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  • Satan on The Twilight Chronicles was played by different actors in his two appearances in Episodes 3 and 6. The first was a male wearing a light blue blanket. The second was a female wearing a dark blue blanket.
  • Parodied in The Cinema Snob's Riki-Oh! video, where the Cinema Snob and Kung Tai Ted (a character who speaks in a perpetual Hong Kong Dub) fight it out...and Ted's voice actor changes midway through the fight, because he was bought out by a new dubbing company while the two were fighting.
  • Played around with in the Jamezbond Animutation. As the title indicates, the plot focuses on James Bond, or rather, some bizarre changeling mishmash of various James Bonds -- normally he appears as Pierce Brosnan; when swinging around via grappling hook or being chased down by an evil Jay Jay the Jet Plane, he's Roger Moore; and when taking on the evil mutant clone Alex Trebek army and (naturally) scoring all the chicks, he's Sean Connery.
  • In The Hillywood Show's parodies of Twilight movies, the role of Jacob was originally portrayed by Joseph Lewellyn in the first one, however in the parodies of the sequels he was portrayed by Kyle Dayton.
    • also in the Hillywood Show Twilight parodies, the role of Edward, which was usually portrayed by Jacob Jost, was played by Austin Clay in the Breaking Dawn parody.
  • Sort of in Darwin's Soldiers. It is not uncommon for characters to be played by multiple people. The most prominent examples were Corporal Stern and Aydin; they were originally played by Noname but with his banning from the forum, they were later portrayed by Serris and LettuceBacon&Tomato.
  • Vic Mignogna voiced Qrow Branwen of RWBY in volumes 3 through 6, but was replaced by Jason Liebrecht in volume 7 when he was accused of groping a female fan at a convention.