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  • Fridge Logic: Drew's sword, which is supposed to only work with sunlight as its power source, has an apparent blue setting that both works at night and doesn't seem to require light. Or maybe it absorbs moonlight, which is just reflected sunlight.
    • Zak's powers allow him to control cryptids' minds. Since cryptids are defined as creatures whose existence haven't been proved to satisfaction of mainstream science, does that mean his powers will stop working if mainstream scientist start believing the creatures exist?
      • In point of fact, the series concept seems to imply that Cryptids are not just weird animals but supernatural creatures. Zon is a prehistoric animal, meaning she's most likely immortal, and Kur is some kind of godlike figure. Clearly these aren't our Cryptids.
      • A popular fan theory is that Zak is able to use his powers on every animal (humans included) and his parents just decided to not disclose that particular piece of information.
        • Jossed. On the toonzone forums Jay Stephens has indicated that Cryptids on the show are to regular animals what mutants are to humans in the X-men.
    • Isn't Komodo the komoda dragon something that would be labeled under an ordinary animal, rather than a cryptid?
      • Not when he's twice the size of your average dog, part chameleon, and has a stomach that can digest anything.
      • There's also some evidence he's been 'uplifted' in some fashion. He's certainly a lot more intelligent then your average lizard.
    • How in blazing hell did V.V. Argost have a fully functional television in a cave in the Himalayas?!
      • Ridiculously overprepared tourists? A better question: how did he learn enough about bionics to design Baron Finster's scorpion body?
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