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  • Complete Monster: In the Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics version, the Wicked Stepmother's cruelty is amped Up to Eleven. She first pretty much bullies a lost king into marrying her, then throws a tantrum on her stepkids when they react awkwardly to her sudden arrival, and later summons a massive snake ar night when everyone's asleep. When the King sends the children away to a manse so he can keep them safe, she's all but stated to have murdered him before she enchants the boys into swans and causes Elise to run away to de-enchant them. And in the second half of the story, she takes the place of the protagonist's Rich Bitch mother-in-law (from the original tale) and behaves even worse: she suddenly arrives to the court after Elise and her husband become parents, bullies her and her baby to tears, and then she kidnaps the newborn prince and frames Elise for witchcraft and the child's supposed death, forcing her husband to have her sentenced to being burned at the stake. It's a massive relief when Elise's brothers arrive to save her, bring the baby back, and reveal her villainy.
  • Narm: Any scenes in the Animated Adaptation Sekai Meisaku Dowa: Hakucho no Ouji that include Elisa's Love Interest the King is ruined by the poor man's extremely stupid-looking hairstyle.
  • Stoic Woobie: The Princess withstands all of her misfortunes in stoic silence, focusing only on her mission, even facing an horrible execution with nary a tear because, if she ever speaks or shows her feelings, her brothers will be stuck as swans forever. In Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics Elise does show more open emotions (like panicking when the Wicked Stepmother appears in her husband's court and crying when her baby is kidnapped), so she qualifies more as an Iron Woobie.
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