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  • The game over screen in Ren and Stimpy: Stimpy's Invention. "Well, Stimpy... game's over!!!" with Ren and Stimpy crying, along with somber background music. This troper was only five when he first saw this, and was depressed for a while.
  • The shot of Stimpy waving goodbye from the dog pound cell was also a Tear Jerker in "Big House Blues", where it's underscored by a particularly forlorn arrangement of "The Polovtsian Dances."
    • The scene where the dog is put to sleep, and Ren is crying- he later explains the situation to Stimpy.
  • "Son of Stimpy". That is all.
  • From "Sven Hoek-" the scene of Stimpy and Sven hugging each other, crying and shaking in sheer terror as Ren threatens them with all sorts of kinds of graphic, specific forms of bodily harm.

 Stimpy: We don't like this, Ren!

Sven: Yeah- you're scaring us!

  • Kowalski's "Goodbye Daddy!" at the end of the episode "Fake Dad".
    • From that same episode, the scene where Ren is preparing to smack Kowalski as punishment for his bad behaviour. He orders Kowalski to pull down his pants... but Ren's eyes well up with tears, and he starts crying. He sobs and tells Kowalski to pull his pants back up. That was a freakishly depressing scene.
  • Stimpy running away after being harassed by bullies for his short stature in comparison to their mammoth height in "The Littlest Giant". It wasn't very uplifting back then, and it's only gotten more depressing over time now that bullying victims are likely to do the same...or be Driven to Suicide as of recently.
  • And, believe it or not, the Games episode Egg Yolkeo..especially the ending where Egg Yolkeo is eaten alive by Stimpy, his last words being I Love You Daddy. Really, was having Stimpy brutally murder Ren's pride and joy in life BECAUSE HE WAS HUNGRY AND LIKES EGGS "funny" to Spumco's successors?
  • The Music Video "Ren's Pecs." Based off the episode of the same name.
  • At the end of Stimpy's Fan Club:

 Ren:Looooove-it says love-...Stimpy.

Stimpy: I meant every word. *hugs a sobbing Ren* There, there, Ren. THERE, THERE.

    • When Ren broke down in tears at the beginning of the episode, believing he was not loved like Stimpy was. "Everyone loves the stupid one! No one loves the jerk! Everyone loves YOU... But I NEED LOVE, TOO! I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED, LIKE YOU!" The way he was crying was just heartbreaking.
      • When Ren was crying, Stimpy was visibly tearful, as well. When one sees a loved one cry, that makes one want to cry, too. That one shot of Ren and Stimpy looking at each other with tears in their eyes, just before Ren breaks down, is so sad.
    • Ren's cruelty towards Stimpy while reading the letter- the gratingly sarcastic tone, literally slamming the letter into Stimpy and rubbing it in his face ("ARE YOU GETTING THIS?!"), and harshly elbowing Stimpy in the stomach, causing the poor cat to bend over in pain, in tears, as Ren continues to mock him. Perhaps the saddest part was when Ren realized the letter was from Stimpy... and Stimpy looks up, still clutching at his stomach, smiling at Ren with big, tearful eyes.
  • Any time Ren cried in "Space Madness." Being enclosed in such a small space for so long was NOT good for the poor thing's mental health. He was clearly at the end of his rope.
  • Ren and Stimpy's reunion at the end of "The Big Shot".
    • Ren crying and missing Stimpy, and finding Stimpy's catnip mouse and hairballs on the floor.
    • Stimpy finally cracking and realizing he missed Ren. "I WANT REN!!! WWWAAAAAAUUGGH!!!"
    • A subtle example. The pitiful way Ren walks up to the door, and how his head limply hits the door. That subtle little gesture really demonstrated just how listless and depressed Ren was about Stimpy leaving. Just the way his head falls onto the door gets this troper every time.
  • Distraught, frazzled Stimpy trying to nurse a deathly sick Ren back to health in "Nurse Stimpy." Of course, he got better, but the recovery was so unexpected. The slow decline of Ren's health was incredibly sad.
  • Ren and Stimpy's tearful exchange at the beginning of "Ren Seeks Help," complete with Stimpy sobbing and screaming hysterically, and a hopelessly remorseful Ren. Ren forlornly walking away just sold it.
    • Stimpy: "You MONSTER! How could you say those HORRIBLE THINGS?!"
    • Ren: "I KNOW I'm insane, Stimpy! I don't know why I can't control my violent urges... But this time, I'll do something about it! I'll seek help... For you!"
    • Stimpy: "Don't do it for me... Dooon't do it for me... Do it for yourSELF!"
      • Ren going insane at the end. Considering that during the episode he went from a very human character capable of showing real remorse for his actions, to a literally mad dog, Ren's madness was just heartbreaking.
      • What about child Ren torturing all of those animals?! Especially that cute frog... *shudders*
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