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  • One of the jobs in the adventurer career track is "Multi-Regional Sim of Some Question."
  • In final job in the Law career track your sim becomes the law.
  • The Brick Roll floor tile from one of the later expansions.
  • The Prisoner of Azkalamp.
  • To literary classics. In the Sims 3, old (and often valuable) books such as The White Flag of Courage can be found while searching catacombs.
  • The The Prototype X94 "Angsternaut" Robosuit. The description also has shades of Humongous Mecha in general (and possibly Gurenn Lagann in particular).
    • That's nothing. The Sims 2 has a trio of outfits that bear an uncanny resemblance to Evangelion plugsuits the main characters wear. That you can wear as well. Clearly Will Wright is a NGE fan.
      • The game files refer to those suits as motor racing suits - with oddly-placed plugs.
  • There's another outfit from the 2nd game that is basically Neo's outfit from The Matrix, complete with black trenchcoat.
  • Surprised this one didn't come up: for toddlers in Sims 2, there's a Rip Co. Wobbly Wabbit Head toy
  • Socially deprived Sims in Sims 2 interact with a large, imaginary, one-eyed rabbit...
    • In a similar vein, Knowlege Sims at the end of their rope will start holding conversations with a volleyball.
    • TV shows on the SBN (Sim Broadcasting Network) include: Not-Oprah, Pseudo-Survivor, Un-ER, and the Pleasant twins in some kind of generic teen drama.
    • The windmills that you can use to reduce your Sims' energy bill have a buy-mode description that suggests that you not try to use them to cool off, as "they do not work that way."
  • The Time Machine has a few. One that stand out is that, when traveling to the future, you can get a message about your sim arriving amidst a big crowd, but that nobody noticed your sim because everybody was cheering about a shepherd that saved the galaxy from an ancient god-machine.
    • Also from the Time Machine, if you travel to the past, it may tell you about not catching dysentheria on the Oregon Trail.
  • There is a wallpaper in The Sims 2: Pets for the Game Cube (and possibly other games) called "Jackson Stonewall"
  • One of the paintings that can be purchased features a red-haired woman in a red dress on a blue background. The description states that it "illustrates the eternal struggle between red and blue"
  • And of course, there is Thoggus.
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