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Being a Traveler also gives you impeccable writing skills.

Ever notice how few, if any, errors there are in Bobby's journals?

And to explain why the typed journals are mentioned as having spelling mistakes in The Never War, only their hand-writing is like this.

  • And whatever translates their speech into various languages also works on their writing somehow, which is why Bobby knows how to spell all the different names of people and places. Alternatively, he asks whoever's nearby how something is spelled, and their answer is translated to something resembling English. For some languages, there would be less change, while the Eelong language, being spoken by klees (and also gars somehow), would undergo the most change.

This series shares its universe with the new Battlestar Galactica and Caprica.

The original Second Earth being what we see in the final scene of BSG. The Dados are the latest version of the Cylons. And Press is Lee Adama, Saint Dane is Leobon, Spader Sr. is Sam, Spader is Helo, Osa is Dee, Alder is Tyrol, Admiral Quinick (Grallion's CO) is Bill Adama, and Bobby is Boxey.

The Morpheus Road Trilogy is set in the timeline that the final chapter of The Soldiers of Halla gives us a glimpse of.

Damon is attempting what Saint Dane failed to do, he's just being smarter about it. The Light and Black are the two halves of Solara, which have been divided again.

  • Partially confirmed, partially Jossed. Both series do take place in the same universe, but the Light is Halla (or just Earth, Press wasn't very clear) and the Black is a Limbo-like midpoint between the Light and Solara.

Bobby's decision to mix the territories in Black Water is why Saint Dane began doing it later.

According to Press, part of Saint Dane's goal was to unite Halla by mixing the technology of the culture and territories. But he didn't start to mix the territories until book seven, The Quillan Games. Even accounting for the fact that time between territories is irrelevant, he still faced Pendragon on six territories prior to Quillan, and he hadn't mixed any of them. So why the sudden change in policy?

Because Pendragon made a conscious decision to mix the territories by allowing them to use the Cloral antidote on Eelong. While it's true that he had mixed the territories earlier on Denduron, back then he hadn't understood the consequences of doing so like he did in Black Water. Anyway, Saint Dane probably interpreted Pendragon's use of the Cloral antidote as him admitting that Saint Dane's philosophy about mixing the territories had at least some valid point (he is slippery like that after all).

  • He'd actually done it earlier. It's been a while since I've read the books, but as Andy Mitchell, he introduced technology to Second Earth from somewhere else, at the very least.
    • Considering that Mitchell's Third Earth tech appeared in the same book (Black Water), and that time isn't relevant between territories, the Saint Dane on Second Earth at the time might have come from a time after Bobby mixed the territories in Eelong.

Most Klees actually can swim

Boon only says they can't because he (and Kasha) personally have never learned to and he was embarrassed about it for some reason. Maybe they were teased about it during childhood, or something.

Most territories speak English.

Spoilers ahead. Obviously First and Second Earth, at the very least, use English. That much is confirmed by real-world history. Going off of that, it doesn't seem too unlikely that Third Earth also uses English for at least some parts of the world, given the presence of Green Eggs and Ham, a book written to help kids learn to read English, in the New York library. However, in The Quillan Games, there are multiple instances of wordplay, rhymes, and riddles that would only rhyme in English. This seems to indicate that Quillan also uses English. Then, in The Pilgrims of Rayne, the Jakills misinterpret parts of a map that have worn off to say "Rubity" rather than "Rubic City", and "Jakill" instead of "Aja Killian." Now, since Aja Killian is a proper noun, that wouldn't necessarily depend on English to wear off to say "jakill", but it's very unlikely that the Ibaran/Veeloxian word for "city" also ends in -ity. From the three Earths, the two Veeloxes, and Quillan, English is commonly used on at least six of the ten territories.

  • My take on this is that the translator works like this: if a poem/riddle/wordplay shows up, like in Quillan, they take the important stuff and put it in a way that rhymes in another language. People already do it all the time in normal translation, so why not in Magic Traveler Translation? As for Rubity, they're probably just saying Rubi- and then the ending of the Veeloxian word for city. The translation knew what it was supposed to mean-it's not too farfetched considering other stuff from the book. The Traveler Translation is basically the same as one of those guys that translate books for a living, only for all of Halla-it actually makes sure the stuff the Travelers hear makes sense. (That also makes sure everything doesn't sound like it's Google Translate saying it.) And it's been proven to work, since the books have been translated into other languages.

Veelox was supposed to fall in some way or another.

The fact that Ibara is one of the ten territories suggests that Veelox was destined to crumble one way or the other, given that otherwise it wouldn't make much sense for all the civilization on that world to be clustered on that one island three hundred years in the future. The only reason that Saint Dane won that territory was because Lifelight (an idea he planted in Zetlin's head) was what caused Veelox to fall.

Various fan theories that were at least partially Jossed by The Pilgrims of Rayne, Raven Rise, and/or The Soldiers of Halla:

A place to put more or less reasonable fan theories that were proven to be at least partially wrong in the last three books. Spoilers follow and are untagged.

Theory about all the humans

  • You may have noticed that on every single Territory, one of the dominant species is homo sapiens sapiens (modern humans) or something close to it. On other topics like this one, people have batted around different theories to explain this, usually involving the early Travelers themselves or the being or group of beings that select them (these beings are presumably the ones who built the flumes). My personal ones are as follows: 1. Separate and parallel evolution of human life on the seven worlds the territories span. 2. Humans evolved here on Earth and were brought to the other six worlds by the beings who created the flumes (a la the Goa'uld and Ancients/Alterans from Stargate) so the Travelers would, with the exception of the one from Eelong, blend in with the inhabitants of the territory they were visiting (not the one the Traveler in question hails from or another one on the same world as theirs). Another possibility is that the “undesirables” that Alexander Naymeer and Saint Dane exiled from 2nd Earth could have been sent to the distant past of the other worlds in Halla, which would pretty much amount to the same thing in the long run. 3. The first Generation of Travelers mated with protohumans on each world and their offspring became the humans throughout the Halla in the books. 4. The beings that created the flumes created the humans or artificially enhanced protohumans on each world.~Human Torch 2

Why is Ibara a territory?

  • Ibara is a territory, just as it must have aways been a territory. Which means that despite anything SD or Bobby could have done, Veelox was going to fall into chaos based upon the choices of its people. Now, since it is that, Veelox had not really fallen, but it had upheld Bobby's philosophy, even though it led to its doom for a while. Then it was revived in the territory of Ibara, which must have always existed as a an essential part of the Veeloxian timeline. As such, SD knew that there was only one fate for the territory-Chaos. And then later Ibara. So what is it that rules Halla? A predestined fate, shown by the existence of Ibara as a separate territory rather than another time in the Veelox territory time stream? Or the choicess of the people which created the terriory of Ibara, but also upheld Bobby's philosophy. My answer is this-BOTH. Ibara was created in the beginning of Halla(because it seems that everything coexists) as a result of the foreseen choices of the people of Veelox, therefor resulting in the predestined creation of Ibara Territory. As such, Veelox was destined to fall, but only because the destiny matched up to the peoples choices. What Bobby and Saint Dane are doing is fighting two different philosophies that actually co-exist, as shown by the Veelox/Ibara scenario.~Xanath

The building Bobby sees at the end of Raven Rise and the implications thereof:

  • "It was only a shadow, with no detail, but it seemed to be a building. A tall building that came to a point on top. It was on a slight angle, as if it were listing to the side." I believe what Bobby saw was the Lifelight pyramid. Ok, an idea popped into my head while I've been reading the ideas and theories on the mysteries surround RR (more specifally at the end).All the really important stuff is in all caps ^^ I know it's difficult to grasp, but get this: All the Travelers at the end of RR were in Lifelight, only they were not in the virtual world they had been living in their entire lives. THE TRAVELERS WERE AT THE MIDWAY POINT BETWEEN LIFELIGHT AND THE REAL WORLD, THE WORLD THEY HAD NEVER SET FOOT INTO. This explains the haze, all the current Travelers being there, and Bobby's brief sighting of the Lifelight building. Much like Neo from The Matrix, they were about to be introduced to the fact that they were living a lie. That's right, they world as the Travelers knew it was just a dream, or fake reality. I believe the only one who knew this was Press. This was the same for everyone on every territory. There are 10 territories, but they are all just a dream created by Lifelight. There's a question everyone's been asking since The Merchant of Death came around: who chose the Travelers? We won't know until the last book comes out, but my theory is that the people (or the one person) who were RUNNING Lifelight chose them. While still unclear as to why they were chosen, the explanation as to why Travelers have special abilites is because the people running Lifelight took away some of the physical limitations that normal beings have (or believed they have), allowing them to, shall we say, crack the system. This is much like how Neo and his gang were able to alter gravity, do crazy kung-fu, etc. in The Matrix. GET THIS: TRAVELERS CAN'T "DIE" IN LIFELIGHT LIKE OTHER PEOPLE CAN. THE PEOPLE RUNNING THE SHOW DON'T ALLOW THIS. THEY INSTEAD DECIDE TO BRING THEM TO A MIDWAY POINT BETWEEN LIFELIGHT AND THE REAL WORLD, AT LEAST UNTIL THEY ARE READY TO SEE THE REAL WORLD FOR THE FIRST TIME. When Bobby finally "died,” it was time. Sorry about the caps, but I feel this is important. Another -very- important facter. Saint Dane. He calls the travelers illusions because that's how he explains their powers, and how they can "crack the system.” What Saint Dane doesn't know is that Travelers are getting ready to leave the system. Lifelight. I fear, but believe that Saint Dane knows that he is living in a dream, a reality that was fake. That's why he doesn't care about killing so many people. He knows Halla is just one big dreamworld, shared by billions of beings. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF HALLA WAS JUST THE NAME OF THE COMPUTER PROGRAM RUNNING LIFELIGHT . While the normal people die, Travelers don't, really. He knows that. He know's he can break the rules, and others can't. GET THIS: THE PERSON SAINT DANE WANTS TO PROVE EVERYTHING TO THE LEADER AND CREATOR OF LIFELIGHT! I SUSPECT THAT THE MAN WHO CREATED LIFELIGHT (the REAL lifelight) IS NONE OTHER THAN PRESS HIMSELF! How do you think Press and Saint Dane alone know all the answers? My theory suggests that Press and Saint Dane were former partners in creating Lifelight together. I hope you guys aren't getting confused lol. The Lifelight on Veelox was an entire concept, an entire dream within dreams, in the REAL Lifelight. Where the REAL Lifelight is located, I have no clue. Anyway Saint Dane wanted to use Lifelight for his own selfish purposes. He locked himself in Lifelight after giving himself special ways to crack the system, such as transform, turn into a bird, etc. Not unlike having administrator privledges on a computer or large computer mainframe, Saint Dane marked himself a "Traveler" so he could access all 10 territories. TERRITORIES WERE NOTHING MORE THAN DIFFERENT AREAS ON LIFELIGHT, ALL DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTS ON THE COMPUTER PROGRAM CALLED HALLA. Saint Dane wanted to travel to these places and screw things up, mix the territories. Press and Saint Dane originally intended for the territories to be seperate, different people living in different cultures. READ: SAINT DANE WANTED TO PROVE TO PRESS THAT HE SHOULD BE THE RULER OF LIFELIGHT, NOT JUST THE CO-CREATOR. HE WANTED TOTAL CONTROL OF LIFELIGHT, AND THAT MEANT HE WANTED CONTROL OF EVERY BEING'S LIFE. Press wouldn’t let this happen, so he and his trusted men who helped him built Lifelight (if he had other men) selected those who would HELP PRESS STOP SAINT DANE FROM DESTROYING THE "LIVES" AND "TERRITORIES" THAT MADE UP LIFELIGHT. The Travelers. That's where the whole "Traveler vs. Saint Dane" thing comes into play. Why did Press and Saint Dane build Lifelight? Who know's, maybe they were living in a dying world. The real world. Much like The Matrix. My apologies for making everyone read this entire thing, I put a lot of thought into it though. A lot. I know, it's pretty out there and hard to grasp this concept. It's my theory and I suspect it could be one of the endless possibilites that could explain the mystery of the Travelers and Saint Dane. As I type this, my mind races with possibilities of other explanations.~Xembur
  • Maybe where the travelers ended up (at the end of Raven Rise) is a new territory. A territory that hasn't exactly established its place among the Territories? Possibly where Press and Saint Dane are from. The territory that is the nesting place of the current ruler of Halla? The structure that Bobby saw is probably where the ruler of Halla is and where they are all walking. I think when you die in the ten territories, you are brought there. But that doesn't explain how LIVING people like Siry and Loor came to be there... Bobby, however, could've died in that helicopter crash. Lots of mysteries inspired by these last few pages...~Baroque
  • Throughout the series, Saint Dane has been hiding certain truths from Bobby, such as his home territory, where all the travelers are from and such. I have read on the Raven Rise forums that some believe the building in the end of RR to be the Washington Memorial and such or the Lifelight Pyramid. They say this because it lists and has a tip at the top(excuse me for my phrasing there, I hope you understand what I mean). These people also say that it has to be somewhere in the books because Bobby says that he recognized it. I believe that this place that Bobby is talking about is possibly another territory from where all the Travelers are from before being designated to the other ten territories. I think that the territories were all some defense for this place. SD(Saint Dane) needed to destroy the barriers between the territories to expose this place. This is where the Travelers will have their last stand. That brings me to my next point. SD says that he is trying to prove that people should be controlled. If he gains control of this Traveler place, he will gain control of Halla and all the inhabitants. The Travelers need to stop him before he can take over this territory. They cannot go back to other territories. They need to defeat Saint Dane with what they have in this place (I don't want to say Territory, because that would cause a whole commotion about their only being ten territories, although DJ did say that their could be 11 territories in ten books). I also think this is the only place where SD will be able to be killed. So he thinks he has won by getting to this territory, but he is vulnerable. X-Ry Guy The flumes broke and now all the territories are combined. There are different aspects from all territories in this place. The desert could be from Zadaa, and the building could Lifelight or the Barbican, or even the Washington Monument! What do you guys think? X-Ry Guy This is just an idea that hit me as soon as I woke up this morning. I tried to write down everything and explain every single complicated item, but I'm not sure I did a good job at it. This isn't so much a theory as it is an attempt to be a proof that the introduction of Forge to First Earth was meant to happen. First of all, there are a few things we have to consider as truths before we begin. Mark is the father of the DADO Without Forge technology, DADOS would NOT exist Secondly we have to create a small time line of the territories. Each territory exists in its on place and time. So it can be assumed that territories have a "main time" with a certain "radius of arrival" for travelers. This sounds sort of weird but let me break it down. the main time for a territory is when the turning point, or an equally important event (usually caused by Saint Dane) occurs. Since flumes deliver the travelers when they are needed, this creates a radius of arrival. This radius is usually a few days. (The only reason I mention this radius idea is because people usually have different ideas about when a territory is, so by placing a main time and radius time, it becomes easier to visualize territories confined to certain time periods.) Examples Hindenberg crashed 5/6/1937, Bobby arrived days before this Mark boarded the Queen Mary 11/7/1937, Bobby & Courtney arrived days before Bronx Massacre occurs sometime in Second Earth, Bobby & friends arrive days before this The Advent occured on Eelong, Bobby arrives months before? (I wasn't entirely sure about the time there) Reality Bug was to be released on a certain date, Bobby arrives the day before In Po R, Saint Dane comments on how he has all the time in Halla. QUOTE By Earth years, Lifelight won't be invented for another five centuries after Third Earth. The dados on Quillan were built a century after that and brought to the ruins of Rubic City two hundred years later. Do you really think time is a problem for me? I have all the time in Halla! (p. 372 Po R hardcover). With this information we can construct a time line. First Earth - 1937 Second Earth - 2011 Third Earth - 5011 Veelox - 5511 Quillan (Dado Introduction) - 5611 Ibara/Veelox (Dado Introduction) - 5811 If you have any questions about how I got the dates simply ask me, but all the information is in Po R. The events on Quillan are what prove this idea to be true. For those who did not notice, when we encountered dados for the first time it was also when we saw the the origin of the Dados created. Forge. Now you have to have a bit of common sense and realize that there was definitely a reason DJ introduced Forge during the Quillan Games. In presenting Dados on Quillan, 3600 years in Second Earth's future (I say in Second Earth's future because Halla is every place and every time meshed together, so Halla is sort of a belief of parallel universes/worlds) Mac Hale was saying that Mark could not be stopped in Po R. Forge technology was created, it was brought to First Earth, and the Dimond Alpha Digital Organization had to be created or else Quillan's events would not have happened. But furthermore, I think the main idea I want you to pull from this is that as soon as the Dados were introduced, everything that has happened to Mark was meant to be. As soon as we hit the hitch with the Traveler ring is where things start to go awry. I know some might bring up the argument that the Quillan dados are much different than the ones on Second & Third Earth. One reason I believe there is a difference in Earth & Quillan dados is that I do not think Saint Dane brought physical dados from the Earth territories. Instead, he probably introduced the forge technology, and the Quillan engineers/scientists used it to create new technology eventually leading up to dados. The reason there is a difference in look is because if you follow my belief, the Quillan dados were developed on Quillan so it makes sense that a different planet would have different artistic views. The last thing I'm going to answer is a paradox question. Who came up with the name Dado first, Mark or the Quillan scientists? This is hurting my brain so I'll answer it as simply as I can. Bobby found the robots on Quillan and they were called dados. He wrote about them in his journal. Mark read the journal and got the name Dado in his head. Mark then named the company that founded Forge and eventually the dados, the Dimond Alpha Digital Organization. In doing this everything comes in full circle. What I mean is that Mark had to call them Dado's first before the Quillans because Dados existed in the past before the future. ~Hardac

Saint Dane's origin:

  • I think that at one time all the territories were one, and there were a man who was the Traveler. But as the man grew old he decided to pass his duties to a new young man. He picked and person named Dalnious. Dalnious was very arrogant with his power and gained control over every one on the territory. For awhile he was a fair leader, (that is how he got the name Saint Dalnious, later it was shortened to Saint Dane.) but soon the power went to his head and he started to abuse it. The original traveler saw this and took quick action. He found 10 new travelers and with there combined power split this territory into 10 new ones. And ever since Saint Dane, or Dalnious, has been trying to rejoin the territories and prove to his predecessor that HE is the more power full one.~Quiggy_headhunter
  • My theory is that Saint Dane is really a traveler from Second Earth. I think that Saint Dane was originally chosen to be the traveler from Second Earth, but after Saint Dane turned to an evil path then another traveler was chosen, Press. I think that Press was chosen to take the path to stop Saint Dane. I got this idea after Nevva turned to the path that Saint Dane has chosen, and her mother was chosen to take Bobby's path after her daughter chose the path of Saint Dane. This shows that there can be more than one traveler from each of the territories without one of them dying to pass it on to the other. However, I believe that one of the travelers must take the path of Saint Dane and then be replaced by another traveler to take Bobby's path.~Froboy
  • I think Saint Dane is from a territory that doesn't exist anymore and he wants to rule Halla to make the people of the other territories miserable. My second thought would be that he isn't from any particular territory.~Spader123396
  • I think that SD might be a Traveler from all the territories, since there is already a Traveler from all 10 territories. Since all the good Travelers are battling against SD, he might be fighting as a Traveler for all the teritories since he is trying to do everything that is against the rule of Halla.~Izbiz1220
  • Since all ten Travelers work and the Travelers have been announced and SD still doesn’t have a territory, I think that he may actually be an old lead Traveler because if that is so it explains why there is only one and it explains how he knows every territory front and back again just a theory just thought I’d get it out in the open. ~Laharl140
  • Saint Dane is the big cheese like in Gunny's theory. He chooses the Travelers and he plays games with them and everything is an illusion. Saint Dane is just practicing with the Travelers getting them ready for something big that everyone is battling. Yes this is confusing but oh well. And you ask what about all the territories: they're all illusions. If anybody's read Ender's Game it's just like when Ender thinks he's in a game when he isn't he's doing the real thing. But in this it's vise versa. Bobby thinks it's real when it's actually just a game. ~Birthday Wish
  • What if SD really is a traveler. If you noticed as each traveler dies and such. The stronger Bobby gets in his skills and unique resurrection skills. What if for every traveler there is a bad traveler like SD? All the rules applied to SD as it did to Bobby. Theory being maybe if those past travelers before or during Uncle Presses time killed off all the Bad travelers except SD. Now with SD being the only bad Traveler left. He has gained even more power from their losses. Much as Bobby has gained from the loss of Press, Seegen, and Kasha. It would make sense. 'Cause that would be why SD never kills them on purpose or else it would make the Good Travelers stronger and that much closer to toppling SD. ~Miyos
  • SD said, "If you didn't exist, I wouldn't exist. Everything I've done is because of you!" Well, what if Bobby and SD are the same person? That would also explain why he doesn't kill him. ~Pendragon_lover77
  • SD and the 1st generation travelers were the protectors of halla and they kept it in balance . press was the leader and quickly saw that they were getting old. so he chose the new travelers . thats how SD knows so much about them. but SD had a differant view on how to keep halla safe. so he turned on the travelers. press had all the travelers "adopt" the new generation, so that they could keep SD under control after the old travelers "died.” ~katara
  • We all know SD doesn't have a Traveler ring. And he can travel through the flumes. Maybe he's not from Halla? I know, that sounds kinda stupid, but in Po R, SD said "Halla is only the beginning." SD might have been talking about something greater than Halla. That could mean SD is not from Halla--he's from somewhere else. There could be something greater than Halla, as Bobby said. In the last chapter of RR, Bobby is in a place that is seperate from the other territories. It is possible he is not in Halla ~scamander24

The Convergence:

  • Remember when Saint Dane is explaining the Travelers to Bobby, but says he can’t give away too much because then Bobby will have an unfair advantage? Well, I think the whole reason Saint Dane wants Bobby on his side is so Bobby won't be more powerful than him. Because when the convergence comes they will become one, unless Bobby discovers his powers and stops it, if not Saint Dane will be ruler and all powerful. Basically, bobby knowing too much = no convergence. ~Saintdane killer
  • Could this convergence that Saint Dane and Nevva Winter are creating could just be some way to simply disrupt the natural astral time line that connects the territories and finally make them vanish. Also this could tear down the walls between territories so that anyone can go through the flume tunnels and meet each other. But that wouldn't be so bad because the travelers and acolytes and even Laberge and Veego accept the idea of alternate worlds. They all come through together as if nothing has changed, but normal people probably won't accept it, but if you think about it, we are the ones reading the book. Why wouldn't anyone else be able to go to a different world and mix them without driving it into chaos? ~Tijames
  • I think maybe when the "convergence" does happen the territories will cease to exist apart but all as one...that means all the language and customs get thrashed together...and after that Loor and Bobby would be from the same territory...thus making one of them not a Traveler and...they couldn’t be able to communicate since they lose the whole I’m a Traveler language. I know far fetched.,. but I try to think of what DJ is plotting to throw us the readers of and to me that’d be good me a reply if u agree! ~Shurtugal
  • It's pretty clear the Convergence has something to do about the territories coming together. What if in the end SD brought them together by collapsing the flumes? Maybe they aren't only transportation but boundaries as well. Theory-SD will try to get high in power and influence within each territory, make them fall, collapse the flumes, then combine the worlds. And in that moment when everyone is in panic he'll step up (as a person already well known and supported) to take the lead to form the worlds how he thinks they should be. I'm not saying this is what I believe will happen but it's interesting to think about. ~Talltale
  • The Convergence is harder to think about. Saint Dane wants to bring the territories together into one. It would be like converging them. It could also be like everything comes together and the future of Halla is decided. Recently, Saint Dane has been mixing the territories a lot. A question that popped into my head is "If he wants to make all the territories come together then why didn't he start mixing them before?" I came up with an answer. The flume on Eelong collapsed because there had been too much mixing going on. This has blocked Eelong off from the other 9 territories and that gives him less mixing abilities. I think that he's only starting now because it's getting closer to the Convergence. And he's also not making huge mixes so this way the flumes can stay intact more easily. I've been rereading the books and I noticed one thing in the beginning of the first book that is probably mixing. Uncle Press's motorcycle. Every motorcycle makes tons of noise when the engine is running, in the book, when Press started the engine Bobby described it as almost silent. It seems like something there would be in a more advanced territory. Now I've been thinking that the Earth territories are 3 territories not only because of the different turning points in time, but because it is too mixed just to be one territory. If you think about it, Earth had parts of all the territories in it. We have castles and villages like Denduron and our history is like their society. We're made up of mainly water like Cloral. We have pyramids and advanced technology like Veelox and Quillan. We also have tons of games of all types like Quillan. There’s jungle all around the world here, just like Eelong. There's also a lot of desert in some parts of the world. If you think about it, we are the main territories. ~Beig

The Territories and Halla as a whole:

  • As I read the Pendragon books, I've been always questioning if all the territories were somehow linked to our Earth, and it is in many ways. I strongly believe that the convergence is the process in which these divided territories come as one, to create a "Super Earth." All the territories can be linked to very possible of one of Earth's features or history, so basically they are pieces of the huge puzzles. Perhaps that's why the Travelers were created, to make sure that all territories would enter the unified Earth are peaceful and uncorrupt. However, I believe once that's over, the Travelers would have no use to exist, and like their families, they would simply vanish.
    • Eelong- Before humans dominated the Earth...
    • Zadaa- Could represent Earth's "civilized" beginnings, the start of Human Dominance and Civilizations.
    • Denduron- Could be Earth's distant past. Placed after Zadaa because naturally, after many years of drought, the Earth would soon be plentified with plants and lakes with a massive rainstorm.
    • First Earth- Obviously Earth's near past.
    • Second Earth- Our World, duh.
    • Quillan- Earth around 100 years from now. (Would be saddening, but it has to fit somewhere. This would Earth's "down" days, maybe after WWIII. That could explain why the sky is so bleak.)
    • Veelox- Earth's near future. The beginning of the new age for Earth. (About 500 years from Quillan)
    • Third Earth- Earth's Distant Future (3,000 Years Ahead)
    • Cloral- Basically after the "end of the world", when the world is flooded with water, (GLOBAL WARMING!!! as well as constant heavy storms) and the remaining survivors start from scratch, using remains of Third Earth technology. (Could explain the floating islands technology and air globes.)

Notice I didn't mention Ibara, as we don't much about it yet. Laugh at me if you want, but hey, this could be what DJ may be planning for the end. ~Sgt-S

  • I know the book says that the flumes take you through time and space. But I think that the flumes take you through time only. I think they're in the same place but they go to different ages on the planet. Here's my order of time from oldest to the future.
    • 1.Eelong
    • 2.denduron
    • 3.Zadaa
    • 4.first earth
    • 5.Second earth
    • 6.Third Earth
    • 7.Quillan
    • 8.Cloral
    • 9.Veelox ~EV 4 Pendragon
  • Ok, this has had me confused for a long time. If First Earth is the past of earth and Third is the future and second his the present time, why isn’t there a First, second, and third of all the other territories??? Who decides what time period the first, second, and third territories are in??? If all the territories have a past version, who’s to say that Bobby can’t zip over to Eelong’s past and get Spader and Gunny, or fix Veelox? ~Sk8d27
  • If you recall, in the Never War, Bobby had lost his Traveler ring to the gangsters in the subway. He had to think of a new way to send his journals to Mark and Courtney, so he did it through the National Bank of Stony Brook. The journals were stored there for sixty years in the safe deposit box until it was opened by Mark and Courtney. In Pilgrims of Rayne, Courntey stored one (or some) of Bobby's journals from Ibara there. Now, we all know that the time between territories is not relevant. But, the fact that Courtney stored the journals from the future in the same place that Bobby stored his journals from First Earth raises some interesting questions. Wouldn't the Mark and Courtney from The Never War see the journal from Ibara, thus altering history? ~Goth_Vedder
  • On Quillan, many problems arouse because of the DADO robots. On TE, they may develop AI but an "I, Robot"-esque problem may occur where the robots try to overtake humans. ~Pen to the dragon
  • I think that there will be a lot of things with the library in the Third Earth book because we have already been there in the third book and since it has so much info, I think that maybe the turning point on Third Earth might have something to do with the library. ~Izbiz1220

The Travelers:

  • There's a traitor in every generation. Let's start with Dane's generation. Well, he's obviously the traitor. Then came Press' generation. Nevva betrayed them, and Elli took her place, so Elli is practically in Bobby's generation. Which makes me wonder: Who is the traitor in Bobby's generation of Travelers? To me, there are only two possibilities: The traitor is either Patrick or Bobby himself. Why? Patrick was never seen with Dane, so that makes him a target. Bobby is losing. He'll get consumed by his emotions and join Dane. ~Pathfinder
  • I think that all of the Travelers were picked because of their jobs. Bobby is a normal person (besides the Traveler thing) and goes to school where SD could befriend one of the kids. Spader is an aqueneer which helps him know the ocean (for The Lost City of Faar). Gunny works in the hotel where a lot of the action happens in the third book. Aja is the senior phader for the Rubik City Lifelight pyramid, which was helpful for the fourth book. Kasha is a tang fighter and forger which helps her defeat tangs and save the gars in the fifth book. Loor is a Batu warrior which helps her teach Bobby to fight well and have knowledge of both Batu and Rokador (thanks to Bokka and Teek). ~Izbiz1220
  • The reason that I think that Press was able to travel with bobby to Denduron is because they went at the same time together. Press tells bobby that there can only be one Traveler at a time and that might be true. Maybe Bobby was still a normal person until Press died in Cloral. And even then they went together to Cloral. Also in the Quillan Games it says that If a Traveler goes with you, a normal person is able to go through the flumes without it collapsing. So Bobby was able to go through the flume normally because of those conditions. And also when Spader and Bobby went to Zadaa Spader was the Traveler because his dad had died. So even then Bobby went with another Traveler and went through the flume without any problems. ~Tijames
  • I think that there used to be a time, or something close, before Halla existed. Then there was a being. He can, I suppose, be thought of as a god. Let's name him St. Burrend. St. Burrend created Halla. But not as we know it. When he made Halla, he made maybe, say, 100 territories, and 100 histories to go with them, and billions of people to live on them. Then, after a few hundred years, he tried something new. First, he made the flumes. Then he made a single person, someone like himself, from the place above Halla, and placed him on a territory. He gave him many powers, like healing, transforming, and ability to use the flumes. He made a Traveler. Then he went to the Traveler, showed him a flume, his powers, and then told him everything. He told the Traveler that, in his world, Halla, he didn't really exist in the same sense as everything else in Halla. The Traveler was devastated. He was maybe 20 years old at the time, and his life had been ruined. Then, he promised to destroy Halla, in revenge. The Traveler was St. Dane. Then St. Burrend was forced to make more Travelers throughout Halla, in an attempt at stopping him. The other Travelers, of course, were never told everything at one time. They also never got all their powers at the same time either. They all went through what Bobby, Spader, Loor, and the others went through. Over time, many territories were destroyed, (explaining St. Dane's missing territory) and many Travelers were killed, until we finally reach Bobby's generation of Travelers. We know what happens after that (for the most part). One more thing, I'd like to note how I think a Traveler finds his/her successor (Press-Bobby). After a Traveler's time is over, Burrend comes to them, and tells them whatever they don't know, then he tells them where to find the next Traveler. (He knows because he's like the 3rd Earth computer, only he knows everything about Halla). ~Sharkquig
  • Is it possible that travelers can’t kill other travelers? Bobby cant kill SD and SD can’t kill Loor... but if that where true than Remudi wouldn't have died would he? Hmmmm..... it makes you wonder how that happened... if I add my personal opinion, I don’t think that Bobby had anything to do with Loor’s return... there has gotta be some bigger power. ~Kindofsweet
  • Uncle Press once said that Saint Dane can only be defeated when he thinks he has won. I think this is the same for all the Travelers. They were all killed at a time of victory:
    • 1. Osa- Right after that battle with the Bedoowan knights. She and Loor had won and then they were killed.
    • 2. Spader's Dad- He had gotten the half of the map to Faar ready and it would be able to help save the territory.
    • 3. Uncle Press- They had just saved the territory of Cloral from chaos and then the bullets came in the flume.
    • 4. Seegan- Just came and warned Courtney and Mark of the poison
    • 5. Kasha- Her territory had just been saved
    • 6. Loor- Her territory had just been saved and she and Bobby both brought out their feelings for eachother (luckily Bobby brought her back)
    • 7. Saint Dane- [quote]I felt the handle of the sword... Saint Dane lunged at me... I brought the sword up and... Saint Dane impaled himself square on the blade[/quote] He was about to kill Bobby and that would make a great victory for him- the death of the lead Traveler.
    • 8. Remudi- Probably close to helping the territory and he was doing the final part of the tournament against the top Challenger ~Beig

The flumes are voice activated Stargates that are only programmed to go to nine worlds.

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