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The Seventh Brother, originaly A Hetedik Testvér, is a Hungarian/German animated feature made in 1995.

In the American dub, The story is about a little puppy named Tiny who is separated from his family, a young girl and her grandfather, during a thunderstorm as he chases after a frog on the side of the road when the car breaks down on the side of the road. Since his family believes him to be under a blanket in the front seat, they drive off without him, leaving Tiny to fend for himself.

In the original, mind you, whereas Vacak (Tiny's name in the Hungarian version) was accidentaly forgotten in the American version, in THIS version a mother and daughter (who are never seen) are driving along only to stop the car and literally throw the puppy out over the ledge and into the forest before driving off again.

In both versions, Tiny/Vacak is then taken in by six rabbit siblings who find him the next morning, and teach him how to be a rabbit, thinking of him as their seventh brother. However, not all the animals are happy that there is a dog in the forest . . .

Both versions have the same theme of bravery (as the rabbits and Tiny/Vacak are thrown into many life-threatening situations, from hawks to drowning) and are filled with many songs.

This Movie Provides Examples Of:

  • Complete Monster: Vacak's original owners (Hungarian).
  • Everything Trying to Kill You: In the movie, the Rabbits are attacked by a hawk, a weasel and a fox, as the forest is occupied by hunters, and are all nearly drowned near the end. Oh, and Tiny/Vacak almost eats a poisionous mushroom.
  • Gender Equal Ensemble: There are three sister rabbits and three brother rabbits before Tiny/Vacak came along.
  • Happily Adopted: Tiny/Vacak, until the end, where Tiny gets injured while fighting off a weasel and needs to be returned to the humans to get better. Tiny and the rabbits still consider themselves siblings at the end though.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: J.C.
  • Meaningful Name: Vacak means Rubbish in Hungarian.
  • One of Us: Played with and subverted, as the rabbits try to make Tiny/Vacak more rabbit-like, but the only thing that Tiny manages to do properly is eat carrots. However, Tiny/Vakak teaches the rabbits that instead of always running away from danger, the best way to deal with it is to stand up to it, thus making them more "puppy-like" in a sense.
  • Raised by Natives
  • Stock Footage: Not sure about the original, but in the American release, a high-five scene is used about five times. Even more blatant is the shot of a closeup of Tiny crying.
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