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 Played By: Michael T. Weiss; Ryan Merriman (child)

A "pretender", someone with a high-level intelligence who can pass as an expert in practically any field. Jarod was abducted as a boy by the Centre, a nefarious think tank that recognized his abilities as a savant. Trained under Sydney, Jarod ran 'simulations' of deadly accidents and terrorist attacks, believing that his data would prevent such events in the future. He was later horrified to learn that the Centre was doing just the opposite. As an adult, Jarod escaped from the clutches of the Centre to search for his real family.

 Young Sydney: You can't save everyone.

Young Jarod: Well, I had to try!


 Played By: Patrick Bauchau; Alex Wexo (flashbacks to Jarod's childhood)

A psychologist who works for The Centre. He was tasked with overseeing Jarod's development and knows more about him than anyone. Sydney is the closest thing Jarod has to a father, though Sydney refused to return such sentiments. Nevertheless, Sydney cannot deny his paternal instincts for Jarod, and cooperates with Miss Parker's manhunt in hopes of protecting him from harm.

 (to Jacob) "Since your accident, I've done things - terrible things - to protect Jarod, to protect you. I even tried to kill Dr. Raines, but the bullet hit his oxygen tank."

Miss Parker

 Played By: Andrea Parker; Ashley Peldon (child)

A former "cleaner" for The Centre who now works as a field agent. Miss Parker is also the daughter of The Centre's chief executive, Mr. Parker. Her allegiances are challenged when Jarod digs up evidence regarding her late mother's alleged suicide -- which may have been murder.

 Jarod: Your gun won't work. I took the firing pin out last night.

Miss Parker: I sleep with this under my pillow.

Jarod: And you drool out of the left corner of your mouth.

(Miss Parker pulls the trigger and nothing happens)


 Played By: Jon Gries

A computer expert and the third member of Miss Parker's triad. Unlike other Centre employees, Broots is shown to be a caring family man who is rather out of his depth. He holds no stake in Jarod's capture, but cooperates out of regard for Sydney and Miss Parker, his closest friends.

Mr. Parker

 Played By: Harve Presnell

The boisterous head of The Centre and father to Miss Parker. His easygoing personality conceals a wily mind.


 Played By: Paul Dillon

A pet project of Mr. Raines, Angelo was born Timmy, a child savant in the same vein as Jarod. Mr. Raines subjected him to intense shock treatments to enhance his empathic mind, at the cost of his lower brain function. Initially portrayed as an antagonist, Angelo is quickly revealed to be more cunning then he lets on. He considers Jarod his friend and assists him from behind the scenes.

Mr. Lyle

 Played By: James Denton

A latecomer who is brought in to oversee Jarod's capture, which The Centre believes has been mishandled by Miss Parker's team. Lyle conceals his sadistic tendencies beneath a veneer of professionalism.

  • An Arm and a Leg: Thanks to both Jarod and those in The Centre, Lyle finds himself on the bad side of a Yakuza clan. He disappears for a while, but upon his return, he's missing a thumb - per their tradition.
  • Bullying a Dragon: In "Past Sim," he brushes off warnings of Jarod taking offense to using one of his Sims to kidnap a murder witness (which also led to the death of a federal agent). See above for a taste for how well that worked out for him.
  • Chair Reveal: His first appearance.
  • The Dragon: To Mr. Raines.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He framed his adopted father for his own murder (ensuring a life sentence), but this also drove his adopted mother insane. When Jarod points this out, Lyle - if even for a moment - seemed genuinely remorseful about that.
  • Eviler Than Thou: In his first appearance, Mr. Raines refers to him as "The Bogeyman." Mr. Parker is also unable to handle him directly, requiring more covert action. Of course, that was when Lyle had a much stronger powerbase in the organization.
  • Evilly Affable
  • Freudian Excuse: His adopted father disciplined him by locking him in a shed for any misbehavior.
  • I'm a Humanitarian
  • Man in White
  • Me Love You Long Time
  • Serial Killer
  • That Man Is Dead: Raised as Bobby Bowman, he gave up this identity when he faked his death and took the name of his abusive adopted father.
  • Token Evil Teammate: In Season 3, he's added to Miss Parker's team.
  • Torture Cellar
  • Torture Technician
  • Tyrant Takes the Helm: Is in charge of The Centre a few different times.
  • Yubitsume

Mr. Raines

 Played By: Richard Marcus

A former colleague of Sydney's who ran similar experiments with other children, most notably Kyle and Angelo. At some point in the past, Raines abandoned his doctorate. A chain-smoker, he seems to be suffering from illness and is always accompanied by his squeaky-wheeled oxygen tank.

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