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For Spoony's Counter Monkey series, go here.

  • The final video of Spoony's SWAT 4 playthrough. Not only does he finish the hardest level in the game in his first playthrough , but his AI subordinates actually show some competence for once: one even manages a headshot with a shotgun at long range. Hell, it's more a crowning moment of awesome for the AI companions than him.
    • The synchronized kills as his 2 AI companions drop 2 terrorists the second they point their gun at him was a particular highlight.
  • Winning the Mashable Open Web Award for funniest person to follow, cause that's pretty badass for a guy who receives his entire budget from some ads and mostly donations, and has no hype machine beyond his fanbase backing him. Maybe this is a joint CMoA, for both his fans and for him.
  • Editing himself into The Lord of the Rings as Gandalf and taking down the Balrog with an AK-47, a phaser, and a grenade launcher. "All right, time to bust out the Flame of Anor. Enjoy the fireworks!"
  • The ending of Part 3 of the Final Fantasy X review. Those are damn near cinematic production values there.
    • Could've had something to do with 'Constantine' playing in the background, still awesome though.
  • Calling out Spike Games after they dismissed his review of the Deadliest Warrior game as deluded, and argued the game would have been better if they had a bigger budget. Spoony rubbished their claims about the budget by pointing out that Spike Games is a subsidary of Spike TV, so it was hardly like they were a no-budget indy studio, and that if you get a small budget then the smart thing is to make the most of it rather make a cheap cash-in, so that you would receive a larger budget for your next title.
  • Doing the Back to The Future poster poses next to a Delorean at PAX Prime.
    • Especially since he took the time to pop into a convenience store and buy a cheap wristwatch before he posed for the photos. While many people at PAX used the car for a photo op, he was (according to the car's owners) the only one to actually bother with props.
  • Nick's animated intro seen in the Wendy's training video riff, stuffed to the brim with callbacks to various projects and clearly a huge labor of love.
  • Kicking Film Brain's ass through the camera because he was reviewing Hudson Hawk, when Spoony had previously said he was going to review the film & game nine months earlier, culminating in Spoony smashing a chair into the camera/Buck's face.
  • Accomplishing what neither The Angry Video Game Nerd nor his tech-support pal could--managing to get a Jaguar CD to work for his review of Highlander: Last Of The MacLeods, and actually being able to finish the game and obtain all the footage he needed right before the system permanently broke down. The Gods Of Reviewing were certainly smiling down upon him that day.
  • With his vlog "Health Update" he gets quite a few retroactive ones. All that wearing heavy costumes under hot lights, dragging around his filming equipment and trying to fix up his greenscreen setup, and all of Kickassia? He did all of it while suffering from a serious heart problem that could kill him (or at least make him feel like he's dying as he passes out) if he does too much strenuous activity. Now that is Doing It for the Art.
    • It wasn't just any hot light--it was a freakin' Tungsten. For that alone, he gets major props.
  • After reviewing Highlander the Source, Spoony outright declares that the film did more harm to his childhood memories than Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, and punches the DVD case for The Source with the case for The Phantom Menace. After a beat, he looks at that DVD case, declares "Fuck you too!" and punches that out of the air, picks up his copy of "Highlander 2: The Dick Kickening" and cuts to the scene of John C McGinley's character screaming in agony. The shot then cuts back to Spoony, who spots his Jaguar CD with Highlander: Last Of The MacLeods resting on top, prompting Spoony to grab his Gunblade & scream "There can be only one!" and decapitate the game. He then poses, expecting a Quickening to occur. It doesn't.
  • The Deadliest Character showdown between Mechagodzilla from the Godzilla films and the original Megazord. Everyone (be it the fellow That Guy With The Glasses regulars or those watching it online) were wowed by the animation that was used for this battle when the episode premiered at the 2010 charity drive.
    • For that matter, getting both Power Rangers fan Linkara and Godzilla fan James Rolfe to act as the guest experts, especially when Spoony has had disagreements with Rolfe in the past.
    • And what could possibly be cool enough to follow this up in the next episode? THE BORG VS. THE DALEKS!
  • Spoony as the Nostalgia Critic. It's kind of scary.
    • Similarly, his impersonation of The Cinema Snob. He gets it down to the reactions.
  • The final battle against Black Lantern Spoony, and how he is "defeated."
    • Plus, he managed to Outrun the Fireball this time
    • Let's not forget just before that when Tidus shows up, and starts trash talking. Spoony grins at the camera remarking that "Sometimes, life's good to me", before picking up his Gunblade & loading it with bullets. All the while, Tidus is still talking, saying that he's not going to use his sword; but the most destructive force in Spira, a Blitzball. Which Spoony then punctures before Tidus can use it, before attacking Tidus & screaming about how he hates Final Fantasy X.
  • During the 2010 charity drive, everyone was asked to name their choice for the greatest animated film of all time. The choice of Spoony, who's stated a few times that he doesn't care that much for anime, even the good ones? Grave of the Fireflies.
    • Similarly, during a Doctor Who-related discussion on Lord Kat's stream (which was obviously meant to antagonize Spoony, as he hates the show), Linkara jokingly asked Spoony who his favorite Doctor was; without missing a beat, he replied, "Rowan Atkinson."
  • Spoony's long talk about how iMPACT! disgusted him due to utilizing Kurt and Karen Angle's children as fodder for storylines really hit home as an awesome moment: regardless of what you think of Spoony's behaviour to his fans, you do not fuck with children on Spoony's watch.
  • He delivers the ultimate Take That to Avatar, illustrating how cheesy '80s action movie Mercenary Fighter matches the plot beat for beat.
  • Spoony appropriating Linkara's "I am a man!" and doing a Groin Attack on a Headless.

  Now me on the other hand... I fight like a dirty bastard.

  • Any time he has to go to a location an exert any large amounts of physical effort could be included thanks to his heart condition that can reduce him to a pale dying mess on the floor. In particular he not only had to deal with that, but injured his back while handling his equipment in E3 2011, which he managed to stave off until he returned home and relaxed, which his back took as an opportunity to immediately seize up and force him to go to the hospital to get it treated. This isn't the first time Spoony has shrugged off a major injury until it simply refused to be ignored, but it sorta speaks to his Determinator style that he keeps it from interfering with his work until he simply has no other choice but to get it taken care of.
  • In his Lords of Magick review, his argument that--no matter how bad and low budget that film is--it still presents a more believable and well-plotted example of a character being corrupted by evil than the Star Wars prequels.
  • Playing Final Fantasy X 2 with one hand and reading A Dance with Dragons with the other. For proper context, the video went up just a week after the book was released.
  • Flipping eleven coasters. Sure, Sad Panda soon blows his record away, but since the most their guide had ever seen successfully flipped was six, it's quite impressive from an American who'd never heard of the game before.
  • The fact that his Vlog of Breaking Dawn actually manages to be longer than the actual movie, and far more entertaining and intelligent. While he's drunk off his ass.
  • His vlog about Channel Awesome's trip to Washington DC includes a story of Spoony scared out of his mind filming Angry Joe as Corporate Commander, on the steps of the US Capitol, all while a sniper on the roof is keeping an eye on them.
  • And of course, his triumphant return to reviews in the Skullduggery review.
  • The masterful editing job in the Ultima VIII review, perfectly laying a montage of exploding treasure chests onto the 1812 Overture.
    • Hell, reviewing the entire series just so people who've never played the games & watch his show can understand how bad Ultima IX is, and they'll have the context for the fall of the series.
  • When Spoony finally finishes reviewing Final Fantasy X-2, not only does he get attacked by Yuna but he gets saved by none other then Sephiroth, who then hands him Final Fantasy XIII.

  Sephiroth: Just wanted to say... Love your work.

  • Kind of a CMOA for both Spoony and X-2: Spoony finding one good thing about the game by acknowledging that the A Thousand Words cutscene was "actually really good" considering how much he tore apart the opening song of the game and Eyes On Me.
    • For better context, he prepared himself for the concert, thinking it would be as bad as the opening theme and was already riffing on it by editing in lightning bolts.
    • And he ends it by saying he never wants people complaining about how he never says anything positive again.
  • The new show opening, premiering in the Tekken: Blood Vengeance review. The animation is pretty damn amazing.
    • From the new opening has Spoony using a new weapon, the "Oreo Cannon". Badass Adorable personified, anyone?
  • Someone took Spoony's infamous "Betrayal" rant (regarding the X-Com reboot) and made a song around it. Watch it here.
    • Spoony himself found the video so amusing and creative that he tweeted the song's link to his followers.
  • His review of Ultima IX had him tearing into the game and even had a CounterGag, counting the numbers of plot holes and inconsistencies or "Betrayals" the game had. It's up to 93 and he's only half way through the review.
    • The repeated gag of the Avatar asking "What's a paladin?" spawned a flurry of similar jokes ("Linkara: What's a comic book?"; "Say, Spock, what's a Vulcan?") on Twitter, causing "WhatsAPaladin" to trend in the U.S. for the next two days.
    • The detailed account of What Could Have Been to ensure we fully understand how pissed off the game makes him.
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