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The cast of The Return. Here be spoilers..

Ostensibly a Ranma 1/2 / Sailor Moon Crossover fic with plenty of Original Characters and expies there are Loads and Loads of Characters and almost as many unique factions.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION Names that deserve to be on here but aren't yet: BlackSky, Commander Stillwater, Colonel Jacob Edwards, Mistress Mercury, Sailor Orion, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Venus, Morrison, Sophie, Gabriel Smith, Cecilia, Galina A'deen (and her girls), Bishop Fortson, High Father Corvine, Bishop O'Malley, Inspector Richard Rebus, CSIS Agent Andre Gagnon, Mal de Veste, and various Company and Joint Task Force 2 troopers. Yes, there are a lot.

The Brood

Darkstar, AKA Ranma Saotome, AKA Sunshine Saotome, AKA Sunshine Vestal, AKA Sunny, AKA Red

Born Ranma Saotome, a male martial artist already possessing a genderflip curse is accidentally turned into a succubus during a botched power up ritual, and is thrown into a world of secret government agencies, ancient conspiracies and Eldritch Abominations. By using the Power of Trust Ranma is slowly won over to the side of an NGO Superpower. Over time Ranma becomes more comfortable being demonic and female, eventually gaining a brood of demonspawn, her personality, thought processes, priorities and demeanor taken over entirely by her past life, that of the succubus Darkstar. Despite all evidence pointing to that man being dead, she still goes by the name Ranma Saotome (possibly for reasons of convenience with regards to name-conscious humans), and the narrative goes along.

Nariko Saotome AKA Sailor Lightning AKA Tatewaki Kuno

Turned into a demon after being mortally wounded, Nariko was an example of Ranma's demonhood. Initially neglected, and damaged, Nariko is eventually accepted by Darkstar, which starts both character's changes. Ranma becomes Darkstar, and Nariko goes from being a simple and innocent young demon to Dark Star's lethal and capable lieutenant. Designated "big sister" to the other broodlings.

Akane Saotome AKA Sailor Eclipse AKA Eclipse AKA Akane Tendo

First turned into a demon by Alexia, then taken by Darkstar, then taken back, then finally Dark Star kills Alexia and takes her for real. Mated to Nariko, which is a canon injoke. More rough and predatory due to Alexia's influence. Also, somewhat of a nudist. Special power is controllable and explosive shadows.

  • The name Eclipse could possibly have been reference by Alexia to DarkStar. Which is odd, considering who Eclipse was sent to kill.

Misako Saotome AKA Aurora AKA Acolyte Hibiki AKA Ryoga Hibiki

First introduced as a male Axe Crazy Blood Knight who can heal. Then gets taken by Alexia who turns him into the Alpha Bitch from HELL (complete with a squicky scene of her "feeding"). It Gets Worse. She Kills Aram and Disembowels her former partner to cover her escape. (Ukyo does get better.) She later decides she wants Ukyo for her mate, you know, after trying to kill her. She joins the party after Alexia is defeated, declaring Ranma to be "the better mother".

So what to do with obviously the most twisted and unstable member of the group? Give her the biggest gun. And if that's not enough she can drain, at range.

Cry some more.

Ukyo Saotome AKA Acolyte Kuonji AKA Ukyo Kuonji

Misako's mate. She's a former member of The Assembly of Man who showed up with certain another character as his partner. Ryoga's fall allows her to defect to the Company but gets turned after being slashed open by Misako to distract Ranma long enough to flee.

Due to body urges, she's spends most of the next arc trying to convince Misako to switch sides. A Badass in her own right. Sporting two SSP's, The magical ability to make you shit brix, and is a good cook to boot.

Much like Nariko her role in the relationship is ball and chain toMisako's/Akane's , but without being the "big sister". She's served a few other roles, such playing Number Two to Sophie in a recent chapter. Unfortunately her niche seems to be the middle child. To be fair, her power does compliment Misako's being able to lay down an area effect with both an Emotion Bomb and Mana Drain.

Nabiki Saotome (Yuki)

Originally Akane and Kasumi's snarky middle sister. (pretty much the canon version, but with less plot involvement.) But when her little sister gets re-re-turned by Alexia, she decides to go shopping, only to get kidnapped herself.

Alexia not only turns her into a Dragon Lady china doll (complete with a hime-cut pigtail combo hairstyle) She de-ages her in an effort to make her more subservient, rather than, you know, making her more subservient. Yuki, as she's renamed, does go on to plot and plan to overthrow her mother Though she waffles back and forth.

After Alexia's defeat she has a hard time returning to her former life, both due to the Mind Rape and her new status as the baby in the family. She tries middle school, but decides it sucks.

She has two straight razor-esque cam assisted folding knives that can be thrown, and shoots out thermobarac ice crystals.

Oh, and she likes pink.

The other team, love and justice and stuff.

Usagi Tuskino, AKA Sailor Moon, AKA Serenity

Leader of the Sailor Senshi and is basically dealing with a Genre Shift. Her life goes from a Bishojo anime/manga to Darker and Edgier webnovel. Despite having dealt with her friends dying her friends being turned against her and the end of the world, she doesn't take this shift terribly well.

Company Personnel

Major Nodoka Saotome

Ranma's mother who joined The Company to facilitate her search for her stolen son. A fully paid up genius and expert in esoteric weapons and guns and something of a Wrench Wench too. After her reunion with her son she has to deal with gaining a demonic daughter in his place (and another in Eve later) and a whole brood of demonic grandchildren. Something of a Team Mom.

Captain Eve Jarvis AKA Captain Adam Jarvis

A cold blooded Torture Technician of Germanic descent whose grandparents were apparently some of Those Wacky Nazis and indulged in some of their more outrageous schemes. Jarvis' cold blooded sociopathy turned out to be (mostly) a variant of a Jerkass Facade and hiding a lot of (grand)parental guilt and he asked Ranma to turn him into her sister succubus in order to gain a family (and possibly also because he had a rather badly hidden crush on Ranma. Since Succubisation has gained three daughters who were formerly company agents and seems a lot happier and more stable for this. Irony being what it is it seems that becoming a demon made her a lot more human. Used to put the German accent on for effect, but Characterization Marches On and now likes to include a bit Gratuitous German in most sentences. Has been explicitly adopted as another daughter by Nodoka, and although not outright stated it seems that Genma probably thinks of her this way as well.

Morgan Graham

One of the first lives to be saved by the D-program, along with her "twin" Morrison. She's the sharpshooter of the group, carrying a modified anti material rifle that's fully capable of firing grenades and stands about a foot taller than her. She's not above beating you with it, Either.

Easily the least talkative of all the Horny Devils of the story.

She was, like many of the cast, originally a dude. Hailing from somewhere in Scotland, her only living human relative is a drunk mother (No stereotypes there!) that she lost touch with long ago. (as opposed to her new Military Brat sister.)

Aram Kowolski

Agent of the company, friend of Ranma/Sunshine, Mauve Shirt in good standing. Requiescat In Pace.

Assorted Muggles

Genma Saotome

A shifty, lazy, self centred Genius Ditz of a martial artist. Ranma's father and Nodoka's (ex)Husband. A more haunted and slightly wiser man than canon. More of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold than the Manga Jerkass.

Naoko and Sam

Those Two Girls, Sunshine's school friends who really are Ordinary Highschool Students. Slightly gothy high school students, for whom the role of the Unfazed Everyman is a natural fit, but still ordinary. The response to (eventually) learning Sunshine/Ranma was a formerly male martial artist and is a succubus was for the loser to pay the winner. Whether they can remain Muggles is anyone's guess though. Distaff Counterparts to the Manga's Hiroshi and Daisuke.

The Drake AKA Principal Kuno

Father of Nariko/Tatewaki and Cadet Kodachi Kuno. Just as fixated on Canadian culture as his canon counterpart is on Hawaiian, but a lot saner. Apparently made a fortune in a property scam that may or may not have led him to The Company who he now works for acquiring property for them to blow up in interesting ways as a reward The Company lets him run a Japanese Themed Highschool in Canada (which Ranma attended under the name Sunshine after Genma declared she should attend highschool as a girl). Had a weakness for prostitutes that was nearly his undoing. A long term friend of Genma and Soun and it was his land deal that brought the Tendos to Canada and led to Kasumi joining the company after her accident in the Chemistry lab. Has proved to be remarkably accepting of having his first born son turned into a demonic daughter and is actually a caring and compassionate father to her, which gains Ranma's respect.

The Woefully Misunderstood, and Alexia


First of the series true Big Bads and Complete Monster to boot. Managed to kidnap, defeat, convert and Mind Rape Akane, Nabiki and Ryouga and countless other Slave Mooks. Jealous and exiled (That's right, the demons kicked her out!) relative to the original Darkstar. Liked to send her daughters on suicide missions without their knowledge. A truly nasty piece of work to whom the Moral Event Horizon was a distant memory. Bad fashion sense too.

Notably the first Big Bad in the story who just had to die.


A (probably) human wizard. Wind up artist par excellence, enjoys messing with people in general and Pluto in particular just for the sheer hell of it. A Smug Snake, servant of many masters and a lying liar who lies. Used to have a Cool Car, now somewhat damaged.

May remind people of a certain other Human Mage.

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