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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Sopranos opening titles. Every week, Tony drives the New Jersey Turnpike. Every time, he takes a ticket and pays his toll in cash. Why not get an EZPass? Because that's an RFID transponder and he's paranoid about being tracked, by law enforcement or otherwise. -Nlpnt
  • YMMV on this, but every animal on the show is a symbolic stand-in for one of the characters. The ducks in the pilot are obviously Tony's family, the cat in the finale is probably Christopher or Adriana, that bear that wouldn't leave Carmela alone was clearly Tony, and Big Pussy actually appears as a fish in one of Tony's dream sequences. The horse Pie Oh My is a bit trickier, but Tony's overreaction to her death suggests she represents someone important. The fact that he gives horseshoe-shaped brooches to all his ex-goomahs would point to Carmela. And there are plenty of other examples.
  • Fridge Horror: The fate of Tony's family after the show ends. Whenever Carmella pesters Tony about what the family will do for money if he dies, Tony tells her that the information will be made available to her when "the time comes." However, by the end of the show Tony's consigliere is in a coma, and his two most trusted right-hand men (Bobby and Christopher) are dead. This means that, if Tony did indeed die in the show's finale, that his family's finacial well-being is left in the hands of the resentful Patsy Parisi and the ever-unreliable Paulie. Given that both of them have been shown to dislike Carmella (with Paulie showing he was willing to screw her out of money before Tony was even dead), and that neither knew the extent of Tony's banking relationships, it is unlikely Carmella and her children will be left with much of anything. Without his father's influence, it is equally unlikely that AJ will keep his job, and Meadow will lack the means to pay for her law school.
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