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The Power of Five is a series rewrite of a supernatural thriller series by Anthony Horowitz, author of the New York Times best-selling series Alex Rider; there are currently four books rewritten:
  • Raven's Gate
  • Evil Star
  • Nightrise
  • Necropolis
  • Oblivion (Set for a 2012 release.)

The story focuses on five 14-year-olds (Matt Freeman; Pedro, Jamie and Scott Tyler, and Scarlet) who are the reincarnations of five beings who saved the world from the Old Ones, evil spirits who once ruled the world using demons to instill fear on the people by sealing them away into certain parts of the world. Unfortunately, an evil organization wishes to unlock those parts to release the Old Ones onto the world once more and become rulers of the world. Now it is up to Matt, Pedro, Jamie, Scott and Scarlet to prevent the world from falling into darkness once more. It's a lot Better Than It Sounds.

Ravens Gate: Matt Freeman is sent to a nice village after being arrested for stealing from a warehouse as part of a government program. However, things are not as they seem as a series of strange events leave him in strange danger. He cannot escape, he cannot contact anyone, and the roads out of the town loop. Along with a journalist called Richard he meets, he discovers the townspeople are trying to unleash the Old Ones that once ruled the world. Oh, and Matt finds out he is destined to save the world with his newfound telekinetic powers. Eventually they win. The novel as a whole seems inspired by Lovecraft and is essentially a fantasy horror story.

Evil Star: Matt and Richard travel to Peru to find the next of the Five. Richard is kidnapped. Matt meets a boy called Pedro who winds up being one of the Five. They find a lost city. The book climaxes with Matt and Pedro leading an army of Aztecs to break into a miltary compound. Matt goes God Mode with his powers and kills the Big Bad. However the convoluted plot to resurrect the Old Ones using a satellite works, and Matt can only watch as they escape into the world. This book has a more fantasy themed plot.

Nightrise: This book focuses on Jamie and Scott, telepathic twins who work at Reno Playhouse in Nevada. One night, they are attacked by mysterious assailants. Jamie manages to get away, but Scott isn't so lucky. The former is saved by Alicia, who works for presidental candidate Trelawney and needs Jamie to help her get her son back. With the aid of Trelawney, Jamie gets into the prison where Scott is being held and, with the help of a local Native American tribe, liberates the underground torture chamber where the telekinetic kids are being held. When he is shot, Jamie is transported to the past, where he meets up with the past reincarnations of the Gatekeepers and defeats the Old Ones. Back in the present, he finds Scott in the hands of one of Nightrise's members, Susan Mortlake, who has manipulated Scott to shoot Trelawney. Jamie manages to deflect the blow and the twins escape. They enter through a passageway and find themselves in Peru, where Matt and Pedro are.

Necropolis: Scarlett is introduced here. Scarlett goes on a school trip to an ancient church for her art class. It is there that she sees an apparition of Matt pass through an unusual door at the end of the hall. She follows him, only to find herself in Ukraine and in the hands of a satanic cult called the Monastery for the Cry for Mercy. She manages to escape, only to be plastered all over the news and revealed to Nightrise. Meanwhile, Matt and the others plan to save her when they are attacked by zombie-like monsters, who kill Professor Chambers. It is then that Matt and Jaime split up from Scott and Pedro and head to England; but the two are too late, seeing as Scarlett is on her way to Hong Kong, which is about to turn into a necropolis. In Hong Kong, Scarlett senses something is amiss; her suspicions are confirmed when she is saved by the Triads, who reveal to her just what she really is.

Tropes used in The Power of Five include:
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