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  • The Lampshade Hanging Merlin gives about their predicament after escaping the pike, with a knight's helmet wedged tight on his head, as he's struggling to dry himself off.
  • A drenched Archimedes shakes himself dry only to have his feathers pluff.
  • Arthur wrote cursive F and G backwards.
  • Archimedes laughing uncontrollably when Merlin's model plane crashes (because of his beard).
  • Merlins wand tangling up in his beard, causing him to try to pull it out, resulting in a gigantic puff.
  • Anything involving Merlin's beard.
  • "Blow me to Bermuda!"
  • Merlin introducing Archimedes to Ector when they first meet.

 Merlin: My name is Merlin. Er, this is er Archimedes, a highly educated owl.

(Archimedes clears throat, stands tall and thrusts out chest)

Ector: Educated owl?! Har-har! A-whoo! Say, that's a good one!

(Archimedes flies off to perch on the antler of a deer with his back to the room)

  • When the fat squirrel comes after Merlin.
    • And the fat squirrel's reaction when Merlin changes back into a human.
    • "I'm an ugly, horrible, grouchy old man!!!"
  • The entire wizard's duel, but particularly the part where Merlin turns into a walrus in mid air and lands on Mim.
    • And the fact that, after doing so, is about to ask her if she's all right.
  • When the wolf, exhausted after chasing Arthur and Merlin, drags himself to the top of the hill, then sees that they doubled back on him.
    • Heck, EVERYTHING about the wolf. He just can't get a break!
  • Kay's reaction to Merlin's summoned blizzard. Inside a castle. In summer.
  • This face. Wart makes it every time Merlin does something unbelievable and it makes this troper fall over every time.
  • Archimedes nearly got crushed inside his house as it got shrunk by Merlin.

 Archimedes: Why, why, you - bumbling blockhead!

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