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  • Ray being united with his love, Evangeline after his death. People in the theater this troper saw it in actually cheered and crooned out loud at this scene.
  • "If I can mince, you can dance."
  • Ray switching gels in front of his fresnel butt.
  • "Because Tiana... she is my Evangeline."
  • Naveen is willing to selflessly give up his own personal freedom by marrying a woman he doesn't love so that Tiana can realize her dream of owning her own restaurant, even if it means that he can never be with her. Damn, somebody give that frog a hug!
  • Don't forget Charlotte, who spent the entire movie pursuing her dream to marry Naveen and be a princess. Upon discovering that Naveen and Tiana have fallen in love with each other, she is delighted for her friend's happiness and offers to turn them back, no strings attached.
  • The part where Naveen uses some spare wire and a bracelet for a makeshift engagement ring to propose to Tiana with.
  • "My dream wouldn't be complete... without you in it."
    • Naveen: Warts and all? Tiana: Warts and all.
  • "I'll get a job. Maybe two. Maybe three!" His expression, the motivation behind the sentence and the fact that this is being said by a pampered prince who never did anything by himself in his life of luxury, makes this troper feel warm and fuzzy.
  • Tiana and Charlotte's opening sequence, as well as helping her at the party. See No Sympathy for that one.
  • For this troper, a small one happened when Mama Odie tells Tiana "What he (Tiana's dad) had in him, you got in you." Just the look on Tiana's face....
  • Tiana and Naveen falling in love is just the one of the sweetest things in cinema this troper has ever seen.
  • The fact that the movie is a return to Classic Disney will give warm fuzzies to any long time fan of the company.
  • This troper can't say exactly why, but Charlotte getting teary-eyed by seeing her best friend finding her one true love was very endearing. There's just something about that typical Alpha Bitch being so happy for her best friend, and her little sentence (something as "I've heard about true love stories in fairy tales all my life... and you've found yours, Tiana!") that... d'awwww.
    • I'd say her friendship with Tiana makes her a very untypical Libby, especially given the era.
  • Tiana using that old drawing as the cover of her restaurant menus -- and actually calling it "Tiana's Palace"--is just so sweet!
  • The entire song "Ma Belle Evangeline." No explanation should be necessary, but I'm sure this will be elaborated on.
  • Prince Naveen stopping Louis from saying "That ain't no fire-" during Ma Belle Evangeline. Seeing a womanizer like Naveen, who had been previously lecturing Ray on settling down too quickly, actually respect Ray's affection was heartwarming.
  • Seeing all of little Tiana's neighbors, at the beginning of the movie, sitting together and eating the gumbo she made makes this troper get a little teary eyed for some reason.
    • You're not alone. Although not teary-eyed, I find myself unable to stop smiling during that scene. In fact, I'm smiling right now as I think about it!
    • I third the sentiment. It reminds me of my younger days growing up near Baton Rouge, when sometimes the my family and the neighbors would just get together for dinner (usually a crawfish boil; and note: dinner in Southern means "late lunch").
  • When Tiana is catering Charlotte's party, a minor scuffle ends in her being knocked into the dessert table and overturning it, ruining the beignets that Charlotte was banking on to help her get the Prince's attention. Charlotte, who has already been established as spoiled and self-centered (out of obliviousness rather than cruelty), proves herself to be Spoiled Sweet when her only concern is making sure that Tiana is okay and helping her find a clean dress.
    • This troper agrees! It was partially because she had been established as spoiled, and this troper completely expected her to turn on Tiana and chew her out. But her complete aversion of the Royal Brat made the moment all the more heartwarming.

 Charlotte: Okay, Tiana, time to hit him with you're man-catching be- What happened?

Audience: (cringes, expecting an explosion)

Tiana: I- I-

Charlotte: Oh, you poor dear. (helps Tiana to her feet and starts ushering her to the house; calls back over her shoulder) Prince Naveen? I'll be right back, sugar! (to Tiana) I've got just the dress for you ...

Audience: (relaxing) Aw, look, she's not a total brat after all.

  • "Dreams DO come true in New Orleans!"
  • Louis' band at the end is called 'The Firefly Five Plus Lou.'
  • Naveen's attempt at proposing to Tiana. Especially since Naveen had been a womanizer for most of the movie.
  • This troper is currently in chef school and I have intense aspirations to open my own restaurant. I couldn't stop crying during almost all of "Almost There".
    • We here at TV Tropes wish you luck.
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