmy had one when trying to use Gangsta Style in shooting training

For the video game

  • Lee attempts to use a universial remote control... to open a padlock.

  Doug: "It's universal, but not that kind of universal."

  • Talking to Clementine:

  Lee: Feeling good is... good.

  • Carley has a Crowning Epic Fail of Funny with the radio. If you help her try to get the radio to work, it turns out the reason why is because the batteries are missing. After finding some batteries and giving them to a slightly embarrassed Carley, she complains it still doesn't work. Flip the radio over: the radio won't work because she put the batteries in facing the wrong way. Seriously, woman?
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