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"Strange offer, Tim Zahn.
"The first new Star Wars novel?"
"I have a notion."

Grand Admiral Thrawn
The Empire's best hope.
Alien genius.

Joruus C'baoth
Mad Dark Jedi worked for Thrawn.
Secretly a clone.

The Emperor's Hand.
"Mara" means "bitter".

Leia Organa
Stress? Takes after her father.
Whines less, but Badass.

Luke Skywalker; he's
Not the last of the old, but
the first of the new.

Captain Pellaeon
Best second-in-command ever
The Imp. perspective.

C'baoth is mad.
Pellaeon warned Thrawn. Response?

New Republic made
a feint; it did not work, for
they tried to fool Thrawn.

Thrawn killed by backstab.
"So artistically done." Nice
job breaking it, heroes.

Pellaeon: "Retreat!"
Luke: "Have Father's lightsaber."
Mara: "It's over?"

The Thrawn Trilogy:
Popular with fans
No surprise! It's good.

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