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  • The entire Miracle Max scene.

 Valerie: Bye-bye boys!

Miracle Max: Have fun stormin' the castle!

Valerie: (to Max) ...Think it'll work?

Miracle Max: (to Valerie) It would take a miracle.

Both: Buh-bye!

    • Apparently, Rob Reiner, who directed the movie, had to leave the set during the Miracle Max scene because he laughed so hard it made him nauseous.
    • A fun fact: the only injury Mandy Patinkin sustained during filming was a bruised rib. He got it holding in his laughter while filming with Billy Crystal.
  • Vizzini's death scene: He laughs manaically, then suddenly freezes mid-laugh, a grin permanently frozen on his face, and falls over, dead.
    • Prior to it, we got this brilliant gem:

 Vizzini: (after an explanation about what a clever man would do with a poisoned drink) Wait 'til I get going! Where was I?

Man in Black: Australia.

Vizzini: Yes, Australia. And you must have suspected I would have known the powder's origin, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.

Man in Black: You're just stalling now.

Vizzini: You'd like to think that, wouldn't you?! (continues stalling)

  • When the Albino wakes up Westley, first by speaking in a stereotypically raspy voice for an Igor, and then clearing his throat and speaking normally.
  • The justly-named "Impressive Clergyman" from the infamous wedding scene arguably stole all the attention during the heroes' storming of the villain's castle. "Mawwage! Twue wuv!"
  • Near the end of the movie, Wesley instructs Buttercup to tie Humperdink to a chair. There's a cut to Inigo racing down the hall, while offscreen Wesley says "Make it as tight as you like"...followed by an agonized grunt from Humperdink.
  • The entire scene where Fezzik and Inigo are rhyming each other's sentences
  • "Give us the gate key." "I have no gate key." "Fezzik, tear his arms off." "Oh, you mean this gate key." [hands it to them]
  • This Troper (and her three family members) have yet to watch Buttercup throw herself down the hill without cracking up.
    • This Troper seconds that.

 Buttercup: You could die too, for all I care. (pushes "Man in Black" down a hill)

Westley: (tumbling down a very steep ravine) AAAASSS YOOOUUU WIIISSSHHH

Buttercup: ...Oh, my sweet Westley... What have I done?

Buttercup: (proceeds to throw herself down the hill)

  • I, for one, could NOT stop laughing at Inigo's first encounter with the Six-Fingered man.

 Inigo: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Six-fingered Man: (gets into battle stance.)


Six-fingered Man: (runs for his life.)

    • During Count Rugen and Inigo's fight to the death:

 Inigo: HELLO! My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father! Prepare to die!

Count Rugan: STOP SAYING THAT!!!

  • The R.O.U.S.'s.

 Buttercup: What about the R.O.U.S.'s?

Westley: Rodents of unusual size? I don't think they exist.

[An ROUS immediately attacks him]

  • Wesley screaming "AAAASSS YOOOOUUUU WIIIISH!" as he rolls down the hill. Cannot watch that part without laughing!
  • This scene always makes this troper giggle:

 (Buttercup kisses the King.)

The King: What was that for?

Buttercup: Because you have always been so kind to me, and I won't be seeing you again since I'm killing myself once we reach the honeymoon suite.

The King: Won't that be nice. She kissed me, ha, ha, ha!

    • Seconded! What makes it even funnier is as they're walking away, with the King beaming, while Buttercup is wooden and unresponsive, as if to say, "I can't believe it, he doesn't even care I'm killing myself..."
  • As Buttercup is about to commit suicide by stabbing herself in the heart:

 Westley: There is a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours.

  • When Inigo comes into the bedroom after Buttercup has tied up Humperdinck:

 Inigo: Where is Fezzik?

Westley: I thought he was with you.

Inigo: No.

Westley: Well, in that case... (falls over since he can't hold himself up)

  • With the Grandson and Grandfather, after further reading has revealed that Buttercup marrying Humperdinck was All Just a Dream:

 Grandson: See, Grandpa, I told you she'd never marry that rotten Humperdinck!

Grandfather: Yes, you're very smart. Shut up.

  • The hilariously anticlimactic "guide my sword" scene.
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