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Basic Trope: A player of a tabletop role-playing games like to tell a stories with her characters.

  • Straight: Susan Tory like to tell stories with her character, Mary Wizard, as the hero.
  • Exaggerated: Susan pen whole complete Elsewhere Fic for Mary's background story.
  • Downplayed: Susan Tory just use Mary as way of wangsting during breaks between Important Story Arcs.
  • Justified: Susan is novelist and can't resist to expand as much backstory about her character as possible.
  • Inverted: Susan is a Munchkin and a Heroic Comedic Sociopath.
  • Subverted: Susan is thought to be The Roleplayer by the GM, but end up being somewhat of The Loonie...
  • Double Subverted: ....but that because she's playing a Joke Character, just to prove that she can roleplay any character type.
  • Parodied: Susan plays her character, Mary Wizard like a parody Mary Sue in a So Bad It'sGood fan-fiction.
  • Zig Zagged: Susan rolls a die before game. If she rolls a 1, Mary Wizard is Too Dumb to Live and is played so badly, you'd think she's never cast a spell in her entire life. If she rolls a, Mary Wizard is Genre Savvy. If the dice is anyway in between, Mary Wizard is just Genre Blindness. Susan states "Multiple Personality Disorder" if asked about Mary Wizard's weird actions.
  • Averted: Susan plays her character, Mary Wizard, as normal wizard with the correct Genre Blindness for "D&D" game.
  • Enforced: The Game Master is quite obsessed with the setting and will be Killer GM toward any character he consider to be Flat Character.
  • Lampshaded: "Are you going to stop your Ms. Minus act any time soon, Mary." "I rather eat toxic waste then do that."
  • Invoked: The Game Master asks the Players for five to ten pages of backstories for the characters
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Susan Tory wants you to go "The Roleplayer" or she will force you to list to everything her D&D character, Mary Wizard, did from the first game up to the most recently finished arc-- and she's been playing D&D since The Seventies.

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