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When making a timeline for a fictional universe, there are many Speculative Fiction Tropes that tend to pop up, especially if it is based on the real world. This list notes them in the order they (typically) appear. Its purpose is both to help with World Building, and to help when writing a Crossover.

This list also includes nonfictional historical and scientific "facts" that are the basis of many fictional stories, such as the "A meteor killed off the dinosaurs" theory.

Related to Hollywood History, but more detailed.

Examples of The Trope History of the Universe include:

  • Billions of Years Ago:
    • Creation Of The Universe -- Either the Big Bang or some Supreme Being (or both, they aren't mutually exclusive) creates the universe (or recreates it, see End of The Universe below) approx. 13.5 Billion years ago (according to the latest theories.)
    • Precursors begin to appear.
    • The Earth forms. (Scientific theory -- Approx. 5 Billion Years ago.)
    • Life begins on Earth. (Theory -- Approx. 3 Billion years ago.)
      • Might possibly have been influenced by the Precursors.
  • Before FTL is invented:
    • The solar system is colonized.
    • But the colonies may fight for independence. Ex. Gundam
  • After FTL is invented:
    • Humanity explores the universe, encountering aliens and getting into interstellar wars. Ex. Star Trek.
    • A interstellar government almost always forms, with humanity as a major member.
    • The highly developed state of civilization is shown by a penchant for Crystal Spires and Togas.
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