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File:Carrie 2 poster 6933.jpg

The Rage: Carrie 2 is a 1999 Horror film that serves as a direct sequel to Carrie, starring Emily Bergl, Jason London and Mena Suvari.

A teen outcast named Rachel Lang sees her best friend Lisa kill herself after a Jerk Jock has sex with her in order to score points in a "game" he's playing with the rest of the team (based on a real event, unfortunately). Rachel seeks revenge against the football players that caused her friend's suicide, and along the way, learns that she possesses psychic powers. She develops a crush on Jesse, one of the smarter football players, and the two enter a relationship, much to the ire of Jesse's teammates, who start plotting against Rachel. Meanwhile, the school's guidance counselor, Sue Snell (a survivor from the original film), finds out about Rachel's powers, and steps in to help her, fearing a repeat of what had happened before. The entire situation comes to a head at the after-party for a football game, where a tape is played of Rachel and Jesse having sex. It does not end well.

This film was part of the post-Scream wave of hip, post-modern teen horror films, and was originally planned as a standalone film titled The Curse. Some fans of the original film regard it as a stain on its legacy, although others feel that it's So Bad It's Good, and still others feel that it's a worthy film in its own right. You make up your own mind.

This film has examples of the following tropes:

 Eric: How about I swing by when you get off work, I'll take you out for a little cruise? Come on, I don't bite. Unless you want me to.

Rachel: I don't think so.

Eric: Why not?

Rachel: 'Cause I'm a dyke.

  • Theme Naming: There are characters named Rachel, Monica and Bing.
  • There Are No Therapists: Subverted. The therapist is one of the main characters, and a survivor from Carrie's rampage in the original. She doesn't survive the sequel, though.
  • Wild Teen Party: The climax, replacing the prom from the original.
  • Zen Survivor: Sue, who is now a school psychiatrist. When she learns about Rachel's powers, she immediately steps in to try to help her, hoping to prevent her from going nuclear like Carrie did. She fails, and gets killed for her effort.
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