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So what would happen if a woman enacted the Santa Clause?

Would she be subject a Gender Bender? Turn into Befana? Trigger the secondary "Musty be married clause" from the second movie if she's a married woman and turn her husband into Santa?

  • She'd probably turn into Mrs. Claus but actually do the work of delivering presents and whatnot. (She'd probably look like the jolly old lady she was at the end of Santa Clause 2 before they wanted her pretty and young again for the third movie.) She'd probably be subject to the marriage clause as well, but needing to find a husband. At that point her husband could probably take over delivering presents, or he could just stay home.

Is anyone else horrified that that the third act of The Santa Clause 3 was essentially a race to murder a man and undress his corpse?

Not as horrified that The Wizard of Oz is about a woman killing another woman, framing the first person to pass by, and not letting said passer-by leave until she murders the dead woman's sister. Then, when the sister dies too, everybody dances around her corpse.

  • The dude was already dead by that point. Consider it a fixed point in time. The race was essentially only to determine who picked up the coat after he died. Also it's probably like the Incarnations of Immortality series... that Santa had probably gotten sloppy and bored with his life, and likely would have fallen off of someone's roof in short order anyway.

What would happen if a kid or an animal enacted the Santa Clause?

Would the kid experience a epic growing up thing, and would Humanity Ensue for the animal?

  • If the Clause is a binding legal deal, then only an adult may enter into such a deal, unless the child had his parent's support and signed off as well. So no-go on animals, but it could depend on if the child was allowed to wear it by his/her parents.
    • Problem is, what a 'binding legal deal' is varies between jurisdiction and jurisdiction. In some, children can enter into contract. In others, the Clause very much is not a binding legal deal for Scott Calvin and others who became Santa in a roughly similar situation, as they were not informed of, and could not know of, the details of the contract beforehand.
      • Actually, he could know of the details, since the card was right there to be read. Granted parts of the contract are in such small print that they're actually in the decoration around the edge of the card, but they're technically there to be read. (Rule of Funny parody of small print.) Scott entered into the contract in bad faith essentially by not taking the card seriously, but that doesn't mean he wasn't bound by it. As for a kid or animal, an animal would almost certainly be incapable of donning the suit by itself, and could not even potentially read the card and thus consent to the contract. A kid would probably fall under some sort of "common sense exclusion" of the contract... while it's got very odd rules and demands, it's obviously been drafted by thinking Powers That Be that would know that someone with a small child's mind wouldn't be able to perform properly as Santa. The kid would probably wind up at the North Pole, the elves would give them hot chocolate and cookies and get them home before morning, and then convene the council to figure out how to get a new Santa.

If all Santas have to be married, what happened to the previous Mrs. Claus when Scott killed Santa in the first movie?

Did she go back to her pre-Santa life? Did she die when he did?

  • Didn't they not discover the Mrs Clause until Scott's reign as Santa? Maybe no Santa has survived long enough for the Mrs Clause to factor into their contract. Which a completely different kind of Fridge Horror.
    • It may be that the only other Santas to survive long enough that the Mrs Clause would have kicked in were already married, lessening the Fridge Horror.
  • Maybe there's a retirement package. Mother Nature maintains a nice little island somewhere for former Mrs. Clauses. Tropical weather, martinis, and a bunch of other women who you'd have at least a fair bit in common with to hang out with.

If Jack wanted to be Santa, why didn't he just kill Scott?

It'd be a hell of a lot easier. Kill Santa, grab his coat before anybody else can. Don't have to worry about time-travel shenanigans.

  • 1) Because then there would be no movie. 2) Jack's never shown to threaten anyone's life directly until well into the movie when he's essentially gotten desperate. Basically just because he's a Jerkass doesn't mean he's willing to stab someone in the eye. 3) He knows the elves would probably overthrow him or something if they actually watched him stick an icicle through Scott's eye.
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