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A subtrope of Vacation Episode, where the characters go to Hollywood, California. It allows for potential celebrity cameos and advertising for the studio or network. Since most American shows are filmed in LA, it allows the show to use real LA locations instead of faking other parts of the US. It frequently involves the characters getting temporary gigs in the entertainment industry. It is likely a case of the writers writing what they know. Sister trope of Aloha Hawaii and Viva Las Vegas.



  • Pokémon did this in the season 1 episode "Go West Young Meowth"

Comic Books


Live Action TV

  • Seinfeld: "The Trip"
  • Boy Meets World: "Eric Hollywood"
  • Married... with Children: "Kelly Does Hollywood"
  • CSI, oddly enough, in "Hollywood Brass"
    • Likewise, "Two and a Half Dead," where the death of an actress on a popular sitcom results in the investigators being called in and the show's writers taking a look around the lab.
  • Happy Days: the three-parter "Hollywood" where the infamous Jumping the Shark happened.
  • I Love Lucy had a season-long arc set in Hollywood where Ricky gets a part in movie.
  • Supernatural: "Hollywood Babylon"
  • Kenan and Kel: "Aw, Here It Goes to Hollywood"
  • Drake and Josh Go Hollywood.
  • Degrassi Goes Hollywood, a television special that is basically The Movie of the series, where the gang visits Hollywood and some of the students even try out for a musical.
  • Friends has "The One After the Superbowl".
  • Bones: In "The Suit on the Set", Bones and Booth visit the set of the film of one of Bones' novels, where they discover an actual dead body that is mistaken for a prop dead body.
  • Full House had an episode where Joey gets an audition for a TV show. The family comes along to Hollywood with him and gets to meet Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon.

Western Animation

  • Family Guy: "Brian Does Hollywood", where Brian goes to Los Angeles to become a writer but ends up becoming a porn director.
  • The Simpsons have done this several times. One example is "Beyond Blunderdome".
  • The Flintstones had a few episodes where they go to Hollyrock, including the television special "Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby".
  • Felix the Cat had a short film where he goes to Hollywood.
  • Flip the Frog has a Hollywood episode.
  • The Looney Tunes short "You Ought to Be In Pictures."
  • South Park has had several: The episode "AWESOME-O" has a third act in Hollywood. In another episode Cartman, pursued by Kyle, went there to try and get Family Guy canceled. In another, the boys went there as talent agents to try and get their client on American Idol.
  • The television special Scooby Doo Goes Hollywood.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures: "And He Does His Own Stunts" is this with the addition of a Thunder Demon.
  • In the cartoon short The Autograph Hound, Donald Duck sneaks into a Hollywood studio lot in order to get autographs of movie stars. He eventually receives one from Shirley Temple. In exchange for his own autograph.
  • Men in Black The Series has one, where Jay and Kay go to Hollywood to investigate an alien up to no good. While the agents take care of business, the Worms secretly tag-a-long and sell an idea about a secret government organization that deals with aliens on Earth.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: "The Sweet Stench of Sucess", where Bloo becomes famous after becoming a deoderant mascot, though his manager treats him badly and won't let him see Mac. Famous for the Tear Jerkers.
  • The Powerpuff Girls: "Film Flam". Shortly after the episode first aired, The Movie was announced.
  • Duck Dodgers in "Hooray for Hollywood Planet".


  1. (better known as the first appearance of the Green Goblin)
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