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Both the book and the movie have many Crowning Moments of Heartwarming. If such a moment appears in both, it's okay to list it in both folders, since not everyone is familiar with both versions.

Moments From the Book

  • When Buttercup's parents watch the Count's procession as it rolls past their farm, her father comments that "Now I can die," because he has seen something so remarkable. Her mother looks at him fondly -- despite their continual quarrelling -- and says, simply, "Don't."
  • Most of the narrator's recollections of his father, whom he loved deeply.
  • Similarly, Inigo's relationship with his father. He adored old Domingo, and while Domingo was swept up in the creation of the six-fingered sword, Inigo made sure that he ate and slept. It's easy to see why the poor kid was so crushed when his father was murdered.
  • There have been five kisses throughout history that everyone agrees deserve full marks for passion, purity, etc. Buttercup and Westley's first kiss left them all behind.
  • How Fezzik nurses his drunken friend Inigo back to health.
  • The narrator's reconciliation with his son in a section added for a more recent edition of the book.

Moments From the Film

  • The final scene.

 Grandson: Maybe you could come over and read it to me again tomorrow.

Grandfather: As you wish.

  • Valerie has been ragging on her husband Max about Prince Humperdink's firing him, but when Max says he'll take the job of re-animating Wesley, Valerie's instant and completely sincere reaction is "Yay!"
  • If you've ever been read a book as a child, and/or ever told a story to one, this whole movie will be a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming for you.
  • The tribute to André Roussimoff is this and a Tear Jerker.

 Robin Wright (Buttercup): I remember he used to put his hand on my head when we'd be outside and it was freezing cold where we were, and it would come down to here (points to her nose). His fingers would come here and it would cover the back of my neck, his hand was so big. And it would keep me warm.

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