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Mario Party

  • Jon lands on a mushroom space and gets a poison mushroom...

 Chuggaaconroy: Hey, Jon! Hey, Jon! Don't Eat The Mushroom!

Jon: ...I hate your face.

    • Then, when Chuggaa gets a warp block and switches with Jon, still on the mushroom space...

 Chugga: Wait, this could still work out... NOOOOOO!

Jon: Hey, Chuggaa! Don't Eat The Mushroom! I hear it's bad for you!

 Chugga: HEY JON--


Chugga: I hear eating that is bad for you!

Jon: REALLY!? (pounds fist) I hear knuckle sandwiches are GREAT for your teeth!

  • Jon finding out Mario Party has a storyline canon, especially realizing that Wario was the Super Star from the first Mario Party game:

 Jon: Mario Party has canon?!

    • For several minutes afterward, even while the others were discussing the game mechanics, Proton Jon was still hung up on the idea of Mario Party having canon.
  • This exchange from the Mario Party collab on Rainbow Castle Episode 5:

 Proton Jon: "What's with you and rape?"

Chuggaa: "I don't know! It's fun?"

Proton Jon: "WHAT?!"

  • From exchange from Rainbow Castle Episode 1, after Protonjon reacts to Shy Guy sending Wario out to sea, but ignores Yoshi when the same happens to him:

 Chuggaa: And you say I'm racist!

Proton Jon: Ra- How is that racist!? It's a dinosaur!

Chuggaa: Dinosaurs are people too, you know!

Proton Jon: No, they're not! They're dinosaurs! That's why they're called dinosaurs!

    • Same game, different episode, Nintendo Capri Sun singing 'White Flag' in a helium voice as Peach drifts out to sea.
  • Any given Chance Time.
    • The first time Chance Time shows up, and Chuggaa and Proton Jon end up trading coins while they both had the same amount of coins at the moment.
    • Special Mention to the game winning, "Turn Your Headphones Down"-labeled Chance Time at the end of Bowser's Magma Mountain, which ends in this:

 Jon: Agh, he's hugging me! HE'S HUGGING ME!

Chuggaa: Monkey hug!

Tim: (laughing) I am witnessing... something...

Jon: Oh, why did I go there?

Chuggaa: Stimpy, I could KISS you! (Tim bursts out laughing)

 Chuggaa: SCREW YOU PEOPLE! Foot. Twitch, Twitch.[1]

Proton Jon: Having a slight seizure?


Jon: See, this is why Communism never works.

Chugga: Exactly.

Jon: Because of Chance Time.

 Proton Jon: How do you feel about multiple failed recordings of Mario Party?

Chuggaa: ...I feel like strangling a puppy!

Proton Jon: So do I!


NCS: Hello PETA, I'm calling to report some animal abuse going on here...

Jon: Why did you actually pick up the phone? You just sight gagged for an audio recording!

NCS: Oh god.

  • Their amusement of Wario's German voice actor, especially "D'oh, I missed!", cheering when he says it at the results screen of Mario's Rainbow Castle. What's funny is they missed the first time he said it when he got a Dark Star from Bowser.
    • D'oh, they missed!
  • When Chuggaa got to see Boo on the last turn at Wario's Battle Canyon, Proton Jon tried to convince Chuggaa to not steal his star... to no avail.

 Proton Jon: What are you gonna do? You can steal coins from Tim and get the... *Cue Chuggaa taking away Proton Jon's star* I hate you so much.

  • From the same episode, during the 'Crazy Cutter' minigame when they improvise lyrics to the Pokémon Theme.

 Chugga: I wanna be the very best...

Proton Jon: Like no driller ever was? To cut them is my real test, to free them is my cause!

Chugga: *When the scores come up* Ninety-three!

Jon: Gotta catch some of them.


Tim: Ew!

Proton Jon: What?

 Chugga: You know what I'm doing! *steals coins from Mario* Mawio!

Jon: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Stealin' my money, my hard-earned money--

(Boo only manages to steal one coin)

Chugga: WHAAAAT?!

Jon: YEAAAHHH! Suck it, Trebek!

 Chugga: OH-HO! YEAH! YEAH!



NCS: *laughing maniacally*



  • Chugga accidentally being racist or sexist. First it's about Peach being a woman, then Jon being Canadian, then this exchange during Knock Block Tower.

 Chuggaa: It's-a-Knock-a-Block-a-Towah! ... I get more--

Jon: You get more and more racist every board. I'm expecting you to just, like, say the N word, like, every five seconds by the end of this game!

 Chugga: It was better than 64! HATE COMMENTS COMMENCE!

  • "Rapanese?"
  • "Bowser helped me! :D"
    • And later on, during Yoshi's Tropical Island, the same situation comes up... and Bowser ditches Luigi instead of giving him anything.
  • Jon's punishment for losing at Wario's Battle Canyon? Being shot out of Bowser's cannon!

 Jon: No! No! Bowser, no, (gets shot out of the cannon) I'm sooRRRRRYYYY!

(we cut to the group shot with Mario flying past some firework explosions)

Chugga: And you have fireworks shoved up your ass.

Jon: Wheeeee! (Beat) Wow.

  • This exchange:

 *Peach steals Chugga's star*

Chugga: (in a high-pitched, irritating tone of voice) YEAH, PEACH HAS GOT IT!

Jon: That was a beautiful rendition of Peach's voice.

Chugga: It wasn't trying to be!

  • This comment

 Jon: You never need the brakes! I'm a professional mine cart driver!

*Jon's minecart falls in lava along with the opponent's.*

  • Chuggaa butchers Koopa's explanation for Mario's Rainbow Castle.

 Chuggaa: *reading Koopa's lines as the dialogue speeds by* "Welcome everybody, I'm your guide Koopa Troopa. This castle you see from but the rainbow disappeared, with all your own hands, I have a piece of advice in the castle, now then let's decide turn."

  • Then there's how Chuggaa and Jon say 'FU' to the game.

 Jon: You know what, Mario Party? FU. FU SO MUCH.

Chuggaa: If you see Kay, tell her I said 'hi!'


 Chugga: (singing) Chocolate Rain~

Proton Jon: ...really? Thank you, Tay Zonday.

Chuggaa: Don't Tay Zonday me, bro!


    • And let's not forget this one.

 Chuggaa: *After explaining turbulence* You know, Shift happens.


Jon: That was horrible.


 Jon: I played a lot of Donkey Kong in arcades, I know what to do with a hammer!

  • The very first 4-player minigame of Eternal Star is Running Of The Bulb, a game they aced the other times they played it. This time, all four of them get eaten by the giant Boo and lose.
  • Proton Jon's constant yawning and Chuggaa's Yawn Counter (it doesn't help that Proton starts making Chuggaa and NCS yawn).
    • Chugga dubs them "Proton Yawns".
  • The final minigame of Eternal Star: a Shy Guy Says matchup that goes on for over two minutes. The banter between the two of them as they try to psyche each other out makes it.
    • Made even better by Tim's attempts to psyche them both out.

 Tim: ('A' flag goes up) B! ('B' flag goes up) A!

Jon: Oh fuck you, don't do that!

  • After Chugga ended the Eternal Star roulette, they talk about how none of them were born. Then this happened:

 Chugga (as an old man): Hey, way back in the old days... we didn't have... numbers.

Jon: Back in 1927, you didn't have numbers?

Chugga (as an old man): Exactly!

Jon: Back in 1927!

Tim and Chugga laugh

Chugga (as an old man): Back in a number, we didn't have numbers!

 Chugga: So three humans versus the AI, alright! Time to see who is mightier: the brain, or SILICONE!?

Jon: That would be silicon.

Chugga: Whatever!

Jon: ...silicone is what they use in breast implants.

*Chugga and Tim burst out laughing*

 Chugga: I'm a beefcake monkey. That's what the brown is. It's beef.

Jon: And on that note, let's play Bumper Balls.

The minigame wheel scrolls down to Bumper Balls and passes it onto Slot Car Derby, then suddenly scrolls up onto Bumper Balls.

Chugga: Slot -- OHHHH! YEAH! Dude! You got it back!

Jon: I got it back!

    • Then, during said game of Bumper Balls, after Luigi pretty much kills himelf, leading to everyone just running around the island:

 Jon: This is exciting, folks. Running around in circles. Really bad sumo wrestling right here.

Chugga: WHOOSOGGASOGGASOGGAWBBBRRRRAHHHH! *his phone rings, causing everyone to burst into laughter*

Jon: Ding dong! Ding dong!

  • Proton Jon does a hilarious prayer at the start of Bowser's Magma Mountain:

 "Oh Lord, please protect these four people. One being a computer. Which is actually a fat man with a German voice actor. And the dinosaur. And the monkey with a tie. And the Italian plumber. As they fight Bowser in his home of hell. Let's play, amen."

  • Whenever Jon has one of his talks with Bowser. These talks tend to consist of him telling Bowser something casually, as if he was a friend, while the roulette chooses an event.
  • "I wanna steal from See Map! See Map's a jerk!"
  • This priceless exchange for the first Bash n' Cash game:

 NCS: (getting hit by hammer) Ah! My penis! My penis! Wait...

Chuggaa: WHAT? You can't--

Jon: This is a CHILDREN'S GAME, young man!

  • First episode. First turn. First dice roll:

 Jon: "Alright, so who's gonna explain how a dice works?"

  • After Chugga (and the AI) win on Bobsled Run:

 Chugga: YYYYEAH!! The Star is mine, unless a Warp Block screws me over, and it will!

Jon: Well, you said it out loud, so...

Chugga: Well, I was saying it out loud to try to not jinx it, though, but now that I've said that out loud, now I've jinxed it, though, but now that I've said that out loud, I haven't jinxed it, and now that I've said I haven't jinxed it, now I have.

Jon: OKAY! *Chugga laughs* Time paradox, I get it! This is not Metal Gear Solid 3!

  • A Stealth Pun moment in Wario's Battle Canyon:

 Jon: "Brother!"

Tim: "Sister! *burp*"

Jon: [imitating David Hayter] "Liquid."

Chugga: *snicker* "...Gas."

  • During the first game of Deep Sea Divers on Wario's Battle Canyon (Episode 2), Jon can't figure out that he has to reel Tim in to actually get a treasure chest, so Tim dives, grabs a chest, drops it, and is left floating and unmoving amidst Jon's screams while Chugga grabs every coin.
  • Episode 3 of Peach's Birthday Cake: During the explanation screen for "Bowl Over", Chugga launches his shell and slides away.


 Chugga: Look at her hair it's (notices Peach's animation) What the hell? WHAT!?!

Jon: Hump that chest, Peach! Hump that chest! You show it who's boss!

  • In the Eternal Star, there's Jon's reaction to Chugga getting a speed block... right after he got a slow block.
  • From Mario's Rainbow Castle Part 2, when Chugga finds out that he can attack people in the cutscene. "I'm punching the dinosaur's...dinosaur".
    • Throughout that board, both Jon and Chugga keep making That Came Out Wrong comments that make them sound unintentionally Emo.

 (About to play the lumberjack minigame)

Jon: I'm very good at cutting. (Realises what it sounded like) ...myself?

(Later, Chugga is talking about how he recognised Jew Wario by his pink shoes rather than his hat, which Jon doesn't believe)

Chugga: I look down a lot, okay?!

Jon: ...Well that`s depressing!

  • In Bowser's Magma Mountain episode 2, while discussing Mario romhacks, Chugga somehow manages to mishear Jon saying "Lunar Magic" as "Liberace". "Liberace didn't exist until 2002?"

New Super Mario Bros Wii

  • NCS's death at the "hands" of the very first Goomba.
    • Even though no one points it out, if you look closely, he also gets killed by the very last goomba.
  • Proton Jon's several attempts to leave the others behind, especially after getting a Super Star in 1-2.

 Jon: Bye guys!

  • On the character select screen:

 Chuggaaconroy: I, Chuggaa, am going to be Mario!

Nintendo Capri Sun: I will be Luigi, because I'm greeeeeen!

Josh Jepson: I'm going to be Yellow Toad, and I'll be the best Yellow Toad you've ever seen!

Proton Jon: And I'll be leaving, thank you. *hits 1 and Blue Toad runs offscreen*

 Chugga: Meet Josh Jepson!

Josh Jepson: Oh my God...

Chugga: His boy Chugga!

NCS: Oh my God...

Chugga: Daughter Johnny!

Proton Jon: You...

Chugga: Tim, his wife!


Jon: You need so much mental help it's not even funny.

  • "Every time the Yellow Toad gains a continue after losing all of his lives, he sounds like a chicken."


  • While pointing out his recent bad luck, Josh complains that even TIM has more lives than him at the moment. Jon and Chugga immediately start calling him out on it (jokingly, of course).
  • Jon's attempted Taking You with Me:

 (Chugga eats Jon with his Yoshi)

Jon: YOU! (gets out) Get away from me!

(Jon ground-pounds on Chugga, stealing his Yoshi)

Chugga: You!? How!? You stole my Yoshi!

(Both start falling into a pit)

Jon: You know what? Fuck you. (eats Chugga and lets himself fall in)

(Chugga escapes, jumps out of the pit, and bubbles)



  • Proton Jon takes a number from Maxwell and bubbles just before grabbing the flagpole while being the only person outside of it, to the chagrin of the others. Sadly, he didn't do it during a level they were having a lot of trouble on.
  • In episode 4, the group finds a Pokey. Josh seems to start preparing for a "MOVE FASTER POKEY!" reference, but Jon angrily stops him.
  • During the Star Coins/deaths montage in the fourth episode, they earn an extra 1-Up house. What they don't realize until after entering is that Chugga, Tim, and Josh were still Fun Sized thanks to the Mini Mushroom. The Mini Game for earning 1-Ups involves shooting oneself out of a cannon.
  • Even better: They spent two minutes chasing a Lakitu so that they could obtain one of the sky high Star Coins. Almost immediately after Jon was finally able to grab it, he got hit by a Pokey. He was the only one still alive.


  • While Chugga is deciding which level to select next:

 Chugga: "We have 2-5 and we have 2-6, so since I can count we're going to 2-5."

Everyone (except Chugga) in unison: "You can count?"

Jon: "In unison everybody said it!"

Chugga: "I can only count to 5, okay? I could tell that 6 wasn't before 5 by process of elimination."

  • In episode 4, while riding a spinning block through the air, Jon thinks he sees a pipe, leading to everyone almost dying (and Josh actually dying) to reach it:

 Jon: "There's a pipe up there! There's a pipe up there!"

Chugga: "Get it, Toad (Josh)! Get it!" *falls off, saves himself with the bubble, only to get popped by NCS (who bubbles and then gets popped by Chugga and re-bubbles) and barely re-bubble*

Josh: "I am-" *gets powered down by a Flame Chomp, losing his propellor and falling* "NOOO!" *accidentally pops NCS's bubble, causing NCS to jump and pop Chugga's bubble, with them barely re-bubbling as Josh dies*

Jon: *completely unharmed and untroubled* "Oh, I was wrong. Sorry guys."


Josh: "OH GOOD!"

Chugga: *amidst screaming and laughing of others* "Oh SCREW YOU! SCREW! YOU! SCREW! YOU!"

NCS: "That was diabolical..."

  • At the end of episode 5, the death chart shows that NCS has died 69 times in just 5 episodes.
    • And 79 times after 6 episodes, though that's a fewer average-deaths-per-episode count.
  • Chugga will never live down the Steve incident. In episode 5, they decided to name everything they run into, which made this exchange.

 Josh: Let's name everything we run into.

Jon: *After Josh gets hit by a Bullet Bill* Steve.

Chugga: It's like, OH NO! NOT STEVE!

Jon: Yeah, everything is named Steve.

Chugga: NO! NO! Nothing is named Steve!

    • And in a ironic fashion, Chugga wanted his name changed to Steve when he was younger, since he hated his real name, Emile.
  • In their first run of World 3-4, they run into a power up roulette block a short while after the checkpoint, and after much struggling to get everyone out of bubbles and safely alive, Josh hits the block just as Jon prepares to Ground Pound it... and gets the 1-Up Mushrooms, resulting in Jon landing on all of them and gaining 4 Extra Lives. Chugga's reaction just tops it.

 Chugga: OH, WHAT!? NO! JON, YOU SUCK!

Jon: I didn't even try to do that!

  • After Josh knocks Chugga off the spinning block of 3-5 and Chugga reacts too late: "What did you do?" "He killed himself." "Marios don't kill Marios. Toads kill Marios." "Toads try to kill Marios, and sometimes succeed." Beat "Yeah, that's about right, actually."
  • On their second trip through 3-5, they first attempt to ascend the level without setting the spinning block to rise (again). After everyone loses their propellers and are forced to go back, they attempt to do it all at once via Leap of Faith. Of course, things don't go as planned...
  • Josh using Nintendo Capri Sun as a human shield.
  • Nintendo Capri Sun: "Son of a beach..."
  • This exchange:

 Chugga: That sounds like a really bad porn, 4 Penguins.

Jon: ...What kind of porn do you watch?!

  • After earning an item house with fireworks, Chugga makes their first match: Bowser.

 Text Box: Too bad... You didn't even get one...


Jon: That's my line...

Chugga: Better game than me.

Text Box: Press 1 on the map to access your items!

    • He then apologizes for swearing, which is immediately Lampshaded by the others mentioning all the swearing done in their previous episode and wondering if it's really worth censoring.
  • In episode 7, when they reached Wendy's fortress, Chugga gave us this pun.


Jon: Awwwww!

    • The comment section called him out on this!
    • Then made more puns...

  You see, Wendy's the ring master, so at Wendy's, they got ONION RINGS!

  • In episode 8, Jon attempts to guide the others through the fortress...
  • The group's reaction to seeing Big Bertha/Boss Bass, especially when it tries to swim after Luigi after he's already gone up a pipe.
  • At the start of the first episode of World 4, this happens:

 Chugga: Last time we finished up World 3, and now we're gonna get started on the world that comes after 3 I don't know because I can't count that high.

Jon, Josh, and Tim in unison: FIVE.

  • The group trying to get a star coin from the fortress... and each and every one of them dies from falling platforms.
  • The callback to the "dinosaurs aren't people" conversation. "Why are we quoting ourselves?! That's just weird!"
  • The Chugga and Jon "argument" about Ludwig.
    • It's even funnier because in the end, Chugga was right.
    • To make it even funnier, they had this conversation in the middle of shooting the video. So, they ended up just arguing on the video far about two minutes, while on a level select screen not doing anything. It just makes it better for some reason.
  • At a 1-Up house, Chugga is trying to aim his cannon, but Jon stands on the end of it, blocking him.


  • At the flagpole at the end of a level, Jon dashes ahead of everyone, causing the screen to scroll and dump everyone (except him) in the water and not get the flagpole, while Jon gets a 1-Up. This is accompanied with yet another "Bye guys!"
    • At the end of a different level (this one a Ghost House) in episode 8, Chugga and Jon safely reach the flagpole despite the giant Boo right in front (NCS is already dead). Josh jumps for it, but hits the big Boo and dies... literally the instant the Boo vanishes and Chugga and Jon slide down the pole.
      • It should be noted this was not a coincidence. NCS was out of lives, and since Jon and Chuggaa were on the pole, the level ends once Josh is out of play, either through death or finishing. Doesn't make it any less hilarious
  • Chugga fails to get to where Bowser Jr. is in the airship. Jon's yell of "To space!" seconds beforehand and the fact that Jon and NCS made it makes it all the funnier.
  • Jon throwing Chugga into a wall of spikes in the tower in episode 9, killing him.
  • "Are you smarter than a cheese grater?"
  • The team's EpicFail in the World 4 Fortress trying to get a star coin.

 (NCS is squashed.)

NCS: Bah I missed.

(Jon is squashed.)

NCS: Bah he missed.

(Josh is squashed.)

NCS: Bah he missed too.

(Chuggaa is squashed.)

NCS: Bah.

Jon: None of us learned from the other, that's great.

  • This, the way Jon reacts, and how it doesn't change at all.

 Chuggaa: (gets invincibility) TIME TO RAPE!

Jon: Um...


Jon: Um...

  • During level 5-3[2], Chuggaa makes a completely alien noise when jumping away from a Bramball. Even he doesn't know what it was.

  Chugga: [laughing] What the frick was that?

  • Singing the "How could this happen to me?" song like a country singer.
  • The intro to episode 13.
  • And episode 13 might as well be called the "Gratutious Bubble Abuse" episode.

 Jon: Why are you all in bubbles AGAIN?

  • Randomly singing "99 Red Balloons" in a British accent.
    • Randomly singing anything, especially if they all join in.
  • Chugga gets sandwiched between Jon and Josh while on a rotating hill.
  • A little gem from episode 14 came from a mushroom game. There was a Lakitu and 8 Toad icons. Somehow, both Jon and Josh end up jumping when Luigi opens the box that the red Toad was in.
  • Episode 14 gives us the "I am an asshole, I am an asshole" moment from John. He takes advantage of being the only player left to, instead of popping the bubble of Chugga, Bullet Bill Bounce an additional 10 lives.

 Josh: Geez, it's thrusting!

Chugga: Jesus frosting?

(Jon and Tim start laughing in the background)

Chugga: I don't want to know what that would taste like... and how you would go about knowing it tastes like that.

Jon: Oh no...

(Later, after failing and making up lost ground)

Josh: Thrusting. I actually said "Geez it's thrusting".

Chugga: I thought you said "Jesus frosting". I was like "How would you know it tastes like that?"

Jon: It tastes like sacrilege!

Tim: Ewwww...

  • In Part 2 of Episode 14, there's a point when they are all jumping on each other's heads in a vertical line.
  • Chuggaa, due to a wall blocking his view of Jon and Josh, causes this little gem:

 Josh: Aww, Tim.

  • Chuggaa advances further into the stage, causing Jon and Josh to be damaged*

Josh: GAH!


Chuggaa: I didn't even see you were there...

    • Made funnier by how completely nonchalant he was.
  • Chugga tries to justify various disasters he brought in Castle 7 with "I didn't do it on purpose!", which causes the entire group, especially Jon, to turn on him, in a "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you, WHAT HAVE YOU JUST SAID?!?" way. Then:

 Jon: (completely serious) Say it.

Chugga: (laughs)

Josh: (laughs)

Jon: (deadpan) You're an idiot.

 Jon: Alright, who's sacrificing their life?

(Josh walks off the edge and misses completely.)



Jon: Okay, you can do it, Josh!

    • And later on, Chugga jumps for a Star Coin and dies right after getting it.


  • Almost every time they get propellor suits, Chugga will yell "We're going jogging!" in reference to how the propellor suits remind him of jogging outfits.


  NCS: Howdy guys, Nintendo Capri Sun here and welcome back to the Legend of Zelda: New Super Mario Bros. Wii wait what.

    • Even better because of just how nonchalant and deadpanned he was.
  • In an early episode, Chugga nearly makes it to the flagpole but is a split second too late, ending up basically hugging the pole at the ending scene. Yes, he was touching the pole, and it didn't register.
  • In world 7-4, the guys just got the third coin for the first time, then everyone but Josh died. He made an attempt to stay alive by ducking into a ball and hiding, not noticing the very obvious bullet bill slowly creeping up, when it hits him...

 *Everyone screams*

Josh: I didn't see it coming.


  • From Episode 15:

 Josh: I don't like lava. I don't like fire, I don't like rocks, I don't like lava.

Jon: What did lava ever do to you? Lava's here to save the world.

Chugga: And fire is a wonderful invention.

(Chugga dies when the group reach a ? Block. NCS opens it, releasing a Super Mushroom and 3 Ice Flowers; while Chugga's in the bubble, everyone takes an Ice Flower and Josh gets the mushroom)

Chugga: Thanks a lot! Wha -- what are you targeting me for!? What did I ever do to you?

Jon: We've been through this before!

Chugga: What did I ever do to you, honey?

Josh: Um, what?

Jon: Aaaand that's where we stop the video. Good night everybody.

(cut to the end of episode screen for a few seconds, before going back to the game)

  • Episode 15 has a hilarious intro that goes on for a whole minute. Only the first couple of seconds are planned (supposedly). And while some would label it as an Overly Long Gag, it'll keep you laughing the whole time:

 Chugga: Live from PAX Prime, it is really hot in here so JEPSON! YOU'RE FIRED!

Josh: *girlish scream*

Tim: *groans*

Jon: So...we're playing three-player now?

Chugga: Well, you know he always gets hired back on by the end of the episode, so we might as well have him play with us while he still can.

Tim: We need a replacement right now! You need to stick around!

Chugga: You are your own replacement, JEPSON!

Josh: Oh wow. I am my own replacement.

Jon: Better than being your own grandpa.

Chugga: Anyway, so I am Chuggaaconroy. And you Jepson, your first name is...?

Josh: Josh...Jepson...

Chugga: Josh Jepson-Jepson! And you are...?

Tim: Mario Mario!

Chugga: AKA?

Tim: Actually I am Nintendo Capri Sun.

Jon: You're not even PLAYING Mario! That doesn't even make any sense!

Chugga: And you are Yourenotevenplayingmariothatdoesntevenmakeanysense.

Jon: That's my name actually. I had it legally changed to that. It was a really awkward moment.

  • Another incident from Episode 15 involved a flagpole glitch similar to the Boo and Josh incident. NCS, in a rare feat of nice platforming, is able to get the 1-Up bonus at the top of the flagpole. However, he for some reason bubbles at the exact frame that he touches the flagpole. As a result, Luigi disappears from the screen and an empty bubble floats away. Cue flabbergasted reactions.
    • *Chatting as they run to the flag, then the words "Warning: Turn your volume down!" appear on the screen.*


"Tim's on top-"

  • empty bubble*

Everyone: "...What? WHAT?!" "WHAT?" "HUH?" "WHAT?"

    • It's been suggested that the reason he's been bubbling right at the end of the levels so much is that he knew about this glitch and has been intentionally trying to get it to work the entire time, which makes this even better.
  • In Level 8-1, surrounded by lava and falling flaming rocks, Josh is the only one alive at the moment and freaking out. "Josh, don't fail us now!" "I will totally fail you now!" He doesn't, actually.
  • Another moment from Episode 15 (roughly a third of the way through), this exchange making fun of how few movies Chugga's seen:

 Chugga: I actually saw a movie when I was little.

Jon: (Beat) A movie when you were little?

Chugga: It was Armageddon.

Jon: One singular movie, that's all he's ever seen.

Josh: He's seen Winnie the Pooh.

(everyone in the room laughs)

Jon: It was a good movie, man!

Chugga: It was! The effects were decent!

Jon: ... The effects of Winnie the Pooh were decent?

Chugga: Yes.

Jon: Gotta love that hand-drawn animation.

  • Episode 16, when they're having difficulty with 8-5. Allusions to the Freelance Astronauts aside when they did this game, both Josh and NCS had to continue, bringing their total to 12...

 Chuggaaconroy: I guess these continues are a dime a dozen!


  • While hunting for Star Coins in episode 16, everybody but Chugga is either dead or above a platform that prevents them from reaching the coin. Chugga remarks about it's up to him, jumps... and falls in the lava without coming anywhere near the coin. Everybody laughs, and then to make it funnier, they were all so busy sarcastically clapping and laughing that Josh, the only one alive, didn't notice the lava coming up to him, and he died too. [3] AND THEN when they restart the level, still laughing, Jon walks two steps and falls into a lava pit just like he did earlier.
  • The entirety of the battle with Bowser and the little scene afterward.
  • Any time Luigi/Tim is in a bubble during a cutscene. Including the above.

 Tim: (referring to Bowser's demise) Nobody could've survived that...

  • Luigi floats onscreen in a bubble*

Jon: (over laughter) Nobod- Except Luigi! *Laughs*

  • The intro to episode 16, both the Throw It In minute-long burp incident and the actual intro which, for those wondering, involves the guys taking part in a so-called "anger management class" that culminates in Chugga announcing himself [4] and Jon threatening to kill him. As usual.
  • Chugga reveals an... interesting story from his past:

  Chugga: "Four years old. Saw a woman in a revealing dress. 'I wish I had bouncy balls on my tummy to play with whenever I wanted! It'd be fun!'"

  • Tim switches up his IN THE BATHROOM Catch Phrase to "IN THE WASHROOM" at one point, but it doesn't have nearly the same effect.
  • Episode 17. Star Coin fail. Twelve tries before they finally succeed. Tim's comment wraps it all up:

 Tim: "The people who invented failing wanna offer us a contract."

Chugga: "I want a contract!"

    • That might be a reference to something completely different.
    • One of the main features in episode 17's Star Coin fail is when they finally get the coin, but right at the exit, Jon dies from Bullet Bills... and he's the only one alive. Cue screaming.
    • And the level starts with Tim saying "Oh, well, this isn't so bad."
  • According to the Guys, Tim actually sleeps IN THE BATHROOM at the hotel. Literally. He calls it "tradition".
  • Any time Jon says "GO TEAM!"
    • For instance:

 Josh: Go team! Go Team What-the-Hell!

  • In the final Bowser Jr. fight, Chuggaa learns a lesson in Tempting Fate.

 *Jon throws Chuggaa at a fire, and Chuggaa bubbles just in time*

Jon: Aw, come on game!

Chuggaa: Game is favoring (me)- I shouldn't say that out loud...

Jon: Yeah, you know how that works. You say the game's favoring you, and then-

  • Bowser Jr. drops a giant spiky bomb right on top of Chuggaa, killing him*

Chuggaa: OH NO!

Jon: -And then that happens! *butstomps the last bomb up to Bowser Jr., killing him* And I get the kill!

    • Even better, it was pretty obvious the game targeted Chugga specifically. Why? Because Tim was literally an inch away from Chugga and wasn't hit.
  • Somebody (three guesses as to who) ground-pounds right beside Josh and sends him into a pit in one episode. Josh is obviously angry:

 Josh: "WHO KILLED ME? WHO KILLED ME?" *indicating Chugga* "WAS IT YOU?"

Chugga: "Maybe."

  • Jon and Josh officially team up against Chugga during the World 9 levels to make him use a continue. (It fails.)
  • While going through one level, Jon is carrying Tim, who has an Ice Flower, essentially turning Jon into a moving ice sentry as long as Tim keeps shooting ice. And then:

  Jon: Force to be reckoned with! Force-a-nature! *falls* Oh shit! *bubbles, causing Tim to die*

 Chuggaa: I'd say I trooped through it.

Jon: Like Steve?


Jon: I can't kill him in the game, but I can kill him internally!

  • During the intro to the final episode, everyone (except Josh) introduces themselves with a fake name, and the names on the side of the screen telling who is playing as which character change to match their fake names. We end up with two Thomas Jeffersons and a John Quincy Adams.
  • Jon and Chugga have each other listed in the Most Common Death Cause totals.
  • Just about any time Jon kills Chugga.
  • TRG's collective response to Bowser Junior's ship taking off yet again after completing one of the castles:

 Josh: Hey, we saved the princess!

[The airship takes off]

Everyone: Oh.

NCS: No we didn't.

  • Jon's ongoing crusade to make Chugga use a continue:

 Jon: You're so close I can taste it!

Chugga: You can taste my death...

Jon: And it's delicious!

  • After watching the others struggle with the penguin suits, Jon takes charge... and then they get distracted:

 Jon: Outta the way -- professional coming through!

Chugga: A professional penguin! You're a professional penguin, I'm a professional ape... what does that make NCS?

Jon: A professional Weegie?

Chugga: A professional plumber.

[Cue inevitable...]

NCS: In the bathroom!

  • A momentary lapse of judgement while searching for a fake wall in a ghost house.

 Jon: Pick a side!

[Everybody does so]

Chugga: Not the same side!

  • Chugga and Jon debating who grabbed the star coins in a level:

 Chugga: I got the first two coins! What are you, taking credit for my work? You know, it's not easy to just run face-first into money!

  • The game punishes Chugga for a bad pun.

 Chugga: [gets knocked into the swamp by a frozen Koopa Troopa (thrown by Jon, naturally)] Oh, hey, you suck!

Jon: Yeaaah!

Chugga: Hey... that was a nice kill and an ice kill!

Jon: Don't make me kill you again. [Chugga is killed by a falling Goomba] Thank you.

  Jon: You sure got your revenge against me!

  • While playing Power-Up Panels in the fifth episode:

 Chugga: (pairs up two Ice Flowers) I got a match.

Josh: (pairs up two Fire Flowers) I got a match.

Jon: (gets a lone Ice Flower) I got a

Chugga: (pairs up two Penguin Suits) I got a match.

Tim: (gets a lone Bowser Panel) I got shit.

(Everyone starts laughing)

Josh: (pairs up two Mini Mushrooms) I got another one...

Jon: (finds the other Bowser Panel, ending the game) I GOT A MATCH!

(Everyone starts laughing again)


  • The outro for episode 7:

 Josh: I've been Josh Jepson...

Chugga: I've been Chuggaaconroy...

Jon: I've been Proton Jon...

Tim: And I've been everywhere!

  • This conversation in episode 10, after Chugga notes how he and Josh were standing in midair due to being on a falling platform when a cutscene started:


Chugga: I'M GOD!

Jon: No you're not. Not even close.

Josh: You think you're God.

Chugga: I'm not God. I'm not a god.

Josh: (laughs) You're not a god?

Chugga: I am Amaterasu!

Josh: You're not a god. YOU'RE THE GOD!

Tim: I am a mortal!

Chugga: I am Amaterasu!

Jon: I'm Batman.

  • Chugga starts using a bunch of Josh's own quotes:

 Jon: I think you [Chugga] have said more of Josh's lines than Josh has!

Josh: What the hell, man?

Tim: Lava.

Chugga: Well, it's 'cause I'm sitting at an angle, that's why.

Josh: Oh my god! It's not supposed to go at an angle!

Jon: I hear you can sue for copyright infringement on that.

Josh: I can.

Tim: Yeah, you got that creative commons...


Chugga: Creative commons... for saying something doesn't go at an angle.

Josh: Yep.

Super Smash Bros Brawl: Subspace Emissary

  • At the end of the very first match -- a Chugga/Jon double Kirby on Mario Curb Stomp Battle -- Chugga gets his mits on a bumper and throws it straight down, knocking Jon right off the edge of the stadium. Chugga then gently floats down, hits the bumper, and is flung off the side himself, all in Slow Motion.
  • Chuggaa calls his cat, "Mah Boi".
  • "He had stickers in his underpants!"
  • Chugga and Jon 'wombo combo'-ing Mario.
  • At the very start of Episode 2, Chuggaa ends up making yet another Incredibly Lame Pun:

 Chuggaa: So, we're going to be starting off here on the Sea of Clouds. Told you we'd be 'seeing' you guys-

Jon: No. Don't you dare.

NCS: (groans)

Chuggaa: (As Zelda and Kirby are travelling over the clouds) Jon, you need to get your head out of the clouds.

Jon: (groans) They just keep getting worse. Where's- I need to throw something at you now...

    • Later on, Jon makes a "just hanging around" joke while hanging off a ledge, and gets hit right away.

  Chuggaa: You see?! When you make bad puns, you just get punished.

  • Extremely early into episode 2, the guys somehow start talking about how royalty works, when the original topic of discussion was the character select screen. It's because Tim choose to play Zelda because he wanted to be the prettiest princess, and then Chugga asked if that would make Josh the prince, since Tim was his wife in the "Meet Josh Jepson" song that he's still obsessed with, and...yeah.
  • Their rule for giving everyone a chance to play is to switch off whenever they reach a selection screen. The reason it's funny is because there are times where the entirety of one of their sessions was running forward until they hit a Cutscene.
  • Jon does find a way to kill Chugga: break blocks beneath him when he's player 1 to drop him to his death.
    • And later, while he's not playing, Chugga keeps rooting for Jon to enter the wrong door and fall into a lava pit so he and NCS can take damage. And whenever they do fall into the pit, it's a moment of funny in and of itself.
  • Chugga and Jon during a battle with loads of Mites:

 Jon: Ha ha, maniacal laughter...

Chugga: Oh God, we have Mites.

Jon: Pikmin! It's Pikmin!

Chugga: Attack the portal! ATTACK THE PORTAL!

Jon: I'm busy, attacking not-the-portal!

Chugga: HAAAAAAH! *destroys the portal* HAAAAA-boom. I made the portal go boom.

  • At 10:15 of episode 2, Jon has fun with the cannons, while NCS just stands off to the side, waiting.
  • Anytime Chugga yells "[X]'s got a gun!"
    • "Monkey's got a trophy!"
      • "Monkey's got a gun and he refuses to take his medication!"
      • "The monkey doesn't have a gun anymore. But he still refuses to take his medication!"
  • Pretty much the entirety of the Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong level.
  • During one section, some text pops onscreen to say "No commentary for a few seconds" as the commentary cuts out temporarily. A while later, with no explanation, the text appears again, even though there's still commentary going on.
  • Any time Chugga blows up a Smart Bomb. Any time.
  • A couple of times, one of the guys will be Player 1 and fall off a ledge, only to realize that Player 1 can't teleport (or "bubble") like Player 2 can.
  • Any time the guys walk into the the room with the floor on fire. They do so about three times.
  • Any time Jon gets a hammer.
  • During the start of episode 3:

 NCS: Could this get any worse?

  • Primids appear*

Jon: And then it does.

NCS: We need someone like...

 Chugga: We're really outrunning him, so you know what? MOVE FASTER POKEY!


  • Defeating Porky results in a slow-motion shot of Lucas (Chugga) being launched away. As Jon says, "To space!"
  • Chuggaa names one of the Bytans Joe, and then when he explains the joke, the pun is so bad it completely stops the commentary. Joe Biden.
  • Jon singing the "Ninja Rap" by Vanilla Ice while playing as Squirtle.
  • The gratuitous Fan Service shot of Zero-Suit!Samus descending from an air vent:

 Proton Jon: That's the most scandalous--

Chuggaaconroy: Rated T for Teen!

Proton Jon: That's probably actually what got [the game] a T-rating, to be honest

  • Chuggaa taking the opportunity to get in "DOH, I MISSED!" at the best possible moment -- just as Wario appears and misses Ness with his Dark Gun.
  • Chuggaa and Nintendo Capri Sun backtracking to get a Stock Ball... and Nintendo Capri Sun immediately dying.
  • "Speaking of Majora's Mask, here's Twilight Princess."
  • During the fourth episode, they get their turn order mixed up again, and captions note that Tim should be playing that round. When they see that it's Yoshi's debut, Jon then hands Tim his controller so he can play, ironically and unknowingly fixing the order in the process.
    • Doubles somewhat as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
    • Gets even better in the next episode, when the turn order just gets totally freaking screwed over by their mistake.
    • And when they figure this out, they end up having to let Tim play 9 turns in a row to sort it all out.
  • The Beige Prose opening of Episode 4.
  • In Episode 5, when Chugga and Jon are too busy arguing to notice that NCS died three times in a row. It's not until they see the game over screen that they realize what just happened.
  • "I want a bow that shoots bows!"
  • Tim singing Jon's "I am an asshole" song. He's supposed to be the nice one!
  • The return of the fake aliases "Pedro Martinez III Esq." and "Thomas Jefferson".
  • After NCS misheard "Venture" as "Vengeance", Jon had this insight to offer:

 Jon: You know what? If I think vengeance, I don't think Yoshi.

  • A bit of an Ironic Echo: at one point, after NCS gets two game overs in a row and starts sounding dejected, Chugga tries to sound "caring" and says "Are you okay?" in a voice that Jon (and possibly NCS) perceives as mocking. Later on:

 Chugga: You're going to pay!

NCS: *mocking voice* Are you okay?

    • Even better is that Chugga doesn't realize it's an Ironic Echo and only thinks of it as a rhyme.
  • There was a moment in the last cutscene of episode 6. Bowser shows up to take one of Dedede's (character) statues and TRG wonder who he was there for.

  Chugga: Guess who Bowser's here for! I'll give you a hint, it's not Luigi.

  • Jon's impersonations of Squirtle were a quick chuckle. His impersonation of Squirtle with a Super Mushroom was a laughing riot.
  • The entirity of the intro to Episode 7, which includes the guys introducing themselves as characters from Home Improvement to the game crashing on them. The fact that they're recording at Jon's house instead of a hotel for once, so they can be as loud as they want, doesn't hurt either.
    • The Home Improvement opening is made even funnier by how Tim doesn't get the reference and goes Off the Rails into a completely different parody.
    • The ending with Jon as Billy Mays pitching Silly Putty.

 Jon: So...this has been... Billy Mays.

Chugga: (Beat) You're not Billy Mays.

Tim: Helllllllloooooooooo, yeah, that's right!

Jon: Billy Mays here for Silly Putty!


Chugga: Mighty Putty!

Jon: I keep doing that!

    • Somehow, Chugga and Tim end up using up nearly all their lives in the span of a few seconds.
    • Chugga telling Tim to grab the hammer before Charizard does in the battle against the latter. Charizard does get the hammer... and then promptly ends up falling off the stage.
      • Chugga and Jon sound so similar that it might have been either of them, but the way it was said leads this troper to believe it was Jon. It's such a dry observation that it makes the actual sight of Charizard wielding the hammer look that much more ridiculous.

 Jon: (nonchalantly) Someone should grab that hammer before Charizard does.

    • The Call Back where part of the (in)famous "Meet Josh Jepson" song was sung again.
      • Made even funnier when it's Nintendo Capri Sun singing the "Tim, his wife!" part, since he had such a negative reaction to it at first.
  • "Say hello to my nipple knives."
  • The entire 'go be Canadian somewhere else' exchange (with Tim on Jon's side).
    • "Like in Canada? Where we are right now?!"
  • There was also Jon commenting on one of their (many) failures over the course of Subspace:

 Jon: Since we're explaining things we got wrong in the first place... we know how to fight Greaps. We're just stupid.

  • During the battle with Galleom, Chugga began shouting attack names for each move the monster did.
    • "FALL ON FACE!"
  • Everyone's reactions to how Jon somehow survived the first battle against Galleom despite being hit by almost every attack used by the boss.
  • The group's reaction to Charizard pretty much One-Hit K Oing Galleom in the second battle with a single move.
  • The entirity of the scene where Chugga and Tim kept dying on the elevators.
  • When Ridley appears in episode 9, what does Proton Jon say?

 Protonjon: Hey guys! It's Ridley and I've stopped falling!

  • Chugga says that Zero Suit Samus's name is technically inaccurate, as she's actually wearing a suit. Proton Jon replies to this with "It's not a birthday suit." Chugga brings up that it's Jon's birthday. Hilarity Ensues.


  • Chugga's reaction to the stage they will be doing next time when he realizes what happens at the beginning of the stage. Protonjon's reaction makes it even better.
  • Fun with Pikmin! (OK, more like fun with Steve, but...)
    • When ROB flings the Pikmin off of him, Chugga yells "NO, STE-"...and then denies it.
    • Jon cheerfully re-enacts a conversation between Olimar and Steve while Chugga (fake) sobs in the background.
    • Chugga reeeeeeally doesn't want to play as Steve. Jon is enjoying this way too much. (Maybe because he can't actually kill Chugga in this game, and this is his way of getting revenge?)

  Jon (Chugga): (NO!) YES! So, (No!) so I've got both controllers in my hands right now, cause I'm not letting Chugga touch (No! No no!) it just yet, and I believe it's Chugga's... it's, yes (Give me that... NO!) and Chugga is player 1 (Give me...), so he is playing as Olimar. (No, why?! No...) So Tim, who would you like to be?

    • Chugga throwing Pikmin off the stage while yelling "DIE! DIE! DIE!"

 Jon: "You're starting to scare me, actually."

Chugga: "Starting to?"

    • This continues on in Episode 13. "Someone grab his controller!"
  • Jon as Captain Falcon


    • Captain Falcon is BATMAN!
    • "Falcon's nipples, they are very prone to explosions, it is very messy. Captain Falcon apologizes in advance."
    • "MAJESTIC!"
    • "Captain Falcon is parallel parking."
    • Jon praying that Meta Ridley gives him a chance to Falcon Punch him. Meta Ridley grabs the side of the Falcon Flyer and starts dragging it down while shooting fireballs. Jon, seeing his chance, yells "I LOVE YOU RIDLEY!" and makes his move... Only to get hit by a fireball and killed.
  • Tim made an epic recovery while playing Captain Falcon... without actually knowing he was playing as him.
  • "I "meta" game? Like what, at a club?"
  • Chugga's midichlorians were off the scale, and he might fulfill that prophecy~
  • "That was funny, whatever it was."
  • Anytime Nana gets killed in the stage, especially Jon's reactions to it.
  • Chuggaa finally uses a Smart Bomb correctly... only for an enemy to knock him into its explosion anyway.

 Jon: You two doin' okay in here...?

Chugga: We're monkeys!

Jon: I- (beat) I know.

  • Tim and Chuggaa are fighting the false princesses and throw a Deku Nut, but they accidentally end up only stunning themselves with it.
  • Jon realizes that since they're in his house, he can kick Chuggaa and Tim (mainly Chuggaa) out whenever he wants. He's overwhelmed in awe.
    • So awed, in fact, that for awhile the only thing you hear him say is:

 Jon: I can kick you out of my house! I- I can kick you out of my house! Oh man! (reverently) I can kick you out of my house...

  • The guys discuss Hawke and Chuggaa asks if his first name was Mike. Mike Hawke. Figure out why that's funny. But wait, there's more. After that, Chuggaa and Jon simultaneously kick Chuggaa (yes, Chuggaa actually helped Jon with this) out of Jon's house, leaving Jon and Tim alone to sign off for that episode.
    • And the next episode, Chugga's return. Jon and Tim introduce themselves and start wondering if they're missing someone. Then:

 *knocking at the door*


Tim: Oh no!

Jon: Dude, dude! *opens the door* I... Jeez, are you okay?

Chugga: Next time you leave me out there, move faster, Pokey!

Jon: Oh you... you're going back outside, now!

Chugga: For another week?!

Jon: I unlock the door and everything, and this how I get treated!

  • Duon. It takes Tim and Jon five tries to defeat it.
    • Here are some of the highlights from the Duon battles:

 Jon: And I hope that I don't di- *dies* -iie. Because that's our last life.

Chugga: You still have Falco.

Jon: *as NCS is launched into the background* Yeah, but now if Tim dies -- *notices NCS dying* --like that.

Chugga: Pffff. Brilliant! Every time we mentioned something going bad, it did. When will we ever learn?


Chugga: You're pitiful! You're pitiful!

Jon: Thank you, Al.

NCS: It's truuue!


Jon: *dead serious* Tim? We have guns.

  • An unfortunate yet hilarious moment of battle choreography: against a group of sword-wielding Primids, Chuggaa (Pikachu) comes across a smart bomb and a green shell. His approach knocks the shell at an enemy, who hits it back with its sword, which knocks Chuggaa into another enemy, who knocks him off the stage. The shell also hits the Smart Bomb, which sets it off, catching multiple Primids and NCS (Samus) in it, which ends up killing NCS. No one in the group could work out what just happened, how many lives were lost in the confusion, or whether or not Chuggaa improperly used another smart bomb.
  • After discussing Superman 64:

 Chugga (to Jon): Dude, this [episode] could come out a year from now and you would not be that far [into your LP of Superman 64].

Jon: Well fuck you, too!

  • Jon pointing out that an upcoming segment of the game will feature the return of Captain Falcon, meaning the return of Olimar and "Steve" as well. Chugga is horrified at this, especially when Jon points out that Chugga's next turn would have him playing that segment.
  • Jon's unexpected Big "What?" when Chuggaa mentions he doesn't like the music currently playing.

 Chugga: I never liked this song that much.

Jon: WHAT? I love this song!

Chugga: It... sounds like someone farting.

Jon: It's called jazz music.

NCS: (At the same time as Jon) You know, in the bathroom!

Chugga: (Laughs) Tim!

  • NCS singing "In the bathroom" in an effeminate, vaguely English accent. "Een the b-ah-throom!"

 Jon: In the b-ah-throom?

  • Some time after discussing Fox and Falco crashing their Arwings (right before the infamous Duon battle), we're treated to this exchange:

 Chugga: And robot Dialga is like... Siamese twins with robot Palkia.

Jon: Oh, there's Falco. He just felt like showing up.

Chugga: He just jumped out of the plane again.

Jon: [Chokes back laughter] He just -- I hope those things have autopilot, otherwise...

  • Chugga trying to take a stab at Jon's update schedule for the second time in two minutes:

 Chugga: You know what, no 'move faster, Pokey'. Your letting me back in the door and remembering me was like your upload schedule.

Jon: Was that actually supposed to be funny?

Chugga: Maybe~

Jon: That means no, right? (NCS stutters) Tim has nothing to say on the subject!

NCS: I don't know -- I can't believe there's a vegetable...

  • Chugga pointing out Jon's borderline psychopathic tendencies... and Jon doing nothing to dispel the image.

 Chugga: You blew his head off with a missile!

Jon: He didn't need it.

  • More puns from Chugga after Snake (Tim) gets a mushroom:

 Tim: I can't fit through the door...

Chugga: It's Anaconda!

Jon: (Beat) Really?

  • The commentary on Sheik.

 Jon (probably): She's my dream man!

  • The entire ending on episode 12. The guys just seem so awed by the epic fail of the Duon fight, you can hear it in the way they're talking.

 Chugga: Dude, we need to give them at least some content.

Jon: That was content! Just not very good!

 NCS: I... I-I-I... zoned out.

Jon: Stop the video now.

  • In episode 13, Jon and Tim are picking their characters for a stage, and Tim chooses Fox.

 Jon: So I've got two of my favourite characters, and you've got...two...I you like Fox?

Tim: Yeah, I love him! ...Well, not like that...

  • Tim singing about Subspace to the tune of the Forest Maze music from Mario RPG. Then:

 Tim: *still in tune* We will be here for a very long time... *Beat* I have nothing with that that would rhyme...

Chugga: *also in tune* What do you mean we did badly on time?

Tim and Jon: *laughter*

  • While Jon is carrying a bomb, an enemy appears behind him, and he on reflex throws it at the enemy. The enemy was a Metal Primid. Metal Primids reflect projectiles. See if you can guess what happened.
  • At the end of episode 13, Chugga proclaims he is going outside again. Jon and Tim don't believe him, until he actually leaves again. They are dumbfounded until:

 Tim: ...Now hiring: Spot for The Runaway Guys!

Jon: Send your resumés to- *episode cuts off*

  • They joke about Diddy's banana throwing animation and talk about him being high class while using ridiculous voices.
  • Ganondorf getting married to Master Hand.
  • Luigi's Epic Fail in Episode 14:

 Jon: Save your brother.

Chugga: *while doing so* I don't wanna save my brother, then I might actually get to be the main characterr-- *falls to death*

  • Tim trying and failing several times to jump up to a certain platform in "The Great Maze" to get an item.
    • Later in the episode, it becomes obvious that Tim is having a heck of a time with the game. Highlights include:

 Chugga: So we have to get to a save point or you have to get a game over if you want Jon back.

Jon: So what you're saying is, I'm gonna be here awhile.

Chugga: Uh... well... he can die pretty quick.


Jon: I was trying to be nice.


Chugga: I'm actually amazed! He didn't die on the way to the save -- that sounded really...

    • Tim on the elevators:

 Chugga: Go down. Go down. (NCS walks away) Tim. Okay, fine.

Jon: Go in the ELEVATOR! (NCS walks through a door). TIM.

 NCS: Byyyye guuuuys!

Jon: TIM!

Chugga: Ti-- (Bursts out laughing) I'm loving this so much!

    • The guys realize what the episode consists of:

 Jon: Yea-- aww damnit, Tim! I should stop yelling at Tim. I feel really bad.

Chugga: That's like all this video's been. It's just like TIIIIIM!

    • The elevators (and NCS) continue to foil Jon's plans.

 Jon: Elevat-TOR. Tim, get in the elevator. (He does so.) Go up. (He does so.) Yes. (NCS sends the elevator down). That's down, Tim. I wish I could control the elevator! Boy, howdy!

Chugga: Go back to the elevator. (NCS gets in the elevator with Jon... and goes up). (Chugga laughs) Ti-i-im!

    • But the best is, perhaps, the fact that the only thing NCS says in his defense is:

 NCS: Yay!

  • Jon as Captain Falcon hitting an enemy repeatedly with a fan.

 Jon: Captain Falcon is your biggest fan. Captain Falcon is not above making bad jokes!

  • You don't even need to look further than the intro for the first one of episode 15. First the guys decide that NCS is his own wife and then they start singing the Captain Planet theme. Sort of.

 Chugga: Gonna take pollution down to zero! Go to hell and... I don't know the rest of the words.


Jon: 'Go to hell'? That is not in the Captain Planet theme! What is with you?

    • There's also the episode's ending, which combines hopelessness and continued trolling.

 Chugga: (Trying to wrap things up) So, this has been...

Jon: A train wreck. It has been a train wreck. GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY.

Chugga: This has been a train wreck with the chuggatrain.

Jon: The truggachain?

Chugga: Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-trainwreck! (Beat) OH MY GOD. WE WEREN'T RECORDING ANY OF THAT?

  • Jon walking right into NCS's hands:

 Jon: [In his 'Captain Falcon' voice] Captain Falcon has returned! I'm sorry, I had to go use the washroom. It takes awhile to--

NCS: In the washroom!

  • In the process of fighting Kirby, Jon proves Freud right and Chugga makes things worse.

 Jon: Captain Falcon has tripped! Doing a seductive pose for you, Kirby!

Chugga: You threw paper at him and he died...

Jon: Why is the taunt button so sticky!? (NCS laughs) What did you guys do to this controller!?

Chugga: (Quietly) In bed.

 Jon: Captain Falcon is back but not being controlled by Captain Falcon.

Chugga: You are so dumb.

  • When Dark Yoshi appears: "SO UNHAPPY."
  • In the Skyworld part of the Great Maze, Tim is playing as Lucas and is struggling to make a jump. Eventually he hands the controller to Chugga, who completes the jump successfully. Tim takes control again...and promptly falls off and has to do the jump again.
  • Episode 15 features the group having a rematch with Duon. Chugga and NCS manage to get it down to just a sliver of health on their first attempt, but it lives up to the trouble it gave them in their original fight with it by killing NCS (who was player 1 at the time) right as Chugga was about to finish it off.
    • After reloading from the previous game-over, Chugga somehow manages to land on top of Duon as if it were a platform. He spends the next few seconds simply standing there smacking it with a paper fan before it manages to shake him off.
  • The opening to episode 16.

 *Someone claps*

Jon: That was a weak clap.

Tim: Sometimes that happens. The palm just hits the wrong way.

Chugga: Weak claps, a good omen for things to come.

Jon: Uhhhhhhm...

Chugga: OOOH! I didn't realize what I just-

Jon: Go in the door, now!

  • Episode 16 also sees the creation of Cyber Steve.

 Jon: Come with me if you want to live. But you must get there by sunset.

    • In a meta example, Jon gets home the same day it was uploaded and already there were a ton of fan pics.
  • Jon's reaction to Cyber Captain Falcon is to speak in a robot voice as Captain Falcon.
  • While battling Cyber Pikachu, Jon gets killed and then Cyber Pikachu taunts him.


    • Pretty much every instance of the Cyber Pikachu fight. Watching Chugga and Jon being pwned by a little rat = Priceless.
  • While attempting to climb a jungle area full of mines, Tim fails horribly.

 *All the while, Chugga is laughing in the background:*

Jon: Watch out- *Tim hits a mine* -for the mines. Watch out for those mines too! *Tim hits another mine* There we go.

Tim: Just gonna hit every single one on the way up...

Jon: Okay, lemme shoot this one. Or use your lightning bolt. Up-B.

Tim: Oh yeah. *Jumps into the mines*


  • The rotation comes back and bites the guys in the collective ass:

 Jon: Lucas went right-- why are you going left?

Chugga: T-Tim? Tim? Tim!

Jon: (to Chugga) It's you, you idiot! You're Peach!

  • Episode 16 also features an impressive (and hilarious) number of Call Backs

 Jon: We have to go up.

Chugga: Uh... Tim does not do well with up.


Jon: I don't trust [NCS] with doors anymore, man!

    • There's also this lengthy conversation on jackassery:

 NCS: --and you're a jackass!

Chugga: (Beat) I am?

Jon: Congratulations!

Chugga: Achievement unlocked! Jackassery!

Jon: I don't think that's really an achievement.

Chugga: Well for you it is.

Jon: That's normal for me.

Chugga: It's normal for you to be a jacka-- oh, I guess in these recordings that makes sense.

Jon: According to the internet, I am an asshole.

Chugga and NCS: (singing) I am an asshole, I am an asshole! I am such an asshole!

    • During the rematch with normal Ridley, after Jon questions how Slowbeef and Diabetus can keep up their Ridley voice, Chugga attempts to imitate the voice himself.

 Chugga: (trying to imitate Diabetus' Ridley voice) OIHM RIDLEY!


Jon: Wow! I... don't know what to classify that as.

NCS moans as his character is knocked off screen

Jon: Charizard killed itself in response.

    • Jon and Chugga feel a certain catchphrase is getting a little stale:

 Jon: We've already used Yoshi. Numerous times.

NCS: Yoshi! So happy!

(Chugga and Jon groan)

Chugga: We couldn't just... not say it?

  • Speaking of call backs, episode 17 consisted of nothing but nods. It doesn't even take two minutes for it to start.
    • The start of the epidemic:

 Jon: (singsong) Down, down, down. Down Tim, please. There's going to be gas.

[Chugga starts saying something suspiciously like 'In']

NCS: Ya know, in the bathroom!

Chugga: [Laughs] I knew that was coming! I felt it coming!

    • A detour to Delfino:

 Jon: I guess you just have to go higher up.

Chugga: (not paying attention to the game) Higher! Higher! I'm a Chuckst--! [He flies offscreen]

Jon: Speaking of Chucksters, you got chucked off the screen.

    • Chugga and NCS cave:

 Jon: Yeah, so basically to the left of where the gold box was.


Jon: No, because we could have just paused and looked at the map and--

Chugga: (slowly) To the le...

NCS: To ze left.

Chugga: I wasn't gonna say it though, Tim said it. Can't blame that on me. Tim said it, not me!

    • More jokes at NCS's expense:

 Jon: Good counter, whoever that was... Tim.

Chugga: That was Tim. Considering his run with the ladders--

Jon: You did know you were Marth this time, right?

 Jon: Are you punching Tim?

Chugga: No! I wasn't punching him!

NCS: His arm just happened to be moving in a certain, like, back and forth--

Chugga: Umm...

Jon: That's it. Make it sound worse than it actually was.

Chugga: Saying my arm is moving back and forth in a rhythm. Yeah.

NCS: Oh!

Jon: Bow chicka bow wow!

Chugga: With Tim?

NCS: His wife!

Chugga: Aaaaahhhhhh!

Jon: YES! Yes!

    • Chugga's fascination with mushrooms backfires:

 Chugga: I want the mushroom! I wanna eat the mushroom! I wanna--

Jon: You would want to eat the mushroom...

      • For added hilarity, it was a poison mushroom that directly led to Olimar's death. He probably shouldn't have eaten that mushroom. [5]
    • Chugga makes the mistake of saying 'troop' in front of Jon:

 Jon: I'm impressed, actually.

Chugga: I went through an army of Floos and beat Cyber Peach. No deaths. I- I trooped through that. (Beat) No. No no no!

Jon: You trooped through this?

Chugga: No! No! No!

Jon: To Olimar! So you're picking Olimar, right?

Chugga: Screw. You. So. Hard. [Picks Olimar]

Jon: (mumbling) And he did it anyway...

    • After they pick Wario as their wild card:

 Chugga: I love the German fat man.


Chugga: NO! I didn't mean it like that!

      • After a few remarks from Jon and one remark from Tim, Chugga finally counters with, "Hey! At least I didn't call one of the other Runaway Guys 'gorgeous' publicly." Cue Tim groaning loudly.
    • Jon seizes an opportunity:

 Jon: Usually your stuff is non-sequitur to me.

[Chugga drives Wario offscreen and dies]

Jon: Well then. I think you missed.

    • More mushroom humor:

 Jon: Remember, don't stab the chickens.

Chugga: [Lightly] As long as you don't eat the mushroom.

  • The Indiana Jones singalong. Followed shortly by:

 Jon: (along with the theme music) Jump out right now, or you'll die-- [NCS fails to take this advice, killing Fox off and nearly killing Marth. Chugga laughs maniacally] [Still in tune] And we did die because we missed the stupid jump. Let's go in the door~

    • The best part may be that you can hear NCS singing "On the toilet seat!" just before the incident.
  • Speaking of 'Tim, his wife'...

 Jon: There goes Nana.

Chugga: I lost my wife! I'm gonna have to marry a new woman at the end of this area.

NCS: That's why I'm here.

(Later, as Chugga (solo) enters a door)

Jon: Well, you get Nana back, right?

Chugga: No! I wasn't able to find a woman within ten seconds!

[Peach hits him into the air]

Jon: You found a woman but she's kicking your ass.

  • Jon taking reverse psychology to its logical extreme.

 Jon: (as they're switching off) It is me and you, but since there's only one character... hold onto this controller and do nothing with it.

Chugga: Don't shove it up your ass.

Jon: Yes, that is exactly what I was going to do. How dare you take that option away from me.

[Chugga laughs and NCS groans]

  • Chugga lampshading the (copious) Ho Yay.

 Chugga: Hey, at least I didn't call one of the other Runaway Guys 'gorgeous' publicly.

Jon: Dun da-dun dun.

NCS: (groans) Touche.

Jon: He actually saw that.

Chugga: E-yup.

  • Jon and Chugga continue their crusade against the Great Maze.

 Jon: (As NCS and Chugga are repeatedly getting frozen) Really? I'm, like, getting deja vu.

Chugga: That's the idea of the Great Maze. You get to relive all the great memories you had of this annoying enemy configuration the first time.

Jon: Remember that time you got stuck and died constantly? Well here you go again.

  • Then, there's this little gem from Episode 17...

 Chugga: Tim is Zelda.

Tim: I wish.

  • The guys's brains are broken when Tim enters as Yoshi and instantly has 184 damage, without coming in contact with anything that can deal damage.
    • "184 is the real meaning of life."
  • Jon and Tim both a save point room.
  • Jon, as Lucas, manages to use a Smart Bomb to kill Rayquaza. Chugga is visibly irritated by the fact that Jon was able to use a Smart Bomb correctly as Chugga's best character.

 Chugga: So-- so you did the smart bomb right with my best character...

Jon: Hahaha, the irony!

Chugga: Now I really have to prove myself. (Beat) Well, I kinda did.

Jon: Yeah, 'cause you hit nothing.

Chugga: I hit Tim...

    • On a related note, there's Chugga's last chance at using a smart bomb.

 Chugga: [Notices and picks up a smart bomb] Oh baby!

Jon: What'd you get? Oh! This is your chance! Show us your moves!

[Chugga throws the bomb, misses Tabuu, and immediately gets killed]

 Jon: I feel weird not being Captain Falcon right now, not gonna lie...

Chugga: You're not doing the voice enough.

(Captain Falcon dies)

Jon: Falcon agrees with me! He's like, "He's right. I should probably just kill myself."

  • The final battle, Tabuu hits Chuggaa with an instant kill right as Jon (as Yoshi), lands the final blow, freezing Chugga in a death animation but leaving him alive and floating in place.
  • Jon's reaction to forgetting Ike for the final battle, especially when he's not in the still in the end credits where it shows everyone standing side by side. He begins acting like Ike is dead and spends the next few minutes wanting to avenge him.

 Jon: Lo-look, Ike is not in that cutscene.

Chugga: Cause we never saved..*Cracks up*.

Jon: Ike is dead! You guys are dicks!

Chugga: He will never fight for his friends again.

Jon: Ike, I'm so sorry!

Tim: We were awesome!

Jon: But we killed Ike!

    • They-- mainly Chugga-- poke fun at this for the rest of the episode.

 Jon: This LP is in memory of Ike. He fought for his friends.

Chugga: And unfortunately, you'll get no sympathy from him. Ever again.

Jon: (Beat) It saddens me, because that was actually very clever.

      • To the extent that one of the very last things we hear is:

 Chugga: 4 ways to play, and none of them include Ike.

  • When Chuggaa finishes playing a game in which a sympathetic character lost their life over the course of the game, he will somberly remind us. He did so for the robots of the floating island. Cue Jon saying, in his usual exasperated tone, "Well that's depressing!"
  • During the final cutscene, NCS gets distracted and delivers this superb Non Sequitur:

 NCS: (out of nowhere) Haha! I didn't think I got that rupee! Hahahaha!

  • After the credits, as NCS hmms and haws over whether or not they're going to show the extra characters, Chugga demonstrates his short attention-span and ability to take things the wrong way:

 Chugga: You said 'we', 'screw' and 'together' so many times in that sentence.

NCS: Wow.

  • The return of the monkey hug-- with extra dinosaur for good measure.

 NCS: (Reading the translation of Brawl's main theme) 'Now that person stands at my side'. If only we had a camera!

Jon: As they hug each other.

Chugga: Group hug!

Jon: Nooo! Arrrgh, not again!

  • And, of course, there's the fact that the thing that saved the guys in the very end-- the only reason they didn't get screwed over by Tabuu-- was Yoshi. So happy!

 Jon: Yoshi was the winner after all...

  • The first time NCS has to fight Jigglypuff. Well, it ended badly. As in NCS died four seconds after the match started.
    • Jon's response is to throw his controller down and leave the house before coming back in a few seconds later to tell Tim he hates him.

 Chugga: (right after Jon leaves) I guess he really did go be Canadian somewhere else.

    • And It Got Worse. Jon was so emotionally drained by the end of it he started speaking in monotone.
    • The moments right before the first time Tim fought Jigglypuff were arguably even funnier.
    • They die ten times when trying to get back to the door leading to Jigglypuff.
      • Not to mention the gong show (as Jon put it), where they kept getting launched further and further away from the door they needed to go to in order to reach Jigglypuff. All this before the four-second match.[6]
      • Solely because of being Tim's partner in the Bonus Episode, Jon's most common death cause was Mega Diddy.
      • Tim died playing as the Ice Climbers... because Nana got on a ledge and Popo didn't. Another time, Tim spawns as the Ice Climbers, and kills himself by walking off stage.
  • Tim and Jon are readying themselves for the Dark Diddy fight the first time and Chugga said "Get ready". They enter and Dark Diddy kills them instantly. Jon's reaction?

 Jon: Get ready, my ass!

  • According to the final totals, the wins were spread around somewhat evenly between Chugga and Jon, with Tim only winning "least healed". As for the losses, Tim "won" every single one of them. Except for "most healed", which went to Chugga.
  • After one of the first of many losses in the bonus episode, while scrolling through the received stickers:

 Chugga: Ike!

Jon: Don't rub it in...

Chugga: I'll rub whatever I- NEVER MIND.

  • Captain Falcon is a pirate.
  • Jon winning against Toon Link. Both are blown off the screen. Jon won because Toon Link flew off a second before him. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • The guys notice that Wolf is giving the players (and viewers, in this case) the finger.
  • Chugga grabs a hammer right infront of a breakable wall, as the screen is scrolling. The hammer breaks, and Chugga is forced to swing a stick at the wall. Tim had to come to his rescue.


  • Tim as Fox vs Jigglypuff Tim loses in less than 4 seconds.
  • This hilarious exchange after the first match:

 Chuggaconroy: And with that PILLARS!!

Nintendo Capri Sun: And we cut to...pillars.

Chuggaconroy: God this place is just so dark and dank, (at the same time Pit's name appears) this place is the pits.

Proton Jon and Nintendo Capri Sun: -both groan at the same time- So nice, you had to say it twice, right?

Chuggaconroy: I know! Hey, you rhymed! You made a pun yourself!

Proton Jon: Rhyming is not a pun.

Chuggaconroy: It is in my book. (NCS starts laughing)

Proton Jon: You have a really weird book.

Chuggaconroy: I don't read!

Proton Jon: I know! That's why it's a weird book! I'm assuming it's drawn in crayons, and has one of those pop-up things...

  • After Tim finally beats Jigglypuff, Chugga says he was half-hoping Tim would lose again so he could watch him and Jon fail have a hard time getting back there. Tim proceeds to give this surprisingly snarky comment:

  Tim: (to Jon) You're gonna go back to hating him now, right? [7]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Multi-Player


  • Jon didn't take being the loser of the first match well.

 Chugga, as Lucas, swings a bat at Jon, who is Ike.

Jon: No, no!

Chugga: Yes!

Jon: Fuck!

  • Chuggaa asked Jon if they should tell everyone what they would do next, but Jon's too hung up on trying to beat Chuggaa.

 Jon: A rematch.

  • Near the beginning of the second round, after Tim accidentally kills himself:

 Tim: Oh, there we go. That's more like my usual playing style.

Jon: Wow, I didn't want the rematch to make you feel bad about yourself! I just don't want Emile to win is all!

Chugga: Oh, thanks!

Jon: I want to lower your self-esteem, apparently.

Chugga: Because I didn't get enough of that in high school.

Jon: Okay, let's not go there...


  • The opening of the tournament preliminaries:

  It's the Now Loading game!

  • When Tim is the MC for the match between ALG and Diabetus, he has to come up with his own intro. This does not go well.
    • And later, when ALG fights as Marth and Diabetus as Mario, Tim points out how both names start with "Mar", and:

 Tim: If you take the other four can spell "I HOT"...

(ALG and Diabetus start cracking up)

Tim: And I have no idea what I'm talking about.

  • Chugga versus SuperJeenius. Chugga epically manages to dodge a Dragoon on his last life...only to be pathetically killed by a rolling crate shortly after.

  Chugga: OOOOOOOOH! Death by spawn!

  • Diabetus tried throwing fireballs over and over... even though he knew it wasn't working.

  Diabetus: REACH! REACH!

  • The fight between Chugga and Josh consists of several of these: Chugga getting two PK Starstorms and completely missing the second one; Josh knocking out all of the Shy Guy racers; and the last kill being with a flaming soccer ball, garnering the victory for Chugga.
  • The fight between SuperJenius and SyKotic has several. Most noticeable Jenius' constant bickering with Proton Jon which escalated until the end of the video where Jon was yelling at both Jenius and Chugga, who was filming.
  • During his second match, Diabetus keeps making funny quips about the stage he's fighting on and himself, in a manner similar to Retsupurae.
  • Chugga refers to Diabetus as Jesus because he and Slowbeef (who he considers god) created the video LP, Diabetus isn't sure how to respond to that while Jon calls him a nerd.
  • Chugga and Jon bantering while Jon is fighting his semi-final match.
  • Tim apparently started dancing during the final match of the tournament.
  • Throughout the tournament (which was recorded late at night over several hours), Diabetus progressively kept becoming more and more tired, eventually leading to him declaring that he has been asleep the whole tournament.
  • Right before the battle between Chugga and Josh:

 Tim: Welcome back, ladies and gents, to the Runaway Guys Super Smash Bros. invitational tournament! Here in the losing bracket, we have...

Chugga: Chuggaaconroy...invitational tournament?

Tim: I...don't know what the...

Chugga: Imitational. It's like the name is different every time Tim is the MC. Anyway...

Josh: I like...I like that you introduced-

Chugga: We have not introduced you yet! Do not speak until spoken to by the MC!

Jon: Know what? I'm gonna talk too! I'm just gonna mess up everything!

  • During the character selection screen before the match between SyKhotic and SuperJeenius with Jon as the MC:

 Jon: (after introducing the two fighters) AND SURPRISE THIRD CHARACTER JIGGLYPUUUUUUFF! (selects Jigglypuff with a third controller as Player 3)

Jeenius: And surprise I'm gonna kick you in the mooooouth.

Jon: Aw, no...(has trouble closing the Player 3 slot) Why can't - (closes it) - there we go.


  • "Were you, like, tortured by a pun as a kid? Did humor itself try to kill you?!"

Mario Party 2

  • The very first thing out of Chugga's mouth:

 Chugga: Onto our fourth project in the time that it's taken Jon to make five videos!


  • Jon decides ahead of time what Toad says.

 Game: Then Toad, who couldn't stand it any longer, said...

Jon: (as Toad jumps up and down) SHUT UP! SHUT UP!

    • Also in the introductory cutscene, we get the guys improvising the characters' lines:

 Chugga: [Imitating Peach] I have a name we can all agree upon!

Jon: Bowser Land!

Chugga: The happiest place on earth!

    • There's also this:

 NCS: So not happy!

Jon: Yoshi looked like he was about to puke.

  • Chugga spends all of one crane game trying to get Jon, who keeps on escaping. He finally manages it with ten seconds left, then gets Luigi. He still ends up losing because he didn't get Tim, who had done absolutely nothing that entire minigame.
  • Jon learns how to weaponize Tempting Fate during Hot Rope Jump.
    • One of the best parts may be Jon's disbelieving reaction:

 Jon: Every time! Every time! I can't believe that worked on you!

    • And later, during a Sky Pilot minigame.

 Jon: You got this. *NCS and Chugga get hit by a bullet bill, getting knocked back* You guys got this. *Another one hits them, giving Jon the lead and an easy win*

    • And even later, during a Mecha-Marathon Minigame.

 Jon: No one's even showing any signs of falling yet.


Jon: So no one's losing yet. It's really weird. *Chugga and NCS immediately fall, followed by the AI*

  • Jon constantly making reference to being Canadian while trying to win an important game of "Speed Hockey". It works.
  • In the span of one round, everyone gets a star except Tim in Pirate Land. Hilarious dialogue appears throughout.
  • Jon doing a Large Ham voice for the Mushroom Genie.
  • After winning Shy Guy Says against the computer, Chugga declares that the Jinx Gods were smiling upon him, then attempted to make a reference to the Pokemon, Jynx. After having the joke explained to him, Jon immediately challenges the viewers to produce fan art of Chugga passionately kissing a Jinx. It took the fans less than a day to fulfill this challenge.
  • In Western Land, Chugga retaliates. When Jon and Wario both get bad rolls, he jokes about how they can 'miss' together... then follows it up with another fanart request.
  • On Western Land, Chugga and NCS face off against Jon and Wario (the computer) in a game of Torpedo Targets. When Jon swims to a target, Wario tries hitting it with a torpedo and misses entirely. And gets a Star from it.

 *Jon and Wario stop in front of a target*

Jon: Wario, fire the friggin' torpedo!

*Wario misses completely*

Jon: We're in front of it! Wario, Wario!

    • And later...

 Jon: Okay, Wario, you can't miss this.

*Wario misses while the "Doh, I missed" line plays*

  • "Bowser has to go challenge Bowser to a Bowser-off." When Bowser appears on the board via Bowser Bomb.
  • In Episode 3 of Western Land, the guys are playing Rakin' 'Em In (a battle mini game where you try to get as many good mushrooms as you can). At the end of the mini game, just when the counter hit 0, Chugga went for the last Gold Mushroom, but missed and grabbed a poison mushroom instead, dropping down to 3rd with Tim.
  • Chugga and Jon continuously getting distracted by Jon's cat.

 Jon: Meow! Kitty, do you want to play on the internet? I hear the internet loves kitties!

  • In the vein of the "Let's play" prayer from the first game, there's also this:

 Jon: Yes! YES! There is a god! And he really likes Mario Party!

  • Everybody commenting on the AI's turn at the item minigame in Pirate Land.
    • Along the same lines:

 Jon: Wh-what was that pose DK was doing?

Chugga: I'm like 'Yeah!'

Jon: He's got a thiiiiing!

  • Jon's way of deciding his racer in the first battle minigame:

 Jon: Uh... this guy looks fast! He has no legs!

  • There's also the inevitable meeting with Bowser, once Chugga gets a 'Bowser Makes an Appearance' spot in Bowser Roulette:

 Chugga: He always hits you when you don't expect.

Jon: [Starts laughing] Much like diarrhea? So Bowser is diarrhea, apparently.

NCS: [Being talked over] In the bathroom!

Chugga: What...?

    • And, once Bowser makes the promised appearance...


Jon: Yeeeah! Pee dance Cap'n Bowser!


Chugga: [Mutilating the game text] Arr! I shall be the one to plunder the thunder!

Jon: [[[Beat]]] Plunder the thunder?

  • On the very last turn of Pirate Land, with Jon poised to win the board, Chugga starts 8 spaces away from Boo, who he needs to get a Star steal. He hits a 6, to Jon's satisfaction, only to land on a Hidden Block, and gets a Star from it, leading to reactions that must be heard to be believed.
  • First video of Western Land, Chugga has the option of inviting everyone over to a hootenanny, but he declined, despite Jon's protests, leading Jon to almost saying something bad.

 Jon: I wanna hootenanny.

Chugga: NO!

Jon: I wanna hoot all the - No. I'm not going to finish that.

  • The callback to MP1's Bombsketball during a minigame in Western Land:

 Chugga: It must be the shoes!

Jon: These shoes make my arms throw fantastically.

  • The game of Archer-ival is awfully entertaining, too, if for no other reason than the AI's fascination with hitting NCS. Every time it shoots at him, he makes the same tiny movement and dodges before moving back into place, setting the cycle up again. This sums up the entire minigame.
  • "NO! Why am I so bad at this? I know how to count!"
  • Chugga and Jon arguing over the duel minigame in Episode 4 of Pirate Land, and neither of them is the one dueling. NCS just sits there like "Okay, whatever. Let's just find out who's right."
  • Chugga taking the time out to make note of unfortunate tongue placement in a minigame.

 Chugga: --so use your better judgment... and Yoshi is licking my butt.

Jon: Umm... only you would notice that.

 Chugga: --I don't know the friggin' words, ahahahaha hey!

Jon: Hey? Hey.

Chugga: Hey.

Jon: How's it goin'?

  • Jon finds the taunt button and declares he's pretty much set.
  • Peach facing our "heroes" on Archer-ival. After knocking out NCS and Chugga, Jon is left to run away from her...while acting like a husband suffering the wrath of an angry wife.

 Jon: Honey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean to leave the toilet seat down. I thought you wouldn't notice!

Tim: Y'know, in the bathroom!

Jon: Peach, I'm sorry, baby! I'll write you a song next time. I'll remember our anniversary. I'll do everything!

  • What happens to Jon on his first turn? He gets a Hidden Block with a Star in it!

 Jon: That was... the dumbest amount of luck I have ever seen.

    • The best part may be that the prediction he made right after getting the star rang true. By the middle of the game, things were going very badly for him.
  • Everyone, but especially Jon, constantly abusing the Space X trope on Space Land.

 Jon: Merry Christmas, everybody! Welcome to space!

Chugga: This is a black Christmas, not a White Christmas.

Jon: [Singing] I'm dreaming of a space Christmas, just like the ones I used to know...

  • Jon's reaction the first time the Snifit Patrol sets a trap. It has to be heard.
  • Later in the game, as Jon's debating what to buy at the item shop, and he's exasperated that Chuggaa's still reminding him of the Knytt Stories Mushroom Samba.
  • Jon pointing out the Fridge Logic of the happening space event in Space Land:

 Jon: Where did the Thwomp learn how to drive? It has no arms!

  • Jon and Chugga trying to figure out what's going on with the happening star while NCS does his own thing.

 Chugga: If Tim lands on a happening space now--

Jon: Everybody gets a star!

NCS: Everybody dance now!

  • Chugga noticing that Jon is humming the Indiana Jones theme. He has an issue with it.

 Chugga: Why are you singing Indiana Jones in space?

Jon: Space Indiana Jones! He's the best hero!

  • The utter inanity of the commentary as Bowser's Space Laser is activated for the first time.
  • Some of the post-minigame commentary (during Peach's turn) is fairly amusing, too.

 Jon: She sees too many dead people. More than the standard amount of dead people.

  • Jon getting stuck on the top stretch of space for a third of the game.
  • Chugga misunderstanding one of NCS's quips.

 Chugga: Yep, she got [the star]. Better her than [Jon], honestly.

NCS: Better her than me.

Chugga: But this is supposed to be your board, man!

NCS: I was quoting Han Solo.

Chugga: Oh.

  • Jon and Chugga's differing opinions on a not-so-heroic sacrifice.

 Jon: We just... sacrificed... Tim. Go team!

Chugga: Your death was not in vain!

Jon: It totally was.

  • Chugga pointing out that the AI-- even without any coins-- is still in third place.

 Jon: And now Peach is crying.

Chugga: She's crying 'cause she has 0 coins. That's pretty sad that 0 coins is third place...

NCS: Yeah, right?

Jon: Wait... what?

  • Jon and Chugga's commentary when things start getting intense in the star-race.

 Jon: [As he rolls] Unfortunately, all three of us are close enough to [the star] and have enough for it.

Chugga: So it's really just who gets a [Jon rolls a 1]-- pffft!

Jon: Thanks, game!

Chugga: I was like 'Who gets a good-- Pffft!'

Jon: Who gets a good fart.

[NCS rolls a 10]

Chugga: Oh, Tim! Tim got the good fart!

  • Jon and the game having their difficulties with each other. Jon is far more polite than he was the last time this happened.

 Chugga: Jon needs a really good roll [8+] to get this.

Jon: I'm gonna get a 2, aren't I? [Rolls a 1] Game, can we have some words outside later?

  • The line of low-stakes duels near the end of Space Land.
    • There are two more that go like this. Both of them Jon vs. the AI.

 Jon: Yeah, two coins! I'm rolling in it.


Jon: Dammit, she got it! Not my seven coins!

  • Chugga putting his foot in his mouth.

 NCS: [Starts singing a random beat]

Chugga: I love Tim's scattin'.

Jon: Ummmm...

Chugga: Oh! Pffft! I didn't think before... well he is scatting.

  • In Mystery Land, Jon gets three stars from hidden blocks. One of them fits because he lands on a teleporter pad and the star is there, but Luigi was there before and yet he never got the star.
  • The guys' reactions to Yoshi's losing animation in Archer-ivals.

 Chugga: [Sounding totally sympathetic] He looks so sad!

Jon: He looks like he's eating the bow.

Chugga: He's comfort eating.

Jon: [As Yoshi] 'Well this is useless! [Eating noise]'

  • The AI Chance Time that screwed NCS over the first time.

 NCS: [As his icon comes up] Oh boy. We have something big here.

Jon: No we don't. We have you losing money is what we have here.

[Luigi gets 'Yoshi gives Luigi 30 coins']

Chugga: He called every one of them! He called Yoshi, he called Luigi and he called losing money!


  • The fact that nearly every game of Sneak 'n Snore ends with all of the guys getting thrown down the pipe and the AI constantly beating them.
  • Jon's impression of a commenter.
  • The *ahem* encouragement as NCS lands on a Bowser Space.

 Chugga: You have 2 coins going into this.

Jon: Probably not going to be leaving with those 2 coins. Just throwing that out there.

  • "The chin is mightier than the... waffle... button."
  • Upon starting Horror Land...

 Jon: Imagine the horrors that await you when you go to Horror Land. That's why we're all wearing pointy hats. Truly-

Chugga: To defend ourselves from Jon's mother.

Jon: What!?

Chugga: *Laughs*

NCS: Did I hear that?

Jon: Am I going to have to punch you out? Mama said knock you out, cause you called her a whore.

Chugga: I didn't say that.

Jon: I'm pretty sure you just did.

Chugga: No, I just said she was scary. And considering how much of a jerk you are, the person who created you...

Jon: OK, I'm going to throw you out a fucking window.

 Chugga: You just blew me up the ass.

Jon: Ummm.


  • Chugga muffles a laugh as he realizes what he said*

Jon: "Are you sure you're straight? Because you say things no straight man would say.

Chugga: I meant because the bob-omb was behind me, I didn't mean what I meant to say!

Jon: And you wonder why there's slash.

  • Chugga manages to reach Big Boo in Horror Land, and needs to get anything but a 1 to steal from everybody. He gets a 1.
    • There's also this improbable display, after both NCS and Chugga have rolled ones.

 Chugga: ONE!

NCS: Two ones in a row!

Jon: Well, you know, if you two rolled ones, I'm just gonna roll a one as well. [Rolls a 1] Told you.

  • The first roll-- NCS's magnificent 2. He's cool with that, though. Chugga, on the other hand...

 NCS: I'm in first!

Chugga: Let's see how long that lasts! [Rolls a 1]

  • The very first minigame in Horror Land, Hexagon Heat. NCS heads in the exact opposite direction he was supposed to, Jon bounces off Chugga's head and into the lava, and Wario glitches off of the panel, handing Chugga the win about five seconds in. All this after Chugga jokingly claimed that the minigame was going to last the entire episode.

 Jon: What just happened? I ground-pounded and kept bouncing, Wario was humping the sky... and I don't even remember what happened to Tim!

  • The way NCS (and eventually Jon) play Shock Drop or Roll. They just jump the entire time. The best part is that it works.
  • NCS's borderline Angrish near the end of Filet Relay-- and Jon's interpretation of it.
  • The game of Shy Guy Says. Not for Chugga messing up, or the AI promptly handing Jon the win, but for this little Call Back.

 NCS: [Who has already been struck out] B! A!

Chugga: Argh!

Jon: Swear to god, Tim!

NCS: C! F!

Jon: F's not even a button, Tim!


 Chugga: [Yoshi] looks so sad!

Jon: I would be too if I lost when I was a giant, floating head. [Gets caught] Damn it!

  • There's also Sky Pilots, in which we can only assume that Chugga is looking for something to make questionable comments about. Jon steals his thunder, this time.

 Chugga: Wario's... massaging my back with his nose.

Jon: A nice little backrub and you-- you were vibrating for a second there.

Everyone: Eugh...

  • A Castlevania reference.

 Chugga: What is a game?

Jon: Miserable pile of software! But enough talk, have at you!

  • Jon getting really fed up with Day at the Races:

 Jon: Day at the Races! Day at the Races! I heard you like races-- here are some days. You can spend them at the races. Day at the races...

  • How do the guys start off Bowser Land? Tim gets a hidden block on the first turn, just after talking about how everything there is backwards.
    • There's also the first minigame of Bowser Land, Mecha Marathon. First NCS whips out a couple of coins for Chugga and himself (prompting Jon to complain about, not being left out, but the usage of the coins at all) and then Jon tempts fate again.

 Jon: You guys probably won it, actually.

[Everybody but Jon drops immediately]

Chugga: How do you do that?

  • Chugga's first item minigame in Bowser Land. He gets two mushrooms and a Bowser Bomb in Bowser Slots. Cue:

 Chugga: Do I get both?

Jon: You get a mushroom with a bomb in it. You roll a 5, and then you blow up.

  • The deciding factor when Jon is trying to figure out who to steal a star from. It should be noted ahead of time that NCS has 2 stars and Chugga 1, though he's in position to buy another.

 Chugga: You just bought the Magic Lamp, that's betting 100 coins for these two stars.

Jon: No! Fuck you! [Steals Chugga's star]

    • Then, the turn continues... and Jon lands on the same space Chugga is on, initiating a duel.

 Jon: (laughing nervously) Hey buddy, how's it goin'?

Chugga: I hate you.

  • Right before the signing off for Bowser Land, Chugga treats us to this:

 Chugga: Whatever hits you in the crotch is automatically your property?

Jon: Uh... what? I don't even...

  • During Crane Game, Peach appears to have too much fun on the floor.

 Jon: What is Peach doing?!

Chugga: I love you floor! Make me a sandwich!

Tim: Uh...she's giving love to her honeymoon.

Jon and Chugga groan

Chugga: I shoulda thought of that.

Jon: I'm kinda surprised you didn't.

Tim: Oh, Majora! Majora! Majora, please!

  • In Bowser Land, Chugga says he has to "go press L" before heading to the bathroom. When he returns, he states that he "speedran the bathroom" by "mashing L".
  • Throughout Bowser Land, everyone (and especially Chuggaa) keep worrying that the next battle game is going to be Day at the Races, and that someone is going to land on the bank and have to pay a huge sum of coins. Neither happens.
  • "Old Age catchin' up to you, Mr. Conroy?"
  • Chuggaa assigns different silly voices to the differently colored text while reading the rules of Mini Game Coaster out loud.
  • During the Minigame Coaster, Chugga messes up his words when bringing back Hockey Town while Jon plays Speed Hockey.

 Chugga: *Singing* Hockey Town!...Honky Town.

Jon: Huhuhuh...what!? Honky Town?

Chugga: I said Hockey Town and I was like "Honky Town".

Jon: You do know what "honky" means, right?

Chugga: Yes.

Jon: Makin' sure. Just makin' sure.

  • Chugga gives Jon a bit of encouragement during the Shell Shocked minigame.

 Chugga: Just imagine they're me!


  • During the inevitable final run of Day At the Races, the Guys have trouble finding out who the second-through-fourth placers were, so they have a hilarious slow motion moment to decide.
    • Even better is that they're doing a slow motion OF the slow motion, and still can't figure out the positions. And the slow motion of the slow motion includes slowing down their voices, making them sound slurred like they're drunk.


  • Jon and Chuggaa decide that the first Waddle Dee they see is Josh Jepson (who is not playing with them). Then when Chugaa as Kirby eats it, he's also eating grandpas, and that eating grandpas and getting high off of the cholesterol in them is the cool thing for kids to do now.
  • Chuggaa accidentally kills Jon in 1-2, before Jon could even think of a way to kill Chuggaa, much to Jon's dismay.
  • Chuggaa sets off a chain of puns.
  • When Chuggaa delivers a Take That to a design choice done with Eterna City, Jon asks what he's talking about and when he finds out, is annoyed with himself for thinking Chuggaa wouldn't be making an obscure Pokemon reference.
  • The Guys talk about Meta Knight's dub voice in the anime and how it was so over-the-top (Eric Stuart was supposed to portray him as a Badass Spaniard) that it made Meta Knight sound like he was a Mexican Vampire.
  • Chuggaa's topical Take That to Alicia Silverstone and how she fed her child like a bird.
  • "Monster Flame! Say hello to my cousin: Yamata! No! OROCHI!"
  • Jon's reaction to Meta Knight and Dedede moonwalking during the post-boss battle Kirby Dance.
  • Jon's reaction to Chuggaa saying subgame in a very deep voice.
  • NCS saying that them sharing food is kinky, making Chuggaa yell, "Thanks for that!"
  • The unintentional Rescue Romance moment at the start of 2-1: Chugga's Kirby gets eaten alive, saved by Jon's Meta Knight, and they kiss.
  • When they're fighting King Doo.

 Chuggaa: King Doodoo!

NCS: In the bathroom!

  • Jon saying how he sometimes hates driving people.

 Jon: You guys haven't been in a car ride with me before so... I-I don't think I could handle that.

Chuggaa: You can't handle being apart from us for 12 hours, that's the sweetest thing you ever said in all... life.

  • The ending to episode two, which has Jon and NCS deciding to attack Chugga in-game. Chugga promptly runs away and enters the second level of world two to escape.
  • When Chugga uses Stone Kirby and turns into a statue of a muscular man, he exclaims "Look at me! That's how I look in real life, I swear."
  • "Normally we would need a hammer... but... we have Tim."
    • In the same vein, there's the solution that Chugga comes up with after he and Jon have been bickering. Again.

 Chugga: I like how I just made a reference to using Tim as a shield against you, and nobody said anything.

Jon: Well, now that you mention it...

NCS: How dare you!

  • There's also Jon trying to figure out whether there's stuff underwater or not.

 Jon: Isn't there stuff down here? There's a pineapple down here.

Chugga: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Jon: Oh no... it totally is...

  • In Episode 2, the guys have some trouble with doors. They keep going back and forth between a room with a gear in it and one small, enclosed area, with each one of them accidentally going through the door at least once.
    • Actually despite what Chugga said, it was only him and NCS.
  • Later in Episode 2, the guys start comparing Kirby's powers to, of all things, Captain Planet. And when asked which power represents the element of Heart?

  Chugga: The power of Heart lies in our friendship!

    • He also decides, randomly, that Jon should be Wheeler from the show. This is possibly referring to Jon's last name being Wheeler.
    • It comes up again in the next episode, when Jon expresses shock that Water Kirby took so long to become an actual power for Kirby. Chugga recites the Captain Planet intro again, but substitutes something... less-than-wholesome for the power of "Heart."
  • Jon saying that Tim's beatboxing sounded more like "sucking like a tetrabat." Causing Chugga to give a Flat What.
  • Chuggaa decides to take the high-jump power, then decides to get another one.

 Chuggaa: You know, I think I'll go with the high-jump. I'll go with an off-beat- no wait, I want the whip.

Jon: Make up your mind.

Chuggaa: Okay, I'll go with whip.

Jon: 'Kay.

Chuggaa: Actually I want water, I'm just kidding!

Jon: You son of a- KIRBY! *tries slashing him with Meta Knight's sword*

  • During the bulls-eye minigame, one of them has the dartboard with a lot of fake dartboards causing Jon to wonder what was going on.
  • Chuggaa accidentally eats Tim.

 Jon: You're in his mouth.

NCS: Oh.

Jon: That's not a good place to be.

Chuggaa: Well, using you as projectiles is a strategy so... *eats Jon*

Jon: Hey, hey, hey!

  • Chugga regurgitates NCS.

 Chuggaa: Look at Tim, he's having the time of his life.

Jon: Yeah, cause being regurgitated is a great feeling.

Chuggaa: How would you know it feels?

Jon: We don't talk about that.

Chuggaa: Um... okay. I think you were the one who did the foot in mouth moment this time.

NCS: Wow, at least it wasn't my foot in his mouth.

Chuggaa: UGH!

  • The entire American Dream conversation. Points for NCS's muttering in the background and the others' reaction to it.
  • Episode 3 ends with them playing Ninja Dojo. The whole thing is hilarious, from Jon's invocation of the Let's Players' curse to their reactions to the trickier targets.
  • Chugga's two very similar moments of Buffy-Speak from Episode 3: "I'm an Olympic...person" and "I'm the American...person".



Super Smash Bros

  • Jon managing to defeat both Chugga and Tim at the same time. Their reactions are priceless.
  • All three of them singing whenever someone gets the hammer.
  • Tim saying "Let's get ready to RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" with the "rumble" part lasting over 10 seconds. Chugga's and Jon's reactions make it even funnier.

  *dumbfounded* What else can you do, Tim?!

  • Jon's worst one-liner ever:

  "GO AWAY!"

Mario Kart 64

  • In the Facebook post announcing this video's update, Chugga says he got NCS and Jon presents from the convention. He got NCS a Yoshi doll and Jon a poison mushroom.

Thrown Controllers

  • The guy in the audience who keeps calling out the number of spaces gotten like he's the Count from Sesame Street. "Two! Two spaces, ah hah hah!"

  Jon: He's my favourite.

  • Whenever the characters move hilariously slow on screen.

 Jon: 'Cause Sonic runs that fast all the time.

Chugga: It's Sonic Next Gen.

Entire audience: OHHHH!

  • "You should not have picked that one..." BRUTAL QUESTION
  • Chugga puns: Convention edition:

 Chugga: I guess the loser will have to go back to their... Shaq!

Everyone in the crowd groans.

  • Near the end of the panel, Slowbeef approaches Jon. According to slowbeef's comments in a Retsupurae video concerning the event, the interaction went something like this.

 Slowbeef: Hey, Jon. I was hoping to capture your crowning moment.

Jon: Fuck you!

slowbeef flips Jon off, laughs and walks back to his seat

Jon: (into the microphone to the audience) Slowbeef everybody.

  • The mounting computer troubles near the end of the panel, leading up to the final game:

 Jon: You saw nothing.


Emile: The winner is Windows.


  1. Earlier recordings were hampered by someone inadvertently disconnecting the projector.
  2. here
  3. Remind anyone of the Bullet Bill incident?
  4. might I add that was also funny, since he yelled "HEY EVERYBODY IT'S CHUGGAACONROY" in a voice that sounded like he just smoked a hundred cigarettes
  5. Have I said 'mushroom' enough tonight?
  6. To clarify: there were barrels over water. To get back to the door, they had to swim over. To avoid drowing on the way, they had to jump out at regular intervals without jumping back into a barrel.
  7. Previously, after Tim's first failed attempt, Jon stated he "really hates [Tim] right now".
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