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The Riddle Master of Hed is the first book in a High Fantasy trilogy, The Riddle of the Stars, by Patricia A. McKillip that takes place in a Standard Fantasy Setting with a Morality Kitchen Sink. The other two are Heir of Sea and Fire and Harpist in the Wind.

Morgon was a student before his parents died and he became the land-ruler of Hed. He was born with a birth mark of three stars on his forehead which are the subject of prophecy, although he tries to ignore that. When the High One's harpist, Deth, comes to visit during his travels, he informs Morgon that Raederle of An's hand in marriage was promised to whomever could defeat Peven of Aum in a riddle game and that An has been in an uproar ever since Peven told the last person to challenge him that he was too late. Morgon admits that he won Peven's crown in a riddle game and resolves to go with Deth to visit Raederle and offer himself in marriage.

Before they can get very far, their ship is attacked by shape-changers who are determined to kill The Starbearer aka Morgon. For his very life, Morgon travels with Deth to the High One on Erlenstar Mountain in search of an answer to the riddle of three stars.

The second book follows Raederle of An, Lyra of Herun, and Morgon's sister Tristan as they search for Morgon, Deth, and the High One, who are all now considered missing ever since Morgon reached the High One and fell out of all contact. The third book deals with the growing war against the shape-changers and the continuing search for the truth about the High One.

The main characters:

  • Morgon of Hed: aka The Star-Bearer. He is the Prince of Hed and least important of land-rulers. He was born with three stars on his forehead which are the subject of some of the oldest unsolved riddles. Before his parents died Morgan attended Caithnard where he studied riddle mastery. Shortly before the first book he secretly bet his life in a riddle game that hundreds of men have died attempting. He keeps the crown he won under his bed and just wants to farm.
  • Deth: The High One's harpist and Morgon's closest friend and mentor. He guides Morgon to Erlenstar Mountain.
  • Raederle of An: Princess of An, promised by her father Mathom to the man who would defeat Peven and protagonist of the second book.

Tropes Used:

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