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The Protomen are awesome indeed, but you may be wary of red lights, computer screens, and machines in general afterward...

Examples From Act I
  • The manner in which Protoman dies in 'Hope Rides Alone'. He's literally torn apart as an impassive crowd watches.

  "They watched them beat him, they watched them break him..."

    • The music video on the website makes it even worse. Among other things, Protoman gets hit so hard his jaw breaks off, has an arm chopped off, and has his face electrocuted, creating the image of a skull; said electrocution is this page's image.
    • Also from the music video, there's a creepy shot of a doll hanging in effigy right as 'we are the dead' kicks in.
  • Everything about the robot army, especially when they attack defenseless civilians on Wily's orders.
  • The mantra. WE HAVE CONTROL. WE KEEP YOU SAFE. WE ARE YOUR HOPE. Repeating forever.
  • The idea that the populace has been so thoroughly placated that they order Megaman to kill Protoman, after watching the latter die and doing nothing to help him.
  • In live versions of the Sons of Fate, even if the banter beforehand is silly, they play the song itself straight. Including Protoman waving a gatling gun in your face, the crowd that you're a part of calling for his death, and Wily's orders to kill them all.
  • Fade to Phil, the extended version of Due Vendetta, has creepy 8-bit chiptunes that keep playing as the song gets more and more distorted, eventually fading to static.

Examples From Act II

  • The manner of Emily's death, and the fact that no one attended her funeral.
  • Wily's takeover in 'The Hounds'.

  After a few inspirational opening lines, Wily turned his attention to the matter at hand. Thomas Light. He assured them that the murderer would be apprehended. He promised them that their city would be made safe again. They trusted him completely.

  • In 'Give Us the Rope', the crowd calls for Light to be hung, even after he was found innocent.
    • Aside from calling for a hanging, the crowd wants to dismember Light.

  Give us his hands! Give us his feet!

  • The heartbeat at the end of 'How The World Fell Under Darkness'. What happens to the City and its people is scary, too.

 A generation grew up inside the metal hands that gently circled the neck of the city.

The undesirables, the homeless, the criminal element of the city, systematically vanished.

  • The Sniper managed to keep the entire City in line through fear alone. It nearly chokes Joe to death, too.
  • The flatline representing Joe's death in 'The Fall'.
  • As Dr. Light speaks in the beginning of 'Here Comes the Arm', there's high-pitched, siren-like synthesizer waves representing Wily's control-and that the building is about to come down on his head.
    • It's punctuated in the notes by thousands of Snipers marching out of Wily's fortress.
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