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 "My friend is dead! Circle strafe!"

TheStrawhatNO! is the Let's Play / Retsupurae channel for ThornBrain and Mugiwara Yoshi, the respective creators of Jetters Abridged and Sgt Frog Abridged; they have also been joined with friend Travis (BigTUnit1) in recent LPs.

The duo originally did Let's Plays on YouTube with former colleague DragonFatman and his LP channel FATLPs. The two split from Fatman on April 12, 2010 and started TheStrawhatNO on April 13. The main duo dabbled in Retsupurae for a while, sporadically recording Let's Plays after the first month (pretty much all of which are now canceled). They made the jump to Something Awful in May 2011 with Bomberman Hero and have been steadily building notoriety through their informative, yet snarky, sarcastic, and mildly insane commentary.

ThornBrain has finished playing through Bomberman Jetters and 007: Agent Under Fire, and all three Something Awful threads are on the Let's Play Archive. Thorn has followed them with The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, and Yoshi has restarted his Let's Play of Pikmin 2.

Let's Plays by the group:

This group provides examples of:

  "That's kind of a Bond line, isn't it? 'There's no way I can miss!' 'But you can die.'"

  • Brick Joke:
    • Bomberman Hero:
      • Thorn's opinion of the game is occasionally brought up as the LP goes on. He defends it heartily at the beginning, just about hates it when the game is finished.
      • Dragon Road has no dragons, just flying knives. The next time flying knives are encountered, Travis insists that they are dragons.
      • Thorn suggests early in the LP that he and Travis should write lyrics for "Redial". When the song is requested by the Something Awful thread for a montage video near the end of the LP, they do exactly that.
  • Brown Note: Just the sound of Thorn's kazoo or Travis' Metal Asshorn[1] is enough to send the whole trio into hysterics. When Travis brings the latter out at the end of Day 5 in Pikmin 2:
    • Note also goes to Madcapoperator, Thorn's friend who guested on a few Majora's Mask parts. He would have stood around waiting for the carpenter to clear the boulder from Milk Road for three literal days, because he used to think video games were magical.

 "Hey, I'm Tingle! Wanna see some puppies?"

 Travis: "Aww...Pet him with your mouth."

    • Up to Eleven with Jaggle's dog in Part 7.
      • And then immediately subverted:

 Thorn: "Let's cook him!" *Carries dog over to fireplace*

Travis: "Yeah!"

  • Deadpan Snarker: Also everyone on the team. The game characters become this by proxy.
  • Deus Sex Machina: As Agent Under Fire has shown us, having access codes will get you laid. And getting laid will warp you out of a prison cell.
  • Epic Fail: The ending of Bomberman Hero not only has such low graphical quality that the other Bomber characters are just jumping statues, but there are so many of them that the framerate drops.
  • Fan Nickname: Thorn let the Something Awful thread suggest names for Link and Epona in Twilight Princess. The trio decided on Hey Hey and Pibot, respectively.
  • Filk Song: In the final bonus video for Bomberman Hero, Travis and Thorn parody the game's resident catchy tune, "Redial", by singing increasingly dark lyrics over it about the various jokes and Running Gags they established throughout the Let's Play.
  • Let's Play
  • Light Is Not Good: When Light Spirit Faron appears in Twilight Princess {Part 4, uncut version}, the trio play him as a "squirrelpion" demon who wants to destroy the world. Luckily he's too lazy to do anything.

 Yoshi: "So you gonna do something? No?"

Travis (As Faron): "I'm comfy!"

 "What the fuck?!"

  • MST: Their Let's Plays involve mockery just as much as their Retsupuraes. The jokes and remarks Travis makes in particular are very Mystery Science Theater 3000-ish.
  • Punch Clock Hero: Bomberman is played as this during the Bomberman Hero Let's Play.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Essentially the point of the entire Pikmin 2 LP: Purple Pikmin destroy everything.
  • Recursive Reality: In the uncut version of Part 4 of Twilight Princess, the trio joke about this happening with Malo and Coro:
    • For Malo, if you look into his hair, you see a black hole that reveals Hey Hey looking into Malo's head.
    • For Coro, if he reaches into his afro, he pulls out his bird Trill. Then Trill reaches into his afro and pulls out Coro.

 Travis: "Until they both go, "Wait a minute!", and they both reach into their afros at the same time, and then they explode."

 "I found your destruction of the elderly hilarious."

      • Everything in the galaxy is frustrated.


      • The constant use of the song "Redial", which quickly gets on the commentators' nerves. Thorn and Travis even write lyrics for it in one of the final videos.
      • "Realtor" also gets mocked frequently for sounding like a "gargling lizard".
      • "Bomber CHANGE!"
    • Bomberman Jetters:
      • The ridiculous voice acting. Max, Birdy and Gangu are favorite mockery targets.
      • Shout's ridiculously useless or repetitive advice.
      • The Jetters, rather than being an intergalactic police force who wish to bring peace, are a bunch of jerks who are doing this mission, not to save Planet Bomber, but to punish the Hige Hige Bandits for having fun.
    • Agent Under Fire:
      • Every characters' constant smug expression.
      • Bond Moves being handed out left and right, often for mandatory actions.
    • The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess:
      • Malo being the reality warping Telekinesis Baby.
      • Wolf Link constantly getting hit in his broken legs.
      • Colin actually being a great weapons builder, but nobody gives him any respect, especially his parents.

  Travis (as the Ordon Sword's description): "Made by the best swordsman in the village: Colin. But we don't tell him that."

 Yoshi: "Going smoothly in the White Flower Garden. The name should give off what we're going to encounter. Obviously."


Travis: "Puppies."

Thorn: "Chinese people."

Yoshi: "Yes! You guys were right."

Travis: "Lockjaw."

Thorn: "Abbott and Costello!"

 "It makes Drum 'N' Bass listenable."

 "Oh my god, where's my iPhone?!

 "These guys right here (the Hige Higes) have 50x more personality than all of the Jetters combined, and 100x more charm... These guys have been placed on a planet that, let's remember, is flying to another planet to destroy it. The entire Hige Hige fleet is on this planet to die! ... Mujoe and Mechadoc are the biggest assholes."

"Allow me to hold you in my silver, human-killing arms."


  1. (tuba mouthpiece)
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