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Here is the list of video game examples that many wish to be able to kill even when they're not villains or enemies; even more than your resident Complete Monster.

Ace Attorney

  • Lotta Hart, a tabloid photographer with a Southern accent who appears in three cases in the series, much to the dismay of her haters.
    • It doesn't help that whenever she appears, she takes some sort of photo of something involving the crime, and these photos are always horribly misleading. Thankfully, the anime seems aware of this, as she's less of a Millstone and actually helpful when she appears.
  • Pretty much every case-exclusive character in Justice For All Case 3 has a hate following, from the flamboyant Maximillion Galactica to the so-not-funny clown "Moe" Curls.
    • It really shows when the most sympathetic, likable characters in that case are the victim and the murderer.
  • Spark Brushel in Apollo Justice. It doesn't help at all that his Perception tic is a Guide Dang It; specifically, it's a sweaty armpit, not where most people would even think to look.
  • Klavier Gavin has the fanbase split. Some love him for being not all in it for the winz, as the von Karma's and Edgeworth (before his enlightenment) were. Others hate him for being too friendly with Apollo, hence making the trial segments lack any semblance of conflict.
  • Not to mention Wendy Oldbag, although even in canon she's supposed to be repulsive. Why did she have to show up twice in Edgeworth's game? Why?
  • The above also applies to Larry, which is amusing because they've shown up together twice. Even in canon people try to avoid being around him, but he's constantly popping up in nearly every game.
  • Kay Faraday, Edgeworth's plucky girl sidekick from Ace Attorney Investigations. Despite the fact that she basically is to Edgeworth what Maya is to Phoenix Wright and isn't even in two of the cases, she seems to get on some people's nerves.
  • If you're a female sidekick in the Ace Attorney series, it's almost certain that you will get a hatedom.
  • Many fans consider Mike Meekins to be the worst of the worst, due in no small part that he talks through an ear-screeching megaphone every few seconds. Thankfully, he ditched the megaphone after his first appearance, but many fans still hate him for being obnoxious and stupid.
  • Zinc Lablanc II, the loud obnoxious art dealer from Ace Attorney Investigations who constantly sticks his nose into the investigation. Despised so much that players were wishing he was the murderer just so he can be arrested.
  • Also from Ace Attorney Investigations, Calisto Yew. It's difficult to find a fan who doesn't find her annoying. Oh, and Being Shih-na hasn't helped her gaining fans.
  • Dhurke and Nahyuta from Spirit of Justice are despised by a lot of fans. The former is loathed for leaving Apollo in the States and never coming back for him or even calling, due to being busy with the Revolution in Khura'in, while the latter is considered a sanctimonious, passive-aggressive asshole who delights in tormenting all defense attorneys with a sickeningly serene smile on his face. Later, he's considered an idiot for trying to reform the justice system by pretending to work for the prosecution, only to be caught in the act by Queen Ga'ran and forced under her thumb to protect his mother and his little sister Rayfa. This explanation only earned him more contempt, with his detractors mocking him as stupid, claiming he brought his misery on himself, and that he didn't deserve any sympathy.

Baldur's Gate

  • Several NPCs of the Baldur's Gate series have minor hatedoms. Anomen, however, has a fairly major one, not only because he's a major Jerkass and a hypocrite but for being the only canonical female love interest on top of that. It really doesn't help that initially, he really has pretty average Wisdom scores - something Clerics needed plenty of in order to cast quite a few high-level spells.
  • Aerie is another character that gets a fair amount of Hate-on. She's a winged elf (an actual race in the Forgotten Realms, but for Christ's sake Greenwood...) who is almost a literal Broken Bird because in her past, she was captured by slavers, and had her wings amputated when they got infected during her captivity. Almost all of her dialogue with others, and your own romance with her consists of her crying about how she'll never fly again and never get to go home. And when there's a romance conflict, she takes the low blow first, and accuses Jaheira of callously forgetting her dead husband so easily - and implying that Khalid must have been a loser if she was going after the PC. And we're suppose to think Aerie is the wide-eyed good-two-shoes after hearing her say that? Even Viconia, the resident sharp-tongued bitch, didn't attack Jaheira's deceased husband. That said, Aerie is much more tolerable in the expansion, having taken a level in badass in the interlude.
  • If the series' character sheet is to be believed, Nalia gets some of this too. She's accused of being an Imoen clone - red hair, mage/thief dual class specializing in short swords and bows - but an inferior one due to her skill distribution making it tough for her to handle even the most basic thief duties the game throws at you. Her incessant harping on helping the poor nixes the idea that you might bring her along for her personality. When Throne of Bhaal came around and changed her outlook on life, BioWARE missed the mark and replaced her unbearable Samaritan complex with an equally unbearable "I'm a super-wizard and the rest of you are fools" superiority complex.
  • There's also the non-playable-non-player character Queen Ellesime, whose actions in the backstory and perceived belief in Can't Argue with Elves (she's one) have earned some hate. Her past actions aren't really shown in a good light, in effect having created someone who's seen as a Complete Monster by everyone in-game, but the dislike seems to be aimed towards a more flanderized version of the character; she did admit her mistake at the end, and presumably there were reasons for it other than just one-dimensional arrogance. To expand upon it, Ellesime dated the Big Bad, then dumped him after he committed his first real act of ultimate-taboo-evil, and decided that stripping him and his sister of their souls and exiling them to live outside of the Hidden Elf Village until they died as mortals was a good punishment. While leaving him with all his incredible magical powers, of course. In her own words, she hoped that their change in circumstances which teach them to appreciate how good the elves have it, and learn some humility. Shockingly, it didn't quite work out like that. So, while her actual demeanor is somewhat apologetic about the whole thing, some people find this insufficient recompense considering how epically she screwed up. This leads to the above mentioned flanderization.


Not everybody in Danganronpa will come out smelling like roses. Here are just a few examples:

Final Fantasy

  • Fans started a Scrappydom all the way back, with the Black Belt/Master class. Mind you, the BB was actually stronger than the Warrior (who likes swords), but its defenses were negligible, as equipping armor reduced it's attack power, and after becoming Master, while it becomes even more powerful, it lacks the ability to use either Black or White magic that the Knight and Ninja classes gained.
  • Final Fantasy IV has Edward, a bard (the original Spoony Bard) that constantly whines about losing Anna and is nearly useless in combat. He does happen to be very useful at one point playing the Twin Harp to enable you to use metal weapons against the Dark Elf, but that's not enough for the fanbase. Tellah also has quite a hatedom for having extremely low MP.
    • Though the sequel to this game, The After Years, proceeded to make him Rescued From the Scrappy Heap - he takes a level grind in badass, gets some plot significant roles in the story, and helps out immensely compared to his previous uselessness. Doesn't erase the many years of mockery and disdain, but it helps at least.
    • Rosa has never lived down her two moments of being a Damsel in Distress, and they have painted her in that mold despite her being freed about a third of the way into the game. She also suffers backlash from Kain/Cecil shippers, and being Overshadowed by Awesome with Rydia, who is seen as a far more interesting character with a deeper backstory and more impressive abilities (namely Summon Magic). At best among most fans, Rosa isn't hated, she's simply seen as a bland and boring character compared to the rest of the cast.
  • Final Fantasy VI has a few, a result from having Loads and Loads of Characters:
  • Aerith (Aeris for the old school) from Final Fantasy VII has been known to be worshipped by some players and attract the most acidic of bile from others. Whether it's the allegations of Canon Sue-dom, the timeless Love Triangle bitterness, or just the gamer's ache from having a free healer ripped from you at an unexpected moment, those who hate Aerith hate her hard. In short, she's a Base Breaker if there ever was one.
    • Yuffie is the Trope Namer for the Wutai Theft whose affection points are gained generally by being mean to Tifa, Aerith and Barrett. She is also a Bratty Half-Pint and rather arrogant about her Ninja status, and her joining conditions is a little Guide Dang It - people will get stuff stolen from them before getting her to join. As of late though, she's been largely Rescued From the Scrappy Heap due to maturing, though there are many who liked her just fine originally.
    • Cait Sith is a very silly puppet that forces his way into the party, his attacks are somewhat luck-based. His betrayal is shockingly Easily Forgiven. His "Heroic Sacrifice" seems cool at first, but a few seconds later is proven rather... overdramatic in execution. Possibly Rescued From the Scrappy Heap by virtue of actually being Reeve and helping lighten up the dreary Dirge of Cerberus.
    • Genesis. As if being Tetsuya Nomura's gushy love letter to Gackt wasn't enough, in every game he's shoehorned into, he comes across as a bad poetry-spouting, obsessive-compulsive Villain Sue who can't take a hint every time someone beats him senseless. He literally drops into the iconic scene of the infamous "Nibelheim flashback" from Final Fantasy VII just to crap it up with more horrible meaningless poetry and douchiness. The scene is saved by dint of Sephiroth practically telling him to screw off.
  • Rinoa. At least in America. Largely due to shippers. Partly due to her being comatose, possessed, or otherwise needing rescue for the entirety of the third disc, though at the end of it she's possibly saved by merit of becoming a Game Breaker sorceress.
  • Final Fantasy IX has two characters regularly dismissed as Scrappies: Quina, who was supposed to be the comic relief but came off as useless and repulsive, and Eiko, who was much more useful but even more annoying due to her clingy personality.
    • On the villains' side, Zorn and Thorn, Queen Brahne's Monster Clown Creepy Twins henchmen, also annoy a lot of players for their bizarre mannerisms and their tendency to repeat each other constantly. On the plus side, they end up Not So Harmless and provide a good boss battle.
    • In recent years, Freya Crescent has gained a disproportionate amount of hate simply for being a rat-woman who attracts attention from the the Furry Fandom.
  • It seems that 50% of all the people who have played Final Fantasy X are left with a searing pathological, if not psychotic hatred of the protagonist, Tidus, due to his endless whining, ridiculous outfit, and generally annoying voice. Not to mention the laughing scene, though technically Yuna talked him into that.
  • Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia expansion has the Chebukki triplets; three of the most annoying Tarutaru in the game. While they are necessary in the final confrontation against the Big Bad Promathia, many players felt it would be worth failure and the destruction of the universe just to see them die instead.
  • Final Fantasy XII: Vaan. While he is the main character of the game, he has little involvement in the story, and becomes nothing more than a Tagalong Kid shortly into the game.
    • His very existence means that the more popular Ashe/Basch/Balthier cannot be the main character. Imagine having your favorite character thrown out of the spotlight by somebody completely pointless? Also if you're tired of the usual pretty-boy RPG hero, Vaan falls right into that cliche hard
      • Or even worse, realizing that not only are the previously mentioned important players tossed aside, but there are Guest Star Party Member characters like Reddas and Larsa who contribute more to the plot than Vaan.
    • Also, Penelo falls into Scrappy status by association: she is Vaan's best friend and also shoehorned into the story without actually contributing much at all. It's worth noting, though, that both Vaan and Penelo got Rescued From the Scrappy Heap in the spin-off games Revenant Wings and Tactics A-2, in which they got cooler designs AND actual story involvement.
  • Final Fantasy XIII: Hope Estheim was already disliked long before the game's release (even Game Informer magazine took a dis on him at one point). This might have something to do with his looking exactly like Tidus and Vaan. Now the game is out, and the hatedom is pretty much set.
    • Vanille and Snow. Vanille's relentless childish demeanor or rather act and high pitched voice get on a lot of people's nerves and Snow's every line consists of the words "hero" "Serah" and "protect".
    • Noel and Serah in Final Fantasy XIII-2 . Noel for getting bucketloads of screentime in the trailers, and Serah for referring to Snow as a "friend" in the recent trailer, and because fans see her as a replacement of the main protagonist, Lightning (the fact that Serah is, in fact, Lightning's sister; the fact that she seems to have the exact same paradigm roles (Commando, Ravager, and Medic); The fact that her mission is described as being exactly the same as Lightning's ("Save her sister"...though really, what could Serah do to help a supposed Warrior Goddess?); the fact that she seems to have a suspiciously similar weapon to Lightning (instead of a gunblade, it's a swordbow); etc...probably doesn't help very much. It also probably didn't help that they described Lightning as the main protagonist for the first six months and then suddenly show Serah for 98% of the trailers and announced that Lightning would only make brief playable appearances). Noel...well...he just has the misfortune of being described as the replacement for the original main cast.
  • Algus Sadalfus from Final Fantasy Tactics, basically for being a greater Jerkass than Anomen could ever hope to be, so much that he is almost guaranteed to appear in any "Most hated video game characters" poll, especially since he is from a Final Fantasy title. It looks like Square Enix saw the reaction and brought him Back From the Dead for an extra stage added in the PSP version, so the player can kill him again. His Freudian Excuse doesn't help erase the stains of his rampant classism (especially against the characters who saved his ass).
  • Montblanc the moogle in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. While lots of people hate him, only a few of them actually hate him for his lack of character. Everyone else hates him just because statistically, he is a very poor magic user and he starts off as a Black Mage. You can't boot him since the game won't let you, so most people just kill him off in a Jagd.

Fire Emblem

  • Beowulf from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of Holy War was a Scrappy to fans of Lachesis and the Finn/Lachesis pairing. Then the Beowulf defenders stepped in and started blaming Lachesis for the problems in her and Beowulf's relationship. Beowulf haters think he's a smug asshole, while Lachesis haters call her a slut for daring to love more than one man in her life.
  • Renault from The Sword of Flame gets heaps of shit thrown at him by stat whores for his mediocre growth rates and latecomer status, and overprotective Lucius fangirls for having killed Lucius's father in the past. Nevermind that Renault shows genuine guilt over that murder and Lucius says he forgives him in their A support.
  • And then there's Zealot from The Sword of Seal who gets all the flak of being a sucky unit that manages to be actually worse than Marcus since he has a stats of a Crutch Character, but comes up later, when players start retiring their Crutch. Not to mention that before being persuaded, he can be a bit suicidal. Personality-wise, however, he is a nice guy and is a far cry from Scrappy-ism; It's his gameplay stats that is considered Scrappy.
  • Makalov from Po R/RD. Compulsive gambler, sleazy, good-for-nothing paladin with few redeeming qualities. Forces his sister to quit her position because he had racked up too much debt, tries to gamble away the medallion given to him by Astrid before his sister Marcia smacks some sense into him. In Radiant Dawn he's still as bad as he ever was, and Astrid is now officially in love with him despite every member of the Crimean Royal Knights telling her she could do better. He never changes even a bit throughout both games, and his and Astrid's ending states that he never does for the rest of his life.
    • Micaiah was this in Radiant Dawn's heyday, with fans calling her a Mary Sue and bashing her for the decisions she makes in part 3. Some of this hatred has died down by now, though.
  • Rena's older brother Marchis in Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light/Mystery of the Emblem is bashed by a lot of FAQ and guide writers for his stats, personality and appearance. One person even says "he totally defiles the game" by existing.
  • Sumia in Awakening already gets a healthy dose of Die For Our Ship, but fans also bash her for being a sweet but clumsy girl, calling her clumsiness a "Mary Sue flaw" rather than realizing it's actually harming her and her self-esteem, and calling her "antifeminist" for doing domestic chores for her prospect husbands even when other girls, like Female Robin or Cherche, do the same as well.
    • Nowi is bashed heavily for being seen as pandering to lolicon fetishists due to her outfit and childish mannerisms, with her detractors overlooking the deeper aspects to her character and usefulness in battle.
  • Peri from Fates. Not only is she hated, but anyone who likes her is hated too. Detractors attack anyone who dares to point out Peri's good points, sympathetic backstory or character depth, accusing them of being "murder apologists" and trying to stick her under the Draco In Leather Pants label - despite her fans never once denying her flaws or wrongdoings.
    • Azama has something of a hatedom due to his sharp, sarcastic, trolling nature. While not as big an example as others on this list, fans are turned off by his behavior towards many of his prospect wives, particularly Kagero and Sakura.
    • Rhajat and Niles are bashed by fans who see them as "bad LGBT representation" due to them being morally gray and both rather messed up, despite both of them possessing good hearts and having rather nice character development in many of their supports.
    • Iago, Zola, and Hans are hated by much of the fanbase, not even for the usual "they're villains, you're supposed to hate them" reasons. Iago is a smug snake who gets off on tormenting people, Hans is a merciless killer who starts fights for the fun of it, and Zola is a dirty coward.
  • Faye in Echoes is easily the most hated out of the four Canon Foreigners. While Fernand, Conrad, Rinea, and Berkut have their hatedoms, for every one who hates them there's one or two who love them. Faye, on the other hand, is bashed to hell and back for her...fixation on Alm. While it can be argued that the writers goofed in delving into other aspects of her character (particularly the idea that she suffers severe PTSD due to Slayde's attack on her and the other Ram kids in childhood) and giving her a less than satisfactory ending, her haters are merciless towards her, calling her all manner of derogatory names and portraying her as a yandere who would happily kill Celica and steal Alm for herself, which actually goes against canon: her and Alm's A support has Faye accepting Alm's romantic choices and never holding them against Celica, whom she still considers a friend even after all these years as seen if Celica's the one recruiting her and/or Kliff.
  • Bernadetta von Varley in Three Houses is heavily bashed by the fandom, who decry her as a "joke character" due to her extreme panic attacks and persecution complex. Some completely ignore or forget the fact that she's an abuse victim conditioned to react in such a way by her cruel, greedy father. Others who do remember this dump on her for behaving in a way they personally do not approve of, due to fandom having ridiculous standards for how abuse victims are "supposed to behave" when in real life, abuse victims are prone to severe trust issues, bitterness, and persecution complexes.
    • Sylvain José Gautier has a sizeable hatedom due to his skirt-chasing and trust issues with women, with his detractors treating him like the worst misogynist in history who hates the female gender to death and goes out of his way to be an abusive rapist prick with "badly written Mangst" who's "rewarded" with a girlfriend, whom the fans then claim "deserves better than to be robbed of her agency to support a man and have babies with him." Even the people who say he's better if he's gay and should only be shipped with Felix hold some degree of contempt for him.
    • Yuri Leclerc got this almost immediately when the Cindered Shadows DLC dropped, with people calling him a Gary Stu due to his looks, personality, backstory, and the fact that he can romance Dorothea Arnault.
    • Cyril is hated by many fans who see him as a one-note character for his devotion to Lady Rhea, even though he has damn good reason for it and a good number of his support conversations do go into other aspects of his character and backstory.

Kingdom Hearts

  • Kairi from Kingdom Hearts has the dual misfortune of being seen as a proto-Shallow Love Interest and Distressed Damsel, (The second one being true, the first one isn't) and being the main love interest to the hero in a fandom that's been pretty much owned by yaoi fangirls since 2005.
  • Xion is this for the majority of the Axel/Roxas fandom, and even for a good number outside of it due to her ret-connish nature and the amount of focus she was given in a game that fans felt was supposed to be about Roxas. She is one of the biggest of this series' many Base Breakers.
  • Namine, meanwhile, usually can avoid being this for the fangirls due to many of them latching onto her as a Possession Sue for them...unless she's shipped with a certain thirteenth member of an evil organization. Then all Hell breaks loose. Others (usually in the male side of the fandom for some reason) despise her for her Shrinking Violet nature, even though the circumstances she's in kind of justifies this demeanor. The Flanderization of her role and powers hasn't helped calm these feelings.
  • Sora himself has slowly started developing a hatedom from certain Organization XIII fans, or people who find his Shonen hero qualities annoying. He's also become more of a Scrappy to people who think the secret ending in Birth By Sleep takes his role as The Messiah a little too far.
  • Roxas has a sizeable hatedom as well. This is mostly due to the Kingdom Hearts II prologue where you play as him, which is widely considered to be boring overlong and not very much like a Kingdom Hearts game. An X-Play review for Kingdom Hearts 3582 Days even compared him to Scrappy-Doo himself.
  • Now, it is worth noting that all five of these characters have also come under fire due to their Common Mary Sue Traits (Kairi has no darkness in her heart, Namine's powers border on omnipotence, Sora is loved by all in canon and is supposedly set to fix all the universe's problems, Roxas has been featured in much more games than one would think necessary, and Xion... well, Xion's an obvious case.)
  • Organization XIII has become a focus for hatred in the fanbase. Primarily due to accusations of spotlight stealing and backlash against the hordes of fangirls that flock to them.

Mass Effect

  • To start off, Ambassador Donnel Udina has an obnoxiously aristocratic voice, gets overly angry when talking to the Council, sidelines you when you're inconvenient, sells you out just to maintain public relations and acts as a Professional Butt-Kisser for the Citadel Council if he's selected to be the human representative. It's not surprising, then, that most players chose Captain Anderson to be the first human councillor.
    • Mass Effect 3 manages to do some degree of rescuing, as he becomes significantly more sympathetic, even when he's revealed to be a Cerberus mole.
  • Ashley Williams was a Base Breaker in the first game, but often chosen over Kaidan Alenko for being a deeper character and better for gameplay reasons. 3 had Kaidan get Rescued From the Scrappy Heap, seemingly at Ashley's expense. Reasons for this ranged from her Unnecessary Makeover (her loose hair was deemed as both impractical for a female soldier, and a bad attempt at copying Miranda Lawson); unsympathetic characterization (her Fantastic Racism underwent Flanderization, while her Hidden Depths with a love of poetry was ignored, and her theological discussion about the Lazarus Project was cut from the game). In addition, she had almost no interaction with any other non-Shepard squadmates. Many felt Kaidan did a better job of articulating why he was having a hard time trusting Shepard. In the climax of the Citadel coup, Ashley again calls Shepard a "Cerberus lapdog", while Kaidan is instead questioning why Shepard is pointing a gun at a councilor. Dialogue from the hospital scenes also made Kaidan feel a lot more contrite about what happened on Horizon, whereas Ashley just seemed to brush it off (only for her to bring it back up in her subsequent rant about Cerberus during the coup). Finding Ashley drunk in the lounge, while funny, doesn't build her character, whereas Kaidan had a much deeper conversation about ex-Cerberus scientists, and wondering if the Illusive Man was ever a decent person before he got indoctrinated. Gameplay balance also being hammered out after the first game (as well as a bug making Ashley's unique ability not work properly) made many decide that Kaidan was a better party member to pick. Even the Citadel DLC scenes with Ashley was criticized for being a ripoff of the Mos Eisley cantina scene, rather than adding to her character.
  • Jacob Taylor was mostly ignored by players in being considered a bland Master of None Tier-Induced Scrappy with a shallow and cheesy romance route who refers to Shepard as "the prize". The Narm Charm of his romance route is actually the entire foundation of his (ironic) fandom. A common complaint is that the player isn't allowed to really know him: all efforts to understand his Hidden Depths are met with brush-offs or even outright hostility. Come Mass Effect 3, Jacob's story was less about him than it was about the supporting characters he was with, barely any different if he didn't survive the suicide mission. He's the only romanceable character in the series who actually cheats on Shepard. Knocking up another woman and not even trying to get in contact with Shepard in the six months she was incarcerated did not impress the fans, to say the least.
  • Kai Leng. The hate comes from his blatant Cutscene Power to the Max, cheap tactics, awful character design and obnoxious bragging. Thus, it's incredibly satisfying when you're given the option to use a Renegade Interrupt that allows you to gut the bastard like a fish with your omniblade.
  • Diana Allers seems to be getting quite a bit of hate for a variety of reasons. Her inclusion being considered blatant pandering to IGN (she's modeled after, and voiced by, one of their writers, Jessica Chobot), her Romance Sidequest (considered by many to be the most shallow in the series), her bland voice acting, and feelings by many that they dedicated far more time to her, an extremely minor character, than other aspects of the game (many note they put more effort in designing her than into Tali's face). The fact that she replaced Emily Wong, another pre-established and well-liked character, did not ease the anger.
  • Morinth isn't too well-liked as well, due to being a utterly psychopathic Complete Monster with little plot relevance whose only real purpose is for Samara's loyalty mission and the odd bit of interesting game lore. Her status as a Scrappy is one of the few things fans on /v/ agrees on.
    • It doesn't help that Morinth never experienced any positive character arcs that would've made her more likable (unlike other Token Evil Teammates such as Zaeed, Jack and Javik).
  • The kid seen at the beginning of Mass Effect 3. Partially because of his poor voice acting, partially because his death is seen by some as a blatant attempt to arouse sympathy, and partially because his model is purposefully used for the below-mentioned Catalyst.
  • The Catalyst is supposed to be sympathetic for wanting to stop organic life from being wiped out by synthetics, but its chosen method (periodically wiping out organic life so they won't develop evil synthetics) is utterly nonsensical at worst, extremely fatalistic at best and makes little sense within the context of the series, not to mention making the much-vaunted Reapers look like idiots. On top of that, it's also responsible for the series's Gainax Ending, presenting Shepard with three arbitrary choices, none of which seem to actually solve anything and all of which end in the apparent destruction of civilization in the original version (originally, the mass relays all EXPLODE, which, aside from permanently ending interstellar travel, would logically destroy any solar system they explode in, as seen in the Arrival DLC in Mass Effect 2. The Extended Cut DLC made it less apocalyptic by simply having the mass relays deactivate and fall apart, with the epilogues showing them being rebuilt), when most players just wanted to kill the thing and be done with it. The Leviathan DLC somewhat acknowledges this and the criticisms of the Catalyst's Insane Troll Logic. Its existence is foreshadowed by the Leviathan, a member of the species whom the Reapers were modelled after, who explains that the Reapers are being controlled by a fundamentally broken AI, trying its best to work on faulty programming. Which makes it even more infuriating then that, despite knowing all of this, the player is still forced to go along with its plans, as Shepard never voices any actual protest or questioning against the premise and the "logic" behind it. The game ultimately still portrays the Catalyst as a Well-Intentioned Extremist Anti-Villain and the three options it gives as the only sensible choices, even outwardly chastising the player for rejecting them in the Extended Cut. The game even rubs it in your face that the Catalyst's choices are the only option, because if you reject all of its choices, the Reapers wipe out humanity and everyone else, with only a recording from Liara surviving to the next generation of intelligent life, who ultimately DO accept one of the Catalyst's choices to finally stop the Reapers, thus making Shepard's refusal look extremely petty.

Mega Man

  • Many Mega Man fans despise the Yellow Devil more than any other boss. Depending upon the game, he's either hard, boringly repetitive, or both.
    • In the first game, he was considered frustrating as hell by some, given that this was before Mega Man could slide or charge his shots. Fortunately, the pause glitch existed.
  • Eddy, the little helper container robot, is often derided for not giving Mega Man what he needs at any given moment--for example, an ammo recharger when all of the player's ammo is full but his health is nearly drained.
  • A few Robot Masters have earned their hatedom over the years, but the most widely hated ones include Clown Man for coming off as a creepy child molester with an annoying voice (his weapon is great, though), Plant Man for his design and having the worst shield weapon in the series, and Oil Man for having an impractical weapon and resembling a bad racial stereotype. The worst? Without a doubt, it's Sheep Man and many of the rest from the Franchise Killer 10, due to their downright absurd concepts.
  • Axl in Mega Man X7 and X8, mostly for replacing X as the lead character in the former.
    • X himself slid towards this for a little while during X7, where he refused to fight and spent most of the game feeling sorry for himself. His oddly bizarre 'macho' behaviour in Mega Man X Command Mission didn't help some fans either. He seems to be on the mend in X8 and Maverick Hunter X, though.
    • This is likely at least partialy due to a Writer Revolt, since the guy who made Mega Man intended for X5 to be the last one in that series, but Executive Meddling made him keep going. Ala Solid Snake, who got an identical situation to this one - to the point Hideo Kojima turned him into Old Snake.
    • No Mega Man X character has it worse than Alia, though. Especially if you've already played through the level, or if you've seen a FAQ online (or if you miss Iris). Thankfully, she was made easier to ignore in the later games, got some personality for herself, and became playable in X8 (and also hot)
    • Actually, there's another member of the X5 crew hated more than Alia: Lifesaver. Unlike her, he never got a shot at redemption, and simply faded away after one game.
    • Amongst Mavericks, there's more than a few. While the worst is Flame "BURN TO THE GROUND" Hyenard, there's also Infinity Mijinion for the tedious swarm of clones, Wire Sponge for his gaudy design, Tornado Tonion because he's a damn onion along with his seemingly homosexual attitude, and Bamboo Pandamonium because he looks way too much like a stuffed animal.
  • Yai, the smug elitist from the Mega Man Battle Network Series. Often Played for Laughs, but still practically medieval in her attitude towards "commoners."
  • And then there's the villain from Mega Man Zero 3 and 4, Dr. Weil. This is a different case from all the other Scrappies in the series. Whereas characters like Alia and Axl were hated for being unbelievably irritating, Weil is hated because of how disgustingly cruel, sociopathic, and utterly EVIL he is.

Metal Gear

  • Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2. He was introduced as Someone Completely Different and a strange, awkward, somewhat clumsy, confusingly androgynous dork. In the serious cutscenes he's more talented, but replaces the cluelessness with lots of angst (some not written too well) and the nagging implication that he has less emotions and guilt about killing than he likes to portray. Whatever it is, the overall theme is that Raiden could have been the absolute ideal character of every single fanboy playing the game at the same time, and he would still have been immensely unpopular for the sole reason that he's not Snake. Hideo Kojima got the point and gleefully used an identical character named Raikov as a self-parody and hapless victim in the next game (and a series of comedy shorts for the re-release), and then made Raiden do some Level Grinding In Badass in MGS 4. Of course it didn't help that Sons of Liberty was a notorious Mind Screw with a Doozy of a Gainax Ending that the fans still argue about to this very day.
    • Not to mention, he was also widely hated because the trailers and advertising kept Raiden as a secret (they would put Snake in place of Raiden in some parts, and when they showed Raiden, they showed him very briefly), so players were led to believe that they were going to play as Snake for the whole game. The back of the case (for the original 2001 release) even makes it sound like you're playing as Snake for the whole game too.
  • And then there's Raiden's girlfriend Rosemary, who's received hatred largely for her relationship drama with Raiden (some of which wasn't written well), as well as a mixture of Die for Our Ship and Stop Helping Me! feelings.
    • Not to mention the fact that people rarely take kindly to anyone that actually waits until her lover is off at a safe distance - trying very hard not to get killed - before steam-barraging him via digital communication with everything that's bugging her about their relationship. Granted, such an idea could work out with ensuing hilarity.
  • Meryl is somewhat hated due to being a rookie in MGS1 (and is considered "annoying" by some fans), and being a bitch in MGS4. She is also hated by yaoi fangirls for getting in the way of the Snake/Otacon pairing during MGS1. Thankfully, the Meryl hate isn't anywhere near as immense as the Rose hate.
  • Naomi is despised by many due to being a total back-stabbing bitch, and for getting in the way of the Snake/Otacon pairing during MGS4. Snake/Otacon shippers cheered when she died in MGS4.

Mortal Kombat

  • The original Mortal Kombat had Liu Kang. Apparently Shaolin monks castrate themselves or something. Not to mention that he had what is probably the lamest fatality ever created. He also had some lame, bizzare fatalities in other games.
  • In MK2, we had Reptile. Reptile in MK was awesome; this Reptile had new, inferior powers. Were that not enough, the AI is a Perfect Play AI. Although as time passed, Reptile becoming the Butt Monkey and the Woobie of the series genuinely seemed to rescue him from the heap.
  • MK3 gave us Nightwolf. Ethnic Scrappy? Check. Game Breaker? Check. Thankfully, he was fixed by Deception.
    • Worse still was Stryker. For being named after a porn star, being a generic cop, and looking like Woody Harrelson, yeah.
    • In the Ultimate upgrade, we had Ermac and Rain, seen as pointless inside jokes. Ermac was pretty quickly saved from the heap, but it took quite a bit longer for Rain.
  • Hsu Hao from Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. Even the creators hate his guts. His ending in Armageddon says it all:
    • "Killed in the shockwave of Blaze's violent death, Hsu Hao's corrupt soul descended into the Netherrealm. As his soul began to regain a physical body, Hsu Hao became his true self: a demon of emptiness and desolation. Leading an Oni horde, he defeated Shinnok and his minions. He now sits upon the throne of the Netherrealm."
    • To a lesser extent, Mokap for being a joke character, and Drahmin for being difficult to control (no target combos!), not to mention the irritating flies that follow him around.
  • Mortal Kombat Deception gave us Shujinko, who is a flipping idiot. Also, Hotaru for being a fascist.
    • Darrius, Dairou, Kira and Kobra as well. The former two for not really fitting in with the MK storyline in general (and being a stereotypical black guy in Darrius' case), Kira for ripping off Sonya and Kano, and Kobra for being a poor man's Ken Masters. In fact, most of the Deception characters qualify for this, except maybe Havik.
  • In Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, DC fans seemed to view Baraka as this. Ironic since you'd think they'd enjoy the opportunity to see Batman and Superman attack a violent mutant with a bad case of Blade Below the Shoulder.
  • Mortal Kombat 9's story has gotten Sindel a lot of hatred, to the point many are labeling her as this. She kills many well liked characters in rapid succession, some with just a simple punch or kick, even though the fight with her in that chapter clearly indicates she is not that powerful. The In Name Only take on her presented two games later has received even more flak, utterly incongruent with any of her prior characterization for the sake of shock value.
    • Shao Kahn also gets a lot of hate, albiet, for very different reasons.
    • Ironically, this game was also the one that redeemed Stryker, who was, until then, the Creator's Pet of the series.
  • D'Vorah fast slid into this territory from her already shaky beginning, due to her horrible actions throughout the story modes of both X and 11, and being a Karma Houdini.
  • The Kollector from 11 is regarded as being unmemorable and flat, with his gimmicks not really connecting with players.


  • Bidoof is the Scrappy of Pokémon, along with many other Com Mons.
  • The Spiky-Eared Pichu and the Pikachu-Colored Pichu in HeartGold & SoulSilver are starting to fall under this. Not only does the former replace Celebi in an event, there's pretty much NOTHING special about them except for their appearance. Oh, and the Spiky-Eared Pichu can't evolve and can't be transferred to the fifth generation, meaning there's absolutely no reason to even bother with it. (The Pikachu-colored Pichu is at least a "shiny" Pokémon, which are normally rare in the games, but still kind of a waste of an event; shiny Pokémon do appear randomly on their own.)
  • Jynx is widely hated in the fandom. Her controversial appearance doesn't help matters, either.
  • Let's not forget Mr. Mime, Probopass and Garbodor, all of which have similarly disturbing designs.
    • Ambipom is hated, as well due to its creepy grin.
  • Cresselia is this in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness/Time/Sky as well as a Tier-Induced Scrappy. Not only do you have to escort her to the end of the dungeon (A frustrating task already with regular Pokémon, and she's a Legendary), but she also has the habit of wandering over lava (Which burns her and ends up wasting your Reviver/Heal Seeds), but she's also involved in the final battle against Darkrai...and she's USELESS in said battle.
    • From the same PMD games, we have Chatot. Why? For one thing, he's a Jerkass, and then there's the Perfect Apples incident. To summarize: after Team Skull takes the Perfect Apples during your mission to get them, Chatot berates you and your partner for failing. Instead of taking some time to listen to you, he immediately punishes you for going without dinner and forces you to face the Guildmaster. During that scene, even though Team Skull gives Wigglytuff one of the Perfect Apples to rub salt into your wounds, Chatot rubs the failure in your face the next day, telling you to give up on being included for the expedition. While he does manage to have what some people consider his Crowning Moment of Awesome near the end of the main storyline, it is the Perfect Apples incident that lands him in here.
  • Goddamn Zubats....
  • Magikarp is a running joke for causing headaches until he evolves into Gyarados, but with the use of Experience Share that isn't hard to do, and with him being so common, you could easily raise a formidable army of Gyarados. Feebas, on the other hand, is terribly rare, so getting one at all depends on use of a strategy guide and luck, and evolving it is just as big of a pain. It requires you boost its beauty stat with fairly rare berries, and only certain natures of Feebas make this possible. One walkthrough writer even went as far as to declare, "I hate that fucking fish!"
    • Thank Arceus, then, for the Prism Scale in Black and White. This takes a lot of guesswork out of getting a Milotic.
  • The announcer from Pokémon Battle Revolution tends to get a fair amount of hate, due to often repeating specific phrases. You attack the foe? "(Pokémon) starts to attack!" The foe gets knocked out? "(something)ed by (move)!" "It went down!" The worst? The foe scores a critical hit. "A clean hit!" SHUT THE FUCK UP. Thankfully, you can turn his voice off in Options.
    • This one goes all the way back to the original Pokémon Stadium.
  • There seems to be a lot of hate for Youngster Joey from the Johto games. As of HG/SS, he's become something of a minor meme in certain parts of the internet. "It's like my RATTATA is in the top percentage of RATTATA."
  • The Unova Water-type starter, Oshawott, became a scrappy within two hours of its leak.
    • Then its evolutions were leaked and it was rescued almost as quickly.
      • Oshawott was rescued earlier than that; a lot of people saw it as a Ridiculously Cute Critter, making it more a Base Breaker than anything.
      • Dewott may have helped rescue it, but Samurott (who resembles his pre-evolutions only very vaguely) is itself quite the Base Breaker.
  • With the amount of times they attack you, Geodude and its relatives would initially seem to fall under the Goddamn Bats trope--but try to fight them and they often reveal themselves as even worse. Because they can learn Self-Destruct naturally, and aren't shy about using it, it's often better to just run away when you encounter them--which will be a lot of times.
  • And the Drowzee you will encounter, which will spam Hypnosis on any Pokémon you send in, then Pound them into submission.
  • Whitney's Miltank in HG/SS. It was annoying a menace in the originals, but in the remakes, which now had the ability system from Gen III, it gained the ability to damage Ghosts (which are normally immune to Normal types). Said ability is appropriately called Scrappy.
  • Audinos are pretty hated by some players. They appear in every single area that has rustling grass, and are what you'll find there over half the time. This annoys people, especially when they try for extra rare Pokémon in these patches like certain fully evolved ones. However, they make for really good experience points sponges.
  • Fennel has been getting this from other players ever since the Global Link opened. What doesn't help is her taunting expression and her constantly helping out when you only have an hour to spare on the Dream World.
  • The protagonists are prone to this, to varying degrees. If you're not the Memetic Badass's that are Red, Leaf, or Hilda you probably have been a scrappy at least once. Dawn especially got hit with this due to her feminine appearance (her anime counterpart didn't help her game counterparts reputation either), and Lyra is a Replacement Scrappy (or a redesign scrappy depending on who you ask).
    • Lyra or Ethan can be this to any player who has no patience for the Exposition Fairy. Plus the tendency to call you constantly and at random if you keep your Pokegear on.
  • As far as Starter Pokémon go, Meganium and Emboar get this treatment sometimes, and according to an IGN poll are the two least popular final starter evolutions. Meganium is widely dismissed for being the only final starter evolution that looks downright cuddly and harmless[1], while Emboar isn't very well liked for being the third Fire/Fighting starter in a row (compounded by its somewhat ugly design compared to the two others, Blaziken and Infernape). Emboar's general inferiority in stats and ability to it's Fire/Fighting-type counterparts [2] in competitive circles really doesn't help it's cause either.
  • Although some people like Meganium precisely because it looks cute, and to them it exemplifies Badass Adorable among the Starter Pokémon.
    • Interestingly, Venusaur also seems unpopular in some circles, having hit the bottom place in a 2012 Japanese Version Mascot popularity poll (below even the divisive Creation Trio). While it was never hated per se, even in the early days there were people who found it ugly and unappealing compared to Charizard and Blastoise.
  • If a Pokémon is based on an inanimate object, it often gets a ton of hate. For example, Trubbish is often considered one of the very worst Pokémon (based on design).
    • Granted, even Pokémon like Trubbish have fans who view it as a Ridiculously Cute Critter. It's the same (albeit less vitriolic) with ones like Vanillite, the ice cream Pokémon.
  • And this brings us to Luvdisc, who is considered by fans as the most useless waste of life out of all 649 (thus far) Mons. No really. There are about 100 other water types or mixed water types who can do everything better (or, in the case of Feebas, at least evolve into something cool and competent) and the one thing it was good for (having heart scales so you relearn moves) got dropped in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl thanks to the underground. It was so very nearly Rescued From the Scrappy Heap when fans saw Alomomola but when it was revealed to be a stand-alone (ie non-evolutionary) mon, the fans went straight back to beating Luvdisc with merciless abandon.
    • Similarly, there's Unown. A psychic-type Pokemon that is essentially a side "Gotta Catch Em All" gimmick since there's 28 different variations (one for each letter of the alphabet and some punctuation). It doesn't help that Unown has horrible stats and can only learn "Hidden Power" (A move that is hit-n-miss in terms of which type it will be effective against). To make matters worse, all you get for catching all the variations of Unown is a certificate saying you caught them all (At least in Gold/Silver/Crystal you could print out said certificate).
  • There are many Scrappy Moves introduced in the series: Whirlwind, Roar, Confuse Ray, Supersonic. All are incredibly annoying, especially if you're trying to level up your team... and an enemy trainer has their Pidgeotto use Whirlwind to throw an underleveled team-member out for a higher-level one.
  • Lusamine is Game Freak’s attempt at writing a tear-jerking and developed tragic villainess, and they failed by a country mile. From having no truly altruistic actions shown until the backstory reveal to torturing Nebby with a huge grin that implies that she's pleasured by Nebby's suffering more than what she’s achieving (the gate to Ultra Space) to freezing several unfortunate Pokemon to keep them perfect in her eyes forever (which can be interpreted as "trophies" of her conquests), to creating Type-Null in a series of agonizing experiments, to attempting to crush her daughter to death under her tentacles in a fit of rage in the climax., many fans hated her. This is to the point where several fans enjoyed her entirely as a villain with no sympathetic elements, much like past villains. Not helping is the fact that her reason for becoming evil isn't quite brainwashing. Game Freak thankfully learned their lesson and wrote her in a more sympathetic way after the original Sun and Moon versions.
  • Pokemon Emerald's Scott earned this reputation thanks to inadvertently killing Pokemon in Nuzlockes with his annoying habit of appearing out of nowhere and interrupting the player.
  • Tierno and Trevor from X and Y have to be probably the most disliked "rival" characters in the entire franchise, and are generally seen as pointless.
    • Speaking of rivals, not too many are fond of the one from Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, due to being yet ANOTHER "friendly rival" and being a poor substitute for classic Jerkass rivals.

Shin Megami Tensei Series

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Silver is probably more widely disliked than Shadow. Even before he debuted in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, some fans felt that a brand new character was unworthy to be one of the stars in a game meant to be a Milestone Celebration. Once it came out, most judged him annoying, and the mediocre quality of the game reflected badly on him. He hasn't had a leading role since Rivals 2, instead only appearing as a member of multiplayer rosters and as a boss in Sonic Generations. He was hated even that way sometimes, because he "replaced" Rouge, Cream, Omega, the Chaotix, and others via his use as a multiplayer slot. Even this hatred has subsided recently.
  • Big the Cat, since his start in Sonic Adventure meant having to sit through horribly slow fishing missions in order to make progress. That, and he's kinda lacking in the cranial department. Some are put off by his character design as well. Due to this, he has been retired from mainstream titles, causing fans to come out of the woodwork. This came to the point where he now has his own spinoff!
  • Some original characters from TV shows and comics get the same treatment.
    • Half the people who watched Sonic X just wanted to throw Chris Thorndyke in a wood chipper simply for being in the show at all. His detractors argue that he's got lots of money and friends, but constantly plays the Lonely Rich Kid card because he'd rather hang out with Sonic and his anthro brigade. Fans also complain that he practically steals the 'sidekick' role from Tails.
    • Princess Sally Acorn of the Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM cartoon and the Archie comic series also applies in this way, due to her rather excessive role as co lead and closest ally of Sonic (usually at the expense of games characters such as Tails and Amy), and her arguable Jerk Sue qualities (especially towards her love interest).
      • Dulcy is an even bigger scrappy. Antoine has a fair hatedom too due to overuse, including pointless episodes based entirely around him.
    • Shortfuse from Sonic the Comic is almost universally hated by fans of the comic. He repeatedly told his backstory every time he appeared, sometimes twice in one issue. He's generally somewhat annoying, Holier Than Thou and Word of God is he and Tekno like each other (which doesn't fare well with the fans who prefer Tekno with Amy). Americans think he's one of the most awesome characters in the series.
    • Sonic Underground gives us vain germaphobe Sonia and Totally Radical obnoxious Manic.
    • In fact, there's a lot of people out there who hate all cartoon-only and comic-only characters, and prefer to stick with only the game characters. (These alternate media characters, however, get it much better than Mario's generally ignored alternate media characters. Until Sonic Boom, that is.)
  • Omochao gets a lot of anti-fan heat for the same reasons Navi does.
  • The same thing goes for Tikal, at least for some of those who play Sonic Adventure. Unlike Omochao, she is not usually Captain Obvious - just the opposite. Many of her hints are vague. Also, she is actually relevant to the plot. But she does have an enormous fanbase for her pacifism and cute looks.
  • Elise is another character that suffers from being a Damsel Scrappy and suffers from Die for Our Ship in the fanbase, although even people who don't dislike her for shipping reasons may dislike her from the sheer levels of Squick in Sonic having a human love interest.
  • Charmy in later games is pretty disliked thanks to his "annoying kid" character - fortunately this is intentional, so it doesn't hit as hard. Somewhat less prominent than the other characters since he only seems to get bit roles, even compared to the other members of his team. He also benefits a bit from the Grandfather Clause as the team debuted in Sonic's classic era.
  • Marine is of the Bratty Half-Pint variety to the other characters in the game. So much so that Blaze basically told her to get lost. Unfortunately for the raccoon, Sonic and Tails did little to defend her.
  • The Deadly Six are widely deplored for their garish, unfitting character designs, one-dimensional personalities, boring battles against them, and being full of wasted potential (notably, like every single villain introduced after them, they just vanish with little to no explanation). Zavok in particular (and Zazz to an extent) is seen as a Creator's Pet and the worst case of The Captain Marvel in the series (yes, even worse than Classic Sonic), taking on Silver's former role of undeserved party game filler slots, while Zeena, Master Zik, and Zomom are considered borderline offensive stereotypes of women, Asians, and the obese.
  • Even the ones above have pockets of fans out there. That same ain't true of the avatars from Sonic's Schoolhouse. With their hideous designs, horrific animations, and lack of any personality (most make regular animal sounds, and those that don't... oh god), they are utterly deplored by every Sonic fan who even knows they exist.
  • Sonic Boom's Shadow has slid headlong into scrappiness for lacking any redeeming qualities or purpose in the plot compared to his SEGA self. We also have Generic Doomsday Villain Lyric, obnoxious Mayor Fink, and plenty of ugly Apathetic Citizens to go about. D-Fekt, like the avatars above, has NOTHING to go for him whatsoever and also falls into this trope, having received nothing but occasional spitting vitriol from the fandom.
    • In the corresponding animated series, characters like Comedy Chimp are seen as symbols of Adaptation Decay, spending too long of episodes focused on them and their comical antics over the established cast. The Gogobas have it the worst, however.
  • DoDonpa from Team Sonic Racing is seen as a very bland and generic host character with nothing memorable about him and an uninteresting, distracting design with bizzare eyes, and being a waste of potential for a tanuki character in the franchise, which could have been incredibly cool. Many fans speculated that he was in fact Classic Eggman, displaced after the events of Mania Plus, due to his design incorporating Phantom Ruby-like elements and his similar body shape to the 1991 iteration of the good doctor. What we instead got was a generic and nonsensical storyline about "cars that run on friendship", which is somehow too cheesy to be enjoyed despite the franchise's past Narm Charm, along with him somehow being a king who makes cars, which is never explored or elaborated upon, leaving us with the nonsensical core parts and nothing to string them together.
  • Eggman Nega is frowned upon due to being a recolor of Eggman with a few altered details, not to mention his confusing and self-contradictory backstory. Compare that to Blaze or even Marine, who look and act much more unique.

Star Fox

Street Fighter

  • The first Street Fighter is home to Joe, considered ridiculously bland and generic.
  • Ingrid from the cancelled Capcom Fighting All Stars is evidence of a time-grown case of an Executive Meddling-induced Scrappy. She wasn't particularly minded due to her and her associate original cast debuting in their own game, until it was scrapped, and even being a sole character for the shoddy Capcom Fighting Evolution game didn't exactly draw that many stares or interest... until she suddenly made an appearance in Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX. Ingrid was outright disliked for reasons of having gameplay design and character aspects way out of place from the Street Fighter universe, being inserted as a Mary Sue-like Goddess who Deus Ex Machinas away many of the installment's many crucial story conflicts in her own story path, and was considered an outright cheating bastard of a CPU due to the attributes of her special moves that made her OP against the majority of the cast. In fairness, a strong sentiment exists in how Capcom should have made her debuting game, as many strongly feel she would have accompanied well with her own story and help establish a "Capcom Universe" with her teammates rather than encroach upon other series.
  • Twelve from Street Fighter III: Third Strike is despised for his utter lack of personality, weak moveset and bland design.
    • Remy is also hated for being the emo replacement of Guile, and an SNK ripoff with no sense of humor or irony unlike Dan.
  • It took about 15 minutes since the midnight release of Street Fighter IV for Rufus to show up on this page. Take that for what you may.
    • As the Computer is a Cheating Bastard page puts it: "Seth, Seth, Seth, Seth, FUCKING SETH." People despise his generic design, his lazy moveset and being cheap as all hell. Even the game's producer admits to putting Seth at the back to torture people.
    • Hakan and El Fuerte are also major contenders in this category for being borderline offensive with their stereotypes, not to mention annoying voices. El Fuerte is also pretty hard to use and Hakan is perceived as a rip-off of the Red Hulk with overly ludicrous moves that feel more like they're mocking the very honored sport of oil wrestling than honoring it.
  • Street Fighter V has generally had decent enough newcomers, but F.A.N.G. is hated with the power of a thousand suns. His bizarre design, with a head like a pin, exaggerated sleeves and overall looking like a living example of Yellow Peril are bad enough, but his equally misshapen fighting style, and his extreme cruelty and killing several innocents and then escaping made him the new Rufus, in the words of BigMex.
    • Abigail also receives backlash, from the awkward name and terrible redesign, to his low effectiveness in gameplay and lack of connection to anything in the storyline.
    • Kage is seen as a pointless ripoff of Evil Ryu, who is already considered to be roster cruft, with a generic design on top.
  • The Bison Troopers from the movie game are perceived as ripoffs of Mortal Kombat's ninjas, lacking any of the Take That inherent to Dan Hibiki. Captain Sawada is at least liked for his unique moves.

Super Mario Bros.

  • Ukiki in Super Mario 64. On top of being a gigantic hindrance to the player in the Tall Tall Mountains, he steals your hats with annoyingly cute dialogue and he's near-impossible to catch. Which makes it all the more satisfying to roast him using Yoshi's fire flower in the DS version.
  • Waluigi gets this, main reason seeming to be he has...nothing to do with anything really.
    • Waluigi might actually be coming out of the Scrappy heap because of that Youtube video, Fangame and Brawl in the Family. It helps that he's started to develop a concrete personality besides "Hates Luigi" (Being a deranged trickster with hints of classiness.) However, this has began to wrap right around with people who have become tired of the meme.
  • Rosalina has become an interesting version of this after being featured in many games, not to mention her flanderization into an airheaded, high-pitched Peach clone. The fact that she is used online often in Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. makes matters worse.
  • A less extreme example, but Neil in Mario Golf Advance Tour. From his irritating, sarcastic-sounding "whoops!" when he gets a Bogey to his hideous character design that looks like Ash Ketchum's retarded cousin, could they have made a less appealing player character? At least at the very beginning, the game gives you the option to play as the much less annoying (and cute-looking) Ella instead.
  • Baby Mario from Yoshis Island gets a lot of hate. Not only is he gaming's biggest star reduced to a worthless, baby parody of himself, but he also irks the hell out of people with his obnoxious crying. And the whole game is a giant Escort Mission! It probably surprised nobody when a glitch allowing Yoshi to eat him was discovered, And There Was Much Rejoicing.
    • Baby Mario is bad enough, but Yoshis Island DS decided to add even more baby versions of famous Nintendo characters including Donkey Kong, Bowser (Though he was in the original Yoshi's Island as the final boss), and Wario. However, none of them can compare to the utter mind-numbing annoyance that is Baby Princess Peach. Why? Because she is utterly useless. Her special (and that's putting it VERY loosely) ability is that she can float using the wind. Problem is that you're more likely to end up crashing headfirst into enemies or end up somehow falling to the ground because she sometimes DOESN'T catch the wind to float.
  • Starlow from Mario & Luigi is often hated because she often gets credit for what Mario and Luigi do, she's an annoying Exposition Fairy, and she is very cruel to Luigi for no real reason.
  • Bowser Jr. A Replacement Scrappy for a whole villain team, he already gets a great deal of hatedom by replacing the seven most popular non Bowser villains in the older games, but alone he's about as hated. Due to his non personality, design nearly identical to a smaller version of Bowser (or in Partners in Time, identical to Baby Bowser) and the fact he's fought as a recurring boss every single tower in New Super Mario Bros, or about ten times with just two attack patterns. Some fans did start warming up to him when he was finally shown with his siblings though.
  • Baby characters in such games. Baby Mario and Luigi are usually seen as fine when not crying, Baby Peach is seen as okay outside of Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, and Baby Daisy is pretty much seen as spinoff character filler and an undeserved use of a character slot. It really doesn't help that Baby Daisy's adult self (mentioned below) isn't exactly a character held in high regard, either. You thought one Daisy was nerve-wracking? Try dealing with two of them.
  • Princess Peach has increasingly become a very hated Damsel Scrappy due to her Flanderized ditzy personality and annoyingly high-pitched voice. There could be some redemption for Peach, though, thanks to her own game and more active roles in the RPGs, for instance.
  • Princess Daisy is rather divisive, but the part of the fanbase that hates her hates her hard, due to having a voice that's equally as obnoxious as Peach's, and her Flanderization of the Genki Girl trope that turns her into a nerve-grating twit. Also similar to the above princess, Daisy has had two equally jarring past portrayals: the generic Distressed Damsel in Super Mario Land, and the tomboyish yet coy and klutzy woman in the original Mario Tennis. Unlike the Princess Peach example above, however, Daisy has had no notable scrappy-rescuing appearances (or even a reference) outside of the series' party, racing and sports titles. Because of this, any defining character (if any) Daisy has is hanging around with other characters like Peach and Luigi. Daisy is perhaps the closest we'll ever get to a female Waluigi.
  • How is Luvbi not mentioned here? She's practically a Scrappy-type. The Japanese version has her even speaking in a childish tone!
    • Luvbi was probably more of a Scrappy in-universe than out of it. Her heart-wrenching fate also seems to save her from further hate.
  • Twink in Paper Mario is hated for being pretty annoying, and interrupting the game at inconvenient points.
  • Flurrie in Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door is universally disliked, due to her odd and creepy design.
  • Kersti from Sticker Star. Very uncreative and noxious compared to the many past helpers in the series. her "death" failed to elict sympathy in any players, especially given she soon comes back. She was followed by the equally unimaginative Huey (a.k.a. "Ketbuc") in Color Splash, to the point many fans really want to assume he is as dead as a doorknob in the ending.
  • Donkey Kong Junior, from his self-titled game, befuddled some gamers by arguably being a playable villain out to save the Big Bad of his game's predecessor, and seemingly killing Mario, the biggest gaming hero ever, at the end. (Fortunately, it was a Disney Death.) Then he also got some snide remarks about his goofy appearance, and some gamers preferred killing him and watching his funny death animation to actually playing through the game--in other words, he may be the most literal Butt Monkey in all of gamedom.
    • In fairness to Jr., at the time Donkey Kong himself was considerably more popular than Mario (who wasn't even named as such until Donkey Kong Jr.), and Mario had yet to reach the iconic status that he holds now, so Jr. wasn't really a Scrappy at the time. That said, he does get a nice bit of comeuppance in the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong. He is defeated in exactly the same way that he defeated Mario in his own game, except that where Jr. used keys to unlock Donkey Kong's cage, Mario is using keys to lock Jr. up in his own cage!
    • He also was essentially Rescued From the Scrappy Heap when he grew up and became Donkey Kong for the spin off series. Though this factor is rarely acknowledged as it's All There in the Manual--and then, a new character would move into the annoying tyke role (see Donkey Kong Country 3, below)...
  • Kiddy Kong in Donkey Kong Country 3 - they could have just used Donkey Kong if they wanted a stronger Kong to counterbalance Dixie Kong. Not to mention that awful crying sound he makes when he loses a life.
    • The Tutorial Pig is even less liked.

Tales Series

The Legend of Zelda

World of Warcraft

  • Gnomes are a whole race of em, just type Gnome punting into google and observe
  • Two characters tend to be reviled above all, usually depending on what faction one plays most:
    • The first, Varian Wrynn, is a... polarizing figure. Widely blamed for the Alliance/Horde conflict's renewal (despite the horde being the only one to really go on the offensive), he's a somewhat assertive king whose major in-game actions since his miraculous (offscreen) return have been to offer to sell lumber to the horde in return for leaving the elves alone and Engaging in a deathmatch with garrosh whenever they get within sight of eachother. Though Varian's reasons for hating Orcs are understandable, they're also mostly historical... and from the player's perspective, it becomes increasingly apparent just how mistaken he is. His popularity amongst strictly-Alliance players has been rising.
      • The Shattering gives an explanation not only for Varian's Jerkass behavior, but also for his sudden change of heart during Icecrown Citadel. When the two halves of Varian from the comic (Lo'Gosh, his aggressive warrior side & Varian, the more peaceful, kingly side) reunited, it was not a perfect reunification, and Varian has more or less, developed a minor split personality, and Lo'Gosh has a bit more control than he would like.
        • Though that doesn't make much sense to anyone who had read the comic book, which depicted both sides as rather level-headed, and then proceeded to show the recombined Varian acting perfectly normally indicating that he was whole again. It was a tad bit surprising to see Varian suddenly getting split-personality disorder and the rages being blamed on Lo'gosh.
      • In a case of Tantrum Throwing that made Garrosh seem comparatively stable, Varian once pitched a fit to Thrall about being enslaved by an orc for a few weeks, though by all appearances this was a criminal act even to the orcs, and Varian was still treated somewhat fairly during enslavement. For comparison, Thrall's name is not an accident, but was given to him when he was one of thousands of orcs raised from birth for slave labor by the Alliance for twenty years. Additionally, Thrall endured FAR more abuse from his slavers than Varian could ever hope to comprehend, but he practically never bitched about it.
        • Actually most orcs were not "enslaved" as much as put into special camps to be observed, sort of like japanese during WWII, were given humane treatment, most of the "mistreated" vibe is just their withdrawl from demon blood(magic drugs)
    • Secondly, we present Garrosh Hellscream, perhaps the single most reviled character in the Horde. First introduced as the mopey, whining son of Grom Hellscream, depressed over his father's legacy of evil, players underwent a long quest chain to bring him to his senses including a pep talk from none other than Thrall himself. Garrosh's way of repaying Thrall's generosity consisted of a direct challenge to his leadership, open desire to reignite war with the Alliance for essentially no good reason not to mention being the underdog, and ominous hints throughout the expansion that Garrosh is gathering factions of the Horde loyal to him rather than Thrall, For example, turning the Kor Kron guard into a Orcish Wafen SS. Singularly bloodthirsty, crude, and brutal, Garrosh embodies all the worst traits of orcish culture, and as of the recent patch was responsible for defusing another attempted peace conference in Dalaran (Read charging varian and starting a long tradition of random deathmatches between them). Garrosh has few fans; both Horde and Alliance players consider him at best a spoiled child grossly unfit for his power.
      • And then Blizzard decides to oust Thrall and make Garrosh Warchief. It's probable that this is deliberate: Garrosh has been steadily set up as an increasingly evil antagonist to be defeated.
      • Then, in Cataclysm, Blizzard sets Garrosh up to be less Jerkass than he was, with events like executing an Orc commander that bombs a Night Elf settlement for no apparent reason; giving Sylvanas an actually proper What the Hell, Hero?; as well as grieving over Cairne's death due to poison in the middle of their duel and personally leading the Horde to the one actually responsible: the Grimtotem clan.
        • Baine Bloodhoof, Cairne's son, did that last part. Garrosh just bitched about the honor he lost in killing Cairne, to Baine himself.
      • Then the Twilight Highlands happened. In addition to leaving his Zeppelin Fleet open to Twilight Dragon attack all so that their defenders could go attack (and lose to) an Alliance Naval Fleet. The whole thing seemed to be a set up for what was supposed to be a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Garrosh where he singlehandedly kills the dragon attacking his ship, but when you kill at least two thirds of your invasion fleet to get it, something is not right.
      • And now, Blizzard has announced that Garrosh will be getting the Fandral treatment and is going to be the Big Bad of the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Fans disagree on whether they're wisely removing a Scrappy or simply copping out on his character development.
    • And what a surprise, both Varian and Garrosh are also Creator's Pets...
    • Trade Prince Gallywix, leader of the Bilgewater Goblins, may just have Garrosh beat in that area. In fairness, he was probably doomed to Scrappy status from the outset, being named leader of the new playable goblin faction over a wildly popular fan-made character. But it's worth stating that while even Garrosh and Varian have their supporters in the fandom (particularly since the attempts to make them more likable), Gallywix is even more universally loathed that either of them ever were. Not a single person who plays through the Goblin starting experience likes the git, and even fans unfamiliar with the Trade Princess Movement are demanding Sassy Hardwrench take his place as faction leader.
    • Before them was Fandral Staghelm, an unrepentant Jerkass Night Elf druid. The only thing preventing from being included with the previous two entries is that he lives in Darnassus, away from everything else in the game. Hatred for him is such that Alliance players (for the faction he represents) will often allow Horde players to kill him unmolested.
      • As of Stormrage it's revealed that Fandral is an actual traitor, being manipulated by a nightmare-induced hallucination of his son, he was keeping Malfurion poisoned with morrowgrain (which you probably gathered for him if you played the game pre-cata), to the suprise of no-one, Staghelm's betrayal and subsequent replacement by Stormrage was heralded as one of the best things Blizzard's done for the Alliance in a while.
      • Of course, this simply wasn't enough for many people, so Blizzard went a step further and promoted him into Ragnaros' Majordomo and thus a genuine raid boss in the 4.2 Firelands patch, so now Horde AND Alliance players alike can have their fill of stuffing him with sharp objects and unpleasant spells! Whether or not Fandral's turn to evil was planned all along or was just a an attempt to appease the fanbase is debatable, but who cares when you've now got a canonical chance to kill such a universally hated prick yourself?
    • To a lesser extent Koltira is pretty unpopular for being boring in comparison to his Alliance counterpart, not being an orc or troll, and causing some minor plot holes.
      • Oh, let's not forget his Jerkass moments too. Insulting the player initially? Sending said player off to do his harebrained "personal" errands; all but one that he as a Death Knight, is more than capable of doing himself if he just got off his lazy, rotting rear? All to get him to translate a book?
    • Me'dan, son of Medivh and Garona and the new Guardian of Tirisfal, is widely disliked for his Marty Stu qualities.
    • Several characters created by Richard A. Knaak were pretty disliked, most prominently Rhonin and Krasus.
    • Aggralan, an allegedly exemplary Mag'har shamanka who was apparently introduced entirely for the purpose of sinking the Thrall/Jaina 'ship (not to mention getting pregnant by the last patch of the expansion) isn't particularly well-liked, either. This even tends to actually be about her abrasive personality and lack of characterization rather than the 'ship-sink: Along with Tyrande Whisperwind, she's often trotted out as an example of poorly-written female characters in the series.
  • Thrall has increasingly been the target of some hate, probably due to his hogging the spotlight in Cataclysm. He's sometimes referred to derogatorily as "Green Jesus".

Gnome lands in the foul zone!


  • Pictured above is the most literal incarnation of The Scrappy in video game history: The dog from Duck Hunt, who laughs at you whenever you completely miss your shots. It was probably the first time in the history of video-gaming that a computer mocked your failure instead of encouraging you to try again. "A dog is a man's best friend", huh? With Friends Like These... and all that... The dog appears to love it so much that so many gamers have been playing Duck Hunt to mercilessly and literally Shoot the Dog (even though it has no effect). The damn dog's developers also read this and made the dog appearing in several cameos... to be shot down.
    • For added rage points, just imagine him using Muttley's (or Precious's) trademark snicker every time he laughs at you.
    • This video probably sums up all how hateable that dog is, and ironically... made him somewhat wanted for Super Smash Bros Brawl, so he could be beaten to a pulp like the Sandbag. Unfortunately, he didn't appear - until the fourth game, where we finally got to pummel him.
    • There is even a Nintendo commercial where the dog appears alongside Bowser and other villains to mock the viewer. Interestingly enough, in the arcade game Vs. Duck Hunt, it is possible to shoot the dog in a bonus round.
    • This video hilariously shows the dog getting his just deserts.
    • This awesome video shows hilariously and epically the dog getting owned, by none other than Master Chief! And the Fandom Rejoiced!
    • College Humor also made this beautiful video. Even with a terrible price, revenge is sweet.
    • There's also a more sinister outlook on the dog.
  • Sheriff Douglas in Quintessence - The Blighted Venom. For being a completely dickass.
  • In King's Quest V, Cedric was massively hated for his annoying voice and uselessness. So much so that in Space Quest 4, hitting him in an arcade game earns you points, and the narrator spoofs him in Space Quest VI.
    • To go into more detail about his annoyingness and uselessness: when something is about to kill you, the gameplay freezes so that he can scream "watch out!" or some variant thereof when it's already too late to prevent the danger from killing you.
    • In the King's Quest II Fan Remake, there's an Easter Egg where King Graham tells Connor to go capture the most elusive of prey: Cedric. When the owl shows up, Graham pulls out a sword and chases the owl out of the throne room.
    • Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist showed Cedric in one screen looking lost. Come back later and vultures are pulling out the owl's guts.
  • The Soda Poppers from Sam and Max Freelance Police became hugely hated in the fanbase. In a Moment of Awesome, Telltale Games made it turn out in the second season finale that they were really evil, and that they were trying to use their Scrappy-like annoyingness to take over Hell and cause The End of the World as We Know It. And then killed them off by dumping gallons of molten lava on them in the final scene. Now that's how you please your fans.
  • Back in the day when Banjo-Kazooie was first released, Bottles the Mole got a lot of attention as The Scrappy of choice. Many gamers were boggled by the first scene of the game being him popping out of his hole and speaking in his bizarre voice. In the sequel, Banjo Tooie, Rare must have been aware of this, because Bottles is killed off right at the beginning and replaced by his Brother, Jamjars, as Banjo's mentor.
    • In Nuts and Bolts, nearly all of the new characters get some hatred for being associated with a controversial game, but the two biggest scrappies are probably Trophy Thomas, simply because he's a Jerkass, and L.O.G., for being the face of Banjo's shoehorning into the new style of game.
  • Carl "CJ" Johnson from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is The Scrappy, despite being the main protagonist of the game, according to some fans. These fans tend to criticise the fact that CJ is whiny at times and isn't as Badass as his predecessors, Claude (GTA III) and Tommy Vercetti (Vice City). Most fans like him though.
    • The major problem fingered with CJ is cut-scene/gameplay dissonance. Claude is, at best, amoral and Tommy is a complete psycho, whereas CJ is depicted as having fundamentally good motivations and just 'doin it fo da hood.' Which somehow doesn't gel with the fact you just ran over a few old women and beat police officers to death with a dildo.
    • Some consider Zero to be, partly because of his missions, and partly because of his Serious Business attitude. And let's face it, because he was voiced by David Cross.
      • Also, OG Loc. The fact that Carl is willing to spend so much time helping him instead is out of character, but when Big Smoke betrays you, Loc sides with Smoke. And then after chasing him all over the place in a Scrappy Level, CJ lets him live.
  • Bao from the NESTS saga of The King of Fighters.
    • More recently, Ash Crimson has been hovering somewhere between this and Creator's Pet for a large part of the fandom. Although he does have his own following, and some fans seem to be slowly warming up to him.
      • Hey, guess what? Ash Crimson has been Killed Off for Real! He killed off his own ancestor and essentially made sure that he will cease to exist. This qualifies as an Alas, Poor Scrappy!
    • In a whole-company scale, the staff at SNK Playmore seems to hate the Eolith-created K9999 very much and replace him with Nameless, since K9999 was made into such a Captain Ersatz of Tetsuo by Eolith's own admission that this did not sit well on SNK Playmore.
    • In his time, replacement protagonist K' was seen as a Replacement Scrappy to some.
    • To some extent, Li Xiangfei also applied: Annoying Transplant from another series. Check. Grating personality. Check. Cheap super move. Check.
  • Todd "Maniac" Marshall from the various Wing Commander games. He's the lowest-ranked pilot in the squad, but always likes to brag about how he's hot stuff. You're not supposed to shoot down your wingmen, but we doubt the COs would mind if someone "accidentally" fired a few "warning shots" in Maniac's direction just to get him to shut up. In the first mission you fly with him in the original game, during the mission briefing, Col. Halcyon gives specific permission to the player character to blow Maniac out of space if he causes any trouble, and advises the PC to use guns to do it, and save missiles for important targets (The look on Maniac's face at this part is priceless).
    • Despite the fact that he was unbelievably obnoxious, almost universally hated by fans, and even the other characters almost universally loathed him, Origin either hates players, or never quite got the message, as he manages to survive all the way until the last game. And it's not that they don't kill off major characters - it's an Anyone Can Die series, where significant and beloved characters die frequently, often in particularly meaningless ways.
    • His status as a Scrappy is softened somewhat in the third game, as the actor playing Maniac is none other than Biff freakin' Tannen himself, Thomas F. Wilson. Still, in a game where you can take damage from friendly fire, Maniac was the one most likely to do it, usually at the worst possible time in a dogfight.
    • Reversed in Prophecy. After a certain and rather ironic turn of events, Maniac becomes an extremely hammy Boisterous Bruiser and one of the Midway's elite circle of pilots (led by the player). He survives, while Christopher Blair aka Maverick aka YOU from the preceding games who was worshiped by the Kilrathi doesn't!
  • Kinta Kokuin of the Power Instinct series. It's not hard to see why he's considered among the worst fighting game characters ever, considering he's not only an Ethnic Scrappy--he's a Japanese sumo wrestler who doesn't wear underwear, for no other apparent reason to be gross--but an underaged one. So essentially, you get to see a kid display candid portions of his anatomy during the fight. It's disgusting.
    • Oume and Otane Goketsuji have also started to wear out on some of the fans. Either one or both of them have been in every Power Instinct game, while some of the fan favorites never appear again. The fact that they're usually really good in most of the games doesn't help at all.
  • Rosh Pennin from Jedi Academy is considered The Scrappy among the fan base. It is possible that this was Intended Audience Reaction, given his annoying personality and that the path to the Dark Side is to kill him.
  • Fargoth, Gaenor, Glarthir, Maglir, the Adoring Fan...the list of hated Bosmer in The Elder Scrolls goes on and on and on.
    • Heimskr, the Whiterun Priest of Talos in Skyrim is a close runner-up to Confessor Cromwell in the "highly murderable nonstop preacher" category.
    • The Thalmor in general, players absolutely hate them so much due to their jerkass Can't Argue with Elves nature and making Tamriel into the hellhole it is during Skyrim. If there is a thing everyone can agree upon in Skyrim including Altmer players, its the desire to kill every single Thalmor member they see, even if they are fighting against the group you'd normally be against.
  • Gothic had Mud, a pest who latched onto the hero if you walked by him. He'd constantly pester you by initiating pointless dialog, but should any enemies get near, he'd run away... until you defeated them. Then he came back. The only way to get rid of him was to beat him up. Very cathartic, actually.
  • Deekin Scalesinger from Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide is a Scrappy to some fans. He shows up in Hordes of the Underdark, where he's the only character who can accompany the character for the entire game, and even has a cameo appearance in Neverwinter Nights 2 as a shopkeeper, despite the fact that, thanks to his epic-level adventures in Hordes, he's now powerful enough to level most of the city.
    • This was even referenced in Hordes of the Underdark where the innkeeper Durnan thinks Deekin is annoying and will be surprised if you say that you like him.
  • Dragon Quest is usually devoid of this character type, but Dirty Coward Prince Charmless from Dragon Quest VIII is the least popular character in the game (and possibly, the entire franchise) by a very wide margin. You can spell his name with an extra "S" on the end, and it would sum up his personality perfectly.
    • He's also seen in-world as The Scrappy too - while his name is generally pronounced "SHARM-uls" in his presence, pretty much everyone calls him "Charmless" behind his back.
    • Which means this is probably a rare case of an intentional Scrappy.
    • Also, Stella from Dragon Quest IX. Just SHUT UP with your Malaproper and your smugness. SHUT UP!
  • Zip and Alister from Tomb Raider: Legend gained this status among a large portion of the fanbase, and many others for that matter, very soon after the game's release with their constant non-optional, hint-giving, atmosphere-breaking waffling.
  • In the .hack series, there's a few Scrappies, but generally at the top of the list is Piros III in the first set of games: An over the top Lord Error-Prone twit with a grating voice and is one of the slowest characters to have in the party, and the tendency to call the main character "He Of Fair Eyes", and other Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe doesn't help to endear him to the party. Nor does his tendency to fall for Mia's tricks at least three times. Some think his GU version is a case of Rescued From the Scrappy Heap with his awesome theme music, and thankfully much more amusing antics.
    • Oh lord Komiyan the third from Legend of the Twilight Bracelet.
    • Saku of the Sakubo duo is another one, a condescending Tsundere that borders on Yandere that is obsessed with the resident pretty-boy, and is nothing but a jerkass to Haseo over an imagined rivalry - especially after Endrance declares his love for Haseo, and was one of the hardest characters to boost relationship values, and that at first she seems to bully the much sweeter Bo. The fact it turns out she is Bo's second personality and her genuine concern when he gets in trouble softens the impact.
    • Atoli tends to fall into this often as well, though more often in the Western fanbase than others. Opinions range from her being The Woobie, to her being an Extreme Doormat.
    • Let's not forget Gaspard. Oh boy, more pointless sidetracking with a loud, whiny, useless, pathetic, and all around unlikable piece of garbage. Just what we all wanted. Even his appearance is obnoxious.
    • Sakaki started off as one of many pretty boys with a voice similar to another well-liked pretty boy (Balmung) and a cool samurai theme. He had no problems being liked until he becomes Sakaki [Zenith] and then transforms into a psychotic shit who gleefully takes advantage of a girl he earlier found on a suicide website to a point of mentally and emotionally manipulating her, has little to no care of endangering/destroying other people's lives (online and offline) and pretty much caused a good number of his would-be fans to abandon ship long before the [Zenith] portion rubbed off.
  • Omitsu from Ganbare Goemon is loathed by the majority of the Japanese fandom despite being a Yamato Nadeshiko-type Distressed Damsel and supporting character with occasional bouts of being a Clingy Jealous Girl in the anime. While a good amount of the hatred is for shipping reasons, rabid fans of Action Girl Yae firmly believe she doesn't deserve to be called the series heroine. Hiroshi Obi's deliberate transformation of Omitsu into a dumpy, frumpy, status-seeking harpy in his manga adaptations of the games doesn't help matters any, either.
    • Wait; when did Konami ever call Omitsu the "series heroine?"
  • Mack and Cooke from Lost Odyssey are seen as annoying little brats who take away game time from much more interesting or better-developed characters. And the cherry on top is that they were almost useless in battle aside from teaching skills to other (better) characters.
    • Mack and Cooke act just like real children would, which may be the reason why some players hate them.
    • Real children of that age generally have a sense of danger and self-preservation. They do not run straight into a cursed bloodsoaked forest or hijack trains heading for polar ice-caps. Especially in Mack's case, his sole purpose in the story was to get himself into trouble to justify another sidequest.
  • Marumaro in Blue Dragon. He's got an annoying, grating voice, and is a particularly dumb character in an Idiot Plot, which is no small feat.
  • Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri:
    • Sister Miriam Godwinson. As an annoying bible-thumper with a crippling research deficiency who is incredibly warlike and inevitably ends up stepping on the toes of every other faction by complaining that they're not embracing Christian fundamentalism. Most players of Alpha Centauri tend to be immediately alienated by her fluff alone and make it a point to eradicate her some point down the line with their inevitably technical superiority.
    • Also something of a Tier-Induced Scrappy. If you play as Sister Miriam's faction in-game, your only hope of winning is attempting to conquer every other faction as quickly as possible. The longer you delay, the bigger the technology gap gets, so there's no room for anything else but pure conquering from the very start.
  • Among the characters in Xenogears that don't die soon after introduction, Hammer the Supplier seems like a very divisive character. From the moment he's introduced, a player either hates him or adores him. Hammer has his lowest point with the audience when he shoots and kills Medena, Elly's mother, and runs off with Krelian and Miang. Later, he is encountered cybernetically integrated into a gear, and Fei's group are forced to eliminate him. But after this, Hammer's character becomes deeply humanized and woobified by Elly and Rico, an example of Rescued From the Scrappy Heap. Neither could hate Hammer for the things he did, and Rico in particular was adamantly convinced that none of it was Hammer's fault, strongly implying a belief that Hammer was not to blame for his actions. For the rest of the story, Rico occasionally comments on memories with Hammer with transparent fondness.
  • Spiritual Successor Xenoblade Chronicles has the Nopon Riki. He's a non-humanoid party member, a fluffy ball that's supposed to be "cute". However, the Nopon's Third Person Person manner of speaking, gratingly annoying voice, and their often childlike level of understanding combine to lead to a character that has little place in the fairly serious plotline of the game. Add to that the fact that while every other character has a good reason to fight against the Mechon, Riki's reason is simply that he was in too much debt and was only able to pay it off by taking up the role of "Heropon". While he can be useful in battle, that seems to be his only redeeming quality.
  • Star Ocean Till the End of Time:
    • Farleen, both for having an annoying voice and for mostly being a plot device who, along with her partner Tynave, gets held captive and beaten up in order to give Nel all the more reason to hate Airyglyph. At least she's just an NPC.
    • There's also Sophia, the main character's childhood friend, who spends a huge chunk of the game captured and missing and is generally considered the weakest character in battle due to her Squishy Wizard status (though if used properly, she shouldn't even be getting hit). She's also often accused of being a Canon Sue and subjected to bashing from shippers - even though she doesn't really get in the way of any pairings, given that Fayt can end up with anyone in the party with the right Relationship Values.
    • Don't forget Roger... oh wait, there's probably a reason many fans would prefer to forget him. In that case, maybe it's not a bad thing that it's possible to go through the entire game without even seeing him; doing that even nets you an omake scene in the ending!
    • Peppita has a lot of haters, too. This probably has something to do with her introduction, where she scribbles her autograph along with a goofy face on Fayet's shirt.
    • And over in Star Ocean the Second Story, Ernest is greatly maligned for being the worst character in battle, along with canonically being Opera's boyfriend (jealous fanboys, much?). In fact, most players who do recruit him are only in it for the powerful armour that can be stolen from him in PA mode. Noel is also very unpopular for not being able to access strong spells like the other casters, as well as for having what many players think is a boring personality.
    • As for Star Ocean the Last Hope, Sarah has few fans thanks to her naff Farleen-esque dub voice and ditzy tendencies. Her excellent healing abilities make her a valuable ally in battle, though.
    • A large portion of Star Ocean 4's cast is widely hated. Edge is hated for being stupid and throwing tantrums, Reimi is hated for being a bitch, a lot of people find Lym's monotone voice annoying, etc. A lot of fans despise Star Ocean 4 Welch, too. Even the ones that aren't really hated aren't highly regarded, either. Myuria is often referred to as a poor man's Judith.
  • Barlow in Vanguard Bandits, who quickly earns his in-game status as the Butt Monkey.
  • Silent Hill:
    • While the series is full of polarising characters, none attract such utter loathing as Laura from the second game. In every one of her scenes with James she regularly insults him, goes out of her way to be unhelpful, and at one point locks him in a room filled with incredibly suggestive monsters. While entirely justified, her final scene where she rages at James at the worst possible time is the metaphorical final straw for many.
    • It's never made clear in the game, but Word of God is that Laura doesn't see any of the things that James does. To him, he's being locked in a room full of monsters, but to her, she's just playing a prank on the fartface who was mean to Mary and hardly ever came to visit her on her deathbed.
  • Legend of Dragoon:
    • Miranda unfortunately became the Scrappy of the game due to her abrasive personality. (Even though Shana was a textbook Female JRPG hero through and through) Sadly she also got screwed over and never really had a chance to become more than a Filler party member.
    • Shana may have the default jrpg heroine personality but at least she was likable. Miranda gets little development (Due to being a late joiner) and just comes off as a bitch
  • Players of The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion almost uniformly loathe the Adoring Fan, a pointy-haired elf who latches onto the player at the end of the Arena quest arc. He does not fight, usually runs from combat, and is quite annoying in conversation. There are quite a few clips out there of him being shoved off Dive Rock and killed in various and sundry other inventive ways.
  • Fallout 3
    • Though in the same vein, Myron gets the Scrappy Status for being a Complete Monster creating a Fantastic Drug which a Ghoul enhances further much later on by adding sugary cereal to the mix and just being annoying bastard. Even resident companion badass Cassidy wants Myron dead.
    • For some, Three Dog is an insufferable character after a few hours of the game, given that his radio broadcasts repeat endlessly, but he always refers to them as breaking news. He gained the most extreme hate, though, for slamming the player for killing Roy, who, despite inherent sympathy as a minority, wanted to murder innocent civilians.
    • Many Jerkass characters in Fallout 3 get understandable hatred, among them Confessor Cromwell, Colin Moriarty, and especially Knight Captain Durga. Fortunately, unlike many video game scrappies, they can be killed if the player wishes.
    • Sticky is probably the single most hated character. Escort Missions are annoying enough to begin with, but Sticky makes it worse with his incessant babbling.
    • Amata has gained quite a bit of hatred from fans for kicking you out of he vault after you let the overseer live TWICE, (Unless, of course, you kill him) made her the overseer, and saved the vault from a war that would have destroyed them. Her father is also kind of a Jerkass
  • Neverwinter Nights 2:
    • Several characters that could be hated, but generally Qara is often cited as the most hated. She's a pyromaniac sorceress who has a severely overinflated sense of importance due to the fact she can spontaneously cast spells and refuses to study anything or refuse to take responsibility for her actions (believing she had a right to set fire to a stable because someone verbally mocked her. Any attempt to reign in her Pyromania or her tendency to want to do the most destructive action possible only nets negative influence. There's VERY little attempts for the player to get her off the high horse and mature. It also doesn't help she has a rivalry with the much more popular Sand who she belittles needlessly because he's a Wizard.
    • It also also doesn't help that Qara's pyrotechnics have a nasty habit of destroying loot-containing chests.
    • In close competition with Qara is Grobnar, the resident Spoony Bard. Who is also a gnome. Many players would love to tell him to get stuffed when he announces his intention to join the party... but when anybody wants to join your party in NWN2, Thou Must Accept Them.
    • While not on the same level as those two, Elanee tends to get some flak due to her romance with a male PC having some arguably disturbing undertones, as well as, in some people's minds, just not being as interesting as Neeshka.
  • Killzone:
    • Rico, who's a loudmouthed, annoying Jerkass who does a nice job breaking things and is generally disliked by the fandom. Of course this could be intentional - to offset Sev's measured approach, and ultimately show the futility of aggression for aggression's sake.
    • Probably intentional, but he's still completely unforgivable for getting Garza killed and turning everything to shit by killing Visari. Hopefully he gets his comeuppance in Killzone 3...
    • And then, one of the first screens released for Killzone 3 is Rico. And the fandom raged.
  • Harvest Moon:
    • Sabrina, Mary and Luna from the series are Scrappies due to rabid Die for Our Ship Vaughn/Chelsea, Gray/Claire and Gill/Angela fans. Also, any rival of a popular bishie in that series will become an instant scrappy due to fangirls.
    • The Harvest Goddess of Harvest Moon 64 became a scrappy after her appearance in the reboot Back to Nature. She went from a regular Goddess to a Jerkass.
  • Shotaro of Flower, Sun, and Rain is intended to evoke this reaction. He actually outright states he's trying for that, because he wouldn't want to be liked by anyone who would play a game like this.
  • Darkstalkers:
    • Rikuo, the Bishonen fishman of the monster-fighter, seems to be incredibly disliked by the fandom. Apparently, Capcom got the hint and took him out of one of the Updated Rereleases... along with Jon Talbain and Sasquatch. A review of the series describes Rikuo as so:

 "Apparently the last member of his disgusting aquatic race, Rikuo (Aulbath in Japan) desperately searches the world in hopes of finding a hideous mate so he can repropagate his loathsome species. Yes, I am biased."

    • The widespread hatred of Rikuo even seems to have gotten recognition in the anime, where at the beginning of episode 4, Rikuo fights Pyron for about 15 seconds before apparently receiving a horrible blood-gushing wound and being utterly destroyed in a massive fiery rainforest-obliterating explosion, complete with a silhouetted view of his flesh tearing apart and his bones disintegrating.
  • Valkyria Chronicles:
    • Cezary, a Darcsen-hating Jerkass of a sniper who always seems to look out for himself only, and got quite a few Kick the Dog moments in the manga. It doesn't help that he's considered a low-tier sniper, especially compared to people like Oscar, Catherine or Marina.
    • In terms of people who are actually important to the story, General Gregor of the Imperials and General Damon of the Gallians are also the target of much well-deserved hatred. Most people would probably profess a larger hatred for Damon, though, despite the fact that he's ostensibly on your side - he's incredibly disrespectful of the militia, believing them to be worthless because they're "peasants", and keeps sending them on suicide missions that translate into ridiculously difficult gameplay levels. The fact that, in Selvaria's DLC, he breaks weapon treaties and uses poison gas on the Imperials only serves to solidify how much of a Jerkass he is. His death at the hands of Selvaria's Taking You with Me explosion is supremely satisfying, despite the fact that it horribly sets back Gallia's war effort!
    • Edy Nelson is easily the most polarizing character in the franchise. Those who like her tend to adore her. Those who don't tend to hate her guts. Both sides are big and very vocal. She's also a massively popular Ensemble Darkhorse in Japan, getting her own DLC episode and ensuring that she'll probably always have at least a cameo, much to dismay of her hatebase.
  • Until Insomniac Games saved him in the sequels by toning down his attitude, Ratchet of Ratchet and Clank was this to many reviewers, who claimed that only Clank's presence in the game kept them putting up with Ratchet's Jerkass tendencies; some even said that the sequels should have focused solely on Clank, leaving the poor Lombax out entirely.
  • Soul Series:
    • Tira.
      • She is immensely disliked by some fans due to her terrible English voice and the difficulty in using the character. It doesn't help that she's apparently supposed to be bipolar - swinging between extreme childish glee and exaggerated, emo-ish rage. This is pretty surprising because her English voice is none other than fan favorite Jennifer Hale. While the Japanese voice, while not as fan favorite as Hale, is also pretty respectable.
      • Her debut game's default costume is eye-searing, and clashes with everyone else's halfway decent attempt at acting as if the series is set in the 16th century (colors for those who don't know? Lime Green and Royal Purple).
      • Another point is that, thanks to her manipulations, she turns Sophitia, one of the series' best-known heroic characters, into a confusing character who's too evil to be a hero because she fights off good guys and works for the evil Soul Edge, but who's also too heroic to be a villain because her appearance (including her outfit) still implies purity, she continues praying to the various Greek gods and to her husband, and she still exhibits an overall air of goodness, honor and loyalty despite her new master. Thank you so much, Tira!
      • And wanna know how Tira makes it all worse? Come in V, she pretty much murdered Sophitia before she even had a chance to redeem herself and then makes the life of her daughter Pyrrha a living hell. Why aren't you a Complete Monster like your master Nightmare already, Tira?
    • Guest characters tend to be Scrappies, although for a different reason. Offenders include Heihachi Mishima and Link in Soul Calibur II (Play Station 2 and Game Cube respectively) - Heihachi due to his lack of weapons, making him impossible to see in an Invisible match, and Link due to super-spammable attacks that nevertheless placed him at the bottom of the tier list - and Yoda and Starkiller in Soul Calibur IV due to the former's immunity to grabs/high attacks and the latter's brokenness in Arcade Mode yet relative uselessness as a player character.[4]
    • Poor, poor Rothion. By all accounts, he's a stand-up guy and loving husband and father, a blacksmith chosen by the great big Ultimate Blacksmith in the sky as his human instrument... who's wife just happens to be one of the hottest women in a series full of hot women. Yeah.
    • Yun Seong's got everything going for him. Wrong. He's got an annoying personality, including a firm grasp of the Idiot Ball over three games. He's practically a parody of every Hot-Blooded cliche in the book. He's seen by some as the Replacement Scrappy to Hwang, yet with a more useless moveset. Shippers of anyone he knows hate him, because they want him out of the picture. Because the people that he know tend to be sensible, useful women, and because they have to babysit him for half of their stories, he's seen as even more unavoidable.
    • Patroklos Alexander is not only the least liked of the Soul Calibur V newcomers, but he is quite possibly the most hated character in the entire series. What makes it worse is a notable combination of the following tropes: Designated Hero, Spotlight-Stealing Squad, an Establishing Character Moment where he murders an innocent man in cold blood, just because Patroklos thought he looked malfested; and the Ass Pull introduction of a new Deus Ex Machina ability that Soul Calibur had never used before this game, which only served to facilitate his Heel Face Turn. This ended up being rather hard to digest due to the aforementioned Deus Ex Machina elements, so when he finally had a change of heart, people had a hard time accepting it due to how blatantly artificial the development was. These, coupled with everyone else being Demoted to Extra and the brief Story Mode, don't exactly help Patroklos's case.
  • Resident Evil Code Veronica:
    • Steve Burnside is a big time scrappy. An insufferable, whiny screw-up with a shrill, nasal voice. The fact that he often wastes ammunition on walls and ends up getting both Claire and himself into danger too many times just makes him even more unbearable.
    • Thankfully, the staff working on the Code: Veronica segment of Darkside Chronicles seems to have noticed this, and plan to tone him down and, thank the heavens, give him a new voice actor that sounds like an actual teenager.
    • Note that like many other characters on this page, Steve is something of a Base Breaker. He's got loads of Angst, but there's justification for that in game what with his mother being shot, him and his dad being shipped off to a private corporate prison, and his dad being turned into a zombie, which he then had to shoot. There's no justifying that damned voice, though. Thankfully, Darkside Chronicles did fix that (he sounds a bit older than 17, but at least he's not horribly nasal).
  • Super Robot Wars:
    • Lee Linjun, The Neidermeyer captain of the Shirogane is a stuck-up Jerkass perfectionist who has very little concern on his subordinates and always look down on Tetsuya Onodera, always giving him his frustrations while in practice, his high and mighty attitude always lead to disaster; and then, he got caught by stupidity, then turns traitor. Then right after that, he crossed the Moral Event Horizon by killing Daitetsu Minase. From that point on, it doesn't matter if he had a sad past of losing his wife, all his negativities eclipse all of them, And the Fandom Rejoiced when he met his end by charging like an idiot towards Tetsuya... who's commanding the battleship Kurogane, with a drill on its head.
    • Wilhelm von Juergen, the 'supposed' Big Bad of the OVA, when you look at him, seems normal. A candidate of Anti-Villain, perhaps, he only, like, got over the top reacting on his sadness of losing his family against the Aerogators, and his intentions in building the ODE is clearly well enough. But in process of that, he managed to be a unrepentant massive Big Bad Wannabe, who caught Lamia Loveless only by luck, and when she made it clear that her mind cannot be overridden that easily with ODE's programming, he crosses the Moral Event Horizon by shooting her while she's battered, defenseless and naked making it look like she dies and suffer a huge case of Chickification (Which was thankfully fixed when she eventually returns full time in OG Gaiden) since the teaser to OG Gaiden ended right after he shot her dead and he's immediately killed by Duminuss for outliving his 'usefulness'. Right after that, all his sympathetic points got to hell, and everyone looks at him with A LOT of contempt. However, you will be less than likely to find those who are vocal in their hatred towards Juergen when compared to Lee's ... because every one of Juergen's appearance is in a No Export for You media (the very small number of western players that DO know about him, they just can't find it in themselves to like him in any way). It doesn't help that the Bartolls that he provides are massive Goddamned Bats.
    • Mist Lex, the Original Generation main of Super Robot Wars K. Where to start? He's an idiot that can't read the mood; when everyone is surprised at the Overdevil disappearing, he just goes "Man, that was a tough enemy, huh?" for no reason. He speaks of stuff like the slavery back at his home planet nonchalantly, even if it involves friends of his. He's a reckless idiot that attacks stronger villains without thinking twice about it. Repeatedly. He's got a Love Triangle with two other girls not all that interesting either but still overtakes a decent chunk of the plot, including pushing aside the better Love Triangle from Shinkon Gattai Godannar. To cap it off, his robot is ugly as hell and when combined with the robot of his chosen girl it becomes even uglier, if that's possible. And he's the friggin' main character. In Mist's defense, the previous DS game, Super Robot Wars W, has some of the most popular and beloved Original mains out there, so he suffers a bit from Tough Act to Follow, but even with that aside, he's just bland and uninspired, to the point fans want him to NOT appear in the Super Robot Wars Original Generation games, and occasionally when there's a new SRW announced, Trolls start picking up his Scrappiness and photoshopped Mist into said game, just to annoy people.
  • Dragon Age:
    • It has two characters that spawned giant Hatedoms. Isolde, wife of the Arl of Redcliffe who raised Alistair, resident Mr. Fanservice. She was especially harsh to him when he was a boy, making him sleep in the stables and shipping off to be raised by the Chantry, where he was miserable, as well as generally making his life miserable while he was there (all before he was ten, mind you). Her reason being that her husband never told her that Alistair 'was not' his illegitimate son but Maric's causing all sorts of problems for her and her own son. Alistair as an adult even sympathizes with her and admits that his response to it all was very immature and stupid (his comment being that he may as well have been raised by dogs), this usually gets overlooked by Alistair's fangirls. In the course of the game she makes a number of bad decisions that led to the problems in Redcliffe including a zombie plague that you have to fix. It's clearly not her fault however she simply didn't want her beloved son to get dragged off to Wizarding School (which is the law) because it's a prison and where your graduation ceremony is having a demon shoved into you just to test your resistance to possession and where failure to toe the line either results in execution or a lobotomy. Her response was to hire an illegal mage who was secretly planted there by Loghain/Howe who poisoned the Arl causing her son to turn to a demon for help that possessed him and started the whole zombie plague. Her hatedom however makes her out to be a conceited, stupid bitch who just didn't want her son's magic embarrassing her because of her religion and let things get worst just to keep it secret instead of a distressed mother just trying to protect her only son. She gets in your way quite a bit throughout the quest but all to her save her son. Still many fans see her as a Karma Houdini for not receiving any sort of punishment for something she's not at fault for. Mostly though, everyone hates her poorly French accented voice! "Teeeeeeeeee-gaaaaaahn!". That she pushes for Jowen's (the blood mage who tried to assassinate her husband then genuinely tries to repent for it) execution also doesn't help matters.
      • Playing through the Mage Origin does indicate Isolde is a Karma Houdini. Her actions, at a minimum, should have caused her to be imprisoned for life, if not outright executed, regardless of her motives or knowledge of Jowan's abilities. This is also only the Templar response without factoring in any further actions from Ferelden itself.
    • Anora's Hatedom is due to her being seen as a manipulative bitch who tries to manipulate the player in order to gain the throne, while it is true that she wants to rule she is also just trying to save Loghain (whom she genuinely loves) and is genuinely concerned with her people (including her dead husband who was actually cheating on her) to the extent that she's willing to oust her father in order to unite the country against the darkspawn. She will make plenty of compromises in order to win the Warden's support so long as she benefits (keep in mind Arl Eamon will also state that he wants Alistair on the throne because 'Alistair will listen to Eamon's advice') and if made Queen will make the most improvements including easing the poverty and building schools. Anora is one of the more positive leaders you can pick, keep in mind if you pick Prince Bhelen as the Dwarf King he will make really good changes despite being a huge dick while picking Lord Harrowmont who is actually a nice guy will only ruin the dwarven people, yeah it's that kind of world. A lot of hate comes from the fact that she can betray the player not once, but twice if you choose certain dialogue options. The first time is escaping from Arl Howe. When confronted with her father's lieutenant, the player may reveal Anora was being held captive and s/he is rescuing her. Anora then steps forward and claims you are kidnapping her, then darts off as one of the toughest fights in the game commences, losing however will only result in capture then an easy escape quest. However Anora disguises herself beforehand as a guard in order to escape being dragged back to her father by said lieutenant (something she explains beforehand) and only betrays you to provide a distraction for herself while she runs to Arl Eamon (she later admits that she might have screwed up). She will even help mount a rescue afterwards. Fail to support her at the Landsmeet (even if the player has promised to), and she'll betray you again by supporting Loghain, her father, whom she earlier claimed had tried to kill her (keep in mind she is still trying to save him). She will also order for Alistair's execution if the Warden sides with Loghain at the Landsmeet (re: Mr. Fanservice above) in order to stop future rebellions (which do happen if he lives) which earns her a lot of hate from Alistair fangirls.
      • Part of Anora's hatedom comes from her Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. Not only does her actions not help her, they actively hinder her ability to take the throne. In addition, her willingness to pay lip service to the idea of rescuing the people she betrayed is diminished when you factor in the torture and very real threat of execution.
      • It also doesn't help that hardened Alistair is a better overall ruler and Anora actually criticizes Alistair for not executing her if he has the opportunity to do so.
    • On the smaller scale, among the party members both Alistair (yes, Mr. Fanservice Alistair) and Morrigan have fairly dedicated hatedoms themselves. Morrigan mainly because, as the token evil team-mate, she will disapprove of anything remotely good that the player character does(to the point of meme status), and is otherwise a bit of a stuck up bitch. Another source seems to be the opinion that she along with her mother, Flemeth, are somewhere between a Creator's Pet and a Spotlight-Stealing Squad, occupying too much of a story they feel should be focused on the Grey Wardens fighting the darkspawn. Alistair's hatedom seems to be largely backdraft from his estrogen brigade bait status(not everyone playing this game is a female warden/Alistair shipper), combined with the view that he's a weak willed, irresponsible, hypocritical individual who unfairly puts the weight of saving the world on the player character's shoulders, and walks away from the fight if he doesn't get the chance for personal vengeance.
    • Velanna in Awakening, added as Morrigan's replacement Token Evil Teammate Lady of Black Magic is seen as being irredeemably bitchy and insane, being voiced by Grey DeLisle using her deadpan voice doesn't help. Her Freudian Excuse for revenge killings is made of Insane Troll Logic and directed at the wrong targets. She is being manipulated by the darkspawn however which tends to get overlooked. This is usually taken as the reason her own tribe casting her out, in reality however she left the tribe far earlier for being too much of a Blood Knight and hating humans far more than the average Dalish elf. Some other like minded elves joined her while her sister followed her to try and bring her back. Many fans also seem to think that her sister hates her when said sister decides to stay with the Architect she only does so because she empathizes with the darkspawn due to similarities with the Dalish (that and she's visibly tainted), something Velanna ends up supporting. She spends much of the game being angry and resentful but has several redeeming moments if the player pushes for it. In one of the epilogues she even changes completely and spends her days protecting human villages without making any snide comments.
    • Alistair's fangirls often hate on his sister Goldanna for not welcoming him with hugs and kisses and then demanding money from him. Keep in mind Goldanna is a bitter, poor single mother with five children who hasn't seen Alistair in years. Getting angry at him for trying to come into her life after all this time is understandable.
  • Dragon Age 2:
    • Carver, Hawke's little brother is this to a lot of the Fandom. Just about every other character has some form of Hatedom, up to and including the main character Hawke, as a Replacement Scrappy and/or a Creator's Pet.
    • Outside of Carver, the other character who gets the biggest amount of hate is Anders. Originally the Ensemble Darkhorse from Dragon Age: Awakening, his entire character become an angsty hypocritcal mage who's one and only thought is to complain about the plight of the mages.
    • In the Mark of the Assassin DLC, the elf assassin Tallis (whose voice and appearance are based upon Felicia Day) is viewed by many as an unlikable Canon Sue. Players hate Tallis because of her Cutscene Power to the Max (her introduction scene features her killing half a dozen Antivan Crows without even breaking a sweat), her Can't Argue With Qunari attitude, and the fact that she succeeds at her goals regardless of whether you choose to support her or oppose her.
  • Wren Insurance from Sim City 4 has a lot of hate, due to a programming glitch that caused it to spawn more often than it needed to in the cities. There's a mod to fix this, as well as a mod to completely remove it from the game (as well as the rest of the Maxis buildings).
  • Left 4 Dead 2:
    • Rochelle gets a ton of hate from the fans simply because she doesn't always have something witty to say like the other survivors or how her voice actor is "bad." People have even gone as far as replacing her with Zoey via modding. With The Passing campaign coming soon, many fans hope that Valve replaces Rochelle's VA with a new one and redo all of her old lines.
    • Valve ended up not doing that for the DLC, however, though the DLC did in fact add a lot of interesting dialogue between her and Francis, including mimicking Francis' hating things. Even if they did not rewrite her lines and replace her VA, many fans still agree that the Passing successfully managed to get her Rescued From the Scrappy Heap.
  • Kid Blue from Bomberman is hated by many people for being extremely annoying. Heck even the creators hates him.
  • Strider Hien is widely hated for being incredibly effeminate looking and acts like a child especially in Namco X Capcom. Oh and he's younger than Hiryu.
  • Team Fortress 2:
    • It's known that a small Hatedom can appear for some classes they don't like or get sick of hearing mic-spam songs of. One popular target includes hearing the Scout's "BONK!" remixed into every single song. You actually can get banned from servers if you play any of these "BONK!" remixes.
    • Also, no matter what, if there is a Sniper on your team, someone will hate them. Either your team will hate them for being useless when they needed a medic or being one of 14 snipers. Or, your enemies will hate them for being good.
    • The same thing with spies. They either make your own teammates rage because they are absolutely useless, or your enemies will rage because one-hit backstabs are not fun to be on the receiving end of.
    • There was at least one CTF server in which Engineers were deemed "Glorified NPC's" for simply holding up by the Intel in massive numbers and preventing anyone from progressing in any significant manner.
  • Carth Onasi seems to be this to a lot of Knights of the Old Republic gamers. Seriously, the game repeatedly asks you if you want to talk to him, and when you DO talk to him, he ends up whining about how much his life sucks, though it's justified considering that he's lost his wife (killed during the Sith attack on Telos) and his son (student of the Sith in the Korriban Academy) in the war.Heck, almost every NPC in Knights of the Old Republic II has at least a small hatedom, even HK-47. However, the prize for most hated character (perhaps in all of Star Wars?) must go to G0-T0.
  • Borderlands:
    • Claptrap (aka CL4P-TP) has seen his share of online criticism for seemingly attempting to blend the Scrappy with GIR of Invader Zim fame in order to create the most obnoxious, attention-grabbing, so randum marketing hook as possible. Oh look, there's even a toy. Not to mention the fact that his voice sounds awfully similar to Tom Kenny, even though he wasn't the one who provided the voice of Claptrap.
    • At the very least, at least two get killed during the game, one shot off a cliff by Krom and the other executed by a Jakobs Claptrap in a Funny Moments during the Zombie Island DLC.
    • Claptrap's New Robot Revolution is meant to please both people who either like or hate Claptraps. On one hand, they're now the center of their own campaign. On the other hand, you get to kill a massive wave of them.
  • The text adventure of The Hobbit boasted, as a special feature, that its NPCs had minds of their own. They would wander off, pick up and drop objects and get into fights all on their own, and wouldn't always obey your commands. This was as annoying as it sounds, but the worst offender was undoubtedly Bard of Dale:

 A massive red dragon appears in the sky!
Nothing happens.
The dragon is getting closer.
Bard says "No."
The dragon fills the sky to the East!
Bard sits down and starts picking his nose.
The dragon opens its mouth. The blood drains from your face as you stare down its gaping throat.
Bard tells you about attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
The searing white flame of the dragon's breath is the last thing you feel as the flesh is stripped from your bones.

  • Suikoden II:
    • Chaco. He steals your wallet and a letter of introduction for the ruler of the city you're trying to broker a treaty with. Then he steals your dinner from your hotel room, swipes your guide's wallet, and forces you to chase him through a completely unnecessary sewer level and fight a rather annoying boss where you lose him. When you meet his grandmother, she tells him to return your wallet. He doesn't and brags about it. The fact that he pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment later on (again only because he was a total prick and his people didn't bother to fight at the start and you couldn't work to unite the humans and kobolds because you spent the bulk of your time in the town chasing his dumb ass around) doesn't change a thing. Especially after the painful as hell speech he gives about 'loving' the town. Which he routinely robs from and mocks at every opportunity. Choke and die on a piece of glass, Chaco.
    • Jess from the same game is moreso. He's a Non-Action Guy bordering on fanatical Knight Templar loyalty to Muse and accuses you for the murder of Annabelle when in actuality Jowy killed her, and goes so far to claim you're a Highland Spy, and causes Nanami to ask to run away, possibly leading to a Nonstandard Game Over and the death of Ridley. Take note: This is after you beat the crap out of Luca Blight and does a huge favor for the States. He does apologize and becomes a good sub-unit for war, but people still hates his guts back in the days.
  • Civilization:
  • Most of the characters in Legacy of Kain are either popular enough to have their own fanbase or minor enough that no one really cares about them. The exception is Umah from Blood Omen 2. The majority of the fanbase hates her for one reason or another, several seeing her as a Shallow Love Interest, a Faux Action Girl, and a Ms. Fanservice in a series with a very large, active, and vocal female fanbase.
  • MADAGASCAR in the Pandemic games for being very hard to infect. It's a country with only one way in (sea ports), and they're very fast to close the ports as soon as your plague becomes apparent anywhere in the world - which makes the game Unwinnable, since the goal is to infect every country in the world.
  • Descent II:
    • The guidebot, while useful and perhaps even necessary in later levels, is still infamous for irritating players to no end with its constant fluttering around you and demands that you follow it immediately. Even worse, when you shoot at it in frustration, it gets and attitude with you and may even shoot back with its flare.
    • The thief bot is also a bit of a scrappy, but it is intended to be a pain in the ass.
  • Dwarf Fortress:
    • Elves are self-righteous, hypocritical, cannibalistic plant rights activists who bring terrible trade goods and constantly insult you when you try to negotiate with them. Players take great joy in finding new ways to make their opinions on this known, usually by massacring their trade caravans and then laughing as unarmored elves with wooden swords attempt to invade as revenge and walk straight into the fortress's death traps.
    • Also, nobles, who are Upper Class Twits to a one and prone to making strange and bizarre mandates, some of which can even be physically impossible. It was bad enough when they just demanded glass items on a map with no sand; now it's possible for your baron to demand - under threat of having people executed - that you make items out of slade, which is unmineable and indestructible by normal means and only found in the pits of hell. Strangely, inexplicable accidents tend to befall nobles making such demands.
  • Jasper Batt Jr. from No More Heroes 2 is immensely hated by fans due to his annoying voice, ridiculous fashion sense, the fact that he lets his henchmen doing all of the killing for him, and for being a Final Boss that goes from easy, to That One Boss.
  • The Parrot from Starship Titanic.
  • Valkyrie Profile Covenant of the Plume:
    • a sizable chunk of the fandom absolutely hates Rosea or merely dislikes her. At best, she's considered an annoying, cliched, Distressed Damsel type (The last one is VERY understandable though, given that path A, chapter 3 battle. Brrrr!). At worst, she is considered a loathsome hypocrite, a coward, phony, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, full of herself, cold blooded unrepentant murderer, etc. In fact, the opinions against Rosea are so numerous and vehement, this page could easily burst into flames. Any good qualities she has are either dismissed, outright ignored, or given a "so what? She's still irredeemable" attitude. The aftermath of her actions in path C? Ignored or twisted around. B Path? Oh, she's too soft, weak, soppy, foolish, etc. A path? Bah! She's a sanctimonious hypocrite that doesn't deserve to be listened to. Beyond that? Same as B. What makes this er, interesting is that similar OR WORSE characters are either not acknowledged or painted in a far more sympathetic light.
    • Let's not forget Fauxnel. While much of the fandom is indifferent to him, he's not exactly the Prom King of COTP either. This is because of what was revealed about him in Path A, and what ends up happening after that. He is the one who helped kill Sir Cennair and framed both Liesel and Rosea for the crime. He also manipulated both girls into turning on each other. He claimed to be responsible for killing Nicolaus Haughn, and then has Valmur killed for not wanting to involve House Haughn in the war. Wylfred ends up assisting him to end the war because killing Fauxnel would have accomplished nothing. The Margrave, at least, rips Fauxnel a new asshole, but the devious mage is still viewed as a horrible Karma Houdini. However, his heart was in the right place, and he's amusing to have around. Still, there aren't many fans of his around in the fandom.
  • In the MMORPG Trickster Online, we have the implacable trio of Genius Cochma, Frog Shaman, and Lethos. Each of the three asks for items that are hard to obtain to begin with, in five sets of five... sometimes going so far as to ask for four different collections of items. Lethos isn't as bad as the other two (usually), and Cochma at least is the warm-up NPC for a given region. Still, say "Frog Shaman" to anyone and they're most likely to complain about the latest version of his Twenty Bear Asses quest.
  • Kuruna from Rune Factory 3. Guess that they needed someone to play the role of the JRPG elf and yell about how Humans Are Bastards since the actual elves are too busy living amongst the humans and being amiable. Her racist attitude combined with fact that she resides in an out-of-the-way location makes her one of the least popular marriage candidates in the game and easily the most hated.
  • Rune Factory :
    • The main heroines of the franchise receive a lot of heat for the way that the game favors them and tries to nudge you in their direction. Mist is much more regularly involved in the plot, images of Kyle and Mana hanging out hog the mass majority of Rune Factory 2's first OP, the second OP of Rune Factory 3 shows Micah running up to Shara in her wedding dress and twirling around with her while holding hands regardless of who you actually married, they get flirty dialogue very early, etc. This troper would say that only Shara, being the normal girl in a town full of wacky and eccentric bachelorettes, is generally considered uninteresting enough to attain full blown scrappy status for it, though.
    • Shara isn't exactly exempt from this, actually. She is arguably the least developed of the heroines, and since she's the "canon" love interest, the game constantly shoves her in your face and actively treats you like shit if you even think of choosing someone else. Not only that, but if you do marry her, her personality does a complete 180 and she becomes a total bitch who constantly whines, complains and badmouths you and the other girls every chance she gets.
  • Lori Jackrabbit is a bit of a Scrappy for some players because she was just generally tacked-on. She has no real personality beyond being female (admittedly, all she really has to convey this with is her Idle Animation, but given her brothers' animations, it seems like Epic could have tried harder) and wearing a sports bra. The other factor is her poorly chosen moveset; she uses Jazz's helicopter ears and Spaz's flying kick, which means that she has no way of increasing her jump height from a standing start, which makes certain levels almost, if not actually, impossible to beat when playing as her. The fact that the earliest incarnation of Lori was as a[5] love interest to Spaz before she officially became his sibling might rub some people the wrong way too.
  • The Santa Claus class from Ghouls vs. Humans was particularly unpopular, apparently mainly because it was too silly. The author fixed this by turning Santa into the Engineer (inspired by Dead Space), who is essentially Santa's re-skin.
  • The appropriately-named Backlash from Blast Corps is the Scrappy in vehicle form. Other vehicles are pretty easy to use to destroy buildings, involving either ramming into them or using a special attack. The Backlash, on the other hand, is a giant dump truck that requires you to either find a ramp or cliff and divebomb buildings from above or to pick up some speed and power-slide into them. Expect levels where you're forced to use the Backlash to be an exercise in aggravation.
  • Rogue Galaxy gives us Mio. Her status as a Scrappy was probably intentional, but that doesn't make her any less bothersome. Her character was defined when she got the heroes arrested for being nearby when an explosion went off.
  • Kent from Dead Rising. Good thing you can actually kill him!
  • Rowland from The Orion Conspiracy definitely deserves to be called The Scrappy. Why? For starters, he has an annoying, little-kid-like voice. He is also fat, and admits to being a Basement Dweller (did you hear Unfortunate Implications?). He is selfish, lazy, whiny, and none of the other characters in the game seem to like him very much. In fact, his supervisor has to constantly push him into working on stuff. He does not care about top secret stuff, and he only cares about eating chocolate. He has to be bribed with a blueberry pie before he tells Devlin anything. He is also a hypochondriac. The final blow comes when he happens to overhear Devlin and Meyer's conversation about damage to the engines. He reveals himself to be a Dirty Coward who essentially says Screw This, I'm Outta Here and takes off in a ship leaving everyone else behind. Guess what? Devlin has to go to the laser cannon and shoot to kill Rowland. Take That Scrappy! A conversation between Devlin and Meyer reveals that Meyer would have happily shot down Rowland, and that if Rowland had not been shot down, the alien cocoons in the ship would have hatched and killed him anyway. Rowland was obviously a dead man the minute he got into that ship and took off. His death could be considered Alas, Poor Scrappy.
  • The Sawmill Operator from Runescape; Fan Nicknames include "Thief," "That Bastard," and "the Richest Man in RuneScape."
  • There may be quite a few people who'd like to shoot the host of Wii Party because of his voice and looks quite ugly.
  • The Idolmaster 2 brings us Jupiter, a boy band amidst the otherwise-all-female[6] cast of characters in the series. Not surprisingly, male fans give them a lot of shit, dismissing them as nothing but Yaoi Fangirl fodder.
  • Rayman: Globox is hated by the majority of the fanbase due to being a big coward, and a total idiot (his idioticness is cranked Up to Eleven in Rayman 3, which caused him to be even more hated than before).
    • He appears to have been Rescued From the Scrappy Heap in Rayman Origins, being one of the popular characters to play as.
    • Before that could happen, though, we got the Rabbids. Being annoying one-joke characters was already bad enough, but thanks to their alleged appeal, a planned platformer was retooled into a collection of shallow minigames, against creator Michael Ancel's wishes. Instead of setting this to rights by making another platformer, they soon put Rayman himself on a bus to focus entirely on Rabbids games until Rayman Origins.
  • Umineko no Naku Koro ni:
    • Maria starts to become this when she attains her Creepy Child status. Always letting mischievous laughs come out when the subject of Beatrice comes out,not showing the faintest sign of sadness even when her mother dies, brutally,and constantly repeating that "Beatrice 'does' exist", she certainly makes you become at first disturbed by her change, later wanting to choke the little brat, so annoyingly twisted and insolent she becomes. Even her older cousins, who cherished her the most, start to react to her growing sadism..
    • Battler also starts to qualify once you get Beatrice's game. He's terrifically stubborn to admit that all the murders were caused by witchcraft, and this ends leading everybody losing their chances to go to paradise. In the end he starts to be only a nuisance to Beatrice's game.
    • Chrono Trigger:
    • Dalton for his Invincible Villain status via his written plot-induced stupidity survival that allowed him to constantly outwit the heroes for the most ridiculous reasons and being the Hero-Killer of Crono and Marle. This one-note Complete Monster asshole is allowed to have his victory over Giardia without suffering the consequences. Creator's Pet, indeed.
  • Chrono Cross:
    • Poshul gets a lot of hate for being an obnoxious pink dog-thing and being nigh-useless in battle.
    • Korcha is also widely hated, for wearing nothing but a red speedo and being, again, awful in fights.
  • Adam Malkovich. He's widely considered a Jerk Stu for his cold, sometimes careless behavior, and for imposing the now infamous authorization mechanic on to Samus/The player. The fact that he was built up as a great man when Metroid Fusion came out makes some of his behavior rather shocking to some people. But probably the biggest reason is Samus's sometimes creepy relationship with him, which has spawned entire articles going into how messed up it is. The short version is that Samus acts like he loves him like a daughter(this didn't stop people from interpreting that she liked him in a far different way), but Adam, on the other hand, is mostly indifferent(the No-Varia run is a good example) to outright cruel. The fact that Samus takes things like disabling all of her weapons or getting shot and nearly killed by Adam like it was nothing made things quite worse.
    • There's also the fact that this account basically erases the significance of the Chozo in her life, positioning him as the first father figure she ever had, rather than an entire race that raised her from early childhood, taught her everything she knows, and invented most of the technology she uses. Sure, that makes sense.
  • To some, the Earthbound Photography Man for randomly appearing out of nowhere to interrupt your game to take a random picture.
  • Although Blaz Blue doesn't have any Scrappies per se, you'll find it very hard to find fans of Luna. She's considered to be extremely loud-mouthed and obnoxious, insulting and being a rude bitch to pretty much everyone. She's probably even more haughty than Rachel. This hatred extends a little into Platinum as a whole, although her other personalities Sena and Trinity are more well-received.
  • Shaundi in Saints Row the Third. Her personality change from easy-going pothead to revenge-obsessed complainer who snaps at her friends at the drop of a hat has not gone over well with fans. The fact that Eliza Dushku did not return to voice her did not help matters.
  • In Brothers in Arms, Private Leggett, in-universe and out, especially with his original voice actor and after the deaths of Allen and Garnett. He's awkward, annoying, and far more aggressive towards his fellow squad-mates than towards the Germans. After his Heroic BSOD moment, some squad members mutter that "that skinny prick better not cross [their] path." A new voice actor and some fleshing out make him more popular in later installments, though.
  • The Yeti/"Abominable Snow Monster" in the 8-Bit Windows game Ski Free is also hated due to appearing out of nowhere and eating the player who was just minding their own business skiing down the hill, and tops it off by jumping up and down victoriously over eating the player, mocking their inability to escape him or kick his ass. He's getting like that Duck Hunt dog, only with less publicity, and everyone who played Ski Free hates this guy.
  • The Mayor from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin is more hated than even the worst Complete Monsters in the game for being a selfish ingrate who only pretended to care about his people. This makes his Karmic Death when he tries to consume the antidote himself only to find out the hard way that it was poison all along more satisfying.
  • Atelier Meruru: Rorona. She got turned into an (ugly) eight year old between games, and acts her new age. A very large portion of fanbase is not pleased. This is apparently because Gust couldn't stand to see her in her 30s. "Who wants to see a Rorona in her 30s? Not me, that's for sure!"
  • Jean from Fighter's History, a French pretty-boy with embarrassing attack names.
  • Fad time-trial racer Action Henk has Betsy, for her utterly hideous design with horribly large teeth. Most of the other characters are also hated for being similarly grotesque, although not nearly to the same extent as Betsy.
  • Bang Dream! Girls Band Party: The sudden existence of Imai Lisa's (already retgoned) younger brother drew a lot of critical backlash for the fandom, as Lisa's mention of him already rendered her character development in previous stories as meaningless.


  1. it's a cute brontosaurus with a pink flower, while its two fellow Johto starters are a ferocious volcanic badger that creates explosions and a savage bipedal alligator
  2. Blaziken's an Uber, Infernape is an OU Standard, while Emboar is a NU.
  3. C. Viper is seen as pandering to Americans (but Poison was considered an appropriate match for her), Gouken returning from the grave is seen as rendering Ryu and Ken's drama somewhat meaningless, Decapre is seen as being too similar to Cammy and Vega, Abel is considered somewhat of a missed opportunity and Oni suffers from the SF4 series having a saturation of Shotos.
  4. Darth Vader is a subversion; although at first he was criticized for being a pathetic bottom-tier character and for being, y'know, Darth Vader, fans warmed up to him for being useful yet not broken like the other two guests (by way of an excellent Ring Out game), and for being, y'know, Darth Vader.
  5. much less fanservicey
  6. that is, with one exception
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