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Web Animation

 Strong Bad: Get out of here, Nebulon. Nobody likes your style. The Cheat, do you like Nebulon's style?

 Rumble Red: We don't have X on myyyyyy planet (rumble)...


  • El Goonish Shive has Noah rapidly becoming either this or a Creator's Pet. More strips will be needed to know for sure.
    • Grace has gained her share of haters ever since the birthday party, where her Mary Sue tendencies were kicked into high gear.
  • Achewood fans have found their Scrappy in Showbiz, Roast Beef's scuzzy, trailer-trash twin brother. Before, he was simply a thickheaded, vulgar Jerkass in way too much debt, but he then degraded into a man who was not above plotting to force his brother into sex with a stripper, only to photograph the affair and then show the resulting photos to Molly at their wedding ceremony. Thankfully, his plans were derailed when Beef lured him into a trap that would have him serve jail time for the duration of the wedding, and he hasn't been seen since.
  • After the recent Bad Behavior story in Sinfest, Seymore has started to develop a growing hatedom after he Took a Level In Jerkass.
  • PvP has two available for your choosing, both of which having been noted by Scott Kurtz as having a strong hatedom: Scratch Fury, destroyer of worlds, and Shecky, Skull's annoying cousin. There are some who would argue that the comic's cast is made up entirely of Scrappies of different kinds forced to work in an office together.
  • Something Positive parodies this character type with a bizarre blue creature named Fluffmodeus. It was first introduced in a set of self-contained strips centered around the author, his girlfriend, and "Rippy the Razor", where it annoyed Rippy to the point of running away in terror (and the author already considered Rippy the most annoying thing ever). The caption of the comic threatened to introduce the character into the strip "if demands are not met". It eventually did get introduced into the main comic, but as the manifestation of Kharisma's mental breakdown (maybe... even the author isn't sure) that was self-aware of how utterly obnoxious it was.
  • Zillion from Starslip Crisis. The main point of the character was to serve as a parody/Take That to Firefly, in particular the show's use of Future Slang, the strip's author's main peeve with the show. He accomplished this by having Zillion speak almost entirely in "Deep Slang", a dialect that, amongst other things, replaces words with bizarre synonyms and dropping the ending off sentences. Unfortunately, said slang became increasingly heavy, making Zillion borderline Unintelligible...even to the other characters in the strip. The fact that he had virtually zero personality also contributed to people tiring of him very quickly. Eventually, he suffered an apparent Bridge Drop along with another minor character in this strip (in a storyline called "The Fate Of Zillion" no less) only to eventually return and suffer yet another apparent (and hilarious) demise, hinting at future plans of making him The Chew Toy (though the strip's revamp seems to have shifted this role to Officer Quine).
  • Des from Scary Go Round is apparently one of these, according to John Allison. Because of this, his backstory was never properly revealed, and it looks doubtful that it ever will be.
  • Yoshi of General Protection Fault, according to the author, annoyed quite a few readers in his inception. It also helps that his somewhat arrogant and obnoxious personality results in him not getting along with much of the rest of the cast.
  • Word of God has it that Miko Miyazaki was a deliberate attempt to create a Lawful Good character who could be seen as a villain. It was undeniably successful, but her Holier Than Thou attitude was so irritating that a fair number of people complained about her even existing. On the plus side, she was most definitely not a Creator's Pet--even the other characters couldn't stand her.
    • Lately, the Scrappy has been the Love Interest Celia, apparently because a lot of people don't think an Actual Pacifist Love Freak should be in the same comic as a bunch of hardened warriors.
  • S.M.O.G.
  • There's no real Scrappy in Ansem Retort from the reader's viewpoint, but the in-universe example would be the replacement cast Ansem used when the main cast went missing. Only Red XIII got Rescued From the Scrappy Heap, and that was because Darth Maul turned him to the Dark Side.
  • In Red String, Kazuo rather quickly morphed into this when he broke up with Miharu rather than stand up for both her and himself - right after finally consummating their relationship and promising to never let her go. Then he blamed her for his problems literally the next day, breaking his red string in front of her . . . and did we mention she'd just bought him a present? His continued nasty behavior, then absolute rejection of her in favor his Jerkass father (leaving even Miharu calling him a wussy) hasn't redeemed him either. Since then, every story involving Kazuo has only reinforced his character as a spineless loser, to the point where other characters call him this to his face. A number of people are even raring to call it Strangled by the Red String if he and Miharu were ever to get back together again. If this guy can ever be Rescued From the Scrappy Heap, it would take an act of God. Though recent events may have transferred him over to Woobie status when it has be become apparent just how much of a Jerk Ass Father he actually has. Kazuo's recent suicide attempt has brought out a mixture of reactions in the fandom, though mostly concern and the hope that he will survive.
  • Misfile: A good number of people hate Missi Fuller, both for being the Romantic False Lead in the Ash/Emily relationship and for being such an incredible Jerkass towards Emily (who is, on the other hand, more dismissive of her than outright abusive). It doesn't help that despite being a Wrench Wench and (presumably) a practicing car racer, she's yet to take an active participation in the story besides her obsessiveness over Ash, not to mention having No Sense of Personal Space where Ash is concerned and even refusing to accept that Ash has broken up with her. Granted, she's also something of a Woobie, a Chinese-American girl who's adopted yet her parents always pay more attention to her older step-brother, leaving her with attention-seeking issues. Recent Crowning Moments have gone some way to rescue her though, as well as amp up the Woobie factor. For the most part, author Chris Hazelton has made her more likeable as a result, though her continuing jerkassery towards Emily - which, BTW, she almost never gets called out on - is still quite grating.
    • Sheldon, in contrast, was probably a deliberate attempt at making a totally unlikeable character - an overly smug Jerkass driver who manipulated his old friends (whom he derided as 'just muscle'), attempted to gain exclusive rights to The Old Road and, when he lost to Ash smashed up his car with a rock and tried to pin the blame on Ash. Fortunately Rumisiel - in his best Crowning Moment to date, had an Engineered Public Confession ready, leading to Sheldon's immensely satisfying Humiliation Conga complete with Groin Attack, courtesy of Missi, of all people. Though his arc looks to be advancing Ash's Character Development if nothing else. Sheldon is the only racer - or even character - who has, to date, not shown even a smidgeon of sympathetic or likeable qualities. Even Cassiel is more an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain who has a few morals implied - Sheldon's just a power-mongering dick with an overly-large head.
    • A note on the Missi hatedom: Despite being a main character, she's incredibly flat. Her crowning moments are few and far between, she has barely any redeeming qualities and her big moment of possible character development, finding out her parents neglect her emotionally, was over pretty quickly and has been ignored since it was mentioned. If she could just get a little more screen time that's used to redeem her further, there wouldn't be a problem.
  • Keychain of Creation fans once did a survey as to which character they liked the least. Almost 50% of the votes went to... the placeholder. Some of the comments:

 "At first, it was the Immaculate Mastah! Then I remembered how often I curse the name and descendants of Placeholder..."

"I almost voted the Lover Clad in Nothing of Consequence, not because I dislike the Lover, but rather because the name there is hilarious. But yeah, the place holder is one of the most damnable things to ever exist in this universe, whose evil outstrips that of the Yozis or the Neverborn. May it burn in the purging fire of the Unconquered Sun himself! (In other words, Ten Winds.)"

Web Original

  • Jules in Lonelygirl15, due both to poor acting and her behaviour resulting in the capture of Bree. In fairness, the entire arc had to be hastily rewritten when the actress playing the original "new girl", Sam, dropped out at the last minute, and Jules' actress was brought in in a desperate attempt to salvage the arc.
    • Mallory also comes in for a fair bit of hatred, due to getting between Daniel and Sarah, then not being seen to actually help the team in any way, then being seen kissing her teacher. When fans voted her off the show, she didn't exactly go quietly either, becoming alarmingly stalkerish in her behaviour.
  • From That Guy With The Glasses, Melvin, the brother of the Joker received a decidedly lukewarm reception compared to Doug's five previous characters. Thankfully Doug quickly caught on and joined the people mocking him.
    • Douchey McNitpick was supposed to be this when he first showed up, but he was FAR too annoying for the entire review, showing that when the Critic wants to be annoying, he is FAR too good at it. Even though the Critic kicked his ass at the end, the fans still hated him, probably because he was supposed to be an extreme version of his Broken Base. This was fixed during the Next Top 11 Fuck-Ups when he was made a lot more comical and pitiful, including implications that he dresses in drag and masturbates to pictures of the Green M&M. He returns in a Screw Ups vid for Atop the Fourth Wall in true annoying form, only to get punched in the face by Linkara in the end. (as well as in a video by The Nostalgia Chick to pester her)
    • As for other TGWTG critics, The Spoony One found his own Scrappy when he introduced Spencer D. Bum, his own take on Doug's bum character, as part of a throwaway gag in his Dirty Harry review before returning as one of the clones in his Clones of Bruce Lee review. The backlash was immediate and incredibly venomous, stunning even Noah (who thought people would recognize that he wasn't going to be a permanent addition to the cast), and he considered simply killing off the character. To his credit, Spoony immediately picked up on the backlash, with one review where he mentions how much everyone hates Spencer...and then cuts to Spencer holding the camera, whimpering slightly, and solemnly walking away. More recently, in the lead-in to his Final Fantasy X review finale, Spoony had Spencer get killed off (by Black Lantern Spoony), something he'd been talking about for a while.
      • He also managed to do it in such a vicious way (tearing his heart out through his CHEST) that most fans were crying "Alas, Poor Scrappy".
    • Film Brain. His hatedom mainly came from his denigrating the golden calf that is Equilibrium; he lampshaded this when he needed to take a hiatus for personal reasons, creating a parody video where Doug Walker calls him "that Equilibrium douche" and "fires" him to explain the absence. Upon his return, he's tried a lot harder to redeem himself, with varying degrees of success, but so far so good.
    • Pretty much anyone who's had a storyline in their videos post-Kickassia is getting Scrappy treatment.
    • The Blockbuster Buster has not sat well with fans, who complain that he's yet another movie reviewer. It also did not help that one his first videos to the site was him doing impressions of the other contributors.
      • A bit part is his voice; not so much his speaking voice, but whenever he attempts to change it. It's rarely ever an impersonation, just "same voice high/low", which fails to give the impression of a different "character" speaking. His "deep" voice, used for Trailer Voice Narration, comes across trying to hard.
  • Survival of the Fittest has had many over the course of the RP, but two of the most notable Scrappies are Liam Black and Carson Baye of v3 infamy: Liam Black for being an out-of-place combination of Large Ham and God Mode Sue (note this is after the site put an emphasis on "realism"), and Carson Baye for being Don't Explain the Joke incarnate, thoroughly ruining any subtle shout-outs with an OOC comment along the lines of "In case you didn't realise, that was a [insert anime here] reference". Yes, it did get grating very, very fast. It didn't help that the latter kept on misusing basic terms, believing that criticisms against him were "trolls", and the former referring to himself on this very site in the First Person. Their deaths partially made up for it though; Liam's death being quite sad and Carson's darkly hilarious and a Take That against his entire character. Plus, Carson's handler arguably rescued himself, although Your Mileage May Vary: the handler himself actually disagrees and is quite shocked at his sudden likability.
  • Dragore of the Furtopia Darwin's Soldiers RPs is considered to be one of the most annoying characters in the entire series.
  • The Irate Gamer has a lot of them. In fact, one could accurately state that almost the entire cast (except arguably The Wise Sage, who's a bit of an Ensemble Darkhorse) are Scrappies, including:
    • The Devil. Serves no purpose in any reviews, clearly pads for time, and is just boring.
    • Ronnie the stereotypical Jewish Skeleton, who goes for at least two of the above, but has another problem: he's just annoying.
    • Hell, the Irate Gamer himself is one for the internet, especially among fans of The Angry Video Game Nerd.


  • Gamespot has "Annoying Characters" stamp in their video game reviews to mark the presence of these characters in their opinions.


  1. (The other is more or less Death By Origin Story)
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