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  • Lola Bunny from Space Jam is this for many. Positive Discrimination is a big factor. Since she was female, she could never participate in slapstick or display any flaws, making her seem like an unfunny Mary Sue. The whole "furry" thing certainly doesn't help, either. There's also the fact that they then shoehorned her into every series since. The only possible love she gets is from the Furry Fandom, and most of them aren't too thrilled. The Looney Tunes Show lampshades this fact by making her immensely hated by the main cast, and in a hilarious bit of irony, Bugs seems to be the most annoyed by her. Although, oddly enough, her new characterization in said show has actually made her far more liked amongst some fans.
  • Though Delgo as a whole is a Scrappy Movie, the comic relief is generally the most hated character, being seen as an even more annoying Jar Jar. Allow YouTube to demonstrate.
  • The talking gargoyles from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. They're Actually Pretty Funny but a lot of fans feel that their overly comedic natures undermine the darker elements of the movie.
  • Despite being major characters who give directions to the main characters so they could return home, Marcel and Paddy from Alpha and Omega are not really that popular with the fandom. Go ahead and check out any fanbase such as deviantart or youtube, you'll be surprised that those two have barely to any mention with the rest of the characters, a majority being wolf fans.
  • In Don Bluth's Rock a Doodle, there's Edmund. Nobody likes him, probably to his voice and lisp...worst part is he's the lead character.
  • Snow White gets picked on by some people due to tasting like diabetes and being Too Dumb to Live.
    • She's also frequently cited by anti-rotoscoping attitudes as a prominent example of the Uncanny Valley, compared to her costars who were much more cartoony and stole the movie for many people. Disney probably toned down the realism of future animated characters for that very reason.
  • Sid the sloth from the Ice Age series is so useless, so inept, so much of The Load that the reviewers on couldn't wait for him to get mauled somewhere during the 3rd sequel. He contributes absolutely nothing to the group and actually becomes a danger to them when he causes a mama dinosaur to appear out of an abyss to cause destruction in the their icy home before disappearing with him and its babies (which he refused to give back, prompting it to take him with it), forcing the rest (including a pregnant mammoth) to try and save him.
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