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A series made by Rooster Teeth (who also made Red vs. Blue) using The Sims 2 about eight assorted stereotypes who wake up in a strange neighbourhood with no memory of how they got there. As they attempt to adjust to their new setting and figure out what's going on, they end up parodying a number of popular TV series.

  • Sam is the Only Sane Man who tries to sort out what's wrong with the world. Ignored by everyone except Wade, who's too dense to care.
  • Wade is a party animal/NewAgeRetroHippie who sticks around Sam, often invading his personal space. He's convinced his name is "Durnt", and later becomes a police officer, and the star of his own show: WSI: Cleveland.
  • Chalmers is only interested in his own goals and doesn't care for everyone elses'. He's a kleptomaniac and will immediately deny stealing refrigerators (even though nobody asks or cares). He's convinced the Strangerhood is Cleveland though some clever reasoning.
  • Catherine is a self-absorbed gold digger, she only cares about herself and Dutchmiller, whom she later decides is her husband given how nicely he is dressed the first time they meet.
  • Nikki only appears in a few episodes before being killed off. Her murder is the subject of most of the series. This plot thread ends shortly after she comes back.
  • Dutchmiller is easily excitable, making him a perfect talk show host later in the series. He learns that he's married to Catherine, and gets her pregnant. He also becomes a prosecutor in the case of Nikki's death.
  • Tovar is the strange foreigner whose idiocy causes him to burn off his "mustachio". He's scared of things he doesn't understand, and blames Sam for things he's blatantly done. It's later revealed that he has a Literal Split Personality.
  • Griggs is the tough guy who prefers to keep to himself. He enjoys spending time with his garden gnome and punching stuff. He's set up as the prime suspect in Nikki's death.

This series provides examples of:

  • Alien Sky: Stars are arranged into strange constellations.

  Wade: "I think the sky is broken, or maybe just the telescope."


 Dutchmiller: "Do you hear that?"

Griggs: "Yeah, sounds like an ambulance."

Dutchmiller: "Fantastic! Come on Tovar, let's go chase it!"


 Dr. Chalmers: I keep telling you, jaywalking is not a felony.

Sam: Well it should be!

Dr. Chalmers: I agree.


 Wade: "Oh no, dude! Where are my marshmellows when I need them?"


 "Things aren't always what they seem. Especially when they seem like what they are."

"Sometimes the out of place is in exactly the place it should be"

"Here in strangerhood lane, everybody has secrets. Some secrets are so secret that no one even knows they're secrets. And others are the kind of secrets you know you know even if you don't know what you know what you need to know"

"Even in the most desperate times, desperate measures can seem reasonable. And unreasonable people get desperate for time... What am I talking about?"


 Griggs: I'm not paying child support!


 "Look, if I'm being honest, and I'm not trying to be mean here, but that was like being shot in the face with a bazooka, only the bazooka was loaded with the worst vocal performance ever, and the face was not my whole face, but just my ears. Also, I hate you, and I want your whole family to die, and anyone who disagrees with me is stupid. And you have no talent."

  • Show Within a Show: The Much Later Tonight And/Or Sometimes Early Tomorrow Morning Show.
  • Slip Into Something More Comfortable: Dutchmiller doesn't quite get it, and wears a short-sleeve business suit.
  • Short Distance Phone Call: In episode 6.
  • The Stoner: Wade
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Chalmers, being a kleptomaniac, denies stealing things without being asked about them.
  • Tonight Someone Dies: It turns out to be a fish that nobody paid attention to.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: While chasing Tovar, Nikki changes outfits when they change location.
  • Wanted Poster: Wanted: Griggs, For punching stuff and excessive grumpiness. AKA Gruggs, Facepaint Jones, Ole Punchy, Camopants Kidd.
  • Where Are They Now? Epilogue: Sam still wonders if it was all a dream (it was. Probably.), Chalmers became known as the disco leprechaun of Cleveland, Scientist Sam got fired, Nikki founded a kung fu salon for kids, Catherine and Dutchmiller had a baby that looked suspiciously like Chalmers, Wade became the most popular president of Durntakistan, and Tovar and Evil Tovar’s whereabouts are unknown (but Evil Tovar probably caused the stock market crash).
  • Why Do You Keep Changing Jobs?: Dutchmiller runs through more professions on the show than the others.
  • You Keep Using That Word: Sequestered
    • Apathetic as well
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