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  You're CARICATURES, ALL of you! Even without your masks, you're all CARICATURES!

    • Looks like Mr. Foster got the last laugh.
  • "Death's-Head Revisited". Pretty much everything from "The trial is over" to "Your final judgment will come from God".
  • Lew Brookman making a sales pitch that captivates Death himself in "One For The Angels", saving a girl's life in the process.
  • "The Jeopardy Room". A Soviet defector is being toyed with by 2 spies in his room. He must find a bomb in 3 minutes (it's in the phone which will explode if he picks it up). He takes his chances and escapes. The spies enter the room. The phone rings and one of the spies answers it. The defector was on the other line and he is on his way to London.
  • The WWI British pilot Decker's Heroic Sacrifice as revealed at the end of "The Last Flight". It could also double as a Redemption Equals Death, since he was always a coward and originally he left his friend and fellow pilot Mackaye for dead.
  • Romney Wordsworth's death from "The Obsolete Man". Turning the tables against a totalitarian state on live television, all on its own terms.
    • Wordsworth got to pick his own method of execution, and he chose a bomb exploding in a room. This leads to added awesomeness because he traps the chancellor that helped condemn him in the room with a half-hour to go. Wordsworth faces death with dignity, but his foe doesn't. In the last few moments, just as Wordsworth expected, the chancellor cracks and pleads to be released. A pleased Wordsworth agrees and the chancellor escapes the room just in time. Problem is, everyone witnessed the chancellor's weakness and the state deems him obsolete - something Wordsworth almost assuredly knew would happen. The ending implies he is given the much more painful death of being torn apart by a furious mob.
  • Jeff Myrtlebank beating up Orgram and later scaring off the townspeople in "The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank".
  • The fight between the man and woman in "Two" (and the woman is Elizabeth Montgomery. Yes, it's Charles Bronson vs. Samantha Stevens!).
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